my fantasy...5

we are sitting in a bar
when i lean over & whisper 2 u
" i wanna suck your big hard cock !!
cum & meet me in the men's room !! "
then i take my drink in there
& sit down on a toilet 2 wait 4 u...
4 a while no one cums in
& i think that i have made a fool of myself
but a few minutes later the door opens
then u smile wickedly & ask
" are u ready 4 sum hard cock ?? "
& the sizable bulge in the front your pants
tells me that u are ready 2 be sucked...

i smile up at u
& motion 4 u 2 cum closer 2 me...
i rub the front of your jeans
as u unbutton them slowly
& then your hard dick springs in2 my face...
it is nice & thick
& i smile again
& wrap my hand around it
& lick the head...
i trace my tongue up & down it's solid length
until every inch glistens with my saliva
then i lower my watering mouth slowly over the thick head
& start 2 suck suck suck suck suck suck suck
as i slither & swirl my tongue around & around...

your prick tastes as good as it looks
& i work it in & out of my mouth with real desire...
my tongue strokes along your slick & spongy underside
as my hands slide back 2 grab your ass & pull u in deeper
& u grip the walls of the stall & lean further in2 my face
until your smooth hairless balls d**** against my chin...

your hands move 2 grip the sides of my head
& u slowly rock your hips 4ward & back
& fuck my mouth with long & smooth strokes...
as i take a long & deep breath
& then gulp on your girthy cock
i swallow it deep in2 my drooling mouth
& then down in2 the taut opening of my throat...

a moment later
u groan
" oh fuck !! i'm cumming !!! "
& i feel a warm gush of steamy seed...
u cum so suddenly that u catch me by surprise
but i am able 2 clamp my lips down tight on2 your shaft
just in time 2 prevent spilling a drop of your salty/sweet cum...
your legs tremble as u moan
" that's it !! drink it !! drink it all !!! "

when i finally swallow your entire load
& release my lip-lock on your cock-flesh
u pull me up & slide my pants 2 the floor
& stroke my cock roughly 4 a second
be4 u bend me over the counter
with my ass facing 2ward u...
i feel your hands roam all over my ass
& i gasp & open my legs wide
when i feel your finger slide f***efully
in between my quivering butt-cheeks...
u grip my ass
& pull my butt-cheeks wide open
then u drop 2 your knees behind me
& slip your tongue in2 my puckered ass-hole...
i groan
" make me wet 4 your big cock !!
get me slippery & fuck me hard !!! "
i gasp again as your wet tongue spears in2 me
& i grind my ass back tightly against your face
as u lather my horny man-hole with your saliva
& the stubble of your beard tickles my ass so teasingly...

u stand back up behind me
& your long hard cock rests in the crease of my ass
as i wriggle back against u...
i moan
" i wanna feel u deep in me !! DEEP DEEP IN ME !!! "
i feel your fat cock-head slide 2 my snug fuck-hole
& then u press the head insistently against me
& use your thumbs on both sides 2 push 4ward...
i moan as i feel the huge head slip past my snug sphincter
& feel it stretch 2 accommodate your impressive girth...
i start 2 press my ass backward against u
2 let u know that i wanna feel your full length inside me
& as i do
u grip my hips tightly
& stuff your throbbing length up inside my aching ass
& make me moan & quiver with hot desire...
i whisper
" oh yes !! yes !! yes !! give it all 2 me !!
fuck my ass with your fucking cock !!! "

as i feel the fat head of your cock
slam up in2 my sensitive prostate
i cry out in pleasure
& squeeze your cock with my ass
so there is no way that u can pull out of me...
as i slide my hands back 2 grip your hips
& try 2 pull u deeper in2 my horny hole...
my cock throbs 4 release
as u stroke your fat prick in & out of my butt
& pound in2 my prostate with every long & deep stroke...
my ass thrusts back against your pole harder & harder
as i feel my own cock get ready 2 explode
& i know that your cock can make me cum so hard...
i moan
" make me cum !! make me cum on your cock !!
i love cumming on your big fucking cock !!! "

u hold me tightly by the ass
& pull me wide open 4 your anal assault
as u slam your hips against me again & again
& your balls slap in2 mine with every hard 4ward thrust...
your cock-head plows in2 my hot spot over & over
& every thrust brings me closer & closer & closer
until i finally feel the enormous surge of orgasm wash over me
& my cock sprays & splatters it's hot sticky contents
all over the front of the counter
without any other stimulation than your cock inside me...
my legs quiver uncontrollably as i groan breathlessly
" i'm cumming on your cock !! i'm cumming on your cock !!! "

just as my cock erupts
u pull my ass backwards even harder
& your hips slam brutally 4ward
& u drive your cock deep in2 my spasming rectum
& i feel your white-hot cum splatter deep inside me
& fill my insides with heat...
u groan
" i'm cumming in your ass !! i love fucking your ass !!
i love cumming in your tight fucking ass-hole !!! “
u keep your fat prick buried deep in my horny hole
& it spurts & sprays & splatters cum deep in me
as u rock your hips slightly
& milk every single drop of your hot load in2 my clutching ass
& fill my hot hole 2 over-flowing
as i feel long wet strings ooze out around your deep-plunging cock
& slide down the insides of my trembling thighs...

