my fantasy...2

we are out hiking around the park
when i suddenly & happily remember
that u told me u like 2 have sex outdoors
& i am immediately as hot & horny as hell
as i start 2 picture u naked in front of me...

there is not another person 2 be seen
but there is still a chance of being discovered
& it sumhow makes the indecently hot idea
of having totally kinky gay sex out here
more appealing & so much more intense...
i know that i have 2 feel your tasty tool
exploring deep inside my hungry mouth...

i look in2 your eyes & groan
" i wanna suck your fucking cock !!
i wanna suck your fucking cock... NOW !!! "
then i push u roughly up against a big tree
no more than a few yards from a hiking trail
& quickly push your shorts down 2 your ankles
then start sucking your member 4 all i am worth...
i am giving your cock my very best oral effort
determined 2 make this the very best blow-job
that anyone in this life has ever given 2 u...
after a long & hot & wet & teasing introduction
i get down 2 serious deep-throating & suction...
as my cheeks vacuum in around your girthy cock
i slide my lips all the way 2 the root of your shaft
with every spit-slippery cock-swallowing thrust
as my hands grip the cheeks of your ass tight
& i pull your big cock deeper & deeper in2 me...

i am down on my knees in front of u
as i nuzzle your smooth-shaved nut sac
& nip the soft skin with my teeth...
your fuck-stick is harder than i have ever seen it
so long & so thick & so substantially swollen...
i wrap my hand tightly around your root
& i can feel your girthy manhood pulse...
ever so slowly
i tongue my way up the under-side of your erection
2 the twitching & oozing head of your thick cock
& purse my lips tight 2 suck hard on the very tip...
i spear my wet tongue in2 your drooling piss-hole
& taste the sticky sweetness of your slippery pre-cum
as my saliva trickles slowly down your pulsating shaft...
u look down at me & groan
" take it !! take it !! take it all !!! "
& suddenly buck your hips 4ward
almost violently
as u try 2 press more of your thick prick
between my spit-dripping cock-sucking lips...

at last
in one deep lunge
your crown stretches it's way in2 my mouth
& then i swallow your delicious cock whole...
i wanna have u feel my tight throat muscles
clutch all around your pulsing cock-head
so i greedliy swallow over & over & over
& pull u deeper & deeper in2 my open throat...
i back off & start 2 nuzzle your wet balls again...

when your cock is cumpletely throbbing
& fully drenched with my saliva
i slowly slide back away from u
& tear off all of my clothes...
i turn suddenly away from u
& get down on2 my hands & knees
& present my ass 2 u like an a****l in heat...
i pant & moan with sheer & unbridled lust
as u plunge your tongue between my buttocks
& spear in2 my tightly puckered ass-hole
which makes my sweaty body go positively wild...
i buck my hot ass back against your face
& pull my knees up tight under my chest
as your probing tongue stretches my orifice open...
i look back over my shoulder & moan
" oh yes !! get my hole nice & slippery !! "

i twist my head 2 look back again
as i feel your wet tongue slip away
from my clingy puckered fuck-hole
& then i groan deep in my chest
as i feel the tip of your thick cock-head
up against my futilely resisting anal opening...
i moan & whimper
" fuck me !! fuck me !! fuck me !! FUCK ME !!! "
as i nudge my ass back against your prick
so that my slick hole swallows up
the first few girthy inches
of your totally tantalizing tool...
as u grip my thighs & start 2 slide in & out of me
& drive your thick cock deeper & deeper with every thrust
i press up & back against u 2 take u all the way inside me...
i whisper
" oh yes !! that's what i need !! give it ALL 2 me !!
fuck that big cock deep in2 me !! DEEP IN2 ME !!! "

i slide both hands underneath my body
& start 2 caress my own cock
as your smooth balls press tight up against mine...
i stroke my cock quickly & whimper
as u pull out a few thick inches of your cock
& then plow all the way back inside me
as u lean your hips up tight against my tail
& pin me down tight 2 the ground...
your ravaging cock is buried deep in2 me
just about as far as u can get it
as i hold your shaft tight in my grippy anal canal
& squeeze u as firmly as my inner muscles will allow...
when u finally start 2 pump in2 me in earnest
i yelp & slam my whole body back 2ward u
& take every inch of your throbbing tool inside me
with every deep & hard stroke...
i moan
" fuck me !! fuck me !! oh god !! FUCK ME !! FUCK ME !!! "

i can feel your balls pull tight against mine
& i know that u are very close
2 filling my ass with your steamy seed...
i grip my own cock even harder & tighter
as u pull your thick tool all the way out of me
then nudge back against my tight brown-eye
& slowly work your thick & throbbing shaft
back through my tender & gripping sphincter...
it feels like my entire body is being penetrated
& then cumpletely filled by your hot cock
as u re-established your ass-r****g rhythm
& i can feel my taut opening quiver & vibrate
with the intense motion of your veined shaft...
i groan in absolute & total ecstasy...
" make me cum !! make me cum !!
make me cum on your fucking cock !!! "

be4 2 much longer
my cock is throbbing & pulsing
& my ass-hole is actually tingling
& then without any kind of warning
my cock starts 2 spew cum everywhere
as every muscle in my body tightens
in a whimpering orgasmic explosion...
i scream
" i'm cumming !! yes !! i'm cumming on your cock !!
oh god !! i'm cumming on your big fucking cock !!! "
just as my ass-hole grips down on2 your cock spastically
& u start 2 eject long stringy gouts of white-hot seed
in2 the dark & dank depths of my cock-crammed rectum
& fill my whole body with intense & unbelievable heat
as u grip my quivering butt-cheeks as tightly as u can
& pull my ass all the way on2 your pulsating fuck-tool...
u moan
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming in your ass !!! "
i grind my ass back against u
as i milk every drop of juicy cum
from your wonderfully deep-delving cock...
i groan
" deep in me !! cum deep in me !! shoot me full !!
shoot me full of cum !! fuck my ass full of cum !!! "

when u finally start 2 soften
we hear noises on the trail getting closer 2 us
& we quickly clean up & get dressed
then flop back against a tree
& try 2 catch our breath
just as a couple of people walk in2 sight...

( do u wanna ??? )
83% (5/1)
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3 years ago
you are fantastic this story is great love all you wirte just one question azre these just stories or did this really happen either way they are amasing thanks
4 years ago
thanx again... glad you like the writing...
4 years ago
Well you keep this up and i'm going to have to find you and do you too thanks
4 years ago
you are good you made me cum this time thanks