wicked work-outs...day one

i had just recently gotten divorced, again, moved 2 a new town & started a new job. as i was driving home from work, i noticed that there was a gym just a few blocks away from my new apartment, so i decided 2 join, since it would be within easy walking distance. i stopped & signed up 4 the 7 day trial the next morning, on my way 2 work. as the guy behind the counter filled out the papers & ran my credit card, i looked around, noticing that there were no women working out, just alot of guys in all different sizes, shapes & colors. at the time, i really didn't think 2 much of it, being distracted by answering questions, filling out forms & signing the usual releases. i had 7 days 2 check the place out...
the next day, after i got home from work, i slipped on a cotton thong, loose shorts, a t-shirt & tennis shoes, then walked 2 my new gym. moving from machine 2 machine, working up a good sweat, i noticed again that no women were present. i also noticed that most of the men were hard bodies, well-muscled & that most of them wore the same basic outfit 2 work out. everyone seemed 2 prefer high-top shoes, skimpy, ripped muscle shirts & super-tight lycra bike-type shorts that almost seemed 2 be advertising the size of their packages. most of them had rather large bulges in their shorts, some with very long cocks snaking down one leg of their shorts.
i had never really been a cock-watcher, or a pecker-checker, but 4 some strange reason, seeing all that big man-meat on obvious display was having an effect on me, making me wonder what having sex with another man would be like. as i started watching the other guys more closely, i did notice that alot of them seemed very familiar with each other, touching here & there, as they spotted each other on the weights. with all these weird thoughts running through my head, i decided that it was time 2 get out of there, be4 i did sumthing totally stupid & cumpletely out of character.
as i soaped myself in the shower, i couldn't get the thought of being with another man out of my mind, still wondering what it would be like, even as i kept telling myself that i wasn't gay, so why wonder ? when i walked out of the showers, a towel tied around my waist, there were 2 big guys in the locker area, both wearing towels. one of them was black, heavily muscled, with a shaved head, the other was white, not quite as muscular, but still very big. both were staring at me as they whispered back & 4th 2 each other.
i didn't really pay any more attention 2 them, as i opened my locker & started 2 reach 4 my clothes. i was on the outside of the bench, my knees pressed against the edge of it, as i reached in2 the lower locker 4 my things. just as my fingertips touched my thong, i felt sumthing rub up against my ass & as i tried 2 stand up, i felt someone's hands grip my hips, then sumthing pressing in2 the crease of my ass. be4 i could pull myself upright, i felt another pair of hands on my shoulders, pressing me back down. when i looked down, the feet in front of me were white & as i looked back between my legs, the feet behind me were black.
"what the fuck are u doing?", i asked, trying 2 move away from them. both held tight, as a voice behind me growled, "i'm reggie, this is todd & u are about 2 get fucked in the locker room of a gay gym." again, i tried 2 twist away, as i said, "i had no idea it was a gay gym & i am not gay, so could u just let me get out of here ?" todd just laughed, as reggie said, "2 late 2 re-consider & it won't do u any good 2 resist, so get ready 2 experience a whole new life-style, stuffed full of huge, hard gay cock."
i guess they saw my shoulders drop in resignation, even though my cock was already beginning 2 thicken, my mind running wild at the thoughts of actually having sex with other men. "okay," i said, "i guess i don't have any choice, so let's give it a try. i guess i've always been curious, anyway."
reggie chuckled as i felt his fingers pull my towel away, exposing my hardening cock 2 todd. "looks like he might not be cumpletely against the idea of getting some," said todd, as his finger smeared the glistening drop of pre-cum that had oozed out of my cock all around the tip. "bet he has a nice, tight ass, 2," said reggie, as i felt his towels slide from between us, only 2 be replaced by the heat of his cock-skin against the cleft of my ass. unsure of what 2 do, i pressed my ass back against him, the feeling of his hot skin on mine making me very excited. i wiggled my ass back & 4th, moaning as i felt his thick, throbbing shaft press all the way in2 the cleft of my ass.
still pressing back against reggie, i reach 4ward & pull the towel away from todd's waist, revealing a thick, veiny cock, just starting 2 swell, still arching downward away from his smooth-shaved crotch. it is already bigger than my cock is when hard, pulsing with his heartbeat. i moan softly as todd presses down on my shoulders, moving my face down closer 2 his hardening cock. reggie is sliding the length of his erection up & down the crack of my ass & i spread my feet further on the floor, opening my ass wider & giving him better access 2 my previously virginal nether regions.
