my fantasy...54

when i hear u walk in the front door
i slip down on2 the floor on hands & knees
wearing nothing but a skimpy cotton thong
& crawl slowly across the room 2ward u
like a hungry cat craving your sweet cream...
u just stare & smile wickedly down at me
as u spread your feet out very wide apart
& stand with both your hands on your hips
as u wait 4 me 2 make my way over 2 u...
when i finally kneel dutifully at your feet
u slowly un-zip your sexily bulging crotch
& pull your hardening cock out in2 the air
as your hand tightly grips the thick shaft...
i smile lewdly at u & open my mouth wide
as i lean 4ward 2 sample your cock-flesh
but as soon as my wet lips touch your tool
u suddenly pull it back away...teasing me...
i look up in2 your eyes & softly whimper
" i wanna taste your big fucking cock !! "
as u shake your tasty tool if front of me
then slap it up against my wide-open lips...

u finally stop torturing & playing with me
as u allow your cock 2 slide in2 my mouth
& i feel your thickness stretch my lips wide
as i cumpletely engulf your entire erection...
i am still looking directly up in2 your eyes
as u look back down at me & then groan
" your mouth looks so good on my cock !! "
& i slide my lips all the way back 2 your tip
then press 4ward until i feel u in my throat
over & over & over & again & again & again
until your cock is cumpletely & fully hard
& it drips with copious amounts of saliva...

as i kneel be4 u & mouth-fuck your cock
u pull off your shirt & then undo your belt
& then u d**** your belt behind my neck
as u grip it & pull it back with both hands
& pull my taut throat even further on2 u...
as u pull it back tightly like a set of reins
u start 2 rock your hips slowly back & 4th
& fuck your thick cock even deeper in2 me
as your glans slips in & out of my throat...
my hands are on top of my knees 4 balance
& my butt-cheeks are pressed on2 my heels
as i tilt my upper body 4ward & 2wards u
& tip my head back 2 open up my throat
as your oozing glans burrows deep in2 it...
my eyes now water as i stare up in2 yours
& u smile down at me as u loudly groan
" i love watching my cock in your mouth !! "

suddenly u pull your cock out of my mouth
then slide your pants down on2 the carpet
& as u step out of them u push me backward
so my knees are still spread wide on the floor
but now my hands are on the floor behind me
as my back stretches as far as it can reach
& my face is turned upward 2ward the ceiling...
as your throbbing erection sways menacingly
u step 4ward so that u are straddling my head
then u lower your smooth-shaved balls down
until they slip between my saliva-soaked lips
& then down in2 my hot & wet oral cavity...
u groan loudly as i lather my tongue slowly
& clasp my lips tightly around your scrotum
as i suck softly on both of your smooth orbs
& i moan as u start 2 move your hips slowly
pulling upward & then lowering back down
making your slippery balls fuck my mouth...

after a few more minutes of wet ball-sucking
u pull away & press me face-down on the floor
with my chest on the rug & my ass in the air
as u slide my thong off & then out of the way
& i feel your tongue pierce in2 my horny hole...
i wriggle my entire ass in tight & tiny circles
as i feel u drool saliva all over my opening
& your hand grips the base of my erection
as your tongue slithers in & out of my ass
& i press back against u & whimper loudly
" eat my ass !! get me wet 4 that big cock !! "
as soon as i let u know my wicked desire
u pull yourself away from me & lie back
& i quickly twist myself around above u
so i straddle your shoulders with my feet
& my ass is resting lightly on your chest...
as i slide my hands 2 the floor by your hips
i press my wide-stretched ass 2 your mouth
& i feel your coned tongue slide deep in2 me
as your hands grip the shaft of my erection...
when your tongue slides in2 me even deeper
i collapse backward on2 your belly & crotch
& i can feel your hard cock against my back
as it throbs & pulsates wildly on my spine...

when u are satisfied that my ass is slippery
u push me up & off u so i am on my knees
& u move your crotch up in front of my face
as i drop myself down on2 my hands & knees
& stuff your hard cock in2 my gaping mouth...
as u grab the sides of my head in your hands
i feel the tip of your glans slip in2 my throat
& i stare directly up in2 your determined eyes
as my saliva saturates your entire erection
& u groan deep in your chest & then moan
" i wanna be wet & slippery so i can fuck u !!! "
& as your cock finally slips from my mouth
i continue 2 stare in2 your eyes & whisper
" fuck me !! fuck me !! oh god !! fuck me !!
i wanna feel your cock deep inside me !!! "

as u slide back on2 the floor on your back
i pull myself slowly up & over your body
until my knees are just ouside your hips
& my ass is hovering right over your cock...
as your hands grip my ass-cheeks tightly
& pull them as fully wide apart as possible
i press my left hand down on2 your chest
& reach behind my ass with my other hand
2 grip your throbbing shaft very tightly
& guide your drooling glans 2 my opening...
as i feel your tip touch my puckered hole
i press my hips firmly downward & groan
" i wanna feel u deep in me !! deep in me !! "
& i gasp as i feel your cock-head enter me
as it stretches my tight hole wider & wider...
i move my other hand up on2 your chest
as i continue 2 press insistently downward
& my hole swallows inch after inch of cock
until i feel my ass press against your hips...

