Wow…Charles Barkley's daughter. I wanna fuck her in the ass.
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My name is Bee. I'm a young black professional from Chicago. I'm in a happy relationship with my beautiful, freaky, curvy white girlfriend Libby. We have been in love and exploring each other sexually for a quite a while now. I am happy to have discovered over the years that we are quite sexually compatible. Basically what that means is that she is as much of a freak as I am, haha! But if you ask her, she'll tell you that I brought it out of her. I'l take it ;) One thing is for sure, that freak was in her already.

Both Libby and I share an affinity for sloppy blowjobs. Particularly, in the white girl vs black cock category. She loves when I fuck her throat, making her gag and choke til she's frothing at the mouth and soaking my cock and balls in her mucousy throat goo. I LOVE IT. And just the act of it makes her soaking wet. She slipped up and puked all over my cock and balls once. She was so embarrassed at first, but I loved it. It was wasn't chunky and full of food, but more slimey and cum-like. Very thick and milkey. I stroked my dick with all her nasty fluids and came harder than I had ever cum in my life! Still embarrassed, she for ran for a towel and apologized profusely for puking all over me. I pulled her close to me...kissed her soft pink lips, still gooey with spit & slobber, cum dripping from her chin onto her tits...and told that nothing has ever turned me on more! I was overwhelmed. This was in fact a long time fantasy of mine that I never had the gaul to admit to, let alone ask for. And finally, it was fulfilled! Seeing how excited I was, Libby immediately changed her tone from apologetic to aroused. "You really enjoyed that huh?" she asked with a smile on her still wet face while stroking my slowly deflating, happy black cock. The rest was history... We'd like to expand our horizons and try more sexually deviant things, always safely of course.

Thanks for visiting everyone and happy fappin! Peace,

Bee & Libby

1. No Content, No Add. Only dick pics as content, No add. Nothing in common, No add. If your profile seems fake, No Add.
2. Any rude, hateful, or racist comments will be removed and you'll be blocked.
3. Libby will not be camming with you or hooking up with you. And no we don't swing, sorry. She and I may flirt, and even talk a bit nasty, but it is all in fun and never because we are interested in breaking the fidelity of our relationship.
4. Stay healthy, happy, and horny my friends ;)

Link to avatar movie:
http://www.xvideos.com/video6732344/kit_kat_club_ _spatzle_the_german_punkgirl_swallows_piss_gets_fucked_hard

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4 hours ago
Very nice page, buddy!! Libby sounds like my very adventurous friend Kat....
2 days ago
LOVE deepthroating....love your profile and videos.
5 days ago
Buenos videos
8 days ago
Link is in the "about us" section of the profile just above the cock monster gif
10 days ago
Nice avatar
where can i find it?
18 days ago
thanks! You too! amazing uploads and favorites :)
21 days ago
I love your avatar, damn!
26 days ago
beau profile on aime beaucoup
1 month ago
Your avatar makes me laugh because I do that to my wife all the time
1 month ago
Thank you sir!
1 month ago
Great profile, pics and vids!!
1 month ago
That's what I've come looking for .!!!!
1 month ago
excellent page
1 month ago
Thanks and no problem!
1 month ago
Thank you for your posts, and especially for posting the Link.
1 month ago
Oh shit DTD commented on my page!! lol. Yeah, I've got it too. I suppose I should just post the link on my profile so everyone can quit asking. It's an honor to have your visit the profile bro!
1 month ago
I have the source of your avatar;)
1 month ago
Happy new year 2015! I wish you many pleasures and love!
I love your avatar, it's come from what video?
1 month ago
Me too!
1 month ago
Love puke throatfuck man
1 month ago
Thanks, awesome vids!
1 month ago
Your girl is fucking sexy man put a ring on it for sure.
1 month ago
Thank you!
1 month ago
Glad you enjoy. Happy fappin!
1 month ago
Thanks man!
2 months ago
Avatar is awesome. Had a few chicks puke for me like that in my life.
2 months ago
Just popping in to say yes yo!! ;)
2 months ago
Very nice Avatar...-))
2 months ago
What a collection!!! Slamming the cock down the throat is such a great thing to do and watch. Wow.
2 months ago
nice profile and favs!
2 months ago
I can't complain. Winter has been mild so far. I could always use more sloppy blowjobs though ;)

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