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when his orgasm finally subsided & his monster cock started 2 soften, malcolm lowered me 2 the floor, then slowly d**g his long, rubbery cock out of my still-gripping ass. i gasped as my greasy, wet fuck-hole slammed shut behind his long, thick prick. malcolm pushed himself up off the floor & went in2 the bathroom 2 take a shower, leaving me lying on the bed. by the time my breathing was finally normal, i wanted 2 feel him deep inside me again. my mind was so full of images of the 2 of us, 2gether, that when i finally heard him shutting off the water, my mouth was watering, my asshole was puckered up & my cock was throbbing... i wanted him so fucking much !! 2 my surprise & delight, he opened up the door, looked at me & smiled, then pulled me in2 his strong arms, kissing me deeply, our wet tongues twisting 2gether in a delightful dance as our hands explored each other's backs & asses, gripping & squeezing, massaging hot flesh. malcolm pulled me close & tight against him, then dipped his lips 2 my nipple, as his hands massaged the cheeks of my ass, pulling them wide apart. my fingers gripped the sides of the towel he had around his waist, pulling it apart, freeing his magnificent cock as i slowly licked my way down his chest & belly, dropping down on2 my knees in front of him as i prepared 2 worship his monstrous manhood.malcolm moaned, " u wanna taste of this big black cock ?"
my lips slid 2 the junction of his inner thigh, my teeth nibbling, as he groaned & gripped the sides of my head, grinding his crotch up against my face. my hands gripped his tight ass, as i slowly licked his shaved ball sack, making his flaccid cock start 2 wake & swell, curving obscenely downward as it started 2 fill with bl**d, the huge vein on the top of his shaft pulsating lewdly. i whispered, "do u want me 2 suck on your big fat cock baby ??"he groaned in reply, "i love the way u suck my cock !!!"
as malcolm stared down in2 my eyes, i slowly slid my lips along the side of his thickening shaft, licking & teasing, until my mouth finally reached the 4skin covered head of his lengthening cock. his eyes slowly closed & he groaned again, as i then opened my mouth & let the fat head of his cock slip between my lips, the loose skin sliding softly over my wet tongue, loving the familiar flavor of his wonderful skin. as his cock continued 2 lengthen & harden, i opened my mouth wide & sucked his magnificent b**st all the way in, letting the sexy downward curve slide slowly down in2 my hot, wide-open throat, making him groan loudly as he watched his massive black manhood disappear in2 my starving throat. as i swallowed his huge cock 2 the balls, he lightly gripped the sides of my head, pressing his crotch harder against my lips, his beautiful cock still growing inside the tight grip of my stretched throat, his eyes still locked on2 mine, as he moaned, "suck that cock baby, suck that big fucking cock all the way down & swallow every fucking inch !!" when he finally reached his full length & girth, completely filling up my throat, almost making me choke on his hugeness, i pulled myself back off his long, thick cock, loving the feeling of his riffling 4skin on my wet tongue & whispered, "now i need 2 feel u deep inside me, again, filling my ass full, fucking me so deep & hard, cumming deep inside me & spraying me full of your seed !! i need 2 feel your cock buried inside my horny hole !!"
as his monster cock waved in front of his strong thighs, i pushed him back against the table, still licking & nibbling at the soft skin covering his bloated cock-head. when his hard ass was resting on the edge of the table, i gripped his big, muscular shoulders, pulling myself upward, my feet resting on either side of his hips on the edge of the table, my tight ass hovering just above his crotch, my wildly throbbing cock resting up against his beautifully sculptured abs. his hands gripped my ass, pulling me open wide, & i slid one hand behind his neck 2 steady myself, as i reached back with the other hand & gripped the thick shaft of his pulsing cock & guided the oozing & leaking head 2 the tight, puckered opening of my cock-hungry ass. as the tip of his pulsing cock pressed against me, trying 2 gain entry, i pressed my anal ring outward, as if trying 2 shit & opened myself just enough 4 his expanded, invading cock-head 2 slip past my sphincter. i gasped as i felt the familiar feeling of being stretched wide by his thickness & i kissed him so deeply, our tongues twisting 2gether, as i slowly pressed myself downward, taking more & more of his gigantic appendage deeper & deeper in2 my straining, tightly clutching anal cavity. when i finally felt his hips pressed against the back of my thighs & his smooth balls resting against my wide-spread ass, i adored that i was again completely full of malcolm's beautiful, ass-r****g erection. i groaned, "that's what i need 2 feel !! fuck me deep !!"
