it is finally our first night back 2gether
after such a long long time apart
& after u deep-fuck me 4 over an hour
u finally drench my insides with cum
& then collapse on top of my back...
i still feel the last drops of your seed
as they ooze hotly in2 my anal abyss
& i press my quivering ass up 2ward u
as u rock your hips slowly & steadily
& empty your softening tool in2 me
while u bite my shoulder & whisper
" i love having my cock in your ass !!
i wanna feel it go deep inside u again !! "

as we lay here panting & sweating
i feel your insatiable cock swell inside my body
so i push my ass up as hard as i can against u
as u press me down on2 the bed on my belly...
i twist my head back 2 look over my shoulder
& look u directly in the eyes as i whisper
" i missed feeling your cock deep inside me !!
i have never missed anything this much !!! "
as i twist my aching ass in tight & tiny circles
u slide your elongating cock deep in2 my ass-hole
& then burrow & delve even deeper in2 my opening
as i squirm myself harder & harder back against u...
as u slow-fuck my ass as deeply as u possibly can
i raise myself higher up on2 my hands & knees
& u reach around under me & grab my cock
which is already incredibly hard & horny
& getting even harder in your tight grasp...
i groan softly as u stroke my swollen erection
& your cock massages my sensitive prostate...
i moan & whimper
" you're gonna make me cum !!
i wanna cum on your fucking cock !!! "

2 assist in that deliciously dirty goal
u begin 2 stroke my cock a little faster
as u slide your tool in & out of my tight fuck-hole...
i moan & groan almost non-stop in pure ecstasy
as i enjoy the feeling of your hand on my erection
& your girthy glans delving so deep in2 my insides...
then u suddenly pull your cock all the way out of me
as u slide away from me & then stand by the bed
& i slide over 2 the very edge of the mattress
& lift myself back up on2 my hands & knees
so that my ass hangs just over the edge of the bed
as u line up your slippery cock-head with my ass-hole
& i gasp at the first new touch 2 my puckered crimp
but u sink your girthy shaft all the way in2 me easily
becuz my ass is still cumpletely lubricated with cum...
u thrust your throbbing cock slowly in & out a few times
be4 u bury your entire length deep inside my hot hole
& then grip my hips tightly & hold cumpletely still...
i draw in a quick & sharp breath
& then exhale as u reach under me
& again grasp my still-hard cock...
my ass eagerly accepts the intimate invasion
as u press in2 my slick chasm even deeper
& begin 2 twist your penetrating prick in tiny circles
as your shaft stirs deep inside my clutching cavity...
when u slowly pull all the way back
& leave just the head of your cock inside me
i moan
" don't stop !! oh my god !! don't stop !!
fuck me !! fuck me !! keep fucking me !!!"
so u push deep in2 my quivering body again
as i press my whole body back 2ward u
2 impale myself on your pulsating prick...

i know u love the way i look on my hands & knees
with my quivering thighs spread wide open 4 u
& my taut ass-hole wet & shiny with your cum
as it grasps your distended shaft tightly....
as your thick tool throbs at that sight
u once again bury your twitching cock
deep in2 the recesses of my clutching ass...
i look back over my shoulder at u again
as i slowly twist my ass in tight circles
gyrating my hot hole all around your cock
& press my ass back against u even harder...
i am so amazed that my hole clutches u so tightly
even though it is dripping & oozing with cum
from the first time that u deep-fucked me...

u grasp me more firmly by the hips
& pull your thick cock all the way out of me
then touch the tip of your glans 2 my ass-hole again
& press insistently 4ward & open me wide again...
there is almost no resistance 2 your assualt
as your bl**d-engorged cock-head
easily stretches my horny passage wide
& is quickly drawn back in2 my tight opening...
u slide in another inch
& then another & another & another
until u are about half-way back inside me...
u thrust 4ward abruptly & almost brutally
& bury the full length of your shaft in my tight canal...
your balls bounce wetly against my upper thighs
with the sudden f***e of your movement
& i moan
" fuck me !! oh yes !! fuck me !!
fuck my ass-hole full of cock !!! "

u finally start 2 fuck me in earnest
& i can feel my sphincter muscles grip your shaft
as u pull all the way back out of me
& then my insides relax sumwhat
2 let u shove your cock back inside...
over & over
again & again
u thrust in2 my ass
& with each thrust it seems a little easier...
u fuck me with cumplete abandon
as your cock pounds in & out of my ass
at almost unbelievable speed
& i groan & whimper
" harder !! faster !! fuck me deeper !! "

u grasp me more tightly by the waist
& hold my hips cumpletely still
as u plunge in2 my ass-hole like a jack-hammer...
my anus tightens & then releases as u fuck me
& massages your throbbing shaft
as it plows in & out of my up-turned ass...
i gasp as u penetrate me as deeply as u possibly can
& i grind my ass back against u
as both your hands grasp my cock
& stroke my swollen flesh roughly
as i groan & go cumpletely stiff underneath u...
i suddenly start 2 tremble uncontrollably
& the muscles in my ass clench down on2 your cock
as my prick starts 2 pulsate in your hands
& i spray the sheets below me with my cum...
i let out a strangled groan & slump 4ward
& almost pull my slippery ass off your cock
but u hold my ass tight against your body
& stay cumpletely embedded deep inside me
as your cock suddenly starts 2 pulse & throb
then sends huge splatters of hot juice
deep in2 my tightly gripping fuck-hole...
as u fall 4ward with me
& crush me down on2 the mattress
u still thrust deep in2 my quivering body
as your cock fills my tight hole with so much hot seed
that it overflows down on2 my smooth shaved balls...

