my fantasy...32

when i finally suck u cumpletely hard
i pull myself slowly up & away
& move down on2 the floor...
u follow me almost instantly
your muscles rippling as u move...
your big sun-tanned body is a very erotic contrast
2 my slender body & almost pure-white cumplexion...
u are like a statue of a well-hung greek god
& i am your slutty & submissive sex slave...

i realize that my cock is hard
& start rubbing myself slowly
as i watch u move 2wards me...
your cock is fully hard & throbbing
& your balls swing sexily back & 4th
as u slowly mount my out-spread body...
i groan as u push my legs up against my chest
& your cock spears in2 my tight ass
as u thrust your whole length in2 me
with one single long & savage stroke...
i gasp & whimper
" fuck me !! fuck me with your ass-r****g cock !!! "
u just groan
& drive your delving dick down in2 me
deeper & deeper & deeper & deeper & deeper...
u are working my tightly gripping fuck-hole
moving with deliberate slowness now
as u shift positions every few moments
& vary the depth & pace of your strokes...
i am moaning loudly
& i wrap my legs tightly around your waist
as u work your long cock so slowly
in & out of my clinging ass-hole...
i look in2 your eyes & moan
" i love your big cock inside me !! "

after what seems like 4ever
i finally feel your cock start 2 swell even further
growing unbelievably longer & thicker inside me
as your huge balls pull high & tight
2 the base of your throbbing pulsating tool...
u are at the point of no return
& as u are about 2 cum in my hot & horny hole
i wrap my legs even tighter around your waist
& pull u even deeper inside my feverish opening...
i moan
" cum deep inside me !! cum deep in me !!
cum deep in me !! deep in me !! deep in me !!
fuck me full of cum !! fuck me full of cum !!! "
your body suddenly stiffens
your muscles & veins bulging
& your cock starts 2 throb & pulsate
inside my tightly gripping anal channel
& i feel the first hot spurt splash on2 the walls
of my tight & clutching rectal cavity
filling me with almost unbearable heat...
your hips continue 2 rock slowly
as your cock pours sweet cum deep inside me
filling my ass-hole so cumpletely full
that it finally starts seeping out around your cock
sliding down the crack of my upturned ass
& dripping luridly down on2 the floor...
u stay buried all the way inside me
& your weight presses me 2 the floor
as we both catch our breath
& i groan
" oh my god !! that was so fucking good !! "

after a few more minutes
u roll off of me
slowly dragging your long rubbery cock
out of my well-fucked cum-dripping ass
& fall on2 your back next 2 me...
i sit up & follow u
bending over your body
& sucking your glistening cock-head in2 my mouth
then even deeper
letting it slide all the way down
in2 the opening of my thirsty throat...
i adore the taste of your sweet cum
mixed with the pungent flavor of my ass...
it only takes a few minutes of oral worship
be4 your mighty cock is fully hard again
stretching my lips & mouth wide
sliding tightly in2 my hungrily sucking throat...
your cock is again delightfully hard
& throbbingly thick
as my mouth engulfs your one-eyed monster...
u moan
" suck it ! take it all the way down !!
i love fucking your hot mouth !!! "
when your tool is cumpletely covered with saliva
u push my head away & stand up
pulling me 2 my feet with u
your cum running down from my leaking hole
2 the insides of my thighs...
then u pull me close 2 u
& lift my feet cumpletely off the floor...
i clung 2 u
& wrap my arms around your neck
& my legs around your waist
as u hold me up
with your hands tightly gripping my ass...

u effortlessly lift me higher
until your cock-head is nestled
in the slippery crack of my ass...
i reach down & grab your shaft
& guide it 2 my cock-stretched ass-hole...
my heart is pounding wildly
& my cock is even harder than be4
as my anal abyss hovers
just above the tip of your tool...
your hands pull my ass wide open
& i try 2 relax my well-used opening
as u lower me slowly
on2 your wonderfully wide & wicked weapon...
i whimper
" yes !! oh yes !! give it 2 me !! give it 2 me !!
fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !! FUCK ME !!! "
i cry out again
as i take the full length
of your magnificent cock inside me
rocking my hips back & 4th
2 work u in as deeply as u can possibly go...
u then start 2 bounce me up & down
with such f***e that your cock-head
is hammering in2 my prostate
with every stroke
bringing me closer & closer
2 an unassisted cock-riding orgasm...
my cock throbs & bounces
with each powerful thrust
dribbling pre-cum all over...
i let my head hang back loosely
as my open mouth groans
& i beg
" fuck me deeper !! fuck me deeper !!
deeper !! fuck my ass full of cock !!
make me cum !! make me cum !!
make me cum on your fucking cock !!! "
suddenly my cock throbs
& my stomach clenches tight
as i fire spurt after spurt
of white-hot cum all over your chest
& on2 your face...
i scream at the intensity
& as my aching ass clenches itself
tightly on2 your thickness
& your cock starts 2 empty itself
in2 my willing opening again...
u ram in2 me as deeply as u can
over & over & over & again & again
as your pulsing cock drenches my insides
with your unbelievably hot seed...
as your cock pours liquid heat in2 me
u suddenly drop 2 your knees
& the shock sends your fat cock
even deeper in2 my ass
as i scream
" fuck me full of cum !! cum deep in me !!
deep in me !! deep in me !! DEEP IN ME !!! "
when your explosive orgasm finally subsides
& your deep-fucking cock starts 2 soften
u lower me 2 my back on the floor
then slowly drag your long rubbery cock
out of my still-gripping ass...
i gasp
as my greasy fuck-hole slams shut
behind your long thick prick...

( do u wanna ??? )
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