as i started 2 slowly slide up & down, taking his full length all the way in & out, i knew that i was home again. as i slid upward, i could feel my snug asshole gripping him tightly, not wanting 2 release his cock from my body, then when i was all the way up, with just the tip of his cock-head still inside me, i let myself drop down, taking his gargantuan greatness all the way back in2 my ass in one hard stroke, my balls slapping his lower belly & my cock dripping pre-cum all over his belly with each slap against his rock-hard abs. i closed my eyes & groaned, loving the feeling of being stuffed so full, loving the feeling of having this man's huge, fat cock buried deep inside my willing body & loving the feeling of knowing that i was finally getting what i have always wanted & needed. i moaned, "i love your big cock inside me !!!"
when my thighs finally started 2 quiver, i wrapped my legs around malcolm's strong waist, resting the backs of my thighs against him, with my toes just barely touching the table, still gripping his neck as i leaned back & ground my ass against his hips, taking him as deep as i could, his deliciously massive cock filling & stretching me 2 the absolute limits. as i ground myself down on2 his thick, probing tool, malcolm gripped my ass tighter & started 2 rock his hips back & 4th, driving his fantastic ebony fuck-stick deeper & deeper in2 my aching guts, his balls slapping up against my ass with each breathtaking thrust, making me gasp each time his fat cock-head slid past my sensitive prostate, making my cock leak slimy strings of pre-cum all over his dark, sexy belly. malcolm was driving up in2 me deep & hard & fast & i knew that he was getting close 2 cumming, because his already thick length was swelling & throbbing 2 even bigger dimensions, getting ready 2 fill my tight, hungry ass with his always monstrous load of sticky, delicious man-cum. as i stared directly in2 his eyes, i begged, "fill my ass with your cum !! cum deep inside me baby ! explode deep in my ass !! i wanna feel every hot fucking spurt !! i want u 2 cum deep inside me !! splatter my hole full of cock-jam !! spray my fuck-hole full of your seed !!! "
malcolm was staring back at me, then his eyes rolled backward as he rammed all the way in2 me, one last time, his massive erection twitching & pulsating in my ass & i felt the first hot spray splattering deep in2 my ass, filling me with liquid love, splashing deep inside me, filling my tight ass with almost unbearable heat. malcolm's huge cock spurted over & over, drenching my hot insides with exactly what i needed 2 feel & as he continued 2 wetly bombard my guts with jet after jet, my own cock started 2 throb & pulsate, sending spurt after spurt of my hot cock-jam on2 malcolm's belly & chest & then on2 his face, the hardest spurts landing on his mouth & chin. malcolm smiled as his tongue snaked from him mouth, capturing as much of my juice as he could reach, pulling it in2 his mouth, tipping his head back & slowly swallowing my gift. i whispered, "i love the feeling of your big cock inside me, stretching & filling me !! i love feeling your hot seed shooting so deep in2 my horny body !!!" malcolm smiled as he moved away from the table & slowly dropping 2 his knees, then lowering me back on2 the floor, his softening cock still buried deep inside me as he slowly rocked his hips, making my ass milk every last drop from his wonderful fuck-tool as i ground up against him, whispering, " i love your cock, i love your cock, i love your cock !!"
when he was finally completely spent & soft, he slowly dragged his rubbery cock from my ass, my anal ring gripping him tightly, not wanting 2 feel the emptiness & my ass made a slurping sound as his slimy cock-head finally slid from my desperately clutching grasp, my eyes never leaving his.