as i continued 2 stare at todd's expanding cock, he reached in2 a locker above mine & handed sumthing 2 reggie. a second later, i felt sumthing cold & slimy sliding down between my ass-crack & reggie's swollen cock & i realized, thankfully, that he was greasing us both with anal lube, getting ready 2 invade my never-fucked anal passage. todd shakes his cock in my face & says, "get ready 4 my best friend's foot of fat, black slimy fuck-stick crammed in2 your tight little ass & my big, fat eight inches stuffed all the way down your throat." my eyes pop wide open as i realize my first fuck & suck is going 2 be excruciatingly memorable.
as reggie keeps sliding his cock up & down my crack, todd finally reaches his full length of about eight inches & starts 2 pull my face down 2ward his throbbing cock, a shining drop of pre-cum sliding from the wide piss-slit. with my hands still resting on his hips, i slowly slide my tongue out of my mouth & flick the wet tip of his swollen head, tasting his bitter-sweet cock-ooze. when my tongue touches him, he presses his cock 2ward me & pulls my head further down until the tip of his cock is pressing against my tightly clenched lips. todd just laughed & said, "don't try 2 fight it, bitch, u know u want this big fucking cock deep in your throat !" knowing that there is no way out of this, i slowly open my mouth & let the fat, purple head of his long, throbbing prick slowly slide between my horny, wet lips.
todd groans as i start 2 swirl my tongue around his big, bloated cock-head, trying 2 do things that i remember liking 2 be done 2 my own cock.
as todd starts 2 slide his thick cock in & out of my mouth, taking it easy at first, moving nice & slow & not trying 2 get past the opening of my throat, i start sucking harder & lashing my tongue around & around, trying 2 keep from gagging every time his fat cock-head slides 2 the back of my tongue. as i start 2 get in2 the rhythm of sucking todd's cock, i feel reggie sliding the head of his pulsing cock up & down the crack of my ass, stopping when the tip of his slippery glans is centered directly on my tightly puckered ass-hole. reggie's big hands grasp my ass-cheeks, prying them wide apart as he starts 2 press his hips 4ward, trying 2 f***e the amazingly fat head of his gigantic cock in2 my resisting ass-hole. his huge appendage is throbbing between the cheeks of my ass & 4 a few moments i don't think he will be able 2 f***e his way in2 my extremely tight, unused anal canal.
suddenly, reggie slides his hands 2 my hips, gripping me tightly, then he slams his hips 4ward & my tortured sphincter finally surrenders, as it stretches & allows his monster cock-head 2 slip inside. my eyes fly wide open & a groan escapes from my mouth, around todd's cock, as reggie's fat cock-head stretches me wider than i have ever felt. my anal ring snaps on2 reggie's slightly thinner shaft, gripping him so tightly that he groans & says, "damn, baby, u got the tightest fucking ass-hole i have ever put my cock in2 !" i just moan as he starts 2 rock his ass back & 4th, just enough 2 barely move in & out of my ass, loosening me up on his cock.
after what feels like an eternity of gentle rocking & light pressure, i finally feel reggie's hips resting against my open ass & his big, smooth balls pressing up against mine. the feeling of having my body cumpletely stuffed with another person's flesh was indescribable. it felt like every fiber of my body was stretched wide & the heat of his huge cock buried deep inside me was so intense that i wanted 2 scream, but all i could seem 2 do was moan, over & over, almost non-stop. reggie leaned 4ward over my back & whispered, "u love that big black cock deep in your tight white ass, don't u baby ?" then he started 2 pull it back out of my slick hole.
i groaned as i felt my insides collapsing behind the head of his cock as he slowly withdrew it from my clutching ass. todd was still stroking his fat cock in & out of my mouth, still not trying 2 slide in2 my throat, but he was pressing a little harder with each stroke, just plugging the opening of my throat with the tip of his cock each time he slid in2 me, then holding it there 4 a few seconds be4 drawing back out until just the huge head of his fat cock remained tightly clamped between my feverishly sucking lips. his wide cum slit was oozing slippery pre-cum on2 my tongue & 2 my surprise, the slightly salty taste of another man's cum was actually turning me on.
