I love to go on business trips...

This is my first story, so please be gentle with your comments. It's part true and part fantasy.....

My name is Kate. Several years ago, I had occasion to travel for work every other month or so. I met with the same group of people, but at various locations. I was married at the time, but not happily, and was seriously thinking about divorce. I about 40, a tall brunette, curvy, with large breasts with big nipples.

Over time, I noticed that there was one man in the group always seemed to end up sitting next to me in the meetings, at dinner, drinks etc. He was about 10 years younger than me, and his name was Rob. He was also tall, taller than me, with dark hair, and a fantastic body - just the kind I like - lean but not scrawny - broad shoulders, nice chest, etc. He was also smart, funny and I really enjoyed talking to him. I knew he was single, but I never thought he could actually be interested in old,married me. But how else to explain why he always ended up with me?

One afternoon, after about a year or so of this, a group of us were just walking around the town we were in, taking in the sights. I stepped into a store to buy something and when I came out, the only person there was Rob. I asked him where the others had gone, and he just said they wanted to go back to the hotel, and he didn't want me to be left alone. He then asked me if I wanted to get a drink, and I agreed. I thought OK - this is it.

After a few drinks, he didn't make a move - so I decided that the idea of him liking me was in my head and I said - let's go back to the hotel. But when we got there, he asked if he could walk me to my room, as I was a little tipsy and he wanted to make sure I got there OK.

When we got to my hotel room door, I turned with my back against it so I was facing him, thrust my tits out, looked up at him, and whispered, 'So what now'. He put his arms up and over against the door frame so he was hovering over me, leaned over and said huskily 'Whatever you want,baby'. Both of us then leaned in for a kiss - and he kissed me like I hadn't been kissed in years. That was it. I just had to have him. He then moved his hands down to my tits and I don't know who was moaning more - me or him. We decided we'd better go inside the room before anyone saw us.

Once inside, we continued kissing while caressing each other. I could feel my pussy getting wet and bothered, and could see his huge hard-on and also feel it when he rubbed himself into me. He pulled off my sweater and took off my bra. I thought he was going to cum right there. 'I can't believe I'm finally seeing and playing with the titties of my dreams', he said. 'I've been thinking about this since I met you. Your tits are even bigger and firmer than I thought', He nuzzled his face into my 34G's and licked and sucked and flicked my nipples until I thought I was going to cum.

After a few minutes he pushed me down on the bed into a sitting position and I was eye level with his magnificent crotch. He pulled off his sweater and I took off his jeans and underwear and was rewarded with 9" of thick, rock-hard, dick with two giant balls. I immediately began licking and sucking him while diddling with his balls. He reached down and continued playing with my tits and nipples while I thrust his cock into my mouth and throat over and over again. Sometimes he would grab my hair and pull on it, calling my name.

I really began sucking his rod furiously, using my hand to jerk the base at the same time. I could feel it become even harder, which just urged me on. 'Kate, I'm going to cum!' he yelled, and I just kept on plunging his member into my mouth, in and out, as hard and fast as I could. I knew he was being driven wild, and at that point, so was I. 'I'm cumming in your mouth', he yelled, as he held my head with both hands and jerked it back and forth while his hips and ass bucked and writhed with a huge orgasm. 'Oh baby,oh baby', he groaned. His hot creamy cum filled my mouth and throat. I took it in and swallowed a few times. When he seemed ready, I gently let go of his cock and licked and kissed the tip.

Rob then pushed me back on the bed and pulled my hips forward so I was on the edge. He pulled off my pants and underwear. He knelt down and pushed my legs open. He gently pried my pussy lips apart, and lightly starting tracing the edges with his fingers. I was so wet and ready to go at that point, I begged him, 'Rob, please fuck my cunt!', but he had other things in mind.

After torturing me with his fingers, he started to use his tongue to spread my cunt wider and lick my pussy juices. While he licked and sucked my meaty pussy lips, his hands went to the erect nipples on my tits and flicked and played with them. While I moaned and groaned, he unleashed his tongue on my clit. Nibbling, sucking, licking, I screamed for him to put his whole face in my pussy and grind into me. My clit was going insane!

He then started inserting fingers into my slit and jamming them in and out furiously. Between that, grinding on my clit, and continued nipple action with his free hand, that was it. I screamed for him not to stop, that I was going to cum all over his face. My legs began to shake and hips began to buck and my whole body began to writhe on the bed. I had a shattering orgasm as I pulled his face even harder into my cunt.

