my fantasy...36

as i walk 2ward the door
u cum walking out of the bathroom
with a towel wrapped sexily around your waist
which is barely hiding the obvious bulge
of your tasty & meaty package...
i drop submissively 2 my knees
& groan deep in my chest & then whimper
" please drop the towel & let me taste u !!
please let me worship u with my mouth !!! "
u pull the towel open
then drop it 2 the floor behind u
as your flaccid cock arches sexily downward
away from your body...
i grip that rubbery piece of meat at the base
using both hands
then open my wet mouth wide
& slide my lips over the broad head...
as i look up in2 your eyes
u moan
" i wanna fuck your mouth & then your ass !!! "
u groan again
as i grab your thick semi-soft cock
& i smile up at u
as i slowly stroke the pulsing & thickening shaft
sliding the tip of my hot tongue 2 your piss-hole
2 taste the first new drop of glistening pre-cum
that is just emerging...
your taste is salty & strong & absolutely delicious
as always...
with my hand still gripping your thickening shaft
i open my drooling mouth as wide as i can
& let the fat head of your still-growing cock
slide between my spit-slippery lips
stretching my jaws as wide as they will go
loving the feeling of hot cock-flesh on my tongue...
i suck harder
as u continue 2 grow longer & thicker
filling my cock-hungry oral passage
with an extra-large helping of tasty meat...
as i suck on your ample appendage
u grab the sides of my head
& try 2 f***e more of your cock in2 my mouth
the thick head pressing hard
against the back of my throat...
i try 2 relax my throat as much as i can
& get ready 2 take all of it...
" it's time 4 u 2 swallow it all !!! "
u groan
as u hold my head tighter
& f***e your cock further & further
in2 my wide-stretched mouth
the massive head forcing it's way
in2 the opening of my throat
making me almost gag
as u slide deeper & deeper in2 me...
i am getting used 2 swallowing your thick cock
& your glans slides easily down in2 my throat
making me moan around your pulsing shaft
as i feel your big balls rest against my chin...
i look up in2 your eyes
as u start 2 rock your hips back & 4th
& my hands slide 2 your hips
gripping them tightly
as i pull your prick deeper in2 my throat
with each long stroke...
u just stare down in2 my watering eyes
as i swallow your full length
over & over & over & over & over & over
my nose grinding in2 your pubic bone
& your huge wet balls slapping my chin
each time u slam your fat prick in2 me...
" no one sucks my cock the way u do !!! "
u groan
as your hands grip my head tighter
& u pound your thick stick in2 my face
harder & harder & faster & faster
until i suddenly pull away from u
letting your member slip from my hot throat...

" what the fuck are u doing ?? "
u moan
as i quickly turn away from u
& d**** myself over the couch
my knees on the cushions
& my chest resting on the top of the back...
looking back at u from over my shoulder
i reach back slowly & grab the cheeks of my butt
& pull myself as wide open as i can
as i wiggle my tight ass back & 4th in front of u...
" please fuck me !! please fill me with your cock !!
please fuck me hard & deep & VERY SLOW !!! "
i groan
as u move closer behind me
your obscenely-swollen cock swaying back & 4th
in front of your strong thighs...
i slide my hands down the back of my thighs
then over my calves
until i am gripping my ankles
& as if u are reading my mind
u slide 2 your knees behind me
& i suddenly feel your hot wet tongue
slide in2 my wide-open chasm
slithering from my slick swinging balls
up 2 my cock-craving anus...
your hands grip my hips as u hold me tightly
& stab your hot wet tongue deep in2 my ass
licking & spearing as far as u can in2 me
& i can feel your hot breath
in the crack of my ass
as the slight stubble on your chin teases my skin
driving me crazy...
i grip my ankles even tighter
& then push my tight ass-hole
up 2wards your invading mouth
loving the hot feeling of your wet probing tongue
as it burrows further & further in2 me...
then i whisper
" please fuck me !! oh god !! please fuck me !!
please give me that fucking cock right now !!! "
as your hot tongue slithers slowly out of my ass
& i feel just a twinge of disappointment
until i feel the prodding tip of your thick cock-head
press against my spit-slick opening
replacing your hot tongue...
as u slowly slide the throbbing fat head
up & down my cumpletely wide-open ass-crack
i can feel your ample glans
smearing your pre-cum on2 me...
when your pulsing-thick cock-knob
finally centers on my wide-open anus
i press my sphincter outward
& try 2 open myself up
2 the hot solid thickness
that will soon stretch & fill my taut ass-hole...
as i try 2 relax my resisting ass
u start 2 press relentlessly 4ward
your colossal thickness stretching my hole wider
while u hold my hips tightly
& i feel the bulbous tip of your big throbbing tool
start 2 cleave my hole even further & further open...
i groan
" please fuck me !! please fuck me !! please fuck my ass !!
please fuck me now !! oh god, please fuck my ass now !!
with a sudden short jab
which cumpletely takes my breath away
u stab your hips 4ward
popping the huge head of your cock
past my vainly resisting sphincter
& i feel my tight ass contract down hard
on the throbbing girth of your conquering shaft...
u start 2 slowly rock your hips back & 4th
forcing more of your girthy cock in2 my tightness
with every achingly slow 4ward movement...
after what seems like an eternity
i finally feel your huge hairless balls
resting against me
& i moan
loving the feeling of my still-tight passage
being stretched so wide & filled so full....
u still have the longest cock i have ever felt
delving so deep in2 my yearning ass
& your girthy cock is still the thickest thing
that has ever invaded my tight little hole...
i can feel the tip of your fat cock-head
caress & slide back & 4th over my prostate
& as it bumps my sweet spot
it makes my hard cock start leaking even more
oozing long & shiny strings of sticky pre-cum
all over the couch cushion below me...
i whisper
" please take me !! i'm all yours !! please take me !!
please **** me !! please **** me with your big cock !!
please **** me in2 submission !! please **** my ass !!
please **** me with your big cock !! please **** my ass !!!
please **** me & make me yours !! make me yours !!

