my fantasy...38

as soon as we find a secluded spot in the trees
we both tear off our clothes as fast as we can
then i lean 2ward u 2 lick your hard nipple
savoring the sweaty taste on my tongue
as u reach out & grip the sides of my head
& press me down 2ward your oozing cock...
as my lips stretch over your pulsing glans
u groan
" suck me !! make my cock hard !!
i wanna fuck your tight little ass !!! "
& as i slowly slither the tip of my wet tongue
in2 your wide-open cum-drooling piss-hole
i suck inward as hard as i possibly can
& vacuum your sweet secretions in2 my mouth
then slowly roll your juice around on my tongue
be4 i let it slither down in2 my thirsty throat...
i can feel the head of your big cock expand
as it stretches my clinging lips wider & wider
& u begin 2 insistently nudge your hips 4ward
as u push your cock-shaft further in2 my mouth
& it slips over my relentlessly thrashing tongue
& in2 the taut opening of my cum-craving throat...
i stare straight up in2 your eyes
& fight the instinctive urge 2 cough & gag
as your spongy & swollen glans
slides firmly in2 the opening of my throat...
when your cock reaches it's full length & girth
i can feel the abundant under-side
as it pulsates & throbs on my tongue...
as soon as your cock is fully hard
& cumpletely slippery with my saliva
u push me back & away from u
& dislodge your cock-head from my mouth
as u growl
" get down on your hands & knees !! "

i turn away from u & do as i am told
& i hear u drop down 2 your knees behind me
as your hands grip my hips tightly
& i feel your erection slide in2 the cleft of my ass...
i begin 2 rock my whole body 4ward & back
as the under-side of your cock caresses my crack
until the head of your cock finally finds my anus
& presses tightly against my resisting opening...
i moan
" fuck me !! i wanna feel u deep inside me !!! "
as i suck in a deep breath & prepare myself
4 your deep & excruciating anal insertion...
as u press even harder against my taut opening
i push my ass-hole outward 2wards your tool
& gasp as i feel the tip of your glans enter me
& stretch my sphincter around your broad head...
as soon as your cock-head is wedged in2 me
u hold yourself cumpletely still 4 a few moments
as my wide-stretched ass-hole slowly adapts
& molds itself 2 your invading appendage...
when the initial pain has finally subsided
i slowly press my ass backward against u
so u will know that i am fully prepared
4 u 2 stuff your manly meat in2 my tight hole...
i whisper
" i wanna feel u deep in me !! deep in me !! "
& i moan as i feel u press steadily 4ward
until i finally feel your hips up against my ass
& your smooth shaved balls against mine...
then i start 2 undulate my waist & hips up & down
& i repeat the same motion over & over & over
as i feel your long thick cock delve deep in2 me
& your girthy glans caresses my aching prostate...
i scream & moan as i feel your thickness deep in me
& i press my chest & face down in2 the ground
as i push my gripping ass-hole further on2 u
& take your magnificent cock deeper & deeper...
i rock & roll my hips very slowly & very steadily
as u slide your throbbing length in & out of my ass
& your girthy cock stretches my oozing fuck-hole
wider than it has ever been stretched be4...
then suddenly u groan
" roll over with me !! keep my cock inside u !! "
as u pull me over until we are on our left sides
& your thick cock is still buried deep in me...
u hook your right arm underneath my right knee
& pull my leg up tight against my own ribcage
as i reach down & stroke my throbbing cock
while u pound your thick tool in2 my hot hole...
your teeth rake the tender skin of my lower thigh
as u press your pulsating erection deep in2 me
& i whisper
" fuck me !! fuck me !! give me every inch !! "
while i pull my leg free & move it in front of me
so my thighs & knees are pressed tightly 2gether
& my hard cock is pushed out underneath them...
i slide my arms downward & grip my own legs
& pull them up tight against my own chest
so my ass is pulled cumpletely open 4 u
& your balls slap against my cock with each stroke...
my cock oozes pre-cum on2 the backs of my thighs
each time your thick shaft slips over my aching prostate
& u grip my hips tightly as u doggedly deep-fuck me
& pound your glorious cock deep in2 my fuck-hole...
i groan
" make me cum !! make me cum on your fucking cock !!! "
& u shove your cock all the way in2 me again
then growl
" roll with me again !! don't lose my cock !!! "
as u wrap your arms tight around my waist
then pull me over until u are lying on your back
& i am lying on top of u with my ass on your hips...
as i reach back & put my hands by your shoulders
u slide your hands behind the backs of my knees
& pull my legs all the way up against my chest...
my ass is pulled wide open 4 your assualt
& my cock is flopping up & down obscenely
as u pound your hips upward against my ass
& deep-fuck your thick cock up in2 my rectum...
as u pull your knees up off the ground
i rest my feet on top of your upper thighs
& u slip your hands down 2 grip my erection
while u continue 2 hammer your cock up in2 me...
as i arch my back & let my head hang back
u slip your hands back 2 the back of my thighs
then pull my trembling legs up tight 2gether
& crush them up snug against my chest again...
i moan & whimper
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !! FUCK ME !!! "
as u pound your hips upward at amazing speed
& fuck my tight ass cumpletely full of thick cock
while u bring me closer & closer 2 my own orgasm...
there is nothing that i can do but enjoy the ride
so i just relax & concentrate on the sensations
as your cock-head rakes across my hot prostate
& makes my cock leak pre-cum all over my belly...
suddenly i feel your fingers dig deeper in2 my thighs
then i feel your cock swell even bigger inside me
& as u press all the way up in2 me one last time
i feel the juicy spurts of your cum splatter in2 me...
u groan
" oh god !! i'm cumming !! i'm cumming in your ass !!! "
& as i feel your hot spurts wash over my insides
my own cock responds 2 the excitement of the moment
& my stomach muscles contract & clench up tight
as the seed starts 2 boil out of my quivering cock...
i scream
" i'm cumming on your cock !! i'm cumming on your cock !!
cum deep in me !! cum deep in me !! DEEP IN ME !!! "

( do u wanna ??? )
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