as your hands slide up 2 grip my hips tight
i start 2 rock my hips slowly 4ward & back
& i can feel your thick shaft stir my insides
as u start 2 thrust your hips upward slowly...
when my gripping hole has finally relaxed
i pull my feet up 2 the outside of your waist
& press my knees 2 the sides of your chest
as i start 2 lift my quivering ass up & down
& take your entire cock deep inside my ass
then pull up until just your head is inside me
over & over & over & again & again & again
until i am dripping sweat all over your body
& my legs are shaking & shivering in fatigue...
when i finally can't hold myself up any more
i lower myself all the way down on2 u again
& just rock my hips slowly back & 4ward
then from side 2 side & in tiny tight circles...
i stare down in2 your eyes & then whisper
" your cock feel so fucking good inside me !! "

when i finally regain enough strength 2 move
i start 2 bounce my body up & down faster
as u grip my ass tighter & squeeze it hard
& u press my cheeks in against your shaft
as u start 2 thrust your cock deep in2 me...
as i bounce my horny ass as fast as i can
& u pound your thick cock up in2 my hole
my own dripping erection flops up & down
& splatters hot pre-cum ooze all over us...
when my legs begin 2 tire & quiver again
i lean my whole body back away from u
so my ass is hovering above your crotch
& my hands slide back 2 grip your thighs
as your hands move up 2 grasp my hips
& u start 2 hammer your cock up in2 me
as my head hangs back & i moan loudly
& my throbbing cock arches high upward...
u look down at my pulsing cock & groan
" i wanna feel u cumming on my cock !! "
& i press my ass down on2 u firm & tight
as twist my ass all around on your shaft
& i look down in2 your eyes & whimper
" i wanna feel u fuck me from behind !!
i wanna cum on your big fucking cock !! "
as i slowly lift my ass upward & off u...

i twist around & up on2 my hands & knees
as u lift yourself 2 your knees behind me
& as soon as i feel your cock-head on me
i thrust my quivering ass back 2ward u
& i groan as i feel your girth re-enter me...
as soon as i feel your entire length inside
i start 2 rock my sweaty body back & 4th
& my ass-hole engulfs & releases your cock
with dirty & delicious & deep-delving strokes
as i feel your hands grip my shoulders tight...
each long & slow stroke takes u deep inside
then cumpletely releases your entire erection
& i groan each time your glans re-enters me
& stretches my slippery cock-hole open wide...
i look back over my shoulder & then whimper
" fuck me !! oh god !! fuck me !! fuck me !!
fuck the cum out of my cock !! FUCK ME !!! "

as soon as i speak i feel your grip tighten
& u start 2 rock your hips hard against me
as your thick cock pounds deeper & deeper
& i feel your glans grind my horny prostate...
i grind my ass back against u hard & tight
as your glorious girth fills my clutching hole
& i can feel my balls pulling up high & taut
with every caress of your thick cock-head
on my cumpletely hot & sensitive prostate...
as i continue 2 press my ass hard against u
i feel your hands slide 2 my shoulder blades
& u press my chest down on2 the mattress
so u support your weight on just your hands
as u drive your pulsing cock in even deeper
& i push my ass upward & then groan loudly...
i can feel your thick cock-head even better
as it slides back & 4th on my inner hot spot
& i know that i will be cumming very soon...
as u stroke your entire cock in & out of me
so slowly & so so deeply & so deliberately
i look over my shoulder again & whisper
" i wanna feel u cum !! cum deep in me !!
cum deep in me !! fuck me full of cum !!! "

as u start 2 hammer cock rhythmically
i press myself back up on2 my hands
& rock my entire body 4ward & back
so i meet every one of your deep thrusts
& my ass-cheeks quiver every single time...
each time i feel your sweaty balls slap me
i also feel the head of your cock inside me
as it rakes my hyper-sensitive prostate
& brings me closer & closer 2 cumming...
the sound of our flesh slapping is so hot
as we pound our bodies against each other
& i feel your fingers dig in2 my shoulders
as i look back over my shoulder & groan
" oh yes !! fuck me !! fuck me !! deep !!
deep !! fuck me !! fuck me deep !! DEEP !! "

as i grind my ass back hard against u
your hands press my chest 2 the floor
& your hips move at an amazing speed
as u fuck your entire length in & out of me
& as your cock-head pounds my hot spot
i feel my stomach muscles clench tightly
as my cock starts 2 spray juice endlessly
& i rock my hips quickly up & down on u
as i throw my head back & then scream
" oh god !! i'm cumming !! i'm cumming !!
i'm cumming on your big fucking cock !!! "
& my whole body shudders with release
as my white-hot seed erupts everywhere...
as my ass clenches & grips u even tighter
i feel your cock swell even thicker inside
as u thrust deep in2 me one last time
& your fingers dig even deeper in2 me
as i feel the first juicy spurt of your seed
splatter deep in2 my tightly clutching hole...
as i grind my ass back even tighter on2 u
& my heels hook behind your thrusting ass
u twist your cock in tiny circles inside me
as u lean 4ward & groan loudly in2 my ear
" i'm cumming 2 !! i'm cumming in your ass !!
& i twist my face back 2ward u & whisper
" shoot me full !! shoot my ass full !! deep !!
deep in me !! deep in me !! fuck me full !!! "

( do u wanna ??? )

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