First time that He came to my House

Ok, this was a lucky day since my f****y was not at home, so I contacted him, still talking about Daddy the guy that took my virginity, I told him I was home alone and had a good time and house for myself, so he started driving to my house while he got there I was checking that everything was ready, my room to look nice, in order, a body mirror against the opposite wall, right set were I could see myself being fucked yeah it was in front of one of the sides of the bed, and then I recheck everything I thought I was ready, when neighbors decided to cut the bushes on the side of our street it was a just one entrance street and all neighbors were outside, I was like oh damn, the worse part was later, he arrived home, we went inside and upstairs where my room was, he saw the mirror so he knew what I wanted, I believe we talked about that before meeting in few or our hot mails.
so there we were laying on my bed, getting undress and kissing mmm mmmmm, when then neighbors interrupted us because they wanted me to move the car that was interrupting they work with the bushes, so I had to put my clothes on and moved the car, I believe I had my hair all messy by then it was a little longer, I really have no idea what they thought but I was having a Hot time in my room.
So I rush back to the house, run upstairs and there it was on my bed, that awesome hot man naked waiting for me mmmm mmmmmmm I think I jump on him and lay down on his hot body ohhh gosh when he touches me is like a lot of electricity is running all over my body, my heart pumps faster, my boypussy is twitching and those kisses mmmmmmmm I have no more then melt into his arms and let him conquer my body mmmmmm mmmmmmm.
so after all that great sensations, I was laying on my belly and he slid his cock into my pussy I was looking through the mirror that big man on top of me, fucking me so good, well he is taller then me so his body covered all my body and the sensation of our skin rubbing against each other ohhhh damn, I want to do that over and over.
so while I was on my belly, I could felt all his strong body all over me, I love so much when he pulls my hair and move my head back to kiss me so passionate, I love to feel one of his arms around my neck and his hand holding my other hand with our fingers intertwined, I love when his cock is sliding in and out of me it feel so great when all of his cock is out and slides inside then he pulls all of it out and then there it goes again inside me.
I love when his face is just right next to mine and I can hear and feel his breath when he is all excite and horny, I love when he nibbles my neck, and when he uses his tongue inside my ears mmmm mmmm, I love all the bites and hickies he left after awesome hot times together.
and so there we were making love always bareback, since first time has always been bareback, and when he is ready to cum, I love to hear his sounds while shooting that big load inside my pussy mmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmm he makes me moan and groan, and ohhh my gosh, my pussy felt sore because of that great fuck he gave me, but I was full of cum, I watched us through the mirror and so another of my fantasies became real, I was so excited for the encounter, to this point we were not boyfriends yet, just sex partners enjoying each other body mmmmm mmmmm, meeting was always fun, either he coming to me or me going to him, those 6 miles between us were nothing that would stop that sexual fire we both had, I was always horny and needing to be taken and he was always horny and needing to fuck me, well we had an open deal, so no matter what, he could be with anyone else, same me, but knowing me I knew I was more reserved and shy so getting a hook up was not easy in that time, now is easier but for sure I know that Daddy is so experience. One of the things that caught me from him.
Ok, so the next story will be here soon.
thanks for reading.

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