be4 i can say or do anything
u suddenly pull your softening cock from my sticky ass
& then i feel u start 2 rub your cum-slippery shaft
against the crack of my ass...
i reach back behind me & grab your cock
& stroke my hand up & down the again-thickening shaft
until u are once-again as hard as velvet-covered steel
& u feel even thicker & longer than u were the first time...
i groan & whisper
" this semi-public shit really gets u horny... huh ?? "
your hot meat nestles between my smooth butt-cheeks
& i shiver as u press my chest 4ward & down on2 the counter
then lift my right leg up & slide it up on2 the counter
& open my ass wide open 4 your impending assualt...
my breath is cumming hard & fast
in excitement & anticipation...
i moan
“ fuck me again !! fuck me again !! FUCK ME AGAIN !!! “

my ass is already well lubricated with your first hot load
but i am still a little bit nervous about getting caught
even though i am totally & extremely excited...
when u stroke the tip of your fat cock up & down
between my sweaty buttocks
i moan
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !! FUCK ME !!! "
& press back hard against u
as u finally center your throbbing cock-head
against my cum-oozing fuck-hole...
even though my sphincter has already been loosened
it tries unsuccessfully 2 hold out
as u try 2 plow your long cock in2 me
& then i take a deep breath
& press my wet ass-hole outward
as u shove f***efully 4ward
& your fat prick slides all the way in2 me
& fills my ass so full of deliciously pulsating cock
that i think i might pass out in pure pleasure...

i gasp with surprise & a****l arousal
as my taut ass-hole is stretched out beyond belief
& i know it is 2 late 2 back out now
becuz i am getting ass-fucked
by the biggest cock that i have ever felt inside me
& that is all there is 2 it...
as i moan almost non-stop
u hold me by the hips & thrust in2 me
until your thick cock is buried
deep between my wet & wide-spread buttocks...
u pull me back against u even harder
2 make sure u have every last pulsing inch
planted up inside my cock-craving cavity
be4 u slowly draw your delicious cock back out
& make my ass suddenly feel cumpletely empty...

as i wriggle my ass back & 4th
u stroke your stiff dick in & out of my tight hole...
u whisper
“ i love 2 feel my cock in your hot ass !!
i love how it feels buried deep inside u !!! “
i groan
“ fuck me harder !! fuck me harder !!! “
as u begin 2 slam your thick cock deep in2 me
with almost inhuman determination
& pound in2 my already battered prostate
& make my own cock swell 2 throbbing hardness
once again
as it drips pre-cum all over...

i scream
“ fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me harder !!! “
as i feel my balls lift 2wards my body again
& they get ready 2 expel my seed...
u still grip my hips
as u fuck in2 me harder & deeper
than i have ever been fucked be4
& u hammer my prostate mercilessly
as i scream
“ i’m cumming on your cock again !!! “
& i splatter the front of the counter
with another steaming load of cum
& my cock twitches & throbs
like it has a life of it's own...
it is my second orgasmic explosion
from being ass-fucked by u in one day...

as my cock empties itself
i groan & beg
“ cum deep in my ass !! cum deep in my ass !!
cum deep in me !! deep in me !! DEEP IN ME !!! “
as i reach back between my legs
& stroke your smooth balls
& the base of your pulsating cock
until u finally groan
& i feel your cock swell even bigger
& then start 2 pulsate
as i feel spurt after spurt of very hot cum
splash on2 my tightly gripping inner walls...
i whisper
“ deep in me !! deep in me !! cum deep in me !!!
fuck me full !! fuck my ass-hole full of cum !!! “
as u groan
& pump savagely in2 me over & over & over
& send more huge splatters of heat deep in2 my ass...
u grunt as u pump me full of syrupy seed
then hammer deep in2 me a few more times
just 2 make sure u have drained every drop
from your fat ass-r****g cock...
i squeeze my anal canal tightly around u
& milk out every juicy drop...

as u slowly pull your twitching & softening cock out of my ass
i feel a huge spurt of cum slither out of my over-filled ass-hole
& it splatters on2 the floor...
i take a sip of my drink
& wait 2 see what will happen next...
u just pull your pants back up
& tuck your big gooey fuck-stick away
& then u slap my ass
& growl
“ meet me in the car !! “
i dress quickly
& follow u submissively...

( do u wanna ??? )
100% (2/0)
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3 years ago
Well you've done it again you wrote a better story thanthe last one and i'm fucking drenched i've cum so hard from this story i stuck a hugh butt plug in my asshole and i've been creaming all over myself will have to rest after that one thanks
4 years ago
4 years ago
with that kind of treatment iwould follow him anywhere thanks