wicked work-outs...day two

i spent the whole day at work distracted. every time i thought about reggie & todd, my cock swelled & throbbed & i kept wanting 2 touch myself, but i resisted the temptation, because i knew that i was going back 2 the gym after work & i knew why i was going there... i craved cock !!!
when work was finally over, i drove home quickly, changing in2 my work-out clothes & almost ran 2 the gym. i started working out on the bench press & when i lay back on the bench 2 lift, a guy walked up & asked if i wanted a spotter. i nodded & he told me his name was tim, as he stepped up close 2 my head & helped me pull the bar off the rack. after my set was done, he helped me put the bar back, but he didn't move away. when i looked up, i could see in2 the bottom of his loose-fitting running shorts. he had nothing on under his shorts & i could see smooth shaved balls & a drooping, long cock with a long drooling 4skin covering the head of his cock. i had never seen an uncircumcised cock in real life, so my curiosity got the best of me & i slid my hand in2 his shorts 2 touch it.
as my fingertips grazed the loose skin, tim looked down at me & said, "let's go back 2 the locker room 4 a while." i stood up from the bench & followed him back 2 the locker room, still wondering what that 4skin would feel like. when the door swung closed, he turned 2 me & said, "yesterday was your first taste, wasn't it ?"
i answered, "yes, it was, even though it wasn't by my choice. they took what they wanted, but they made me realize sumthing that probably was always there, even though i didn't really know it. today, i am back here because i want 2 be here. today i want 2 be with u." tim smiled then asked, "& what do u want today ?"
i said, " well, first, i would love 2 see u cumpletely naked, because i have never seen an un-cut cock be4, then i would love 2 find out what your cock tastes like, i mean, if u are even interested." as i reached over & slid my fingertips down the length of his big soft cock.
" i am interested," he said, "but i want 2 see u naked, 2 & then maybe we can play, if u aren't 2 big. i don't really like gigantic cocks."
i told him that i was just an average guy, in every way, as i pulled my shirt over my head, kicked off my shoes & slid my shorts 2 the floor & stepped out of them. he ran a fingertip down my chest & said, " it looks like you're going 2 be about six inches long when i get that thing hard & that is just about perfect, 4 me." i smiled & nodded, my cock firming.
tim pulled his shirt off, then his shoes, then let his shorts slide down 2 the floor, exposing his thick cock. his cock hung long & loose, the 4skin cumpletely covering the wide glans. i could barely make out the outline of his cock-head through the loose covering of soft skin. his soft cock was already as long as mine is hard & i looked at him questioningly. he said, "nine."
i just smiled & licked my lips, pushing him back until he was sitting on the end of the bench, then i slid 2 my knees between his legs. he leaned back & grabbed the edges of the bench as i slid my hands down over his smooth chest, over his wash-board abs, then down around his cock & 2 his inner thighs. i pushed his legs wide open then slid my hands up his inner thighs until i was just touching his balls, then i slid my fingers 2 his long, soft cock, lifting it off his balls & holding it up by the base. tim groaned as i held the root of his cock in one hand, while i slid the other hand up his shaft 2 the silky, covered head, rolling the loose skin between my finger-tips.
i leaned my head down & slid the tip of my tongue in2 the soft skin folds, searching 4 the head of his cock. his big cock started 2 thicken & lengthen as i teased the tip of his cock-head with my tongue & when it was fully hard, just the very tip of his cock-head was visible, peeking out of the end of his now taut 4skin. his cock was long, but only a little thicker than mine, so i knew he would be alot easier 2 suck that todd had been & he had a very nice upward curve, just like mine. as i looked at his cock, a pearl of pre-cum oozed out of the opening & tim groaned, as i pursed my lips & kissed the tip of his cock, sucking the slippery juice in2 my mouth.
tim laid back on the bench & said, "bring that cock up here. i want sumthing 2 play with, 2 !" i smiled as i stood up & moved behind him, straddling the bench behind his head, my flaccid cock hanging just above his 4head. he reached up & grabbed my cock, pulling me closer, then tilted his head back & pulled me down on2 him. we were now in a sixty-nine position, as i lowered my body down, my feet still on the floor on either side of the bench, my cock hovering over his mouth & his cock just below my lips. i gripped the bench on either side of his ass, lowering my mouth 2 his throbbing cock, letting the skin-covered head slide between my wet lips as i lowered my ass 2ward him, moaning as i felt his sucking mouth cumpletely engulf the whole length of my hardening cock. this was so much better than having someone f***e me 2 do what they wanted... so much better...
