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Standards of Etiquette for Real Men Addressing Wom

After reading numerous “wall of shame” blogs by various women on Xhamster, I decided that perhaps a basic set of standards of etiquette should be developed for the real men of Xhamster.

Gold Standard: What might you say the first time you spoke to a pregnant lady sitting next to you on a bench while waiting for the bus? (This is a super safe first contact standard on xham. Honestly, it’s also one that many women will find boring, but, it’s most likely to be answered just because they are so damn stunned by your politeness)

Bronze Standard: This is what you say if you had a TRULY clever p... Continue»
Posted by edintx99 9 months ago

If you have a "someone" like this in you

There are people in this world that are positive to ones well being...and then there are those who are downright toxic. Toxic defined by the following

1) They have frequent terrible mood swings and they can flip on a dime for no reason

2) Everything wrong in their world somehow becomes your fault even if you nothing to do with the bad chain of events and no involvement whatsoever

3) They claim to be a "friend" although if you piss them off even just a little they will often be out for your bl**d and try to shame you/embarass you in whatever way possible in revenge..preferably in publi... Continue»
Posted by crazydaisyann111 9 months ago

Men of xhamster: Do yourselves a favor...

and calm the fuck down. With the ratio of men-to-women probably already sitting at 100:1 or more, why does it seem like so many of you are hell-bent on driving the remaining women off of this site?(gay men not included, of course. This isnt directed at you guys.)It seems like every week, someone on my friend list has decided to close her account, and if Im able to catch her before she does so and ask her why, 99% of the time they give the same reason: disrespectful men. And lets not forget about the tons of women who dont even last a few hours before being scared off. Guys, I understand... Continue»
Posted by gimmecurves 4 years ago

Nicole Heat - hot photo-realistic hardcore comics

Good evening dear friends of xHamster. I've just discovered a fanstastic hardcore comic girl, which I adore from now on. The drawings are amazing, they are in a fantastic way photo-realistic, but you can feel, there are no real girls on the images and the shown scenes are purely fictional.


You can find her i amazing cartoon stories, but she can slo find in soft portaits or even in may really hardcore images.


[image] Continue»
Posted by gentletomcat 1 year ago

Reflections on Christmas (A few things you might n

Reflections on Christmas (A few things you might not know about Christmas)

As we repose contentedly full of food, and possibly too much drink, on Christmas Day, it might amuse us to consider some of the origins and roots of the festival we call “Christmas” and reflect that Christmas ain't what it used to be; not by a long margin. In fact our Christmas today is the culmination of many centuries of myth making, fairy stories, astrological gobbly-de-gook, theological tinkering and argument, political manipulation and popular culture. In essence, the meaning of Christmas has always be... Continue»
Posted by Mikebasil 1 year ago

Bligblog movie stuff

It's weird isn't it?
I love writing stupid blog stuff, so I'm on it again. Let's have some fun this time, the last blogs weren't that fun for me (but yeah it's a personnal thing). This new one will be much more enjoyable for the both of us...well for me and all of you girls and boys out here.
So let's begin.
Oh wait...
I forgot to say what the fuck I was going to talk about.
Wel fuck this and fuck that let's talk about my favorite movies. Not sure if these will really be my favorite movies but at least movies I enjoy(ed) a lot. I just need a number. Uhm...twenty? 20? Yeah I like that numb... Continue»
Posted by ellenblake 1 year ago

Music thing bloggy blog stuff

So yeah I talked about my favorite movies so here's a new list thing with my favorite albums with no real order or anything.
Let's start with that one or maybe with the other...nah I don't know.
Here are 20 of my favorite albums or at least albums I always listen to! But as you might know it changes all the time, everyday could be different.

01. Queen - Queen II
02. Black Sabbath - Seventh Star
03. Whitesnake - Saints and Sinners
04. Great White - Great Zeppelin (a Live album that is better than any Live recordings of the real Led Zeppelin...that's weird...)
05. Wend
... Continue»
Posted by ellenblake 1 year ago

14 pages.

Posted by hk55 1 year ago

The World of Michael Parks

I found the amazing page of the artist Michael Parks which I like to share:

A few samples here:

"Circus Girl" - Mixed Media on Vellum

"Muse, The" - Bronze

"Lion's Return" - Oil on Canvas

"Cleopatra - 1990" - Stone Lithograph
[image]http://th... Continue»
Posted by gentletomcat 1 year ago

Svetlana Valueva

Svetlana Valueva, Moscov October 24,1966.

Never minded to find a so good image for my profile.
Posted by sorcererowl 1 year ago

My Indian Summer

I've been offline for several months so I thought I would write a little about what I was up to this spring and summer of the year 2013. Nothing too sexual here. So I'm sorry about that. It was a very eventful several months, but things didn't exactly go as planned.

The plan was to go to India for a few months and stay at an ashram and experience Tantric Yoga. I did get to India. Unfortunately, I never did make it to the ashram.