malcolm leaned downward, taking my softening cock between his hot lips, licking all traces of cum from my cock & my balls & then he cleaned up my belly be4 sliding upward 2 give me a taste of my own cum. i gripped his ribcage, pulling myself 2ward him as i licked his chest clean, then his belly, as he kept moving upward over me on his hands & knees. finally, his fat, awesome cock was at my lips, hanging all the way down 2 my mouth, still huge, even in it's flaccid state. i opened my mouth, letting the 4skin covered head slip between my wet lips & then grabbed his ass tight, pulling my body upward, impaling my throat on his soft meat-stick, his sweaty & smooth balls resting on my chin as i relished the taste of my ass & his cock 2gether, juices mingled on his long cock & as i lathered him with my tongue,
i could feel his cock starting 2 revive, again growing longer & thicker in my tightly gripping oral opening, his massive cock-head sliding deeper & deeper in2 my throat & his girth stretching my hungry suck-chasm even wider.
as he grew 2 full glory, malcolm rocked back & sat on my chest, his huge balls resting on my sweaty skin, then he placed his hands on his hips & just started 2 rock his ass back & 4th, slowly fucking my throat with long, slow strokes, pulling his cock-head all the way out of my mouth, then sliding it all the way back in2 my tight throat. i loved the feeling of being so totally dominated by this gorgeous african man's massive cock, loving the feeling of my throat being stretched 2 it's limit as he plowed that proud & ponderous appendage deep in2 my totally submissive oral opening.
with each stroke, i was swallowing malcolm's massive cock all the way 2 the balls, then lathering his sweet cock-head with my tongue as he pulled his monster prick all the way out of my mouth. each time he pressed himself back in2 me, i was clamping my lips tightly around his colossal mushroom shaped head & skinning his long 4skin back as his shaft slid slowly back in2 my wet mouth, then down further, deep in2 my hot, cum-thirsty throat, stretching me so wide, filling me with the thickness that i craved, satisfying my hot, insatiable appetite 4 long, black cock. as i continued 2 swallow malcolm's b**st whole, over & over, i could tell that his fat cock was getting close 2 cumming again, because his huge, smooth balls were starting 2 rise, pulling up close 2 the base of his throat-r****g appendage. he groaned, "i'm going 2 drown u in cum !! i'm going 2 cum deep in your hot throat !!"
as he got closer & closer 2 orgasm, malcolm moved faster & faster, his tight ass sliding back & 4th on my sweat-slick chest, his big, tight balls slamming in2 my chin with each long, hard stroke, & his long cock started 2 swell even larger, throbbing in my tight throat & on my tongue as he leaned 4ward further, his hands reaching out & gripping the edge of the mattress, behind my head. malcolm's ass was lifting from my chest & as he groaned & thrust 4ward savagely, i knew that i was about 2 have a huge load of delicious cum spewed deep in2 my throat. as his cock throbbed & twitched,
he moaned, "i'm cumming, baby !! drink my cum, baby, drink my cum !!"
i felt the heat of his massive, wet spurts splattering deep in2 my gut, filling my throat & belly with long, ropy gouts of thick, hot, juicy cock-jam. malcolm was groaning & grinding his thick cock in2 me, smashing my lips with his pubic bone, as he emptied himself in2 my thirsty throat, giving me every drop of his gargantuan load, filling my cum-starving belly with almost unbearable heat as i swallowed it all, my undulating throat milking his cock !
as soon as he finished, malcolm jumped up, dragging his cock from my throat & dressed hurriedly. he said, "i'm going 2 be late 4 work !!", as he ran from the room & down the stairs. i just relaxed, finally letting all the new feelings register in my mind, then took a long shower as i remembered every sexy & dirty detail of the last couple of hours of totally hot gay sex.
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4 years ago
I just read parts 1 though 4 rubing my hard cock through my pants as I was reading. I finished reading with a huge hot load in my shorts. Now I love Malcom's cock too. Mmmmm, thanks again.