my fantasy...9

we are in your back yard
just catching sum rays & relaxing...
i can feel myself starting 2 get aroused
as i keep looking over at u
& i catch u stealing glances at me 2
& i wonder if u are having the same thoughts...
i see u look my whole body up & down as i lie there
with my cock starting 2 firm up just a little
& then u get up & say
" let's go in & have a beer ! "
& i can't help but notice
that your tasty package is bulging a bit...

i follow u in2 the kitchen
& u get each of us a beer
then we stand drinking the cold beer & talking...
as we talk i see your glances
obviously checking out my package
my bare chest & belly...
so without even a bit of hesitation
i finally ask
" do u wanna play ??? "

there was a long silence
then u grin & pull me close 2 u...
as your hands slide 2 the front of my shorts
as u unbutton & unzip them
then slide them 2 the floor...
u pick me up in your strong arms
sit me down on the kitchen counter
& start 2 suck & chew on my nipples...

u lick down my stomach
as i suddenly realize
i haven't been this turned on in ages...
u spread my thighs gently
& lower your face 2 my crotch...
i feel your tongue slide on2 my throbbing shaft
licking all the way from balls 2 tip
then your lips engulf the leaking head
of my pulsating prick...
it feels wonderful when u start 2 suck
& lather your tongue all around my sensitive glans...
i lie back on the counter-top
& just enjoy the sensations
your hot & wet mouth is creating on my aching cock...

your hand moves up 2 my chest
& i feel u massage my hard nipples one at a time...
a sudden orgasm washes over me like a tidal wave
& i hear myself groan uncontrollably
as i pour spurt after spurt of creamy cum
in2 your expertly sucking mouth...
my hips then take on a life of their own
as they thrust up & down on the counter-top
while u keep your mouth locked on2 my cock
milking out every hot drop from me
& driving me crazy with lust...

u release your juicy lip-lock on my cock
& raise your face from my crotch
as i gradually come back 2 earth...
your lips are wet with my juices...
i whisper
" that was fucking amazing !! "
u laugh & say
" that was just the warm-up !! "
u pull me off the counter-top
as u guide my hand 2 your cock
which is fully erect & throbbing...
( i LOVE that your cock is so big )
u turn me around
& bend me 4ward over the counter-top...
i hear u unzip & remove your shorts
& then i feel the head of your cock
probe between the cheeks of my ass...
i wiggle my ass back & 4th
as u reach up next 2 me
& grab a bottle of olive oil...
u pour the warm oil in2 the cleft of my ass
then all the way down the length of your cock...
u slide the bottle back up on2 the counter
then your hands grasp my hips
as u search 4 the right angle
& suddenly your girthy cock enters me
then delves in2 my tight & oily ass-hole...
i groan with pure a****l pleasure
as i feel u slide even further in2 me
stretching me & going deep inside me
deeper & deeper up in2 my tight ass
filling my entire body with heat...
i groan
" oh god !! yes !! i love your cock in me !!
i love your big cock so deep inside me !!! "

i had 4gotten how fully horny u can get
as your hot cock is so incredibly hard
& cumpletely buried so far inside my ass
as u start slowly rocking your hips
gaining momentum
& u immediately start fucking my hole
4 all u are worth...
as u pound in & out of me
i raise & lower my heels
changing the angle of attack
feeling u hit every bit of skin
inside my tightly gripping ass...
i press back against u with every thrust
taking u as deeply as i possibly can
loving the feeling of your thick & pulsing cock
buried so fucking deep in my clutching ass...
u keep pounding up in2 me
trying 2 get in deeper & deeper
as your hands grip my hips
& pull my butt savagely backwards...
your deep thrusts lift me
up on2 the balls of my bare feet
& push my chest against the counter...
the coolness on my chest
& the heat in my ass is an amazing contrast
& soon i am having another orgasm
spraying my cum all over the cupboard doors
without my erection even being touched...
i groan like a madman
as your cock pummels my hyper-sensitive prostate
hammering against it over & over mercilessly...
i wail
" i love cumming on your fucking cock !!! "

after what seemed like almost an eternity
i feel u thrust your big cock still deeper
inside my tightly gripping ass
& groan as your powerful jets of sperm
splash deep inside my body...
as i feel your cock throb & throb & throb
it releases the hot spurts of your orgasm
splattering deep inside my well-worn ass...
i whisper hoarsely
" deep in me !! deep in me !! deep in me !!
shoot me full !! shoot me full !!! shoot me full !!! "
u seem 2 have an endless supply of seed
as u continue spraying hot spunk in2 my ass
until u finally fill my cock-hugging hole cumpletely
& i can feel your wet splooge escaping my ass
sliding luridly down the insides of my trembling thighs
& then splattering down on2 the floor...
i moan
" i love feeling u cum deep in me !!! "

i am turning my ass in tiny circles
trying 2 milk the last drops out of your fat cock
when u start 2 fuck me again...
be4 u get 2 far
i moan
" let's take this in2 the bedroom !! "
which we do...
then u push me back on2 the bed
& start kissing my nipples
as your big hands roam all over my sweaty body...
i close my eyes & just enjoy the hot moment
until u slide away from me & u grab my ankles
& place them on your shoulders & lean 4ward...
u reach down & grab your cock
guiding it 2 my wide-stretched oily cum-juicy ass...
i groan as your cock slides deeply in2 me...
u pound down in2 me 4 several minutes
then u wanna change positions...
as u sit on the edge of the bed
u have me lower myself on2 your cock
facing away from u...
since my ass is still very slippery
from the olive oil & your juicy cum
your cock again slides in sumwhat easily
until u are buried in me 2 the hilt...
i brace the balls of my feet on the floor
as u put your hands on my hips
& with your help
i start 2 lever my entire body
up & down on your thick & curved cock
as i groan with pure pleasure...

i am so horny that i am ready 2 explode again...
it seems all u have 2 do is bury your cock inside me
& my own cock gets cumpletely hard & throbbing
oozing pre-cum everywhere...
soon my hips are pumping faster
my slippery ass sliding up & down your thick cock...
i can feel your swollen cock-head rubbing inside me
as u slide deeper & deeper in2 my ass...
u reach around & grip my chest as u lean back
& pull me backward with u
until u are lying on your back on the bed
& i am lying on my back on top of u
with both of my legs hooked over your thighs...
my trembling thighs are spread
as wide as they can possibly go
& my feet are hanging above the floor...
i groan
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck your cock in2 me !! "

i let out a low moan
as u start 2 slide your thick cock in & out of me
impaling my ass as u pump vigorously up & down
stretching my ass wider than it has ever been
stimulating every nerve-ending in my body...
my ass is thrashing all around uncontrollably
loving the feeling of being violated so deeply
then u yell
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming deep in your ass !!! "
& i feel your hot spurts jetting up in2 my ass
filling my body with intense heat again...
as u keep slithering in & out
milking every drop from your cock...
i can feel the sticky goo oozing from my ass
& sliding down on2 your balls...
when we finally start 2 untangle ourselves
i slowly roll 2 the side
feeling your cock slip from the tight grasp
of my delightfully abused fuck-hole
& almost aching from the feeling of emptiness...

( do u wanna ??? )
100% (2/0)
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3 years ago
Ultimate fuck and suck wow thanks