Rebound Sex With Rejected Cute Girl.

I had been working quite a lot as I did'nt have much of a reason to do anything else lately, on this particular saturday afternoon I finished work and decided to stop on the way home and buy Subway for dinner.

As I walked up to the counter their was a cute girl ahead of me ordering, she was short in height about 5' 2", a little chubby but she carried it well because she had quite large breasts, pretty face, nice eyes, sexy round ass and a great smile.

While I waited my turn I could not help but check her out as I was much taller than her I had a good view of her breasts down her tank top, at one point she put her hand in her bra and adjusted her boob then as she was doing so she looked up and saw me looking, she blushed a little but smiled when I faked putting my hand over my eyes so as not to look.

I checked the rest of her out as she waited for her sub to be finished, the counter assistant went out the back to get more ingredients and she turned to me and asked did I like what I saw... I said yes I did, your pretty, she said thank you at least someone thinks so, I asked why? and she said a boy she liked had just rejected her telling her she was fat.

I told her not to let it worry her as he was.. speaking from experience an immature idiot who does'nt know a good thing when he see's it, she paided for her food as I ordered mine and asked if I would like to eat with her..

We went over to a park next to the shops, she said her name was Michelle, I introduced myself and asked if she regularly asked guys out, especially older guys, she said guys her own age were not to nice to her because she was a little over weight and she thought I seemed genuine in what I said to her, there was a few moments silence while she looked at me and then said she was really horny and that being rejected by the other boy had ruined her plans, but because she was still so horny and I had shown interest in her would I like to take his place and help with what she needed.

Well I am normally attracted to older mature women but I could'nt help but say yes as she was I found her quite cute and sexy, not wanting her to change her mind I moved over and kissed her then said lets go to my car and move it to the back of the carpark where we be a little more private.

We got into the back of my car and started kissing again as I pulled her tank top off so I could get to her ample breasts, once off she removed her bra and after a brief moment to look at them I dived in to suck on her large nipples, after a minute or two of sucking on her boobs I let my hand slide down her stomach and into her shorts to rub her pussy through her panties, Michelle quickly became wet with my vigourous rubbing and fingering and broke away so she could remove her remaining clothes, I also quickly stripped off my clothes and when I looked up at her I saw her looking down at my hard cock with a smile on her pretty face and said well if you want it go ahead and climb on.

Michelle did'nt wait to be asked twice and slid over stradling me positioning herself so my cock was at the entrance of her pussy before she gently lowered herself onto it, she was nice and tight so it felt fantastic as she started slowly sliding up and down my stiff dick.

Michelle then arched her back a little and leaned back placing some pressure on my hard cock so it hit her G spot as she kept sliding up and down on me, I now had free access to her boobs so I squeezed her boobs and flicked her nipples as she kept pushing down on my cock her orgasm building then all of a sudden she screamed out FUCK! as her orgasm hit her and this was all I needed to help set me off and I pulled her down onto my cock as I came spurting 4 times inside her tight wet hole.

As we recovered from our sex session Michelle smiled and thanked me for making her feel so good, as she was saying this she kept on stroking my now soft cock which was starting to get hard again and I asked if she was up for more, she asked what I had in mind and I said she had a nice arse and asked if she had ever had anal sex before, she said no but said OK do it.

Michelle turned around and put her ass in my direction, I put my fingers into her wet pussy working them in and out then slowly slid one into her butthole getting her ready then slid my now hard cock into her pussy to help lubricate it before I very slowly started to slide it into her virgin ass, Michelle was quiet as I slowly entered her ass, she had her mouth open as she was getting used to the feeling of this new sensation then after she started to get used to my cock in her ass I started to move a little quicker.

I asked her how she was and Michelle looked over her shoulder and grunted her approval as I kept on pushing into her, I thought her pussy was tight but her ass was even tighter which was helping me to another mind blowing orgasm as I shot another load into her ass Michelle yelled out don't stop I'm almost there so while I kept slowly sliding in and out of her ass I reached around and flicked my fingers over her clit to help her to her own orgasm.

I told her that other idiot did'nt know what he missed out on.. she said she might just tell him.
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11 months ago
What a great way to end my night.
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
Great story!
1 year ago
nice, she i awesome.. why cant meet such girls !?
1 year ago
my dick love pussy/ass like a fat girl like cake...good dicking...