wicked work-outs...day three

i hurried home from work again, pulled on a t-shirt & shorts & headed back 2 the gym. as i walked over, i began 2 wonder if i was just becumming obsessed with cock, then i decided that i could live with it, if i was. when i got there, the place was almost empty, except 4 a short, slender blond guy working out on the gymnastics equipment. as i sat on a machine, just watching him move, i realized that i was getting turned on by seeing him twist his body in2 almost impossible shapes, his muscles rippling as he did tumbles & splits, pulling himself gracefully on2 equipment, making it look as if he was not even working hard.
when he was finished with his routine, i walked over & handed him a towel, then introduced myself. he told me that his name was kurt& he had been a gymnast in college. as he looked at me, he asked me if i was the new member, the one that reggie & todd had ****d on my first day here. i told him that i was, but it was okay, because they had made me realize that i was meant 2 be here. kurt smiled, telling me that they had done the same thing 2 him, even though he had always known that he liked other guys. he said that neither one of them could get their cocks in2 his ass, because he was just 2 small, then he looked at me questioningly, his eyes looking in2 mine & his hand moving 2ward my crotch.
i moaned as his hand wrapped around the shaft of my stiffening cock& kurt smiled as he whispered, "perfect.", then pressed himself against me as our mouths connected, our tongues writhing together, our hands pulling clothes off as fast as we could move. we were so close together that i could not see anything past his face& as our tongues continued 2 wrestle, i slid my hand 2 his waist, then started sliding lower. kurt grabbed my wrist & stopped my hand, then looked in2 my eyes & said,"i hope u won't be 2 disappointed... i'm not very big down there.", then lowered his eyes.
i pulled his face back up, looked in2 his eyes& said, "i don't care."
then i pressed my mouth 2 his again, searching his lips & tongue & teeth with my tongue as i slid my hand downward. kurt moaned in2 my mouth as my fingers wrapped around his already steel-hard cock & then slowly stroked his shaft, sliding my thumb over the slick head of his cock, smearing his pre-cum all over the swollen glans. as i stroked & teased his three inch long, finger-thick cock, kurt's hand slid 2 my cock, squeezing & stroking until it was hard & throbbing in his hand.
"this is the perfect cock 4 my ass," kurt said, "it will feel like a base-ball bat inside me." i smiled & kissed him again, then slid my hands up 2 his shoulders & gently pressed him downward. kurt slid 2 his knees in front of me, his hands resting on his thighs & his ass resting on his heels. his short, hard cock was pointing straight out from his slender body & it pulsed with his heartbeat, another pearl of pre-cum leaking from the small opening at the tip. his body was nicely tanned, but he had tan lines from wearing a tiny thong& his crotch & cock were almost cumpletely pure white. "i love tan lines," i said, "they show me exactly where 2 kiss & lick & suck." he smiled up at me, then slowly & luridly licked his lips. as i looked down at him, kurt said, "cum here & feed me that hard cock."
i stepped closer 2 him, my feet on the outside of his legs & took his head in my hands as his tongue snaked out of his mouth & slowly licked a drop of pre-cum from the tip of my swollen cock. "mmmmm delicious," he said, still staring up in2 my eyes as he opened his mouth & slid his wet lips over the head of my cock, his tongue circling my glans slowly, making me moan & pull his head closer 2 my crotch. kurt clasped his lips tightly around my shaft as he slid his face further & further on2 my erection, his hands still resting on top of his thighs as he slowly devoured my whole cock.
when his lips finally reached the base of my cock he swallowed, the back of his throat gripping my pulsating helmet, then he slid all the way off my cock, leaving a slick coating of saliva over my whole length. as i looked down at him, kurt whispered, "i need u 2 fuck my mouth, hard & fast & deep." as he slid his lips on2 my cock-head again, i gripped his head tightly & started 2 slowly piston my hard prick in & out of his sucking mouth. with every stroke, i could feel the grip of his throat on my throbbing glans, then his tongue swirling around my piss-hole as i pulled back out. his slick lips felt so hot & tight as they slid up & down the length of my shaft& soon i was swinging my hips faster & faster, my crotch slamming in2 his face with every stroke, my spit soaked balls slapping his chin. i was fucking his face hard & fast& i could feel the tightness starting in my stomach & groin as my cock started 2 swell even bigger & get even harder, so close 2 cumming that i couldn't think of anything else. kurt was sucking on my cock so hard that his cheeks were pulled inward & i heard him groan as my cock started 2 pulsate & my stomach convulsed, driving my cock all the way in2 his throat. my hands pulled his mouth tight against me as my cock spasmed, sending the first spurt of white-hot seed splashing directly in2 his exquisitely tight, cum-guzzling throat.