i pushed myself up a little, sliding my lips 2 the tip of his delicious cock, pulling my cock part-way out of his mouth at the same time, then i pursed my lips tightly & lowered myself back down, my lips skinning his cock back, revealing the sensitive glans 2 my tongue. tim groaned as i slithered my tongue around & around the slippery head of his prick & then grabbed my ass, pulling my cock all the way down in2 his hot throat, making me groan around his cock-head. as he sucked my cock long & deep, i just rocked my hips, gently fucking his face, then i opened my mouth wide, relaxed my throat & slid my mouth & throat all the way down on2 his throbbing erection, until my lips were finally pressed against the base of his cock. tim started 2 rock his hips in the same rhythm that mine were moving, both of us deep-fucking each other's hot, slippery throats.
as we continued 2 pleasure each other, i saw a black guy walk in2 the locker room & when he saw us, he just stood by the door, lightly stroking his crotch. i could see by the bulge in his shorts that he had a substantial package & suddenly, i wanted 2 see it all. i slid my mouth off tim's cock, just long enough 2 ask, "what's your name ?" then i quickly slid my throat back on2 my new lover's cock, swallowing over & over, making him squirm under me. the black guy told me his name was steven.
i pulled my throat off tim's cock again, saying, " let me see u." & steven slid his shorts 2 the floor, leaving his shirt & shoes on. his crotch was shaved, he had balls the size of lemons & his cock was fully erect, ten inches long, perfectly straight & almost as thick as my wrist. he held the dark shaft in one hand, close 2 the base & stroked the bright pink head with the other hand, making a shiny drop of pre-cum leak from the huge piss-slit. i slid up off tim's cock again, saying, "it looks like u might want 2 play. if u do, lube that thing up & see if it will fit in my tight asshole."
as steven went 2 get some lube, i slid my throat back on2 tim's big, tasty cock, swallowing it all the way 2 the root, then started 2 rock my hips a little further, sliding in & out of his throat as he kept pulling my ass, trying 2 pull me in2 his throat even deeper. the curve of his cock was making him slide easily in & out of my throat & i started bobbing my head a little faster, pulling him deep in2 my throat & making him moan. as we kept sucking & throating each other, i felt steven move up behind me, straddling the bench, his fat, pink cock-knob sliding up & down slowly, smearing lube all over the cleft of my ass. i groaned around tim's cock as i felt steven start 2 press the tip of his cock against my puckered asshole & as tim pulled my ass wide, steven grabbed my hips & lunged 4ward, his fat cock-head finally defeating my resisting sphincter & slipping in2 my tight ass. i moaned as he started 2 rock his hips, pushing a little more fat cock in2 me with each short thrust, stretching my ass all the way open & making me feel so wonderfully full.
as i kept deep-throating tim's marvelous cock, steven kept working his way in2 my ass, until i could feel his huge balls resting against mine, his thick cock cumpletely engulfed in my tight, gripping ass. when he started 2 long stroke my ass, dragging his cock all the way out, then driving it all the way back in, we didn't have 2 move anymore, because steven was moving everything. when he pulled back, he pulled my cock partway out of tim's sucking mouth & pulled my mouth partway off tim's sweet cock, doing the work 4 all of us. when he drove his cock back in2 my ass, stretching me wide, he drilled my cock deep in2 tim's throat & pushed my throat all the way down on2 tim's pulsating cock. it was a wonderful, wet & wild ride !!
steven's fat cock was hammering in2 my prostate, bringing me closer 2 cumming with every deep, hard stroke & i knew that i couldn't hold out much longer. my balls were already tight & i was aching 4 release. when tim started swallowing, over & over, his throat milking my cock, i knew that it was almost over. steven's cock-head bounced off my inner hot-spot one last time& i pulled my throat off tim's cock & screamed, grinding my crotch against tim's face as my cock exploded, firing spurt after spurt of cum deep in2 his gulping throat, emptying myself in2 his belly. when tim sucked me deeper, pulling my ass downward, gulping my cock in2 his throat, i moaned, "oh god, suck it deep, drink my cum, suck it, suck it, suck it, suck my hot fucking cock !" then, as my orgasm subsided, i said, " fuck me deep with that fat cock, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck me hard & deep, cum in my ass, cum in my ass, cum deep in my ass !"
the combination of my ass clenching in orgasm& my dirty talk must have gotten 2 steven, because he gripped my hips even tighter, his nails digging in2 my flesh& he slammed his cock all the way in2 me, deeper than he had be4& i felt him swell & throb as his cock sent long streams of white-hot jizz deep in2 my tightly clutching ass. each hot spurt splashing on2 the slick walls of my rectum, filling my body with heat & filling my ass with sticky white slime. i ground my ass back against him as i moaned, "deep in me, deep in me, deep in me, shoot me full."
