sweet hitch-hiker...end

in the morning, i awoke 2 find him sprawled out beside me, sl**ping soundly. as he lay back with one muscular arm under his head, he moaned slightly in his sl**p & i saw that his massively thick, stubby cock had risen 2 full-mast & started 2 throb with his beating heart. i leaned my face down next 2 his tasty-looking crotch & gently blew across his soft hairless scrotum & watched the sensitive flesh contract. i wondered what he was dreaming about as he smiled & his lips & hips twitched. i hoped it was me as i gently lowered my hot, hungry mouth over his tasty bloated cock, sucking him
so slowly & so softly, trying not wake him from his dreaming. i was sliding my obscenely stretched lips from the massive tip of his monstrous cock-head all the way down 2 the base of his short, fat & girthy prong. within minutes, his ass was rising involuntarily from the bed & his balls were pulling up tight against the base of his super-thick cock. in just seconds he would be cumming explosively in my sucking mouth & suddenly he woke, his eyes snapping wide open as he lifted his upper body & looked directly in2 my smiling eyes, just as he fired the first spurt in2 my hungry mouth & he watched as i took all & everything that he had 2 give me. he pumped with his muscular hips 2 increase the pleasure, driving his generously thick, pulsating cock all the way in2 my hot, hungry, sucking mouth & propped himself up on his elbows 2 watch me devour his jizz, swallowing over & over, drinking down his nectar, filling my belly with his man-seed. i sucked him & drank his cum like i was dying of thirst, not missing a single drop of his gift 2 me. when mark was drained, i licked him completely clean, then we headed back in2 the shower. we soaped & scrubbed each other, then mark slid 2 his knees & paid some oral attention 2 my throbbing cock, which was still hard as steel with his hot mouth. my cock was hard constantly, as long as i was awake & mark was anywhere that i could see him, or touch him. i had never been so fucking horny in all my fucking life!!!
mark looked up in2 my eyes as the shower sprayed on2 his gorgeous upturned face, with my rock-hard cock buried in his hot, sucking mouth & the thick head sliding in2 his hungry throat & reached up & rolled my nipples between his fingers. he slipped his wet mouth off my dick, then he stood, still slowly stroking my pulsating cock, bringing me closer & closer 2 cumming. he lathered my swollen prick with handfuls of shower gel, then bent over 4 me 2 drive it in2 his tight ass, his feet spread wide on the shower floor & his hands holding on2 the sides of the bathtub. i held my elongated cock in my fist & guided it up against his tightly puckered anus & gently pushed the bulbous glans inside. mark's tight ass was alot more relaxed than it was last night, so i continued the intense anal intrusion as i slowly ran my upturned shaft in & out, going just a little harder & deeper each time, until my throbbing, ass-fucking cock was fully buried deep in his soapy, slimy, hot bowels. he started 2 press his sexy ass back against me, so i grabbed his slender hips tightly & quickened my ass-pounding & long-stroked him until i felt my balls rise & my cock beginning 2 throb. holding his strong, young hips, i drove in2 him harder as i savagely pulled his wonderful, cock-engulfing ass back on2 me & buried my throbbing & pulsating cock as deep as it would go inside his totally sweet anal channel & held it there as my twitching, spasming cock began 2 pump his fucking gloriously tight man-hole full
of thick, sticky strings of white-hot cum.
mark was almost breathless as he shook violently with sexual release. he suddenly stood upright & arched his back, his hands gripping my hips & pulling me as close as he could, with my throbbing, spraying cock still burrowed deep inside his tightly gripping, clenching ass. his hot cum arched up & away from his obscenely obese, stubby cock & splashed against the steamy wall of the shower. i was amazed as
i finally lost count of his powerful spurts, flying across the shower & splattering on2 the tiles, & then one last white bullet oozing out of his humongous piss-slit as his hot, tight ass clamped down even tighter on my ravaging, ass-r****g cock. we stayed like that, locked 2gether 4 several minutes, until i kissed his neck & shoulder & slowly withdrew my still-hard cock from the wonderfully tight embrace of his clutching sphincter. i had released such a huge quantity of slimy, sticky cum inside him that it began 2 ooze from his slightly gaping loosened hole as he turned 2 pull me in2 his huge, strong arms. his soft lips brushed against mine & our tongues wrestled 2gether as we explored & excited each other, again. not that our cocks ever got 2 be soft...
