my fantasy...40

i am sitting close 2 the bottom
of a very high spiral stair-case
when u walk thru the door
on the opposite side of the room...
as u walk closer & closer 2 me
i still cannot see your face at all
becuz it is hidden in the shadows
but i sumhow know that it is u...
as u walk slowly across the floor
your flaccid cock sways back & 4th
in front of your smooth shaved balls
& my ass-hole puckers with arousal
as i lick my lips in horny anticipation...

when u finally stand right be4 me
your crotch is just below my eye level
& i lean my body slowly down & 4ward
as my moist tongue slithers wetly out
from between my snugly pursed lips
& then slowly circles your cock-head...
as your hands move slowly upward
2 lightly grip the sides of my head
i submissively open my mouth wide
& take your long rubbery cock-shaft
slowly in2 my sucking oral opening...
i hear u groan loudly above me
& your grip tightens on my head
as u slowly press your hips 4ward
& i feel your expanding cock-head
slide over the back of my tongue
as my lips glide down 2 your root...
i moan softly as i feel u hardening
& your under-side pulses on my tongue
as your elongating shaft fills my mouth
& then stretches my wet lips even wider
until my nose is pressed very snugly
against your smooth-shaved pubic bone
& i swallow your glans in2 my throat
as i feel u growing even longer & harder...
your breath becums louder
as u groan
" suck it !! suck it !! suck my cock !!
i love 2 see your mouth on my cock !!! "

your strong hips rock slowly & slightly
as i start 2 bob my head 4ward & back
& swallow your fully-elongated erection
all the way in2 my cock-hungry throat
then pull all the way back away from u
until just the lube-leaking head remains
caught inside my cock-slobbering mouth...
i face-fuck your thick prick over & over
& take more & more & more & more
until i cumpletely engulf your fat cock...
your hands grip my head even tighter
& push & pull my head with the rhythm
as i start 2 move myself faster & faster
until i consume & swallow & devour
the entire length of your delicious dick
as deep in2 my throat as i possibly can...
my wide-stretched lips are now crushed
against the thick root of your erection
as your ass pounds relentlessly 4ward
& your balls pull up tight 2 your root
& rub wetly against my bearded chin...
my eyes water with the sweet exertion
as my saliva oozes around your shaft
& drools down on2 your smooth balls...
i slowly pull my mouth away from u
as i stare up in2 your eyes
& then whisper
" i wanna feel your cock inside me !!
i wanna feel every fucking inch of u !!! "

u suddenly take a step away from me
then turn me around on2 my knees
with my quivering legs spread out wide
& i shudder & then groan very loudly
as i feel your hot tongue spear in2 me...
i press myself back against u harder
as your tongue delves in2 my tight hole
& i twist my ass in tight tiny little circles
as i feel u fuck your tongue deeper in2 me...
my thighs are quivering uncontrollably
when u finally pull your mouth away
& i twist back around so i am sitting
just as u grab both my ankles tightly
& press my knees up against my chest...
as my heels hook over your shoulders
i wrap my arms around my own thighs
& pull my legs up even higher & wider
as i expose my spit-slippery ass-hole...

as u stare directly down in2 my eyes
i feel your cock-head press against me
as it searches 4 my puckered anus
& as your hands slide down 2 my waist
i press my ass-hole out as far as i can
& i groan as i feel your girthy glans
center itself against my horny hole...
i throw my head all the way back
& whimper
" fuck me !! oh god !! fuck me !!
fuck my tight ass full of cock !!! "
as u press 4ward slowly & firmly
& my resisting spincter surrenders
as the broad tip of your cock enters
& stretches it's way in2 my hot hole...
i groan & shudder & then sigh loudly
as i feel the ridge of your helmet slide in
& my wide-stretched opening clutches u
as u start 2 push in2 me even deeper...
i start 2 wriggle my ass up 2ward u
as u work yourself even further in2 me
with quick & short & stabbing strokes
& my aching ass takes a little more cock
with each 4ward gyration of your hips...
when u are finally all the way inside me
& i can feel your balls resting on my ass
i look directly up in2 your eyes
& whimper
" fuck me hard !! fuck me deep !!!
fuck me all the way up the stairs !!! "

as soon as i speak 2 u
your hips start 2 pick up the pace
& u start 2 hammer your cock in2 me...
u go in2 me harder & faster & deeper
as your hands grip my waist tightly
& u long-stroke your cock in2 my ass...
u pull your fat cock all the way out
until just the tip touches my pucker
then u ram your entire length back in
& your glans grates over my prostate
as your balls slap wetly against my ass...
i groan each time u withdraw your tool
then grunt as u plow back in2 my hole
& my ass jiggles with each deep thrust...
my own cock is throbbing & pulsing
as it flops wetly up & down between us
& splatters pre-cum all over our bodies...

as u get your ass-r****g rhythm going
u start 2 thrust harder every few times
& it bounces my ass up 2 the next step
as u follow me upward & continue...
as u slam deep in2 me & lift me upward
your cock slides over my horny prostate
& makes my cock leak even more syrup
as the carpet rubs & burns in2 my back
but i barely even perceive the pain
becuz it is over-shadowed by pleasure...
higher & higher we climb on the stairs
until it feels like we have reached heaven
& then we suddenly reach the very top...
as u power my ass upward on your cock
i fall on2 my back & my legs sprawl wider
as u accompany me down on2 the floor
& i wrap my legs tight around your waist
as your chest presses down against mine
& my erection is squashed between us...
your teeth dig in2 the skin of my shoulder
as your hands slide down 2 grip my ass
& u start 2 jack-hammer your cock in2 me...
as i lift my ass upward 2 take u in deeper
i dig my finger-tips in2 your back muscles
& i groan deep down inside my chest
& then whimper
" oh god !! fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !!
oh yes !! fuck me with your big fucking cock !!
make me cum !! make me cum on your cock !!! "

suddenly my belly pulls in hard & tight
& my ass-hole clenches your thick shaft
as my orgasm washes over my body
& my hard cock starts 2 pulsate wildly
as i press my crotch harder against u
& splatter both our bellies with my cum...
i gyrate my ass-hole up tighter on2 u
as i throw my head back on the floor
& scream
" i'm cumming !! oh god !! i'm cumming !!
i'm cumming on your big fucking cock !!! "
& as my quivering fuck-hole spasms
i feel u drive your cock all the way in
as your throbbing erection goes wild
& u groan
" i'm cumming !! oh shit !! i'm cumming !!
i'm cumming with u !! i'm cumming with u !!! "
i grind myself against u as hard as i can
as i feel your cock pulse inside my body
& i groan loudly & then whimper again
as i feel each hot spurt splatter in2 me
& u fill my entire body with intense heat...
your hips buck 4ward uncontrollably
& u drive even deeper in2 my hot hole
as u pour seed deep in2 my anal chasm
& fill my insides with hot delicious spunk...
i keep u engulfed inside my taut opening
until the wild pulsating finally subsides
& your hips stop rocking back & 4th...

( do u wanna ??? )
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Would you do me pkease thanks