my fantasy...21

when i wake up in bed next 2 u
i reach down & grab your thick cock
stroking it slowly
wanting 2 feel u deep inside me...
as u harden in my hand
i pull my leg upward
so your cock is just below my ass
& start 2 rub the thick head up & down
the snug crack of my cock-craving ass
making u grow even longer & harder...
u twist your upper body away from mine
as your cock reaches it's maximum hardness...
i quickly roll on2 my right side
facing away from your body
pulling my left thigh tight 2 my chest
with my right leg still straight
fully opening my ass 4 u 2 invade me...
i moan
" i wanna feel u deep deep inside me !!
i wanna feel your cock deep in my ass !!! "
as u move up over my body
u reach 4 the lube & smear it on your cock
with your knees on either side of my right leg...
i feel the head of your cock slide side 2 side
in the wide-spread crack of my ass
smearing the cool lubrication all over me...
as your hands grip my left hip tightly
pressing my ass open even further
i reach down & grip your pulsing shaft
guiding the turgid throbbing head
2 my puckered anal opening...
i moan as i feel u press 4ward
your broad & demanding cock-head
slowly forcing my taut sphincter open
stretching my ass-hole wider & wider
until the oozing head finally slips inside me
& my aching ass-hole grips down tightly
on2 your thick throbbing cock-shaft...
" deep !! deep !! give it 2 me deep !! "
i groan & beg
" fuck my ass full of cock !!
fuck my ass with your big cock !!! "
u then hold still 4 a few moments
letting my tight hole adapt
2 your impressive thickness
then u start 2 rock your hips slowly
feeding me a bit more of your fat cock
with every slow deliberate stroke
stretching my inner walls further & further
until i finally feel your lower belly
resting against my ass cheek...
once again
your probing cock
is touching new & deep places
that have never been touched be4
& i love the way your thickness feels
buried so deep in my tightness...
i moan
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me deep !!
fuck your hard cock deep in2 my ass !!!
never stop !!! fuck my ass full of cock !!! "

as i feel your slippery cock
slide in & out of my horny hole
i am amazed at just how far
your thick cock pulls my clinging ass-hole
out of my quivering body
with every agonizingly slow stroke...
when u drag your cock out of me
my anal ring clutches your pulsing erection
as if it doesn't wanna let it go
& your thick shaft pulls my ass outward
until u stop & then start pushing
your huge thickness back in2 me
making my grippy & slippery cavity
slide slowly back inside my body
taking every inch that u have 2 give me...
when i look up at u
& catch your eye
u smile at me
& reach down 2 grip my dripping cock
stroking me slowly
as u continue 2 **** my tight ass
with your marvelously thick appendage...
i gasp
" yes !! yes !! yes !! fill me with your big cock !!
fuck me full of cock !! fuck my ass full of cock !!! "
the feeling of your hot thick prick
delving deep in2 my rectum
is so intense that i almost can't breathe
as u stuff me full-2-bursting
with your wonderfully talented tool...
my breath is cumming in quick gasps
every time that your plunging cock hits bottom
sumwhere deep inside my trembling body
& my cock throbs with every deep stroke
pulsating in your tightly gripping hand...
i whisper
" oh god !! you're gonna make me cum !!
you're gonna make me cum on your cock !! "
u giggle wickedly
& start jacking my cock
as fast as u can move your hand
& at the same time
u start slamming your fat cock
in2 my willing ass-hole
as deep & hard & fast
as u can move your ass...
i groan
" fuck your big cock in2 me !!
fuck your big cock deep in2 me !!! "
just as i am about 2 explode
u start 2 stroke my aching cock even faster
as u continue 2 pound your swollen cock in2 my ass
& your cock-head slams in2 my swollen prostate
making me groan as my hot twitching cock explodes
splattering both my body & the sheets
with spurt after spurt of scorching cum...
as i spray stringy spurts everywhere
i clench my ass down on2 your probing prong
& i can feel your cock throb & pulsate
as your sweet syrup travels the length
of your ravaging ass-stretching prick
& i feel the first hot spurts of your smooth cum
splatter the walls of my rectum with liquid heat...
your hips are lurching wildly
driving your probing penis in2 me
as far & deep as it will reach
& i groan
" i wanna feel u all the way inside me !!
i wanna feel every inch deep inside me !!! "
i press my ass back further
on2 your ass-r****g cock
spraying the last few spurts
of my cock-jam from the pressure
wanting 2 feel your fat cock
as deep inside me as possible...
as u shoot the last steamy drops
of your sweet cum in2 me
i clench & unclench my ass
squeezing every drop out of your spewing cock
& filling my fuck-hole with your cum...

( do u wanna ??? )
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