letter 2 my lover...1

2 my lover,

do u wanna do me outdoors ???

i was just thinking

we can go sumwhere very private
( or sorta private... risky is sexy... )
i can suck your soft & tasty cock
i feel it growing inside my hot & wet mouth
get u cumpletely hard & swollen & excited
i can take your big dick deep in2 my ass...

nothing gets me more excited & horny
than the thought of taking your cock
deep inside my wet & willing fuck-hole
i know u will still love feeling
how tight my horny hole will grip u
when u fuck me with your big cock...

i just wanna let u know
u can do whatever u wanna do 2 my ass...
u can suck it
u can finger it
u can fuck it...

u can do whatever u wanna do 2 me...
i will do whatever u want me 2 do...

u can bend me over
slide your big cock deep inside me
stretch my tight ass-hole nice & wide
pump it in & out & in & out & in & out
over & over & over & over & over & over
again & again & again & again & again
sooo fucking long & sooo fucking slow
until u cum so fucking deep inside me
spew your steamy & sweet seed
all the way in2 the depths of my hot hole
i know that your thick & throbbing tool
will feel so good inside my horny ass
that u will make me cum
just from ramming your cock in2 me
make my fondest fantasy cum true...
( i wanna cum on your cock... )

( wanna ? )

( lustfully )

( do u wanna ??? )
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