college daze...

i still remember the exact day
that our relationship changed
from just being room-mates
2 being gay lovers.

you had just finished lifting weights,
when you came back in2 the dorm-room.
you had been trying 2 get me 2 go lift with you 4 months,
but i just wasn't interested in body-building.
i was sitting & watching T.V. in my underwear
when i heard your voice.
" god damn, you're fucking lazy ! "
" oh, go pound sand ! "
i replied.
" i'll pound your ass !! "
you roared.
with those words the wrestling match began.
at 6’2” & 185 pounds,
you out-weighed & out-muscled me,
but at 5’9” & only 145 pounds,
i was alot more flexible.
nevertheless, i was soon in a lot of trouble
& was struggling like a maniac under your greater mass.
between the excitement of trying 2 escape from you
& the weight of you pressing against my crotch,
my cock began 2 swell & ooze obscenely.
i was 2 busy & completely embarrassed
2 notice that your cock was also filling out.
" uncle, you win. just get off me ! "
you grabbed my stiff rod with one of your hands
& started 2 rub my cock-head through my underwear.
" what have we got here ? "
you asked.
you swung your weight around,
so that you were sitting on my chest
facing my feet.
with one swift pull,
you had my underwear around my ankles.
i was a bit frightened
because you had never acted this aggressive be4
& i didn't know what 2 expect.
i quickly didn't care anymore
as i felt the warmth of your mouth slowly sink down
on2 my six inches of rock hard cock.
i was lying there moaning in appreciation
of the fabulous blowjob you were giving me.
when i opened my eyes
i saw the biggest cock i'd ever seen
creeping out of your workout shorts
right in front of my face.
i had never sucked a cock be4,
but figured i'd give as good as i got.
i slowly snaked out my drooling tongue
& licked the head of your nearly foot-long shaft.
i tried 2 suck on your pulsating cock,
but your shorts got in the way.
you stopped bobbing on my cock
& then slipped out of your shorts.
i saw your entire monster tool
& 2 huge balls naked 4 the very first time.
at that moment,
i didn't care if i was gay or not.
( all i knew was that i wanted 2 devour you…)
your slightly salty pre-cum was oozing past my lips
& drenched my wildly lashing tongue
as i swallowed 2 keep up with your juicy ooze.
i wasn't a very good cocksucker… yet,
but being the expert that you were,
you soon had me thrashing around the floor.
with a huge lunge that almost bucked you off of me,
i started 2 shoot my seed in2 your sucking mouth.
i had never shot such a large load be4
& i could swear i could feel my quivering insides
pouring in2 your greedily gulping throat.
when i fell back 2 the earth
& stopped seeing stars,
you were still sucking on my softening rod.
you turned around & whispered
" i've wanted 2 do you 4 months
& now that you're warmed up,
i'll show you how good it can be !! "
you said as you walked over 2 your nightstand.
you reached in2 your drawer
& got a small squeeze bottle of lube out.
your big cock was bobbing as you came back 2wards me.
you rolled me over & told me 2 relax.
i jumped as i felt something cold & oily hit my butt
& as it ran down my trembling crack,
you took the opportunity 2 slip a finger in2 my hole.
you started a slow push & pulling of your finger
& soon another one joined the first,
slowly stretching my tight virgin hole out.
you later remarked that you knew i was a natural bottom,
because at that point i began 2 wriggle
& press my ass up against your hands.
your fingers then pulled away
& you grabbed me around the waist
& rolled me over, so we were face 2 face.
my again-stiff dick was arching upward.
you lowered your mouth over my cock
& grabbed both my ankles tightly.
you lifted my ankles & pulled my legs wide
so that my feet were sticking up in the air.
you were really giving my cock a workout,
when i felt my knees rest on your shoulders.
you pushed my ass up & stopped sucking on my cock.
i opened my eyes 2 see you staring down at me
with one hand on your obscenely swollen cock,
guiding it 2ward my wide-opened fuck-hole.
i felt the tip of your huge cock touch my asshole
& it felt a lot bigger than your fingers.
i groaned as i felt your glans press against me
& i tried 2 push my asshole outward 2 take you in
as you started 2 drive yourself against my hole...
i looked up at you & groaned
" i don't think it's gonna fit !!! "
as you continued 2 shove hard against me...
you just quickly silenced my protests
with a short sharp jab of your hips
that popped the huge head of your cock in2 my ass.
i must have screamed out a little 2 loudly,
because you covered my mouth with your hand.
" stop yelling, it will feel great in just a few minutes ! "
you whispered.
at this point,
i closed my eyes.
my mind & my body were sending conflicting messages.
my mind said, this is completely & totally wrong,
but my body was screaming, oh my god this feels so great !!!
as you pushed another inch down in2 me,
my mind was starting 2 agree with my body.
so… this is what it feels like 2 be fucked by another man,
this is what it feels like 2 be possessed by another man,
this is what it feels like 2 be a sex slave 2 another man…
not just any man,
but a stud with a deliciously huge cock
& you were getting the ride of your life from my tight,
but no longer virgin, ass.
" open your eyes... i want 2 see you as you get fucked by me !! "
i heard you groan.
i looked up in2 your eyes as you pulled back
& then f***efully shoved another three inches in2 me.