your exquisitely thick erection
is banging in2 my prostate
with every pounding stroke
making my swollen cock jump & throb
& my entire body is aching
craving sum kind of sweet sexual release...
i am still in the same position
gripping my ankles
cumpletely & totally submissive
letting u do whatever u desire 2 me
as the hard fast deep thrusts
get even harder & faster & deeper
& u grip my shoulders
& pull my body upward
so that my back is pressed tightly
against your sweaty chest
making my sweaty ass-cheeks clamp 2gether
& grip your gloriously thick ass-fucking cock
even tighter than be4...
u slide your hands under my arms
& start 2 roll my hard nipples
between your thumbs & fingers
as your mouth presses against my shoulder
& your teeth press in2 my flesh...
u start 2 thrust your raging cock
even faster & harder & deeper
drilling deep in2 my aching cock-stretched ass
& banging in2 my hyper-sensitive prostate
with every savage rectum-r****g stroke...
my throbbing & twitching cock
is bouncing obscenely up & down
flopping from my balls 2 my belly
making long & sticky ribbons of pre-cum
fly all over & everywhere
& all I can think of is cumming & cumming...
i groan
" deep in me !! please cum deep in me !! deep in me !!
cum deep in me !! please make me cum with u !!! "
just as i am about 2 release my grip on my ankles
2 reach 4ward & grab my own pulsating cock
u lean even tighter up against my back
then slide both your hands downward
& grip the shaft of my hot quivering cock...
u are ramming your fat flesh-pole in2 me
so hard that u don't even have 2 try 2 move
your tightly gripping fists
becuz my tightly clutching ass
is being thrust 4ward
with every strenuous stroke
of your ass-pounding cock...
u just let my wet cock slide in & out
of your spit-slippery palms
with each pile-driving thrust
& when your fat cock-head
slams in2 my nerve center
with the very next stroke
i scream
as i thrust my ass back against u
as hard as i can
& my fully swollen & distended cock explodes
spraying long ropy gouts of white-hot semen
directly on2 the back cushions of the couch
as i cumpletely empty my spastically spewing cock
all over the upholstery in front of me...
as soon as i gulp in a huge breath of air
i groan
" please cum deep in me !! please cum deep inside me !!
please cum deep in me !! i wanna feel u cum deep in me !!
please cum deep in me !! please fuck me full of cum !!! "
as i erupt
my clenching ass grips down
on2 your fat cock even tighter
& with a breathless groan
& a brutal gigantic thrust
your thick cock starts spewing & spraying
deep in2 my over-stretched & aching ass...
as your teeth pierce deep
in2 the muscles of my shoulder
i can feel every long spurt of your seed
splash on2 the hot walls of my anal abyss
as u thrust your rectum-wrecking appendage
deeper & deeper & even deeper
over & over & over & again & again & again
filling my cock-clutching ass
with your scruptious seed...
u grip my sweaty shaking body
tightly against yours
as u finally stop thrusting
leaving your fat cock buried 2 the hilt
inside my still-gripping ass...
u keep just lightly rocking your hips back & 4th
trying 2 drain the final few drops of cum
from your ass-r****g cock...
as u slowly rock your ass back & 4th
i can feel your sticky splooge
ooze out of my wide-stretched hole
around your softening pole
& slither so stickily down my quivering thighs...
i release my grip on my own ankles
after what seems like an eternity
as your flaccid cock slides all the way out
of my wide-stretched ass
my gaping anal ring still gripping u
as tightly as it can
& causing an obscene sucking slurping sound
as your prick slides out of my aching hole...

( do u wanna ??? )
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