we moved in2 the bedroom & i pushed mark back on2 the bed, his feet still on the floor. i stood between his knees, resting my hands on his hard thighs & leaned 4ward 2 kiss him. our tongues wrestled 2gether until he was breathing hard & shallow, then i moved my mouth 2 his throat, biting & licking, sucking & tasting his skin. with agonizing slowness, i licked & nibbled everywhere, chewing on his ear, then moving down 2 his throat again. as i felt him shiver, i moved lower, 2 his collarbone, biting him there, raking my teeth on his upper chest, then his shoulder, licking & sucking it, teasing his smooth skin. i pushed his arms gently upward, my searching mouth moving in2 his almost hairless armpit, sucking on his skin, letting my tongue explore every ridge & crevice, making him moan & gasp. i slid my tongue further down, letting my moist lips capture his hard little nipple, sucking & chewing it as his body writhed in excitement below me. i licked further down, leaving wet trails of saliva on all the muscles covering his ribcage, tracing the rippling bulges of his sexy six-pack, then stabbed my hot tongue in2 his navel, twisting & circling with the tip. his hands were resting on my shoulders as i slid further down, dropping 2 my knees on the floor between his wide-spread, hard-muscled legs. his sexy little ass lifted as he tried 2 press his gloriously thick, stubby, pre-cum leaking cock against me, but i purposely ignored it, ( even though it was very hard 2 ignore ) as i slid further down between his strong legs, until my mouth was at his feet.
mark groaned as my tongue slid between his toes, back & 4th, until they were all slick with saliva, then i sucked his big toe in2 my mouth, my tongue twirling all around it, sucking it like it was a delicious hard cock. then my mouth moved upward slowly, as my hot tongue slid over his instep, then around 2 his ankle, my wet lips kissing & sucking his skin, leaving wet trails of spit everywhere, as i kept teasing & torturing him...so slowly. i slowly slid my tongue 2 the back of his heel & worked my way up his calf, nibbling his firm muscles, then i slid my tongue in2 the back of his knee, searching it like i had done with his armpit, making him moan. my tongue slithered up his thigh, leaving drooling trails of saliva on his skin, as i slowly moved closer & closer 2 his crotch. i could see that his cock was throbbing & oozing copious amounts of pre-cum, aching 4 some hot & wet oral attention. as my mouth slowly slithered up further on the inside of his trembling thigh, my hands pressed his knees apart, opening him wide. i slid my tongue out even further, until i reached the super-sensitive spot where his inner thigh met his crotch, making him squirm & groan & begging 4 me 2 make him cum. i pressed my hot lips in2 the sweaty crease & sucked fast & hard, 2 bring his bl**d 2 the surface of his skin, wanting 2 marking my territory. mark was begging me 2 make him cum, but i wanted 2 make this last as long as possible & when i finally did make him cum, i wanted it 2 be so hot & extreme & explosive that he would never want anyone's mouth except mine !!
with my elbows pressed in2 the insides of his thighs, just above the knees, keeping his legs stretched wide open, i slid my hands up his strong, sexy thighs, past his throbbing, twitching, leaking cock & up 2 his hot hardened nipples. as i twisted his nipples hard, i slid my wet, drooling tongue all the way out & very lightly licked his smooth, shaved balls, making him arch his back & push his quivering ass upward, pressing himself up 2ward me. i slowly slid my tongue behind his balls, down in2 the sweaty beginning of the crack of his ass, his sensitive taint, then very slowly licked upward, sliding my flattened tongue up underneath his firm, hairless balls. as he wriggled his ass back & 4th, trying 2 press harder against me, i softly sucked one of his beautiful balls in2 my hot, wet mouth, slathering it with my hot tongue & letting saliva drip everywhere, making him squirm & groan loudly. as he pressed his aching body harder 2ward me, i sucked both of his sweaty & tasty balls all the way in2 my mouth & tightened my lips around the soft skin of the upper part of his ball-sack & pulled downward on them, as my tongue lashed all around, drooling & splattering saliva all over his ass & inner thighs & on2 the floor, making him start 2 breathe hard & fast, groaning & gasping, whispering my name & begging me 4 release.
