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Today i start my new job as barman in a club. Not a normal discoclub, a club where anything can i happen between all the customers. My boss is a young woman, i have never seen such a beautiful person before. Her name is Daniela, and she has some blue eyes, you can dive into as in a blue lagoon.
She’s my boss so i have to respect her, i can’t have feelings, it would be against the rules, the best way to lose this job...what a pity...
It’s around 11pm, we are together behind the bar, serving the first members some drinks, even champagne is expensive , quite all people ask for some, and tips come often...heyhey...it’s good for me...but suddenly i just notice that Daniela has disappeared, i’m alone, taking care of all the customers, and they are plenty, not a single free second to breathe.
in the middle of the club there’s a little platform with a chair , and a man is sitting there waiting. All lights are turned off for ten seconds and when the light is back i can hear a thunder of applauses.
A woman wearing a black latex suit that cover her all from toes to head is there across his knees her bottom up, bending in a provocative angle. And the man’s hand swoops down on her butt to spank it...one time and a second and a third time...All members are counting in a same voice when the hand reaches the buttocks...4...5...6...25...26 my god will it never end?
She stands up, salutes the audience and the man who did spank her brings her back to the backstage.
Five minuts later, Daniela is back with me behind the bar...
On the second evening, there’s nomore chair in the middle and as the last time the lady boss leaves me and vanishes in the dark backrooms to reappear wearing a leather outfit, such a sexy catwoman, near from the Michelle Pfeiffer’s one in Batman returns. A long whip in her hand, she doesn’t say a word, only her hands are talking. and when the whip cracks things are ending or changing. One young man and a young girl wearing only undies join her on the stage, in silent. The guy stands still, not a single move, and the girl is turning around him with some sensual moves, caressing him time to time kissing him time to time, licking, biting, Daniela raises her left hand and the girl knees and start to lick the guy, thru his briefs we can notice a semi hard one...the whip talks and the girl pulls down the last piece of intimacy that covered him...she raises up and starts to rub her back on him, another whip crack and the guy takes her bra off, she has splendid little breasts, young and innocent ones, with puffy nipples...Now the guy has a real boner, and as Daniela is the real boss on stage she will be the one to use it...she grabs it violently, she rolls her whip around it and starts to walk with the guy following her like a dog on the edge of the leash.... once again all the members are applauding her performance....
I’m so breathless to see such a show i can’t  even congratulate Daniela when she joins me back for the drinks...
The third night there’s a pole, we will have some dance tonight!! i whisper to her ears, and she doesn’t answer...leaving me once again to satisfy the thirst of the customers...Dark, music on (Sadeness by Enigma), lights back and she’s on stage dancing...but we can’t see anything from her as a long priest outfit covers her whole body only her shining eyes we can catch under the hood, she leaves it suddenly and now she’s wearing some high and long boots covering her legs to the birth of her thighs, a real short skirt and a light white shirt on...her show is very hypnotizing, that striptease around the pole is amazing, slowly she opens her shirt, one button after another...revealing a nice white lace bra, she's turning around the pole, holding it with her left hand, facing the audience, her hips shaking with the rythm...a very sensual time, and the skirt rolls down her legs, Daniela is proudly showing some pure white undies, very light satin or silk panties....her shapes are wonderfull, she has everything in the right place, a perfectly round butt, gorgeous tits...and a white skin you would die to kiss and caress ...time to time she jumps on the pole put her legs up around it and get her head down, falling, sliping slowly down the pole, and she gets back on her feet in an elegant legs move....the music ends and she again salutes the audience and runs to the backstage in the middle of the hurrays of the members...

next night events soon....
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