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Get to Know You Before I Fuck You Application
PLEASE DON”T LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To: ____ From: ______Date: __/__/__Age: ___ D.O.B.:__/__/__
City: _________________ State: ____
Height: __ Ft.__ Inches Weight: ______lbs.
Complexion: Light__ White__ Pale__ Caramel__ Brown__ Medium__ Dark__ Nasty Dark__
Eye Color: ___________ Hair Color: ____________
Married:__ Divorced: __ B/G Friend: __ Single: __


Do you drink? If so what? __________________________________________________ __
Do you smoke? If so what? __________________________________________________ ___
Do you like to fuck in the: Morning__ Afternoon__ Night__ Whenever the urge hits__
How do you like to fuck: Hard& Fast__ Slow & Easy__ Wild & Furious__ Jabs__ Deep Stroking__
Short Jolting__ Other__

Where’s your favorite place to fuck? Bed__ Floor__ Kitchen__ Counter__ Living Room__
Coffee Table__ Sofa__ Shower__ Bathtub__ Pool__ Jacuzzi__
Yard__ Car__ Movie Theatres__Roof__ Park__ Holiday Inn__
Other__ Don’t give a fuck as long as I get some__

How do you like sex action? Fucking__ Sucking__ Both__ Masturbating each other__ Orgies__
All the Above__ Other__

When having sex or making love, what do you like done the most? ____________________________
__________________________________________________ ____________________________________

How many times a night do you have sex? ____

How many times would you like to? ____

When fucking, what positions do you like the best? ___________________________________________

Do you prefer your partner: X-Small__ Small__ Bony__ Medium__ Large__ X-Large__ Meaty__ Fat__
Jumbo__ Lean__ Skinny_¬_ Short__ Tall__ Muscular__ Wet__ Dry__
Loose__ Tight__ Flexible__ Other__ Im just horny & don’t give a damn__

Do you like it in the ass? Yes__ No__ All The Time__ Sometimes__ Not Sure__Would like to try__
I’m not telling__

Do you like to be fucked in between the breasts? Yes__ No__ Would like to try__

Do you like oral sex? Yes__ No__ Hell Yeah__ Would like to try__
If yes, are you good at it? Yes__ No__ Not Sure__ The Best__

Are you a big sex freak? Yes__ No__ Not Sure__ Only at night__

When having sex, do you: Scratch__ Scream__ Moan__ Purr__ Keep Quiet__Talk Dirty__
Beg for more__ All the Above__ Other__

When you’re about to cum, do you: Kick__ Bite__ Scratch__ Scream__ Twitch__ Fart__Shake__ Cry__
Kiss & Lick__ Pass Out__ Other__

Describe Your Fantasy: __________________________________________________ _______________

Would you fuck the person who gave you this application? Yes__ Hell Yes__ No__ Fuck No!!!__
With a bag__

Posted by thudg1rl 3 years ago
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1 year ago
can I fill out this application
3 years ago
Great application... will use it if I may...?
3 years ago
3 years ago
Thanks for the add...I think that I will use this answers all pertinent questions.
3 years ago
LOL!!! love this APP sexy i need to post it on my page