when i looked upward, he was propped up on his elbows, staring at me with a look of sheer lust in his gorgeous eyes. i smiled with his delicious balls still in my hot mouth, then slowly let each of them slide & slither out, soaked with saliva, dripping everywhere. my face & beard were all saliva soaked, 2, making me feel like such a dirty, nasty slut. as he looked down at me, his eyes silently pleading, i slowly & sexily slid my tongue out of my wet mouth, just barely touching the tightly stretched skin at the humongously thick base of his very short, extremely fat cock. he moaned pleadingly as i slowly slid my wet, saliva-dripping lips 2 the base of his twitching shaft, sucking lightly & softly on his sweat-dampened, tasty cock-skin. my tongue flicked quickly in & out, teasing him, as i slowly slid my lips up the broad underside of his throbbing thick cock & when i finally reached the bulbous, massively swollen, purple head, i flicked my thirsty tongue out, slurping in a huge, shiny drop of delicious pre-cum that was just oozing from his gigantic cum-hole. as he watched intently, i slid my sucking lips slowly back down the short, super-wide side of his cock, then very slowly back up again, sliding so quickly up over the gargantuan pulsating head that my lips barely touched it & then slowly back down the other side. over & over, with agonizing slowness, i moved back & 4th, side 2 side, up & down, sliding my wet, slippery drooling lips up & down the massive circumference of his
wide cock, until he was writhing & moaning non-stop. his fat, gloriously bloated cock tasted so delicious that i never wanted 2 stop what i was doing 2 him.
his monstrous girth was throbbing & twitching as i finally moved my thirsty lips 2 the menacing tip of his continuously leaking prick, just lightly kissing the gigantic mushroom-shaped head as i slithered the sharp tip of my cum-seeking tongue in2 his copiously drooling piss-hole, tasting one more slippery-sweet drop of his delicious, juicy lubrication. mark tried hard 2 push his porky prong upward in2 my drooling mouth, but i held my lips tight, not letting him stretch his way inside, as my tongue continued 2 fuck his huge cum opening. when he finally surrendered & let his tight muscular ass drop back down on2 the bed, with a cute litte bounce & a groan,
that was when i finally opened my slippery lips as wide as i could & let the fat, plum-colored head of his aching cock f***e & stretch it's way between my hot, wet dick-teasing lips. with my jaws pried open as wide as they could go, 2 accommodate his unbelievably colossal girth, i locked my tight-stretched lips behind the pronounced ridge of his immense glans, twirling my tongue around his wildly pulsating crown, making him press himself upward again, trying 2 f***e his unyeilding thickness in2 the depths of my oral opening. as i finally let his glorious cock f***e itself all the way in2 my hot, sucking mouth, mark moaned my name over & over, his head twisting from side 2 side wildly, his hard, strong hips bouncing up & down with almost amazing speed, trying 2 face-fuck me with his short, extremely thick, ravaging cock. i quickly slid my hands down 2 his hips, gripping him as tightly as i could, then slammed my mouth all the way down on2 his wildly bouncing cock as my lips stretched even wider 2 engulf the even thicker base, feeling his wide cock-head just touching the tight opening of my hungry throat, then i locked my straining lips on2 the base of his shaft, holding him tightly in my mouth. his head was thrashing back & 4th on the bed as he begged me 2 let him cum, his sexy ass moving quickly up & down, still trying 2 move his giant girth in & out of my tightly gripping mouth...
i finally decided 2 have mercy on him & on my tight over-stretched lips, so i started 2 quickly bob my head up & down, sliding my sore & aching mouth all the way off his pudgy cock, then slamming my hot & wet, drooling mouth back down, dripping saliva everywhere, taking his short, fat length all the way back in2 my wide-open mouth, loving the feeling of his big majestic knob popping in & out of the tight opening 2 my hungry throat.