reggie had finally pulled his long cock almost all the way out of my ass, the magnificently thick head of his cock remaining just inside of my tightly gripping anal ring. i felt him spreading more lube on2 the exposed shaft of his invading pole, then squirting it on2 my asshole, as todd's cock slid slowly in & out of my mouth, stretching my lips so achingly wide. my saliva was dripping from my mouth, soaking his long cock & smooth balls, then dripping on2 the floor. as reggie started 2 press his length back in2 me, todd spread his feet wide, bracing himself & grips the sides of my head tightly as my hands slide around his hips 2 play with his hard ass. as he stands cumpletely still, reggie starts 2 press harder & deeper in2 me, stretching my asshole, each short, quick stroke making my ass quiver.
as reggie starts 2 thrust even faster, my ass can't take him in fast enough & my body starts 2 jerk 2ward todd, taking his cock deeper in2 my mouth with each of reggie's thrusts. i suddenly realize that this is a team effort & they have done this be4, as reggie slams 4ward in2 me as hard as he can, his thick fuck-stick plowing about half-way in2 my aching ass & hammering my body 4ward, my thirsty throat cumpletely engulfing todd's pulsating cock, my upper lip pressing against his pubic bone & my lower lip resting on his slippery balls. one more savage thrust & reggie's cock is buried all the way inside my ass again, filling me full of hard, black cock. i have 2 huge cocks buried 2 the hilt inside me !!
neither of them moved, as todd said, "i bet u never expected this when u woke up this morning, huh ?" i just looked up at him, my eyes watering, my throat 2 full of his cock 2 even trey 2 gag. behind me, reggie said,
"get your chest down on the bench." i slowly slid 2 my knees on the floor, my chest resting on the bench, as both of them followed me, both their fat cocks still buried 2 the hilt inside me. reggie was on his knees behind me & todd was on his knees on front of me as they both started 2 pull their cocks out of me at the same time, todd gripping my head & reggie gripping my hips. when todd's cock-head was just clasped inside my lips & reggie's was just inside my gripping asshole, they both slammed back in2 me as hard & deep as they could, cumpletely filling both my holes with huge hard gay cock.
i groaned as i felt their huge prongs stretching me wide open again & my cock throbbed & leaked pre-cum with every stroke, as reggie's fat cock pounded against my aching prostate. my throat was finally relaxing & i was gripping todd's ass tightly, pulling him in2 me with every stroke, taking the full length of his thick dick deep in2 my tight throat & lashing my tongue back & 4th on his slick cock-head every time he pulled back out of me. i was rocking my ass up & down on reggie's cock, making it touch & caress every crevice of my gripping inner walls. both of them were making me crazy with desire & lust, my whole body quivering & shaking.
todd growled, "i think this fucking size queen likes cock & he's a natural born cock-sucker !" & reggie answered, "4 claiming that he's not gay, he seems 2 like being stuffed full of hot gay cock." both of them laughed as they continued 2 hammer their huge & throbbing pricks deep in2 both of my taut openings & all i could do was moan & take all that they were giving 2 me, already knowing that this would hopefully not be the last time that i willingly & excitedly took another man's cock in2 my throat or in2 my ass.
as reggie sawed his long, black cock in & out of me, i could feel todd's balls pulling up tight, squeezing between his pressed together thighs & my chin, his hands gripping my head even tighter as he started 2 jack-hammer his cock in2 my mouth even harder & faster. his eyes were wide open & almost glazed as he pounded his thick dick in2 my thirsty throat & when i felt his cock start 2 swell even further & throb in my mouth & on my tongue, i grabbed his ass even tighter, pulling him all the way in2 my thirsty throat, mashing my wide-stretched lips against him. as i swallowed over & over, as fast as i could, todd screamed & tried 2 press his ravaging cock even deeper in2 my throat & i felt the first spurt of extremely hot cum splash deep in2 my swallowing throat. i couldn't taste it, but the feeling of heat deep inside me was incredible. i just kept sucking & swallowing as he spurted again & again, pouring his dick-jam deep in2 my throat & down in2 my hungry belly, still pressing himself tightly against my face as he groaned again & again, saying, "suck it bitch, swallow all that cum, suck it deep in2 your belly !" i kept swallowing, my throat milking his cock, as he laughed & said, "u love sucking my cock, don't u, bitch ?"
as his cock finally started 2 soften in my throat, he pulled it out & slapped me on the face with it, his cock flopping back & 4th, smearing cum & spit all over my face, saying, "this little bitch loves cock !" then he gripped my shoulders, lifting my upper body upright & looking down at my throbbing, leaking cock as reggie started 2 pound in2 me faster & harder, his thrusts now driving directly in2 my prostate. "make this little bitch's cock explode reggie! " yelled todd, " make him cum on your big fucking cock !"