my legs were quivering & my whole body was shaking as my hot cum flew in2 his throat, spraying again & again as he continued 2 suck hard on my pulsing prick. the muscles in my arms were bulging with the strain as i held his face tightly impaled on2 my tonsil-drenching erection& i screamed, "oh fuck, drink it, suck my cock, taste my cum, suck me, suck me, take my cock all the way down, oh fuck, suck me, suck me !!"
kurt looked up in2 my eyes the entire time i was brutally fucking his face & cumming in2 his throat& i could feel him swallowing over & over, his tight throat milking every last drop from my raging cock. i just moaned, almost non-stop, as he drained the spunk from me, swallowing every drop in2 his hungry belly. as my cock started 2 soften, he kept sucking, his tongue sliding all over my tingling, sensitive glans, making me groan & beg him 2 release me. my legs were twitching when he finally opened his mouth & let my flaccid dick flop against my slippery balls.
my legs finally just gave out& i dropped 2 my knees, facing him, then pulled his mouth 2 mine, kissing him deeply, tasting my own cum on his wet tongue. when i reached between us & grasped his cock, i found that it was still hard as velvet covered steel, leaking pre-cum from the tiny hole.
as i watched in amazement, kurt rolled on2 his back & pulled his legs up 2ward his head then slid his arms inside & pressed back, until his calves were behind his shoulders & his ankles were behind his neck. he moved his arms upward, his hands gripping his own ankles, pulling his ass wide open & lifting it upward from the mat. i smiled down at him wickedly.
"gymnasts are very, very flexible," was all that he said as i lowered my head 2ward his wide-spread crotch. i placed my hands on his upturned ass-cheeks, pulling them even wider & i heard him groan as the tip of my wet tongue slithered out of my mouth & tasted his tightly puckered anus. "oh god," he groaned, "suck my ass...suck my ass !" as he tried 2 lift his ass even further i coned my tongue & speared it in2 his resisting anal opening. i pressed down as hard as i could & wriggled my tongue, until finally that tightly clenched ring surrendered & my tongue slipped inside. kurt tried 2 wiggle his ass, but he could barely move, as i delved deeper & deeper in2 his snug shitter. he was still moaning & trying 2 press upward as i moved away from his ass, looking 4 sumthing else 2 play with.
i was on my hands & knees& i slid my mouth upward, slathering his little balls with my tongue, coating them with saliva then sucking them both in2 my mouth. i clasped my lips around the skin of his ball-sack, then pulled down lightly, making him groan loudly & try 2 writhe under me.
as i slid my mouth on2 his finger-sized prick, i also pulled his balls back in2 my mouth, swirling my tongue all around them, making his legs quiver. as i sucked his whole package, my fingers slid between the cheeks of his tight little ass, searching 4 his sweet puckered hole. just as my finger started 2 slide in2 his saliva-soaked asshole, he jerked his hips upward& i felt a spray of wet & hot goo splash on2 the back of my tongue. his hands slid down 2 my head & gripped my hair, as his ass jerked & twitched, pressing his little cock as far in2 my mouth as it would go, covering my tongue with his sticky jism. i gulped & swallowed his sweet juices, as he pressed hard against my face, emptying himself in2 my mouth. when he finally stopped spurting, i gripped his ass harder, holding his crotch against me& started sucking his cock even harder, swirling my tongue around it over & over, faster & faster, as i pressed my finger further in2 his clutching ass. his fingernails were digging in2 my head& his legs were shaking uncontrollably, as i kept sucking harder & harder, until he screamed, throwing his head back& came on my tongue again. i gripped his ass harder, as he spurted all over my mouth, his ass twisting back & 4th, as he released another orgasm, almost passing out, as i gulped & swallowed again & again. the second had been much more intense than the first, making him lose all control !
when he was finally spent& i released him, kurt let his legs fall 2 the mat, pulling me on top of him. he kissed me so hard, driving his tongue deep in2 my throat as he kept groaning & saying that he loved what i did 2 him, because no one had ever done anything like that 2 be4 & that he wanted 2 feel me deep inside his body. i kissed him back, as my hands wandered all over his amazingly tight, muscular body, paying very special attention 2 his rock hard chest, especially his tiny nipples, pulling & twisting his nipple rings, as he moaned in2 my mouth, sharing his sweet breath with me. i slowly slid downward, sucking & licking & kissing every bit of his tan, sexy skin, as i caressed him everywhere with my hands.