when u finally inject the last traces of cum in2 me
& slide your shaft from my oozing fuck-hole
u leave me face-down on the bed
& move up 2 kneel behind me...
my slippery ass-hole still oozes your juices
as u lean 4ward & spear your coned tongue in2 my pucker
& get a taste of my ass & your own cum...
then u slip a finger deep inside me
2 rub my sensitive & swollen prostate
& make precum ooze slowly from my again-hardening cock...
i quiver as my ass-hole clamps down around your finger
& i begin 2 urge my hips back & 4th
as i fuck my ass-hole on your finger
until u suddenly pull it away...
i rise 2 my hands & knees
& lean back so my ass-cheeks part 4 u
as i present my horny hole 4 u 2 penetrate...

as u ease the tip of your cock 2 my ass-hole
i lunge back 2ward u
& i try 2 take u inside...
the bulbous crown of your member
is poised at the tight ring of my ass-hole
which is still slippery with your cum...
your cock is so hard that u don't need hands 2 guide it
so u just hold on2 my hips & urged me back on2 u
as u let me go at my own pace...
my inner muscles slowly give way
& strain as they open 2 your invasion
until my hot & tight cavern surrounds the swollen head of your cock...
i moan & back up
& a little more of your cock is buried inside me...
i ease backward slowly
until your cock is lodged half-way in my ass...
u moan as my heat envelops u & u whisper
" i love the way your tight ass looks on my cock !!! "

my flesh stretches wide around your shaft
as i do a little bouncing motion
& take u a tiny bit deeper with each thrust
& my hand sneak back 2 play with my cock
as a smooth sheen of sweat covers my back...
then i twist my ass in a tight circular motion
& cumpletely skewer myself on2 your pulsating cock...
my inner muscles relax & flow over your length
until my ass-cheeks rest firmly against your hips
& our balls rub softly 2gether...
i can feel my insides quiver with tension
as my ass accepts your entire cock
& they seem 2 contract & expand all around your shaft
as i rub my distended cock faster & faster...
u can tell from my breathing
that i am on the verge of an orgasm
& as i slide my other hand under my body
i moan & whimper
" fuck me while i cum on your cock !!! "

u pull all the way out in one smooth motion
until just the head of your cock is buried inside me
& my orgasm hits on that very first stroke
as i start 2 shiver & my thighs start 2 shake
& u drive yourself back in2 me deep & hard
as u feel my slimy ass-hole clutch at your cock...
it is so unbelievably tight that u can hardly move
but u dig your fingers in & grasp my hips tighter
& begin 2 pound deep in2 me as i fuck u back
& buck my ass back against u as my cock explodes...
we end up sprawled out flat on the bed again
with your pulsing cock still buried deep in my ass
& i tremble beneath u as my orgasm subsides...
i wriggle my hips & thrust them up & backwards
& squeeze your swollen cock hard with my ass
as i groan & whisper
" i wanna feel u shoot my ass full of cum again !!! "

my anal passage is snug & slippery & hot
& when i reach under & stroke your balls
u start 2 drive your cock deeper in2 my ass...
i squirm & raise my hips up off the bed
so that my ass swallows even more of your length
& then squeeze my inner muscles around your shaft
so i can feel every throbbing inch of u deep inside me
from the base of your rock-hard cock right 2 the very tip...
u slide out until just the head stretches my rubbery ring
then u begin 2 inch it back & 4th slowly & teasingly
until your hands suddenly grip my hips even tighter
& u give me the whole length in a single savage thrust
as u drive every inch all the way inside my aching ass...
u begin 2 piston the entire length of your cock in & out
with ever-increasing speed & gut-wrenching depth
as your orgasm finally approaches
& i groan as u sink your cock in2 my fuck-hole
again & again
hard & deep & fast....
i squeeze your balls
as i clutch my passage on2 u
& the pressure of my inner muscles
as they close tight around your cock
is finally 2 much 4 u 2 bear...
u groan deep inside your chest
as u finally let it all go
& send stream after hot stream
of manly seed deep in2 my quivering ass
as i moan & whisper
" deep in me !! oh god !! shoot me full !!
fuck me full !! fuck my ass full of cum !!! "

( do u wanna ??? )

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