by the Cemetery mmmmmm

Ok, so the encounters with my now Daddy = the guy that took my virginity started, I rode my bicycle to his house and we had hot times there, he drove his car to go and meet me but since I had no place to host we decided to meet by the Cemetery, those 6 miles that keep us apart were nothing since we both were feeling horny and our lust and desire for each other was growing with every time we met.
I still not out of the closet neither he is but he is more experienced then me in all about sex, wow besides an awesome lover, is a great teacher also.
so we were online agreeing to meet he would drive like 15 minutes while I had to run few blocks to the Cemetery, so there was our Spot, in the dark, next to corn fields just him and I, sometimes he got first to our Spot and waited for me in the car and sometimes I got first and waited for him out there standing when I saw the lights of a car turning to my way I knew it was him and damn I got hard, is something that has always happens to me, I got hard super quick.
so once we were together, we sit on back seat of his car, we got naked and fun started, ohhh man, seeing that hot in shape guy drove me crazy, all I wanted is to feel his strong big hands on me, it wouldn't matter where he would touch but anywhere it would gave me that sensation of melting, losing control of myself damn, so he is the top one and I'm the bottom, but sometimes we 69, ohh man I enjoyed so much sucking his cock then feeling mine sucked, when I was sucking him I like a lot feeling his hard cock and I love licking it all and making it wet for me to ride, he fingered me while I sucked, then so good I'm a smaller size then him because I could fit well while riding his cock, so while bouncing on that cock I didn't hit my head on the cars roof, ohhh gosh when his cock was sliding inside my boy-pussy it felt so good, I was always needing that feeling, my boy-pussy loves the sensation of a hard cock stuck in it, so yeahh I enjoy riding that cock over and over, he used his hands to grabbed me from my waist and lift me up to then slam down on his cock, sometimes I would be in a doggy position and he was behind me, I liked it a lot when he was shoving his cock all the way in and pulling it all the way out and then slam it in again, all bareback of course, the situation got so hot that car windows were fogged mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm
and when he was ready to cum he always shot his cum inside me, deep inside me,I liked to hear the sound he made when he was cumming and then it was my turn to cum sometimes still riding his cock I jerked off or sometimes he did it for me, I shot on him my load and wow I liked eating it mmmm mmmmm. so then when we said good bye we were looking forward to our next encounter, we actually end calling that place Our Spot, when I was back home, I had to be so quiet since I sneak out of house I had to sneak in, all to try to keep this amazing experiences secret, but when I was already on bed I was so happy and smiling, knowing that in me I was carrying his hot load, ohhh I loved so much that and I still do, ohh and my boypussy was sore all night but is that kind of sore that you enjoy and like so much, I felt good and excited, my hunger for his cock grow more and more, if we were close or in a different situation on that time, wow I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be able to be apart for a long time, I love that guy that took my virginity once, I love you so much Handsome Daddy!!!!!

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8 months ago
thanks leslie 14 :-)
8 months ago
lovly story