my fantasy...30

in the morning
i awake 2 find u sprawled out beside me
sl**ping soundly...
as u lie back with one arm under your head
u moan slightly in your sl**p
& i see that your thick & tasty cock
has risen 2 full-mast
& throbs with your beating heart...
i lean my face down next 2 your crotch
& gently breathe across your hairless scrotum
& watch the sensitive flesh contract...
i wonder just what u are dreaming about
as u smile & your lips & hips twitch...
i hope that u dream of me
as i gently lower my hot & hungry mouth
over your tasty & bloated cock-head
& suck u so slowly & so softly
trying not wake u from your dreaming...
i slide my obscenely stretched lips
from the oozing tip of your flared cock-head
all the way down 2 the base of your girthy prong
again & again as slowly as i can...
within minutes
your ass is rising involuntarily from the bed
& your balls are pulling up tight
against the base of your super-thick cock...
in just a few seconds
u will be cumming explosively
in2 my sucking mouth
& suddenly u wake
& your eyes snap wide open
as u lift your upper body
& look directly in2 my smiling eyes
just as u fire the first spurt in2 my hungry mouth
& u watch as i take everything that u have 2 give me...
u pump with your hips 2 increase the pleasure
& drive your generously thick & pulsating cock
all the way in2 my hungry & sucking mouth & throat
& prop yourself up on your elbows
2 watch me devour your juicy jizz
& i swallow over & over & over
as i drink down your nectar
& fill my belly with your seed...
i suck u & drink your cum
like i am dying of thirst
not missing a single drop...
when u are drained
i lick u cumpletely clean
then i just keep sucking your throbbing cock
which is still as hard as steel
taking u deep in2 the opening of my throat...

i look up in2 your eyes
with your rock-hard cock buried
in my hot & sucking mouth
& the thick head sliding in2 the opening
of my hungry throat
& reach up & roll your nipples
between my fingers...
i slip my wet mouth off your dick
then i push myself up 2 straddle your body
still slowly stroking your pulsating cock...
i groan
" i wanna cum on your big fucking cock !!! "

i lather your swollen prick
with handfuls of lube
then stand & bend over
4 u 2 drive it in2 my tight ass
my feet spread wide on the floor
& my hands holding on2 the arms of the chair...
u hold your elongated cock in your fist
& guide it up against my tightly puckered anus
& gently push the bulbous glans inside...
my tight ass is alot more relaxed than usual
so u continue the intense anal intrusion
as u slowly run your upturned shaft in & out
going a little harder & deeper each time
until your throbbing cock is fully buried
deep in my slippery & slimy bowels...
i moan breathlessly
" fuck me !! give it all 2 me !!
deep in me !! deep in me !!! "

i start 2 press my ass back against u
so u grab my hips tightly
& quicken your ass-pounding
& long-stroke me until i feel my balls rise
& my cock begin 2 throb...
holding my hips even tighter
u drive in2 me even harder
as u savagely pull my ass back on2 u
& bury your throbbing & pulsating cock
as deep as it will go
inside my totally horny anal channel
& then hold it tight against u
as your twitching & spasming cock
begins 2 pump my hot & tight hole
full of thick & sticky strings
of white-hot cum...
i scream
" deep in me !! deep in me !! shoot me full !!! "

i am almost breathless
as i shake violently with sexual release...
i suddenly stand upright & arch my back
my hands reaching back & gripping your hips
& pulling u as close as i can
with your throbbing & spraying cock
still burrowing deep inside
my tightly gripping & clenching ass...
i groan
" i'm cumming on your cock !!
i'm cumming on your fucking cock !! "
as my hot cum arches up & away
from my obscenely bloated cock
& splashes against the back of the chair...
i am amazed
as i watch several powerful spurts
splatter on2 the cushions
& then one last white bullet oozes out of my piss-slit
& drools down the under-side of my quivering shaft
as my hot & tight ass clamps down even tighter
on2 your ravaging ass-r****g cock...
we stay like that
locked 2gether 4 several minutes
until u bite my neck & shoulder
& slowly withdraw your still-hard cock
from the wonderfully tight embrace
of my clutching sphincter...
u have released such a huge quantity
of slimy & sticky cum inside me
that it begins 2 ooze
from my slightly gaping hole
then slithers down the insides
of my trembling thighs...

( do u wanna ??? )
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3 years ago
So well written...great job