my fantasy...4

when i walk back in2 your house again
after such a very very long time away
u stand behind the door totally naked
( sorta like the very first time we met )
& 2 my cumpletely perverted delight
your big cock is fully & entirely erect
& long & thick & throbbing & pulsing
& a glistening & gooey drop of pre-cum
oozes from your wide-open piss-hole...
i whisper
" u wanna watch me suck your cock ??
u wanna watch me swallow your cum ?? "
as u spread your legs out even wider
& i lower myself 2 my knees in front of u
so that my eager mouth can finally taste u...
i suck very gently on your fat cock-head
be4 i make my way down the thick shaft
& i revel in the feeling of your tasty meat
stretching between my tightly clasped lips...
as i stare up at u with watering eyes
your own eyes widen
as if u cannot believe
that i am able 2 take your entire cock
all the way in2 my hot sucking mouth...
u groan
" suck my cock !! take every fucking inch !!
i wanna watch u take it all the way down !!! "
as my lips slide 2 the base of your cock
& i feel the tip of your thick cock-head
slide in2 the taut opening of my throat...

as i struggle 2 deep-throat your tool
your hands grip the sides of my head
& your hips start 2 thrust 4ward
as u propel your cock deeper & deeper
in2 my wide-stretched hungry throat
& your eyes roll back in your head
as u moan
" your mouth is so fucking hot !!! "
i just suck your cock harder & harder
as u start 2 pump even faster & faster
in2 my saliva-slobbering suck-hole
& your hips move at almost a blur
& your hands pull my face further
on2 your rampant throat-r****g cock...
i can tell that u are just about 2 cum
becuz your balls pull up higher & higher
& slap wetly against my chin & lower lip
& i can't wait 2 taste & finally swallow
your delicious man-seed once again...

with a final & almost savage thrust
u spear your entire spit-polished pole
all the way in2 my cock-gulping throat
as u groan
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming !!
drink it all !! drink every drop !!! "
& i feel your cock swell & pulsate
as the first spurt of your orgasm
sends white-hot seed splashing
on2 my teeth & tongue & tonsils
& down in2 my thirsty throat...
your strong hips press 4ward
& your hands pull my face 2ward u
as u continue 2 empty yourself
down in2 my cum-guzzling throat...
i just swallow as fast as i can
& milk every single sticky drop
from your wonderful cock
until u are finally totally spent
& i feel u release the grip on my head
& suddenly pull your still-hard cock
from my sperm-slurping mouth...
as i lick the last tasty traces
of your juicy jizz from my lips
u pull me 2 my feet
& in2 the bedroom
& fall on2 your back...
as i move closer 2 u
u whisper
" ride on my cock like u did be4 !!
i wanna feel your tight ass on me !!! "

as i slowly move 2 straddle your body
u grab a big tube of lube
& slowly drizzle it on2 your cock-head
like a slippery ice-cream topping
& let it slide down your thick shaft
in shiny & glistening rivulets...
when i am finally hovering over u
with one leg on each side of your hips
& my feet hooked over your lower thighs
i start 2 lower myself slowly
as u guide your swollen & slippery glans
2 the yearning entrance
of my tightly puckered anus...
i moan
" i missed your big cock so fucking much !!
i wanna feel u so fucking deep inside me !! "
i reach behind my back
& grab my own ass-cheeks
& pull them apart as wide as i can
just as i feel the thick & slimy knob
demandingly touch my anal opening...
my whole body actually shakes & shivers
with cumpletely uninhibited anticipation
& i can hardly wait
2 feel the incredibly wicked sensation
of your long & thick throbbing cock
being cumpletely engulfed inside me

u lie very still
& let me move at my own pace
as i slowly lower myself further
& i feel your girthy glans stretch my sphincter
wider & wider & further & further inward
until the fat head of your cock
finally pops securely in2 my ass
& i let out a long shuddering moan
as my anal ring snaps down tight
around the pulsing shaft of your cock...
as u hold my hips 2 help me balance
i slowly start 2 slide downward on2 u
& i love the delightfully exquisite torture
as your thickness stretches me wide & deep
& cumpletely fills my tight rear passage...
i groan & whimper
" oh god !! i love your cock inside me !! "
as i move slowly & carefully but steadily
& i finally manage 2 get every swollen inch
deep inside me deep inside me deep inside me
& my ass finally rests on top of your hips
as the last inch of your horny & bloated cock
disappears inside my tightly clutching hole...

