His cum in me all night

Ok so, ohhhh yesss meeting that Handsome, Hot guy, was awesome!!! we have so many encounters in so many different places, to mention some of them, in his house: at the kitchen, the living room, his room most of the times, in my house: my room and wow once on the couch of my living room, mmm mmmm, in his car, on the hood of his car and well we had to park in different places too so we wouldn't get caught, all of our adventures were always so hot and all of them bareback.
so having his load inside my boypussy was something that was happening often, I loved so much how my boypussy was always sore, and feeling that satisfying pain, either walking, sitting or doing anything all I can do is keep the secret and remembering why I was sore down there, yeah a great hot fuck that I received earlier.
so when He was shooting his load in me ohhh goshhh that moment was always so great, he made me go crazy, so slutty, so horny, wet, and several nights when he drop me back home, I had to sneak into the house since my f****y didn't know I went out at night, but I went directly to my bed, I wanted to sl**p with all the sensations he left on and in me, his kisses, btw we didn't started kissing after like a year I believe, but I'll save that for another story, So back to this story.
I had a smile those nights that his cum was in me, and I kept it inside all night, outside my boypussy was wet with part of his cum, but most of it was inside me, it made me so happy and on that time it felt special, right now after we started our relationship having his load in me all night is more then special, because I know that his ADN is mixing with mine and being part of me, so back then like 6 years ago, that was happening too, I felt it but didn't understood until recently, ohhhh man, having Daddy's cum in me, drives me nuts, make me feels so special, so loved, so excited, is magical, so we are being one, hopefully one day I will really be able to feel that seed in me growing and becoming our c***d, mmmmmmm I would really love it.
For some guys that would sound crazy but for a sissy boy like me it doesn't because when I'm in his arms, I'm not me anymore, he makes me lose control of myself, he makes feel like melting, he posses me, and he Goshhh is all to me, all my girly side comes out and wants to be taken, used, dominated, marked, owned, my desires, lust and passion are raising over limits and all I want is to be slutty and moan, groan, bounce on his awesome hard cock, feel it sliding in and out of me, feel his cock being slam, ohhh when he fucks me hard and deep is so damn Hot!!!! amazing!!!!
at the moment to cum, he makes sure I do it first and then he does, deep in me mmm mmmmmm those are the ones I love, but I also love swallowing his load sometimes, or being cover with it.
I can't ask for more, I'm so happy and feel so complete. so glad and thankful I met him, all started as sex but now is the greatest and happiest things has ever happened in my life.

LOVE you Daddy!!!!
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6 months ago
it feels awesome mmmmmmmmm
6 months ago
I love the fill of cum driping out of my sissy pussy