sucked dry by the water meter girl pt1

It was around 11am and i had only been in bed a couple of hours i work the night shift you see any way it was summer time and it was sweltering the sun was shinning through the curtains and i had huge hard on which i was thinking about how to get rid of it a dvd or xhamster or maybe one off the webcam sites i visit from time to time . I decided that the webcam site would be best but i looked a mess so thought i would take a shower first like to look my best for the girls lol. So i switch on my laptop and head for the shower thought that it would save time to start laptop up whilst i was in the shower .

I had just finished shaving and was soaping up my now semi erect cock when i here banging on the door i thing who the hell is that but go back to soaping up Bang bang bang goes the door again im pissed now so i open the window of the bathroom and shout yes . O hi comes a females voice as she moves back into view she is a blond slim women early 20s looks quite fit from the angle im at i can see down her airtex shirt top to her ample tits there maybe a 32c at a guess and my cock springs back to full strength anyway getting back to it she tells me that she has come to read the water meter .

as you can well imagine this is a bit inconvenient for me given my current state so i say to her im in the shower could you come back later to which she reply no not really you are my last call of the day and need to do it now ok i say give me a minute ok she says with a cheeky smile i switch of the shower grab a towel round me and head down stairs to open the door as i open the door my towel slips slitly not fully exposing myself but from my current state not leaving the fact i had a huge erection to which this young woman's eyes are instantly fixed to hi i say yea hi she says back not taking her eyes from my covered crotch area its under the sink i say what is she reply clearly her mind is else wear the water meter i reply to which she reply o sure would you like to see it i ask pardon she stutters out the water meter o yes i guess im thinking this women`s must be a dumb blond or something.

I open the cupboard for her and say there you go thanks she says as she bends down to look inside giving me a chance to perv on her very nice ass .
My mind started to wonder thinking about taking this young women from behind as my cock had started to throb and my towel had shifted exposing it in full view as she emerged from the cupboard fixing her stare on my cock you should do something about that she says to me i was about to i tell her .

Im sorry she says let me help you out by way of apology she says and grabs my throbbing cock and wraps her mouth round my shaft and starts really working on my cock and balls wow im thinking as i reach down and pull one of her pert tits out of her bra and start rubbing her nipple in my fingers o yes she moans yes that feels so good .

sorry will have to finish this off in part two please comment
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good start