After landing in Mumbai, I traveled by train for a few days. Then I decided to stay at what pa... Continue»
Posted by rose__girl 1 year ago

A funny little Game

Ein munteres kleines Spiel - Einfach im Kommentar ein beliebiges Bild wünschen und ich versuche euch den Wunsch zu erfüllen. Hier zwei Beispiele:

A funny little Game - Just write a comment with any photo motif, you'd like to see. And I will see, what I can do for you. Here are two examples:

1. Ich wünsche mir ein Bild von einer Dame, die eine Pizza in der Badewanne isst.
1. I wish the pic of a girl, eating a pizza in a bathtube.

2. Ich wünsche mir ein Bild von einem Blowjob mit einer doofen ... Continue»
Posted by gentletomcat 1 year ago

[Story] Delilah and the Deep Blue Sea. (Part Two)

When I awoke the next morning I was alone. I rose up from my bed amidst the ruins of the villa and peered around cautiously. There was no sign of her. Carefully I tip-toed out from the ruins and conducted a quick scan of the surroundings. The little olive grove was quite deserted other than the small creatures with which I shared the island. These seemed busy at this early hour. There was a little dark grey bird singing from the scrub at the edge of the olive grove. It had a musical voice I found quite soothing. I was to become familiar with that little bird and the mate he found to build ... Continue»
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[Story] Delilah and the Deep Blue Sea. (Part One.)

This story has taken me forty years to tell and I only finally relate it now in the firm conviction that nobody will believe a single word of it. In many respects that doesn’t concern me. I have other motives than those of persuading the reader of the veracity of my tale. I write it more to exorcise a ghost that has haunted me for most of my adult life and will doubtless continue to do so for the rest of my days. It is a story, the memory of which, has been my constant companion these past forty years and has dominated my life in the sense that everything I am today has been shaped by tho... Continue»
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Girls on bikes

I appreciate both very much...








[image] Continue»
Posted by gentletomcat 1 year ago

An Ancient Love Story.

An Ancient Love Story.

Let me tell you a story! Once upon a time in a land far away there lived a woman. Well there's nothing special about that and to tell the truth there is little about the early life of this woman to mark her out as any different from any other woman of her day. It was what she did later in her life that marks her out as someone extraordinary.

I won't tell you the name of the woman just yet because that would spoil the story but her name means pleasant or beautiful so, for the sake of the story, let's call her “Beauty”. Now we don't really know what she l... Continue»
Posted by Mikebasil 1 year ago

Random Questions Asked #5

1. Stranded on a desert island with one person (it can't be me)?
2. One major weakness is?
3. Broken arm or leg(must pick one)
4. What are your 3 favorite sites?
5. Worst pick up line up you used?
6. Horizontal or Vertical Stripes?
7. Which of the 5 senses would you say is the strongest?
8. Unusual fears or phobias?
9. If you swapped genders for a day,What would you do?
10. If captain of a ship,What would you name it?
11. What is your favorite letter of the alphabet and why?
Posted by jeni20 1 year ago

Iris and Psyche

In a place much closer than you may think lies a Jardin Sauvage in which exists flora of every size, shape and hue.
Lilies and roses, daisies and violets nestle together in well-defined cliques, some small and some large, sharing the sun and happy to be in each other’s company. Some cliques have large and gaudy flowers whereas others contain small, colourless and underdeveloped blossoms that are hardly visible to the eye.

Then, of course there are the weeds, many of them superficially pretty and attractive, but there sole raison d’etre is to invade and choke the life out of garden and give... Continue»
Posted by Clymene 1 year ago

Have you ever?

Have You Ever?

Have you ever danced naked by the light of the moon?
Danced to the rhythm but forgotten the tune?
Have you ever kissed a lover at Scarborough Fair,
With the waves on the foreshore and the wind in you hair?
Have you ever climbed a mountain because it was fun
And lay in the flowers in the afternoon sun?
Have you ever seen an eagle high on the wing,
Or sat in the dark while the nightingales sing,
Have you ever made love by a camp fire light,
And whispered of love in the quiet of the night?
Healing the wounds and forgetting the scars,
Have you ever lai... Continue»
Posted by Mikebasil 1 year ago

Thank you Egi.

With Love from Bavaria (Thank you Egi.)

There are some things that are both sad to write and yet are things to take pleasure and in and celebrate. One of those things occurs this week. It is a milestone of sorts, a chance to say farewell and a chance to say thank you. It is something which we will all sadly miss yet can nevertheless be grateful that it occurred at all. It is the time to say goodbye to the beautiful posts of Egi and to express our appreciation of his long and often thankless effort.

Egi, as we all know, hales from the southern German state of Bavaria. In case an... Continue»
Posted by Mikebasil 1 year ago

The Nemo

John Fowles
The Aristos


1~ I trace all of these anxieties back to a supreme source of anguish: that of the nemo.