as i power-sucked his thick stick, he rammed his hips upward 2 meet my downward thrusts, driving his fat mouth-r****g cock as deep as it would reach in2 my hot, wildly-sucking mouth. i could feel his saliva-slippery balls creeping upward against my chin every time i impaled my face on his cock, so i knew that this gorgeous man was getting close 2 f***e-feeding me a hot, wet helping of luscious & juicy cock-jam. i felt his tremendously thick cock starting 2 pulsate & then swell 2 an even more impressive girth, feeling like it was going 2 rip my mouth apart & knew that his hot & delicious seed was starting 2 travel up & out of him, so i let him slide back out of my desperately sucking mouth, until my throbbing lips reached the heavy ridge of his distended cock-head, then i locked my wet lips tightly behind it, just as the first huge tonsil-drenching spurt of salty-sweet juice came rushing through his wide cum-passage & splattered f***efully on2 the back of my slurping tongue, sliding luridly back in2 my cum-thirsty throat.
i knew that his cum-load would be absolutely huge, after being teased 4 so long & i gulped greedily, over & over, as he kept spraying long jets of thick semen in2 my tight, hot mouth. every spurt hit my slimy tongue with incredible f***e, splashing up on2 the roof of my cock-sucking mouth, covering my taste buds with salty-sweet cock flavor. i kept sucking his stout, stubby cock as hard as i could, until his beautiful blasts of scrumptious cum finally started 2 subside, the last few just drooling out of his fat, twitching cock on2 my wet, waiting tongue. his cock-juice was so fucking delicious, as i rolled the last few drops around on my tongue.
i kept his sensitive cock in my mouth, teasing the tingling head until he was completely soft, loving making him squirm all over my bed & loving the feeling of his slippery cock-skin on my twisting tongue. when i finally slid my tired, aching, over-stretched mouth off him, he gasped that he had never had such an intense orgasm, with anyone. i just smiled, as i slid on2 the bed beside him, curling up tightly around him.
when he had finally managed 2 catch his breath, mark pushed me over on2 my back, as he slid his sexy body down over me, until his hot, wet mouth was hovering over my already-hard cock. as i watched him, he looked up in2 my eyes as he slowly licked the length of my stiff cock, making me more excited by the second. when he was finally satisfied that i couldn't get any harder or hornier, he reached over 2 the night-stand & grabbed the k-y, slowly smearing it all over my bl**d-engorged cock. as i sighed, he lifted his gorgeous muscular body over me & straddled my hips, facing away from me, then started 2 slowly lower his hard, sexy ass 2wards my slippery, glistening erection. as his knees slid on2 the bed on either side of my hips, he reached back between his strong thighs & grabbed my pulsating cock, guiding the tip of it 2 his tightly puckered anal opening. when my greasy cock-head was pressing tightly against his pink, puckered hole, he suddenly slammed his ass downward, taking the first half of my hard, throbbing cock inside his tightness with one sudden stroke, making me gasp from the intense gripping power of his wonderfully snug shit-hole. then he released his grip on my super-slick cock & reached 4ward, his hands tightly gripping on my ankles as he slowly slid his sensational ass upward until just the oozing head of my raging prick was still captured inside his contracted hole. he held still 4 a minute, letting his tightly clenched sphincter relax, then slid his whole upper body slowly backward, taking the full, aroused length of my swollen fuck-pole all the way back in2 his extraordinary, gripping ass.
as mark continued 2 slowly work his ass up & down the hot, turgid length of my corn-holing cock, i propped my head up on a pillow, so i could watch his gloriously grippy ass slide up & down on me. as he started 2 move his cock-stuffed ass back & 4th, sliding almost all the way off, then sliding all the way back on, i groaned softly, telling him that i was going 2 fill his tight, sweet hole with every drop of my slimy seed. i loved the way that his glistening anal ring pulled over an inch outward with every single agonizingly slow stroke upward, as if his tight ass didn't want 2 leave my throbbing shaft. i knew that my cock didn't ever want 2 leave his ass !!!
