Getting Even With Stepson's Girlfriend... T

Since meeting and marrying my lovely wife I have been faithful to her.. till a recent event.

My wife is a very special person and life with her has been really good, she has just one fault.. she loves her only son from a previous marriage a little too much, but worse than that her son is one of the most lazy, self centered and immature people I have ever met.
She does too much for him and he takes full advantage of this , at first it was very important for me to get along with him but as time has shown he has not really accepted me.. much to my dissapointment.

I will call him Craig [names changed to protect the guilty] he is in his mid twenties, he has a girlfriend/fiancee also in her mid twenties and I will call her Libby and she is just the same as he is.. maybe a little worse actually.

For the last couple of years he has lived with us while he works part-time and studies so they can save money to get married, he hardly talks to me and does nothing around the house at all to help.. to lazy to make his bed, wash a dish or pick up anything.. just goes into his room and shuts the door, if he wants something he goes mum, not me, not us.. just his mum
Libby is just the same when she comes over, at first this did'nt bother me too much buy as time has gone bye it does now.

Libby is a Phillipine girl, about 5 foot 5 but very thin and skinny, narrow hips and a small butt, she has quite a pretty face but as I have found her beauty is only skin deep.

Libby's best feature are her tits, while they are not really that big her thin body makes them really stand out as she likes to wear push up bra's and scooped tops to show them off and because I am a lot taller than her I often get a good view of her cleavage and have often thought about what they might look like naked.

A couple of months ago Libby moved in with us, it was all arranged with my wife.. I was not included and this made me very angry but as I did'nt want to fight with my wife I let it happen.

As the days turned into weeks they were happy but I was not, Craig continued to hardly speak to me while Libby seemed to barely acknowledge my existance let alone talk to me, just treated my wife and I as their servants.

I talked to my wife about them saying what I thought about them and that they should move out, as I said my wife loves her son too much and was resisting this, even after she admitted that she did not like Libby.

One night we were both tired and went to bed early. I awoke a few hours later and got up to get a drink, as I walked through the living room I noticed the light on in the bathroom and as I got closer to the doorway I saw Libby in the mirror on the wall, she was getting undressed for a shower, normally she would have shut the door but she must have thought we were asl**p so did not shut it... much to my suprise and delight.

As she had the lights on but it was dark in the living room she did not notice me and I just stayed back enough so as not to be seen as there was no way I was going to miss out on the chance of seeing her naked.

Off came her blouse then her pants leaving her in a matching black bra and panties, also could not help but notice the tatoo's she had, but my jaw almost hit the floor when her bra came off.. her breasts were totally awesome, very firm with large dark brown aereolas topped off with nipples you could hang a coat off... I was instantly in lust with her tits, I had to f***e my eyes down to watch her take off her panties.

There was a small patch of black pubic hair above some very tight looking pussy lips and a small dolphin tatoo about where your appendex is... nice but my eyes went straight back to Libby's sexy tits as my cock was starting to assume vertical takeoff position just before she jumped into the shower.

I got my drink and headed back to bed my cock still stiff because of what I had just seen but I eventually got off to sl**p, when the alarm went off in the morning I awoke still with a stiff cock and as both my wife and I had to go to work I was unable to do anything about it.. just wait for it to go down.

My wife dressed quickly and left as she had to pick someone up and take them to work. I made my lunch and had breakfast before heading to the bathroom where to my suprise Libby had left her bra and panties on the floor in the corner, well after what I saw last night I could not pass up the chance to have a closer look, her bra said she has 34c tits and her panties had a nice smell so it did'nt come as any suprise that I got an instant hard on.

I put them down and jumped in the shower but as I showered my hard on would not go down and was still up when I got out, I towelled off and on my underwear and was still haed when I finished brushing my teeth, just then Libby walked into the bathroom still half asl**p and as usual pretty much ignoring me, I stepped back to let her pass and she woke up real quick when she bumped into my hard on bulging out the front of my underwear.

Libby stood there eyes wide just staring at my crotch and I said a little saucasticly would you like to touch it, she looked up at me and nodded no, she looked back down at my cock and I said go ahead.. it's your fault it's like this, she looked back at me and said excuse me, I thought what the hell and said I saw her last night taking her clothes off, at first she did not believe me but her mouth opened when I described her breasts and made mention of her special little dolphin tatoo.. Libby groaned in disgust and called me a pervert.

I looked down at her still pissed off at her behaviour and told her you act all prim and proper but I see you for what you really are.. your a little cockteaser are'nt you!
She just stood there so I grabbed her hand and put on my cock and held it there and said again your just a little cockteaser are'nt you, I was not thinking at this point just doing, I started moving her hand up and down my hard cock and Libby did not pull away as I thought she would but kept on rubbing my cock so I went for her amazing tits lifting her top and feeling them, hell they were soft yet firm and Libby let out a small moan as I pinched her nipples to attention.

I bent down and started sucking on her nipples like a hungry baby and now that my hand was now free I slipped it down her pajama bottom and slipped a finger into her pussy.. shit she felt tight, by now we were both breathing a little heavier and I thought to hell with work I was going to fuck Libby so I pushed her towards the empty bedroom next to the bathroom kicked the door to shut it, as I met little resistance when I pulled her top over her head and then slipped her pajama bottom down then pushed down on the bed lifting her legs up as I removed her pants.

After quickly slipping off my own briefs giving Libby her first look at my naked hard cock she commented that Craig and I were about the same length but my cock looked thicker but by now I was lowering my face to eat her pussy, I quickly alternated between flicking her clit and pushing my tounge up inside her pussy but soon I despritely needed to fuck her so I climbed up her thin body pushing my cock into her wet hole, I don't think I have ever fucked a tighter pussy than Libby's and I knew that I would not last long, I sped up my thrusts and Libby suddenly said are you wearing a condom I grunted out no! and she said don't cum in me.. no one has cum in me without a condom on.. I said well I am about to be the first and two thrusts later I came and came very hard shooting five spurts inside Libby's tight wet pussy.

The sensation of my spurts of cum hitting her insides triggered her orgasm and I quickly had to put my hand over her mouth to stop her making to much noise and waking Craig who was two rooms over, as Libby's orgasm faded I pulled out of her pussy and watched as my semen began to leak out of her pussy lips, Libby got up grabbed her clothes and jumped into the shower, I cleaned myself up and got dressed and the last I saw of Libby she was crouched down in the shower using the flexable shower head to wash my sperm out of her pussy... off to work I went, I arrived late but I did'nt care.

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1 year ago
Very hot,,nice payment,,but they need to py more,,go for it..thanks
1 year ago
Hope the payment keeps up
1 year ago
should have made her suck it or jizz in her mouth,then go kiss the stepson...
1 year ago
Noce story, Only fair as she is living free of charge under your roof