i hold still 4 just a few moments
while i try 2 get used 2 the feeling
of having my body stuffed so full of cock
& then u moan loudly & whisper
" i wanna fuck the cum out of u !!! "
& start 2 push your hips steadily upward
& try 2 delve deeper in2 my taut ass-hole...
i whisper
" yes !! yes !! yes !! go deep deep in me !!
make me cum on your big fucking cock !!! "
as u try 2 push even further up in2 me
& i start 2 rock my hips slowly back & 4th
just enough 2 get your cock 2 make contact
with every quivering fiber of my insides
& it makes me moan deep in my chest
& grind down even harder against u
as i attempt 2 pull u even deeper in2 me...

when your ass lowers back 2 the bed
i start 2 slide my ass up & down on u
& my throbbing cock bounces up & down
& drips pre-cum all over your chest & belly
as u hold my hips even more tightly
& guide me up & down on your long pole...
u groan
" fuck my cock !!! fuck me with your ass !!!
fuck my big cock with your tight little ass !!! "
i brace my hands on your shoulders
as i slide & lift my ass 2ward your chest
until just the thick head of your erection
remains captured inside my horny hole
& then i slide my whole body backward
& lower my clutching chasm downward
until i totally & cumpletely engulf
your whole thick & throbbing length
deep within my cock-craving cavern...
we fuck & fuck & fuck so hard & fast
& my sweat drips down on2 your body
& mixes with the shiny drops of pre-cum
that my fully engorged cock leaks on2 u...
i breathlessly whisper
" i love the way your cock fucks me !!! "

as soon as we get a rhythm going
u release your grip my hips
& grasp my throbbing cock in one hand
as the other hand cradles my balls...
with each long up & down movement
of my quivering ass on your cock
u squeeze & pull my balls downward
& let my cock-shaft slide through your fist...
all i can think of is pure pleasure
& i start 2 moan & buck my hips
as i drive my jiggling butt down harder
on2 your magnificent ass-r****g cock
& take u in2 me even deeper than be4...
u start 2 lift your hips higher & harder & faster
as u fuck my juicy ass-hole deeper in return
& your hands still tease my aching & swollen cock...
i moan loudly
" make me cum !! oh god !! make me cum !!
make me cum on your big fucking cock !!! "

i can't hold out any longer
& my cock starts 2 throb & boil over
& semen starts 2 spurt up & out
as i empty my juices all over your chest & face...
your hand grips my cock tighter
as your tongue slithers from between your lips
2 catch a taste of my steamy cock-juice
that is splattered all over your mouth & chin...
as my cock starts 2 pulsate
my ass contracts around your plunging cock
& my fuck-hole grips u even more tightly
& my ass squeezes & releases
in rhythm with the spurts
that are exiting my rampant cock...
i start 2 shake
& my legs give way
& my weight pins me down
on2 your cock as far as i can go
& u suddenly can't wait any longer
& your hips start 2 drive upward hard & fast
as i beg
" deep in me !! deep in me !! CUM DEEP IN ME !!! "
& spurt after wet spurt of hot syrupy seed
travels up the length of your pulsating cock
& sprays & splashes on2 the tightly gripping walls
of my wonderfully abused rectal passage
& fills my body with an unbelievable heat
as i grind my ass down on2 your cock
& try 2 take it even deeper inside me...
u groan
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming inside u !!! "
as u fill me with your seed
& the excess seeps luridly from my ass
& slips over your balls 2 the sheets below...
i collapse 4ward on2 your chest
& mix our sweat & my cum between us
while i still rock my hips back & 4th slightly
& my fresh-fucked cock-clinging ass-hole
tries 2 pump every sweet & sticky drop of cum
out of your incredibly deep-delving dick...

when u are finally spent & cumpletely drained
i slide slowly upward & off of your softening cock
& it makes a very juicy slurping sound
as it finally exits my gripping ass
& your cum oozes from my ass on2 your slippery shaft
& slides slowly downward...

( do u wanna ??? )
100% (2/0)
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3 years ago
you get better with each story i don't know want todo i jack off than i need to dig out my dildo just to satisfy myself thanks looking forward to reading more
4 years ago
4 years ago
O M G i want to do that so much i jaust jacked off all over myself thanks