my fantasy...7

we are out shopping in the mall
just looking around a men's clothing store
& u suddenly whisper hotly in my ear
" u said anytime anyplace & any way !!
so i wanna see u suck my cock right now !!! "
& u walk in2 one of the dressing rooms
with an armful of clothes 2 try on...
i quickly grab the first thing that i see
as i quietly follow u in2 the dressing room
& then quickly lock the door behind me...
u are already naked when u turn 2 face me
with a smug & satisfied look on your face
& i hold my finger 2 my lips 2 silence u
as i quickly drop 2 my knees in front of u...
my hands slide upward 2 grip your thighs
as i press u back against the mirrored wall
& u slide your feet as far apart as u can
opening your thighs up even wider 4 me...
i look wantonly & willingly up in2 your eyes
as i prepare 2 worship your swelling cock...
my hands slide up further 2 grip your ass
as i lick my lips slowly & open my mouth
letting your semi-hard cock slither inside...
u groan as my tongue slides all around u
making u grow longer & harder & thicker
until the head of your firm cock is oozing
& pressing in2 the opening of my throat...
i grip the cheeks of your ass even harder
pulling your perfect penis deeper in2 me
until your cock-head stretches my throat
& my lips grip the hilt of your sweet shaft...
i love the feeling of being dominated by u
as your hands grip on2 my head tightly
& u press your thick prick deeper in2 me...
i love feeling your pulsing cock fuck my face
spearing that thickness deep in2 my mouth
your girthy glans impaling my thirsty throat
& your warm shaved balls slapping in2 my chin
as your obscenely swollen erection face-****s me...
there are all kinds of people all around us
in the other dressing rooms & all over the store
& i find myself wondering if they can hear us
& if they are listening 2 me suck on your cock ?
we both know we have 2 be very very quiet
or we will be discovered doing our dirty deeds
& i suddenly realize that the risk of discovery
is making this so much sweeter & more exciting...
i wanna whisper 2 u over & over & over & over
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !! "
" cum deep inside my cock-sucking throat !!! "
but my mouth is 2 full of your hot cock 2 speak
& u already seem 2 know exactly what i need
as u quickly pull me up from the floor & tell me
" i don't think i wanna cum in your mouth !! "
u slide my pants down my legs 2 the floor
stroking my oozing cock 4 a few seconds
be4 bending me chest-down over the counter
with my puckered ass-hole presented 2 u....
i feel your big hands roam all over my ass
& i spread my legs apart as wide as i can
as i feel your finger slide in2 my open cleft....
u grip my ass-cheeks & pull my butt open wider
as u drop down on2 your knees behind my ass
& slip your tongue in2 my tightly puckered hole...
i gasp the second your tongue spears in2 me
& i grind my ass backward against your face
as u taste my horny hole & lube it with saliva...
u suddenly stand back up directly behind me
with your cock resting in the crease of my ass
as i wriggle back against your thick erection...
i feel your girthy glans slide on2 my taut hole
then u press the pulsating head deep in2 me...
i moan softly & whisper under my breath
" oh yes !! oh god yes !! that's what i need !!! "
as i feel the wide ridge slip past my sphincter
feeling it stretch 2 accommodate your girth....
i start 2 press my butt back hard against u
2 let u know that i wanna feel u deep inside me
& u grip my hips tight & stuff your cock in deep
& your fat throbbing length fills my aching ass
making me whimper with pure pleasure & desire...
as the fat head of your cock slams deep in2 me
it plows f***efully in2 my sensitive prostate
& i wanna cry out loud but i know that i can't
so i squeeze down on2 your cock with my ass
so there is no way that u can pull your tool out...
as i slide my hands backward 2 grip your hips
trying 2 pull u even deeper in2 my horny ass
i really do feel like such a filthy & nasty slut
being ass-fucked in a public dressing room
& loving every obscene & indecent second of it...
my cock is throbbing 4 sum kind of release
as u stroke your fat prick in & out of my butt
& pound in2 my prostate with every deep stroke...
my ass is thrusting back against your crotch
harder & harder & faster & faster & faster
as i feel my erection getting ready 2 explode
knowing that your cock makes me cum so hard...
u grasp me tightly by the sides of my hips
pulling my ass back hard against your crotch
& u slam your hips against me again & again
as your balls slap in2 mine with every thrust...
your cock-head plows in2 my aching hot spot
over & over & over & again & again & again
every deep thrust bringing me closer & closer
until i feel the surge of orgasm wash over me
making my cock spray it's hot sticky contents
all over the front of the counter & on2 the floor
with no other stimulation than your cock in me...
just as my quivering cock swells & explodes
u pull my shaking ass back against u even harder
& your strong hips slam savagely 4ward
as u drive your cock deep in2 my spasming hole
& i feel your hot cum splatter deep inside me
filling my battered anal passage with wet heat...
u keep your fat prick buried deep in my ass
spurting & spraying as u rock your hips slightly
squeezing every drop of your seed in2 my hot ass
& filling my cum-drenched fuck-hole 2 over-flowing
as i feel wet strings oozing out around your cock
& sliding slowly down the insides of my shaking thighs...
be4 i can say or do anything
u pull your softening cock from my sticky ass
& stuff it back in2 your pants & walk out...
i clean myself & dress as quickly as i can
& then submissively follow u all the way home
4 more & more & more & more & more & more...

( do u wanna ??? )
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3 years ago
Wow thats one hot class A story i've done it a women clothing store dressing room and that was hot but you leave me so weak from jacking off that i was resting now i'm hooked got to finish all your stories thanks