Rob then looked up me with a big smile. His entire face was shiny and soaking wet with my pussy juice. He licked his lips and said 'You have the most delicious cunt drippings I've ever tasted. I don't want to wipe my mouth. I'm going to kiss you'. And he did - which I've never done before!

By that time - his cock was ready to go again and we were both ready for the main event. I moved back on the bed and he got on top of me, spreading my legs wide open. While staring into my eyes, on his knees, supporting himself with both arms, he inserted his dick into my pussy, using no hands. We stayed still like that for a few seconds, just enjoying the sensation. Then, he began to thrust. Back and forth and in and out, slowly gaining speed. He then hooked my legs over his elbows and drew me closer. He closed his eyes, and really began to work my pussy, all around. I've never been fucked so thoroughly or for so long before. I could feel myself becoming excited again as he hammered his fully engorged cock into me again and again while his big balls slammed against me.

As I began to moan and groan, he whispered 'What would you like?' I said, 'Baby, I love being fucked doggie'. He said, 'Then roll over bitch'. I got on all fours, and stuck my ass up high in the air. He ran his hands over my buttocks, played with my pussy lips from behind and stuck a few fingers up me for good measure. Then, grabbing my ass, he shoved his cock in - and I mean shoved it. Hard. Slammed it. And kept slamming it, hard and fast, like a machine. I could hear and feel his balls again, slapping against me. His cock was so big and filled up my cunt so much as this angle I could hardly handle it.

I begged him to hit me, and he responded by slapping me sharply on each plump ass cheek. Every slap drove me closer to orgasm. Knowing he was holding my ass cheeks and working them back and forth made me moan and groan while I played with my nipples.

While he continued to hammer my cunt from behind, he reached around and felt for my clit and started teasing it. My pussy clenched around his dick and I began thrusting along with him. This seem to excite him even more. Soon,he was rubbing my clit furiously while my hips were bucking his cock in and out of my pussy.

I screamed that I was cumming, and felt the waves of another orgasm,this time more intense, overtake me. I had never come more than once in one night, and had never come with a man inside me before. After the orgasm subsided, Rob withdrew, flipped me over, and said, 'Now I'm going to take us home'.

He put both my legs on his shoulders and quickly inserted his pulsating dick into my dripping, waiting pussy. He wasted no time building up to a hammering speed as the thrusting went on and on, increasing with every push. He then lifted my ass off the bed, and said 'Kate, I want to cum inside of you'. 'Baby, explode your manhood into me', I replied. He then gave me several huge, slow hard thrusts while he made gutteral a****l sounds and moaned my name. I felt his hot creamy stickiness fill me up and drip out of my cunt down my legs.

After a few minutes, he took my legs off his shoulders, and lay down next to me and we both relaxed in each other's arms. 'Kate', he said, 'I've waited for this for a long time. I didn't know whether to go after you because you're married.' I said 'Rob, I know, I couldn't believe you were attracted to me'. He said' Why? You're gorgeous, especially your breasts. Plus you're smart and funny - I love everything about you. I know you're not happy in your marriage. When you suggested we go back to the hotel after drinks today - I wasn't sure what you meant - so I thought I'd see what happened if I walked you to your room. Even then I wasn't sure until you turned around and practically shoved your tits in my face!'

I laughed and said 'Well, I wasn't sure if I was imagining the attraction or not - so I figured tits in the face were the best way to find out! And yes, I'm not happy in my marriage. I've found out today there are men who can truly sexually satisfy me!'.

'Hey, what do you mean MEN?', he said. 'It's THIS man, for you, baby, and that's it!', and rolled me over so I was under him again, and began kissing me and caressing my breasts. I reached for his dick, which was hard again....

We made love (and well, fucked) several more times that afternoon (and night) ans as much as we could during the remainder of the trip. We continued with this on every business trip and even spent a few weekends together. Alas, distance and other differences (he wanted k**s, I already had them) ended our passionate coupling. I got divorced and am now happily re-married, he is married and has 2 c***dren. We still keep in touch via email...wonder what would happen if we ever saw each other again.....hmmmmm.... walk me to my room?

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Nice story, nice climax
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Loved it! Hot!:)