my cock was harder than it had ever been be4 in my life, pulsating & throbbing, leaking pre-cum everywhere. i started 2 reach 4 it, but todd grabbed my wrists & pulled my arms straight out 2 my sides, as reggie continued 2 pound his humongous cock deep in2 my ass. my cock was actually quivering & suddenly, with no warning, my eyes flew wide open & i screamed as my stomach clenched tight & my cock exploded. all i could do was groan & stare at my own cock as the cum absolutely poured out of it, spurting all over todd's chest & belly, then oozing out of my cock non-stop, sliding down my length 2 my balls, then down the insides of my thighs. the cum just kept pouring out of me as i moaned in complete amazement & satisfaction. it was the most intense orgasm i had ever had !!
as my cock exploded & my belly & guts clenched tight, gripping reggie's massive pole, he pulled my hips back & rammed his ass-r****g cock all the way in2 my clutching man-hole & i could feel his thickness expanding even further inside me, stretching me so fucking wide, then i felt the first spurt of his climax, spraying from his cock & splattering all over the slick inner walls of my rectum, filling me with wonderful heat. i moaned as i felt his hot juices pouring in2 me, screaming, "fuck me deep, fuck my ass, fill me with black cock, **** my ass with your huge cock, cum in my ass, fill my ass with cum, cum deep inside me, cum in me, cum in me, fill me with cum, fill my ass, fill me, oh god, fuck my ass deeper, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, stuff my tight ass full of cock, fuck me deep, fuck me deep..."
todd just laughed as reggie emptied himself in2 my ass, filling me 2 overflowing with his huge load of jizz, as i begged 4 him 2 fuck me deeper.
i could feel his hot juices flowing back around his cock & oozing from my gripping asshole, sliding down my balls & dripping on2 the floor as he just rocked his hips, milking every drop from his imposing weapon, his fingers still digging in2 my hips as he emptied every drop in2 me. when his cock finally started 2 soften, still deep inside me, he slowly pulled away from me, dragging his rubbery length out of me, inch by agonizing inch, until i heard it flop down against his leg with a wet sound. i leaned my chest back down on2 the bench, cumpletely exhausted & cumpletely full of sticky cum.
i heard todd say, "time 2 hit the showers." as he slowly walked away, leaving me d****d over the bench, covered with cum & sweat, both my throat & my ass aching. as i started 2 push myself upward, i heard reggie say, "u go on 2 work, i'm gonna fuck the holy shit outta this tight-assed white boy, again !!" i just smiled 2 myself, because i knew that he was cumpletely capable of doing just exactly what he said !!!
as reggie moved closer 2 me, i pulled myself all the way on2 the bench, lying on my back with my heels hooked on the end of the cool metal & my knees up in the air. reggie stepped over me with one leg, straddling my chest, his long, rubbery cock hanging above my mouth, still glistening with anal lube & cum & said,"suck it, bitch, make it long & hard !!"
as he leaned 4ward & lowered his cock 2ward my mouth, i opened my lips, letting the fat tip of his greasy cock-head slip between them, forcing my jaws wide open as he pressed further in2 my oral opening. i could taste his cum, the anal lube & my ass, which made me incredibly hot & horny.
as his cock slid further in2 my mouth, pressing against the opening of my throat, reggie groaned, "suck that big cock. damn, u are a natural-born cock-sucker, aren't u ? get me nice & hard so i can fuck your tight ass !"
looking directly in2 his eyes, i gripped his ass tightly with both hands & pulled his hardening cock all the way in2 me, swallowing him whole in2 my throat, my wet lips wrapped tightly around the thick base of his darkly delicious cock. i could feel him fully expanding in my tight oral passage, as he rocked his hips back & 4th, his hands gripping the sides of my head, his long cock cumpletely engulfed in my mouth & throat.
when his magnificent tool was fully hard, he slowly pulled it from my hot mouth, stepping backwards until he was standing below my ass, at the end of the bench. as he grasps my nakles, pulling my legs straight & as wide as his arms can reach, i grab his throbbing erection with both hands, guiding the spit-slick head of his cock 2 the tight opening of my wide-spread ass. when the fat head of his huge cock contacts my anal opening, he pushes my legs further 2wards me & slams half the length of his foot-long cock in2 my cum-lubricatd asshole, making me gasp in pleasure & pain. when he pulls back, dragging the thickness out of me, i groan, "give it back! give it back 2 me ! fuck me as deep & hard & fast as u can ! fuck me ! fill my ass with black cock ! fill my ass with cum ! fuck me ! fuck me !!!!"
