my fantasy...39

when i hear u shut off the water in the shower
i slide quickly from the bed
& then meet u at the door...
" u wanna fuck me in the ass... don't u ?? "
i ask
" u wanna stick this thing deep in my ass... don't u ??
u wanna fuck my tight ass full of cum... don't u ??? "
as i press u up against the door
& slide a hand down your body
& grip the shaft of your fat cock...
u still don't say a word
but i can tell from the look in your eyes
that u want it as much as i do...
i just whisper
" let's go fuck !!! "
i lead u through 2 the living room
& then bend over the back of the couch...
i stand on my toes
look back over my shoulder at u
& raise my tight ass up 2ward u
until u finally move closer 2 me
& smile wickedly...
" lick my ass first !! "
i demand
" i wanna feel your hot tongue in my ass !!
then i wanna feel your cock deep inside me !!! "
u swipe your wet tongue up between my cheeks
as u taste me from balls 2 ass-hole...
i groan with delight
as u pull my butt-cheeks wide apart
& spear your slippery tongue
up in2 my tightly puckered fuck-hole...
when my ass is all slimy wet & relaxed
i quickly turn around 2 face u
& slide my mouth on2 your drooping tool
& make your thick cock grow rock-hard
as i smear my saliva all over the full length of it
2 make it all dripping wet & slippery...
then i turn & lean back over the couch
& spread my ass as wide apart as i can
as my hand still grips the hot shaft
of your bl**d-engorged erection...

" give it ALL 2 me !! FUCK ME !!! "
i groan
as i guide the fat head of your cock
in2 the wet crack of my willing ass...
u straighten your body upward
& rub your big dick backwards
& then 4wards between my buttocks
2 find my tightly puckered hole
with the tip of your swollen glans
then u lean 4ward & drive in2 me
& fill my dark tunnel full of fat cock...
i groan again, louder & deeper
& my entire body shivers with lust
as your thick cock sinks in slowly
an inch at a time, further & further
until u are cumpletely enveloped inside me
all the way up 2 your smooth shaved balls...
when your long cock is totally embedded
& nestled deep inside my gripping ass
i squeeze your thick shaft with my sphincter
as i savor the delicious & depraved feeling
of your stiff & shuddering cock-meat
cumpletely filling my taut & trembling ass...
u slowly pull your cock out almost 2 the tip
then drive it very f***efully back inside me
over & over & over & over & over & over & over...
i moan again & again, breathlessly
as u empty & then fill my clutching chasm
with long smooth pistoning strokes
as i clench & un-clench my butt
& grip u in a perfect pulsating rhythm
with your deep & powerful thrusts...
i groan with lust & passion
& i moan
" deeper !! deeper !! deeper !!
go deep in me !! DEEP IN ME !!! "
i can feel your bloated cock-head
bump & rub over my sensitive prostate
& i twist my ass in little circular motions
as u slowly bone my tight back-door
making the contact with my inner hot-spot
even more deliciously intense...
within mere moments
my throbbing cock pulses & twitches
& i groan loudly
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming !!
i'm cumming on your fucking cock !!! "
as my pulsating erection steadily ejects
spurt after spurt after spurt of stringy cum
all over the back of the couch
& makes my aching ass clench even tighter
on2 the thick shaft of your invading cock...
i scream
" cum deep in me !! cum deep in me !!
cum deep in me !! CUM DEEP IN ME !!! "

" i'm gonna cum in your ass !! "
u moan
as i feel your invading cock start 2 pump & throb...
i clench my ass down on2 u even tighter
& pull your cock in2 me good & deep & tight
as i feel the hot seed spurt from your cock
& splash the slippery walls of my rectum
then flood all through the gripping depths
of my wonderfully wide-stretched ass...
your hands grip my hips very tightly
& u pull me back on2 your big ravaging cock
as far as i can possibly go
& your fat cock pumps my cock-loving ass-hole
full of your incredibly hot cum
as i groan
" fill me full !! shoot me full of cum !!
fill my ass with cum !! fuck me full of cum !!! "

( do u wanna ??? )
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3 years ago
happy i could
3 years ago
Got me to jack off thanks