his awesome ass was so hot & tight & sweet that i knew i would never be able 2 last long, if he kept long-stroking me, so i grabbed his hips as he slid downward, his cock-gripping ass finally resting on top of my hips & held him all the way down on2 my twitching & pulsating cock, not letting him move at all. mark just turned his head back, looked in2 my eyes & smiled, as he started 2 slowly rotate his cum-craving ass in tight, tiny circles, making my incessantly pulsating cock stir around deep inside him, stroking, caressing & exploring every crease & crevice inside his oh-so-tight-fitting rectum,making me moan & writhe with pleasure. he kept telling me that he wanted 2 feel my thick, throbbing cock spewing, spraying & splashing deep in2 his cum-craving ass, filling & over-flowing him with my spurting streams of creamy, delicious cock-jam. he kept pleading 4 me 2 fuck him harder & faster & deeper, 2 cum deep in his ass, 2 fill his hot, cum-starved anal cavern with every last drop.
as he kept talking dirty 2 me, making me so hot & horny i could hardly stand it, i leaned my upper body 4ward, tightly pressing my chest against his wide back, then reached 4ward & gripped his muscular legs just above the knees, suddenly pulling him over backwards, so he was lying on his back on top of my chest & belly, my ass-ravaging cock still fully & completely imbedded deep in his hot, tightly gripping ass. i pulled his quivering legs up against his sweaty chest as he lay on top of me, pressing his back tightly against my hairy chest, as mark reached down, grabbing his own ass cheeks, pulling his ass-cheeks fully wide open, as i started 2 drive & hammer my hips upward, relentlessly driving my swollen cock deep in2 his wide-stretched, open ass, mercilessly pounding his sensitive prostate with my deep-delving cock-head at each savage upward thrust. his monstrously thick, still-rock-hard cock was leaking long, sticky strings of shiny pre-cum all over his muscle ridged belly & i knew that i could make his sweet cock cum all by itself, if i kept hammering & pounding his inner sweet-spot. mark was moaning non-stop, begging me 2 fill his ass with cock & cum, begging me 2 make him cum with my cock, as i continued my furious assualt on his sexy, cock-loving ass, my rampant cock throbbing, pulsating & twitching as if it had a life all it's own. i kept pummeling all the way in2 the depths of his ass & his breath started coming in short & quick gasps that were in perfect rhythm with each powerful thrust in2 his gorgeous ass. suddenly, his glorious ass clamped down even tighter on2 my cock, gripping me like a velvet-gloved fist & he loudly screamed that he was cumming. as his fat cock-head sprayed strings of sticky cum all over his muscled chest & belly & his orgasmically-spasming ass rhythmically pumped my ravaging cock, i completely lost all self-control, slamming my spastically twitching cock in2 him harder & faster & deeper as my cock erupted, blasting long, syrupy spurts of white-hot man-juice deep in2 his undulating rectum, driving my hot cock all the way in2 his gripping ass & filling him completely full of my bittersweet seed, just the way he had begged me 2 do. i kept my thick cock slamming upward, driving deep inside his unbelievable tightness, until my slippery cock was completely drained & starting 2 soften inside his cum-oozing, gripping ass. i let my ass drop back down on2 the bed as i released his legs & he raised his upper body upright again, grinding his cum-drenched ass down on2 me, trying 2 keep my pleasure-seeking cock completely engulfed inside him 4 as long as possible. awesome fuck !!!
when he finally slid up off my satisfied cock, it slid out of his slippery ass with a sexy sucking sound & he twisted around on2 his knees, then snuggled down between my legs & licked my greasy, cum & ass-covered cock clean, swallowing every trace. when mark was finished licking my cock, i pushed him on2 his back & slowly & lasciviously lapped up his load, my hot, wet tongue slithering all over his chest & belly, searching 4 & swallowing every single drop of his delicious seed. we were both totally & completely exhausted, so we curled up tightly 2gether on the bed & drifted off 2 sl**p, his broad back pressed against my hairy chest & my semi-stiff cock pressed in2 the sexy crease of his tight, muscular ass.
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