reggie just grinned, as he drove his cock back in2 me with one savage thrust, driving his full length deep inside me, filling my body with unbearable heat & lust. as he started 2 hammer his monstrous prick in & out of my ass, i reached behind my head, gripping the sides of the bench, contracting my belly & pulling my ass upward off the bench 2 meet his deep thrusts, taking him even deeper in2 my anal cavity. his big, smooth balls slapped in2 my ass with each powerful movement, as his thick shaft slid back & 4th over my swollen prostate, making my cock throb & leak pre-cum all over my tightly clenched belly. his long strokes were making his cock slide all the way out of my clutching opening, then stretching my sphincter back open each time he burrowed back in2 my ass. the sensations were so hot & intense that i lost all knowledge of time passing, caught up in the heat of the moment, not even realizing that he had been hammering in2 my spread & upturned ass 4 almost an hour.
suddenly, he released his grip on my right leg & i slowly slid it in between his wide-spread legs as he pushed my left leg up on2 his shoulder & his hands slid 2 the bench behind my head, the pressure turning me on2 my side. as soon as we both have our balance, reggie starts pounding in2 my ass again, his long cock driving deep in2 my rectum, filling me with hot, dark cock-meat. my cock is dripping juice all over the floor as he pounds my prostate relentlessly, making me groan & beg, " fuck me hard, baby ! cum deep in my ass ! fill me with your seed ! so deep, so deep, so deep !!! "
reggie rammed in2 me, over & over, driving his long, black cock deep in2 my guts, his veiny shaft caressing my prostate with every long, deep stroke, bringing me closer & closer 2 orgasm, making me gasp & moan every time he slid all the way inside me. his huge prick was stretching me wide, filling me so full that i felt like i would split wide open. my ass was stretched wide, allowing him 2 drive every thick inch of his massive cock all the way in2 me, making me ache 2 feel his hot cum spraying deep inside my body. his smooth balls were slapping in2 my right inner thigh with each hard stroke & i could feel my balls starting 2 tighten in response.
finally, the intense stimulation of his shaft rubbing back & 4th on my aching prostate brought me 2 a monumental orgasm, my cock spraying huge, stringy gouts of cum all over the floor as i groaned & my inner walls clamped down on2 his huge cock. i moaned, begging, "oh, yes, fill my ass with your cum ! cum deep inside me ! drown me with your seed !! fuck me deep & hard & fill me with your cum !!"
as my ass clamped on2 his thick shaft, reggie rammed in2 me one last time, sinking his whole cock in2 my ass & groaned, "i'm cumming in your ass, bitch !" his humongous shaft swelled even thicker, then throbbed, as he sprayed blast after wet blast deep in2 my rectum, splattering my hot depths full of cum, every strong spurt drenching my insides with intense heat & sticky wetness. he ground his ass-r****g cock in2 me, his hips rocking, as he emptied himself in2 me, the thick splooge filling me, then overflowing, dripping on2 my thigh & slowly sliding 2 the bench below. i gyrated my ass on his thickness, milking every drop of juice from his throbbing meat.
"damn, i love your cock in my ass," i groaned, as he finally started 2 soften inside me, his hips still rocking back & 4th. reggie just grinned & said, "u have got one tight fucking ass & i plan 2 spend some more time exploring it !" i smiled, as he slowly dragged his flaccid cock out of me, his hot cum oozing out behind it & sliding down my thigh. when he stood up, i sat upright & grabbed his ass, pulling his soft cock in2 my mouth & swallowing it down in2 my cum-thirsty throat, cleaning every inch of his magnificent equipment with my lips & tongue as he gasped & moaned.
when he finally pulled away from me & walked 2ward the showers, i heard him say, "you'll be back 4 more of this !" then he walked away, his long, rubbery cock flopping back & 4th from one thigh 2 the other as he walked across the room 2 the showers. "you'll be back !!" i watched until he was out of sight, then fell back on2 the bench, trying 2 catch my breath & cum 2 terms with what had just happened 2 me.
when i finally managed 2 get myself back in2 the showers, reggie & todd were already gone & as i soaped myself, washing the sweat & cum from my body, i was already planning 2 cum back, because every time i thought about what had happened my cock started 2 swell. my 7 day trial was going 2 involve alot more equipment than i had anticipated...
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