Me and Miss C.....Our Hot Night

One afternoon me and Miss C were talking about getting together for the night and i was telling her about this song that i liked and it really moved me the song was Smooth by Santana and little did i know it would play a big part way in our lives.Well she stopped pass my job and we walked down to our bus stop looking at each other and feeling the heat on our way Miss C grabbed me and pushed me into this garage area and gave me one hell of a kiss that seems to last forever she did not tell me till later she heard the same song and loved it.While we were kissing like we were the last two people on earth i could see the 2 female attendants looking at us and saying damn that white woman got his ass pinned and kissing the shit out of him.After the kiss she said see look what you have done to me turning me into one horny woman wait till we get to the house there is more to come??When we got to the house we were taking our clothes off and picking up where we left off at deep tongue and lip action and more heat she had a friend burn a cd for her and she put it on the first song was Prince-Do me Baby and i did her i grabbed her and put her hands on the wall so she could not touch my head and i told her not to move or make a sound.I tongue fucked her pussy and licked all around the outer edges of her pussy lips and she moaned and i said do not make a sound or talk or i will tongue fuck your pussy till you pass-out.She did not say a word just bit her lip looking down at me fucking her pussy with my tongue and making sure all of her pussy juice was all mine.I then pushed her down on her knees and she knew what was next i shoved my BBC in her mouth and fucked her throat feeling her mouth on it made it much harder when i got hard full length i picked her up and turned her around with her legs spread wide open and i could see her pussy waiting for me i shoved my BBC deep inside her with my left arm holding both of her arms up against the wall i fucked the living daylights out of her sexy ass cheerleader body.I let her arms go and gave her one damn passionate kiss stroking her body with my hands around her waist pounding her longer and deeper by this time she surprised me and got the song SMOOTH by Santana and she loved it too.It seem like we both stopped time because we turned the heat up because i grabbed her like a man possessed and picked her up and fucked her in the middle of the floor fucking her pussy to the song then i lifted her up higher so she could see her mirror she had on the side watching me fucking her which made her cum more her pussy juice gushed down her legs and all over my BBC but i was far from done.I put her down and took her back to the wall face first and leaned her over and said you know whats coming next she said fuck my asshole daddy and i did with her arms crossed in front of her and me holding her she fucking screamed as i tore her asshole up humping and pumping and cumming deep in her ass she was so fucking turned on she turned around and got the rest of my cum and swallowed it.The night ended up with us on the couch talking about how turned on we got and everytime we got together we seem to turn up the heat another notch and this was it our night and ever since then SMOOTH was our song

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