you were finally almost halfway inside me,
as i looked in2 your deep brown eyes
& knew what it was like 2 be fully owned,
body & soul. ( especially body… )
i looked down at your delicious cock & gasped
as i realized just how massive you really were
& i let out another sudden sharp scream
as your fat cock-head speared deeper in2 me
& stretched me wider than i had ever been...
my hands slid down 2 grab my own ass-cheeks
& I pulled myself open as wide as I could
as you leaned 4ward 2 drive another inch in2 me
& i bit in2 my own quivering lip
as another inch slowly slipped in2 my ass...
i threw back my head & moaned
" i don't know if i can take any more !!! "
as you continued 2 push cock deeper in2 me...
when it felt like i had taken all of you inside
i looked down between us & then gasped again
when i saw that you were only half-way in2 me...
you started 2 piston in & out of my horny hole
with the 6 or 7 inches that would actually fit
as i ground my hips up & down with you...

you smiled at my expression
& slowly rocked your hips back & 4th,
driving even more of your hard demanding cock in2 me.
" oh god, this feels so good !! "
i said with tears in my eyes.
" i knew you'd like it !
& i've been wanting 2 fuck you
since you first walked in the door !! "
you replied.
you were almost all the way in me
& i had never felt so full in my life.
i then did something that i never imagined myself doing.
i reached up behind you,
grabbed your muscular ass-cheeks
& pulled you roughly down 2wards me
as you moved up close 2 my ass & then moaned
" i wanna get deeper inside u !!! "
i hooked my heels over the edge of the mattress
as i braced myself 4 the coming assault...
when i felt your girthy glans burrow deeper
i pressed my quivering ass up 2ward you
& groaned loudly as i felt u enter me fully...
your cock stretching me so fucking wide
as I felt your balls against my upturned ass
& it felt like u were going 2 rip me in half...

we both moaned as the last of your fat cock
disappeared in2 the depths of my aching ass
& you were still slowly fucking me at that point,
but with my moans of encouragement,
you picked up the pace of your thrusting.
you then pushed hard against me so that i was spread wide
with my knees crushed tight against my chest
& you were in a full push-up position above me.
you were then able 2 give me the full length of your fat cock
& were soon sawing it back & 4th in my ass at double time.
sweat was pouring off of both of us
& we were both moaning & groaning loudly.
(i'm surprised that we didn't get caught.)
i saw your eyes suddenly widen,
then felt your body tighten up
& heard you growl deeply,
"i'm cumming !!! i’m cumming in your ass !!! "
i felt your cock swell 2 even larger size
as you tried 2 push your body in2 mine.
when I felt your thick cock throb & pulse, i groaned
“ cum deep in me !!! cum deep in me !!!
fuck me full of cum !!! fuck my ass full !!! “
when your molten cum sprayed the inside of my ass,
it triggered a reaction in me
& my cock started 2 shoot once again.
i screamed & then groaned
“ i’m cumming too !!! i’m cumming on your cock !!! “
since i was bent almost double,
every time you thrust down deep in2 me,
the cum from my dick shot out & hit me in the face & mouth.
it seemed that you would never stop cumming
& 4 the brief moment i felt we were 2 people made one.
after our climax faded,
things slowed down
& became normal again.
except 4 one change…
the last 2 years we were in college 2gether,
our 2-bed dorm-room
only had one bed that was ever used.

90% (9/1)
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