when i finally reached his shaved crotch, his tiny cock was hard again, so i slurped it in2 my hot mouth, as he twisted his body around under mine, keeping his cock inside my lips as he moved, until his cock-starved mouth was directly below my again-throbbing cock-head. as he gripped my ass & opened his mouth, i slowly lowered my oozing cock in2 his talented mouth, pressing further downward, until i could feel the swollen head slide in2 his tight throat. as his hands pulled me down deeper, i groaned & slammed my cumpletely horny cock deep in2 his oral cavity, slow-fucking his willing face, as i sucked hard on his miniscule prick, my tongue lashing back & 4th.
as he sucked me deep & hard, i released his cock, pulling his legs upward & pinning them under my chest, so that his tight ass was once again spread wide open below my hot mouth. kurt gasped around my cock, as i slid my tongue deep in2 his resisting pucker. as my hands held his sexy cheeks wide apart, my tongue delved deep inside his ass, making him nice & wet. even his ass tasted sweet !! i slowly raised my ass up, pulling my cock from his mouth, then twisted around on top of him, keeping his legs pinned 2 his chest, until the tip of my cock was sliding in2 the slippery crack of his ass. kurt reached down between our bodies & grabbed my prick, guiding it 2 his puckered hole& as soon as i felt the tip against him, i started pressing 4ward, as his sphincter resisted opening.
his ass was so tight, but finally, his anal ring relaxed & the head of my throbbing cock slid in2 heaven. he gasped as i finally entered him& i could feel his short fingernails digging in2 the flesh of my back, as i pressed 4ward, until his sweet ass had engulfed my entire length. kurt's ass was so sweet & tight & hot that i felt like i was going 2 cum in an instant, but i held very still, with my cock deep inside him, until the feeling passed. finally, my near-orgasm subsided, so i could move my cock inside him again...
as soon as i started 2 move inside his ass, he started 2 move with me, taking my full length in2 his tightness, over & over, as his lips kissed mine, then he kissed & licked my neck, as i drove myself deeper in2 his sexy ass. his hands had moved 2 my ass& he kept trying 2 pull me in even deeper, as his ass rose 2 meet every thrust. i could feel his tiny hard cock pinned between us, as i long-stroked my aching cock in2 him. as he moaned in2 my neck, my hands slid behind his back, pulling him upward, as i lifted myself on2 my knees, with him riding me. kurt's legs were wrapped around my waist, as i held him close 2 my body & hammered my cock up in2 his tight ass, making him groan with every deep, hard upward thrust.
suddenly, i let myself fall backward on2 the mat& he followed me, never losing his tight grip on my throbbing cock. as i lay on my back, he rode me, sliding all the way up, until just the tip of my cock rested against his tight hole, then he dropped his body down, taking my full length deep inside with every stroke. his sexy ass was gripping my throbbing cock like an amazing velvet glove as he rode me like a cock-craving cowboy.
his hands were resting on my chest, as he slid up & down on me& my hands were caressing his sweat soaked chest, pulling at his tiny pierced nipples. he slid all the way down on2 me, his ass resting on my hips, as he slid his feet up next 2 my ass, then started 2 slide up & down again, as he balanced on his feet, his tiny cock bobbing up & down with each hard, deep stroke. as he pounded up & down, i reached down & grabbed his cock, sliding my fingers up & down, keeping time with his stroking on my raging cock. his tiny balls were pulled up tight 2 his crotch, so i knew that he would be cumming again soon& i stroked him even faster, knowing that he would tighten his ass on my cock when he did cum. suddenly, he groaned, & then screamed, as his little cock started 2 spurt all over my belly & he ground his ass down on2 me even harder, making me start 2 cum, 2, shooting thick gouts of sticky sperm deep in2 his tightly clutching ass. my cock was pounding upward, slamming in2 his ass, as i filled him with my liquid love, splashing his insides with white-hot man-juice. kurt fell 4ward on2 me, smearing his cum all over between us, as he kissed me again, our tongues dancing & twisting together, my cock still buried deep inside his sweet, tight ass. i think i could have spent the rest of my life with my cock imbedded deep in his hot, tight, sexy little ass !
as we lay there together, our sweat mingling, our tongues exploring & our hands caressing, i could feel his tightness, still gripping me. as he ran his tongue up my neck 2 my ear, i could feel myself beginning 2 harden again, expanding his snug ass as the bl**d rushed back 2 my cock again. he moaned, as he slowly moved his sexy ass in tiny circles, grinding against me, making me even more excited. when my prick finally reached it's full length, kurt whispered that he wanted me 2 fuck him from behind& he slowly lifted his tight body from mine, as my throbbing cock slid out of his slippery, gripping asshole, making a soft, sexy, slurping sound.