steven rammed in2 me as deep as he could go, his big balls slapping in2 mine one last time, as he ground deep in2 my ass, holding me tightly against him as his thick cock drained itself in2 the depths of my rectum, his hot juices filling me with heat, filling my ass 2 over-flowing with sticky-sweet cock-juice. he moaned as he ground his cock in2 me, his hips rocking back & 4th slightly, milking the last dregs of his splooge from his ass-r****g cock. as my hands gripped tim's cock tightly, massaging his pulsating cock between them, i clenched my ass down on2 steven's cock, gripping his thick dick tightly, savoring the feeling of being pumped full of rectum-stretching, monster cock. when he finally softened, still buried inside me, he took a step backwards & slowly dragged his long, rubbery anaconda out of my tight-fitting ass, making me moan as my insides suddenly collapsed back together & my body suddenly felt cumpletely empty.
as soon as steven's cock slipped out of me with a soft sucking sound, i took a step 4ward with each foot, lowering my cum-oozing asshole 2 tim's hot mouth. as i felt his wet tongue sliding in2 my anal opening, i turned all of my attention back 2 his long, delicious cock, opening my mouth wide & letting it slide slowly back in2 my throat as my hands moved 2 the insides of his thighs, pressing his legs wide open. as tim licked & sucked the warm cum out of my drooling asshole, i started 2 lift my head up & down, my throat sliding on & off his swollen cock, taking his thick prick all the way in2 my throat, then lifting up until just the fat head remained in my mouth, my tongue swirling around & around, the silky 4skin sliding on & off his slippery glans with every stroke. as i felt him literally sucking the juice out of my ass, i slid my wet lips all the way 2 the base of his erection, then bounced my face up & down, only moving a couple of inches, his fat cock short-stroking the depths of my wide-open, cum-starving throat.
when i felt tim's tongue slide all the way in2 my aching ass i moved my hands 2 his ass & pulled him even deeper in2 my throat, my slippery lips mashed against his body as i swallowed over & over, my tight throat muscles massaging his length as i pulled as hard as i could with my hands, mashing my nose in2 his smooth, slippery balls as i took his throbbing cock even deeper in2 my throat, swallowing every inch of his immense fuck-tool.
i could feel his cock starting 2 throb & swell even bigger& his balls pulled up tighter against my nose as he got closer & closer 2 sending his cum deep in2 my throat. just as he was about 2 explode, i slid all the way up until just the thick head of his cock remained trapped between my sucking lips, my tongue lashing back & 4th across the tip as my hands slid 2 his spit-slick shaft, jacking his awesome appendage as fast as i could move my hands. tim pulled his slimy mouth away from my drippy ass & screamed, "oh my god, i'm cumming !!", just as the first salty-sweet burst of steaming hot semen splashed on2 the back of my tongue & then on2 my tonsils, drenching my throat with molten heat.
i kept stroking his shaft & sucking, swallowing as fast as i could, the delicious seed sliding deep in2 my cum-hungry throat. as my lips & tongue massaged & teased his fat cock-head tim groaned, "oh yes, suck my cock, eat my cum, swallow every drop of my cum, suck me, suck me, oh holy shit, suck my cock, baby !" the cum was still spewing from his cock, filling my mouth over & over, drenching my tongue with bitter-sweet deliciousness as my hands flew up & down his thick, slick shaft, milking every drop out of him & swallowing it deep in2 my belly.
when his cock finally stopped spurting in2 my mouth i slid my mouth all the way back down on2 his thick prick, taking his full length back in2 the depths of my thirsty throat as my hands moved back 2 his ass, pulling him all the way in2 me again, loving the feeling of having my tight throat cumpletely full of tasty cock. i was swallowing over & over, as tim gently rocked his hips, milking the last few drops of savory spunk in2 my throat.
i kept my bruised lips pressed against the base of his cock until he was cumpletely soft, his cock shrinking back out of my throat as the bl**d slowly left his magnificent manhood. when he was finally flaccid, i slowly slid my mouth of his beautiful cock, letting it flop down on2 his belly. he lifted his head & whispered, "nobody has ever sucked my cock like that. i think u really are a natural-born cock-sucker." as i twisted around 2 smile at him, he said, "i hope we can do this again !"
i told him that he could count on it then jumped up & pulled him in2 the showers, washing the sweat & splooge from our weary bodies. as we dressed & got ready 2 leave, i pressed my body against his & kissed him, our tongues dancing & searching, then i pulled quickly away & my hand brushed lightly across his sexy package as i turned & walked away.
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