my fantasy...27

knowing that u only have an hour 4 lunch
i am waiting impatiently 4 u in the bedroom
sitting in the middle of your bed cumpletely naked
with my tight & horny ass-hole squirted full of lube...
when i finally hear u open the front door
i yell
" get naked & get the fuck in here !!! "
as i get up on2 my hands & knees on the mattress
with the front of my body facing the open door-way...
when u walk in2 the room & look over at me
your delicious cock is already starting 2 harden
& i slowly lower my upper body down further
until my mouth is at the same level as your cock
then i whisper
" would u like me 2 do anything 4 u ?? "
as u slowly walk closer & closer 2 me
& your thick prick sways sexily back & 4th
in front of your strong thighs
u groan
" i want u 2 do EVERYTHING 4 me !!! "

as your hands move up 2 lightly grasp my head
& slowly guide my mouth 2ward your big cock
i open my mouth as wide as i possibly can
& wrap my wet lips around your oozing glans...
u moan
" suck it !! suck it !! suck that big fucking cock !! "
as i slither the tip of my tongue in2 your slit
& taste the salty & tangy flavor of your pre-cum
be4 i slide my wide-stretched lips all the way down
2 the girthy base of your almost fully-hard cock...
as my lips press tight against your cock-base
i gulp & swallow over & over & over & over
until i finally feel the thick head of your tasty tool
slip slowly in2 the taut opening of my throat...
as i look up in2 your face
with my eyes full of tears
& my mouth & throat full of your cock
u whisper
" we only have an hour !!
i wanna fuck that tight little ass !!! "
so i pull my face slowly backward
& ease your girthy glans from my throat
then let it slide slowly over my tongue
& finally let it slip from between my lips
then u whisper
" i wanna fuck u !! i wanna fuck u deep !!! "
as i roll on2 my right side
& pull my own legs up tight against my chest...
as u grab the lube & smear the goo on your cock
then fall on2 the bed facing me on your left side
with your chest pressing against the back of my legs
i reach down & grab my own ass-cheeks
then pull my ass open as wide as it will go
& look directly in2 your eyes
as i groan
" i wanna feel u deep inside my tight ass !!
i wanna feel u fuck the cum right outta me !!! "

u smile as your hand grips your thick shaft
& guides the tip of your oozing glans 2 my anus
then i moan as u press 4ward even further
& f***e your way in2 my resisting opening...
my entire ass-hole is shoved & stretched inward
until my sphincter finally succumbs 2 the pressure
& allows your thick cock-head 2 enter my warm hole...
u moan
" your ass is still so fucking tight !! "
as your hands grip my hip as tight as u can
& u press your crotch tight against my open ass
& push your delicious cock even deeper in2 me
until i finally feel your balls against my ass-cheeks...
when u start 2 slowly rock your hips back & 4th
i pull my upper body a little further away from u
& line up my clutching hole 4 an even better angle
then groan as i feel u slide even deeper in2 me...
i whisper
"don't stop !! fuck me !! fuck me !! go deep in me !!! "
as u start 2 pump the full length of your fat cock
all the way in & out of my tightly gripping ass-hole
& my butt & thighs jiggle with every savage thrust...
suddenly u groan
" we don't have much time !! i have 2 go back 2 work !! "
& i moan
" fuck me harder !! hurry !! fuck the cum out of me !!! "
as u quickly twist & roll me over on2 my back
& u follow me & roll yourself on top of my body
as u press my legs even tighter against my chest
& keep your pulsating cock buried deep inside me...
as i reach down & grab ahold of my own ass again
& pull my ass-cheeks apart as wide as i can
u start 2 hammer your thick shaft in & out of me
while i rock my hips upward 2 take u even deeper...
sweat drips down from u all over my damp body
as u jack-hammer your girthy cock down in2 me
& my own cock pulses & throbs in-between us
as u bring me closer & closer 2 my explosion...
i scream
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck the cum out of me !!
make me cum on your big ass-fucking cock !!! "
as u groan deep in your chest & stare at me
then start 2 pound your cock in even deeper
& prod my aching prostate with every stroke...
as your thick cock-head delves in2 me one last time
& triggers my cumpletely gut-wrenching orgasm...
i groan
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming on your cock !!
oh god !! i'm cumming on your fucking cock !!! "
then i start spraying cum all over my own chest
& my ass-hole clenches down tight on2 your shaft
as u moan
" i'm cumming 2 !! i'm cumming with u !!! "
& i feel your thick shaft as it swells even further
then starts 2 throb & pulsate wildly inside me
as u empty your slippery seed deep in2 my ass...
i whisper
" cum deep in me !! deep in me !! deep in me !!
fuck my ass full of cum !! CUM DEEP IN ME !!! "
as i rock & twist my entire ass up against u
& groan as i feel each hot spurt inside me...

as soon as u finish cumming in me
u jump up from the bed
& wipe your cock clean on the sheets
then dress as fast as u can
& walk out the door...
u yell
" i'll be back at six !! BE READY 2 FUCK !!! "

( do u wanna ??? )
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