2~ Freud, like arbitrary but convenient Caesar with Gaul, divided the human psyche into three parts, or activities: the super-ego, which attempts to control or repress the other two parts; the ego, which is the province of conscious desires; and the id, which is the obscure chaos of u*********s f***es. To Freud the basic energy that both requires the interaction and explains the functions of these three parts of the psyche was the libido, sexual desire, wh... Continue»
Posted by Olive8 1 year ago

Erin's Lament

Erin's Lament.

The last of the two steam tenders pulled clear of the ship lying at anchor off Roches Point, the outer anchorage of the port of Queenstown. The tenders exchanged a chorus of whistles with the ship as they gave her wide berth and sea room; the tender crews admiring the great elegant bulk of her in her livery of red, white and black. There'd been another one hundred and twenty three passengers to join her on this last port of call before the great ocean beyond; three for first class, seven for second and, inevitably, the rest for steerage. The steerage passengers had ... Continue»
Posted by Mikebasil 1 year ago

Down Voting Never Changes

I thought that with the introduction of the new version of xHamster, one star voting would disappear. Instead, it has taken a different form in the presence of "thumbs down." I posted two new photo galleries of images of pretty girls with nice cans in the last few days. I gathered these photos from the internet; I have no vested interest in them nor do I know the models. Yesterday, some hate driven malcontent assigned four thumbs down to each photograph in both galleries. Is this supposed to hurt my feelings? Why would one, for instance, give this photo a negative vote: http://xham... Continue»
Posted by handsonjob 1 year ago

she's not giving anything away

Mae West
by Edward Field

She comes on drenched in a perfume called Self-Satisfaction
from feather boa to silver pumps.

She does not need to be loved by you
though she'll give you credit for good taste.
Just because you say you love her
she's not throwing herself at your feet in gratitude.

Every other star reveals how worthless she feels
by crying when the hero says he loves her,
or how unhoped-for the approval is
when the audience applauds her big number--
but Mae West takes it as her due:
she knows she's good.

She expects the best for herself
and knows she's wo... Continue»
Posted by shhh85 1 year ago

Andromeda; The Chained Maiden.

Andromeda: the Chained Maiden.

This blog accompanies the gallery “Andromeda” in my picture galleries. Andromeda was the chained maiden of Greek mythology whose story has been a part of our cultural heritage for at least two and a half thousand years and probably much longer. It has always been my favourite among the rich wealth of Greek myths and legends. Perhaps it’s just the submissive in me but I’ve always identified with the maiden chained helplessly to the rocks in sacrifice to a diabolical sea monster and wondering when her designated ... Continue»
Posted by Mikebasil 2 years ago

A Brief History of Group Sex.

A Brief History of Group Sex according to the artist Blas Gallego.


b]Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Middle Ages

[image]http://www.blasg... Continue»
Posted by Mikebasil 1 year ago

[Story] My Death (The Prequel)

I never heard the round that day that slammed into my chest.
I felt the icy pain take hold as it totally missed my vest.
Slapped right down upon the rocks as I rolled up off my side.
I couldn't get up off that field no matter how hard I tried.

I feel the bl**d loss draining me, seconds before I die.
The scent of cordite lingered about as I looked up in the sky.
Lazy clouds dot my perception, drifting in a cobalt blue,
my armor and gear weighed me down as I appreciated the view.

Knowing that it would happen ... Continue»
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How do you count rank?

Users with amount of comments
0-50 get rank Newbie
51-150 Porn Lover
151-500 Porn Expert
501-1000 Kama Sutra Guru
1001-2000 Pornstar
2001-5000 Celebrity
5001-8000 Pimp
8001-15000 Porn King/Queen
15001-25000 xHamster Legend
25000+ you'll get an option in your profile to customize your rank
Posted by JerseyBean 1 year ago

[Story] (Poetry) My Death

I felt your icy fingers upon my soul as you gazed into my eye.
I heard your demons beckoning as you lifted up your Scythe.
You called my name within your list as you wrung your hands in glee.
You beckoned my soul to heed your call but you won’t set me free.

I’ve earned a special place in your realm of suffering and pain.
You’ve waited for souls just like mine in this existence and plane.
I’d lead your minions of harvested souls that have lost their way in life.
To enhance Mankind’s suffering by creating mass pain and strife.

I’d be f***ed to live and to suffer on the Earth right no... Continue»
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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the redundant nature of many of the questions I receive on a daily basis here on Xhamster, I thought it might be a good idea to create this post to provide answers for some of the more frequently asked ones. I know that some of these questions are probably just harassment, but they are very real and I get them at least once a week.

Who's "Lilith?" I explain this in my bio, however I wrote another blog entry with my conception of Lilith, what she means to me, and why I chose her as my avatar for this site. If you want a more historical/mythological perspective, Michae... Continue»
Posted by lilith10 1 year ago