he kissed me hungrily again, then turned away from me, stretching his upper body out on the mat, while lifting his sexy ass high in the air& his hands reaching back 2 pull his tight little ass cheeks apart. as i moved in2 position behind him, i reached between his slender legs, pulling his rock-hard baby cock back between his legs, then dipped my head down & sucked the tiny head between my lips, lashing my tongue all around his small swollen head. he moaned, as he pressed his ass back 2wards me, pushing himself deeper between my sucking lips. my hot mouth eagerly devoured his tiny, throbbing erection, again, sucking as hard as i could, making him groan.
as i sucked his sweet little cock, he moaned my name, over & over, grinding his ass back against my face, forcing his prick in2 my mouth as deep as it could go. as i began 2 suck even harder, swirling my hot tongue faster, his legs started 2 quiver& as i lay on my chest, gripping his ass, his cock started 2 pulsate on my wet tongue& kurt screamed, releasing another tasty orgasm on2 my waiting tongue. as i gulped & swallowed hungrily, he emptied himself in2 my mouth again, releasing spurt after hot spurt of sticky-sweet cum. i kept sucking & swallowing, until his cock had started 2 soften in my mouth, then i started 2 swirl my tongue around his flesh again, twisting it around & around his hyper-sensitive glans, until he was begging me 2 stop, moaning & writhing his ass back & 4th.
even as he pleaded 4 me 2 release him, he just kept grinding himself back against me, until i felt his cock start 2 stiffen again& i knew that he was going 2 release another mouthful of cock-juice. with my tongue circling his head, over & over, i started 2 suck him as hard as i could& as he started 2 buck his hips faster & faster, i felt his little prick start 2 twitch, as he spurted several more tiny drops of tasty cum on2 my tongue. his legs were shaking & his ass was quivering, as he released his liquid love on2 my thirsty tongue. i slid his juice drops all over my tongue, savoring his hot & sweet flavor, as he almost collapsed 4ward on2 the mat.
when i finally released his empty cock, my own was throbbing, ready 2 pierce his tight ass again. his body was still shaking, as i lifted myself 2 my knees behind his,grabbed his hips, pulling his ass upward & slid my raging cock-head 2 his tight puckered anus. he gasped, as i slid the thick head in2 his resisting ass & just held still 4 a few moments, giving his ass time 2 get used 2 being invaded again. as i gently caressed his sexy ass, he suddenly rammed himself backwards, his ass slamming in2 my hips, taking the whole length of my cock deep in2 his tight, slippery ass. i gasped, as i felt my throbbing cock suddenly cumpletely engulfed in his tight heat.
kurt started 2 slide back & 4th, taking me all the way inside him, then pulling off, until just the tip of my cock was touching his sweet asshole, be4 sliding back over me, over & over, as i leaned 4ward & reached under him, my hands caressing his flaccid cock & tiny balls. i was dripping beads of sweat from my chest on2 his slender back & ass, as he slowly fucked my swollen cock with his gorgeous ass. he moaned as i pulled his balls down with one hand & pulled his cock up with the other.
as kurt slammed his ass back against me, his rhythm getting faster & faster, his thrusts getting harder & harder, my cock exploring deeper & deeper, i could feel my balls starting 2 rise up closer 2 my damp body, getting ready 2 fill his ass with more sticky goo. i looked down at his ass, watching my cock appear & disappear& it excited me so fucking much, watching his tight anal ring stretching & clutching at me, as i slid out, that i couldn't stand it anymore& with one huge thrust, my hands gripping his slender hips, pulling him back& i exploded inside him again.
my throbbing cock spurted over & over, firing ropy strings of white-hot cum deep in2 his tightly gripping ass. spurt after spurt splashed on2 the tight walls of his rectum, as i felt his slick inner muscles gripping & milking me. i screamed his name, as i emptied my hot seed deep inside him, collapsing on2 his back, our sweat mingling, as i bit his shoulder lovingly. kurt's legs slid slowly back from underneath him, as he lowered himself 2 the mat& i followed him, my cock still fully imbedded deep inside his wet & slippery tight ass. i wanted 2 stay buried inside his ass 4ver.
when our breathing had finally returned 2 normal, i lifted myself off his back& kurt twisted underneath me, so he was facing me. i lowered myself gently down on2 his sweaty body, kissing him deeply, our tongues dancing together in pure joy as our arms held each other's bodies so close & tight, our legs entwined, trying 2 get even closer 2 each other.
after we had finally caught our breath, kurt grabbed my hand & pulled me in2 the shower, where we soaped each other & caressed every slippery bit of skin. we decided 2 try 2 get together every chance we got& after getting his number& giving him mine, i got dressed, kissed him one last time, my hands caressing his little package & tiny ass, then both of us headed home 2 get some much-needed sl**p.
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