The Bondage Whore, Chapter 12

The Bondage Whore, by Rachel St. Clair, All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 12 - Wasting Away the Years

Rachel was spending an unusually quiet Wednesday night in a melancholy mood. She was unaware from her position in the stock that it was raining heavily out, and of course the customers were staying home. Unfortunately for Rachel, that meant she had a lot of time to think, which was not necessarily a good thing when one is locked up in a stock the way Rachel was. The date was July 15th, and that meant Rachel was now celebrating her third year as a bondage whore.

"Three years wasted away... locked up like a piece of meat...." Rachel sadly thought to herself. "I wonder just how many hours, hell days, I've spent locked up like this?" So while Rachel had a hard time reading, she was actually quite sharp with numbers, mostly from years on the streets dealing with customers. Her mind soon drifted into the math...

"Let's see, its been exactly three years. Jimmy lets me have that one week off each year, and there were those two days that I caught the flu and couldn't work. Boy, was Jimmy mad about that! Anyway, that's 51 weeks a year, times three. 153 weeks total. I worked six days a week for all but the first two which were four days each. So that means I've endured 153 times 6 shifts, minus two, minus four more (those first two weeks). That would be... let's see. 150 times 6 is 900, 18 more is 918, minus six is 912. Holy shit. Nine hundred twelve days locked up like this. And each shift is ten hours, but I'm always locked up by 4:45pm and rarely does Joe get me undone before 3:45am, so each shift is really about eleven hours."

"So that means, in hours, 912 times 11. Damn, I wish I wasn't stuck, I need a pencil... wait, 912 times ten is 9120. Then 912 more is..... 20 plus 12 is 32, no carry, 9100 plus 900...... 10,000... so, 10,032."

"Over 10,000 fucking hours!!! Oh my God. Okay, so what is that in days? Damn, I'm not real good at division. So what is 100 hours? Once I know that number it'll be one hundred times that. Hmmm, 100 divided by 24 is over four days. Four days plus four hours. So that means four hundred days. 400 Days!! Holy holy shit, that's more than a year of my life locked up like this. Wait! Also the four hours... that makes 400 more hours, sixteen more days and sixteen hours. Okay, so the grand total is: 416 days and sixteen hours."

Rachel stood there, lewdly bent over, legs spread, dildo gagged, and mesmerized, unable to do little more than repeat that to herself, over and over, almost as if in shock.

"Four hundred and sixteen days of my life... Four hundred and sixteen days of my life... Four hundred and sixteen days of my life..."

"And by the end of my term it'll be another, let's see... 51 times ten times six.... 510 times six... 3,060.... divided by 24. Oh damn, I hate division. Well it'd be that four days plus four hours times thirty this time. 120 days and 120 hours... Okay, that is exactly five days. So, oh its so hard to do this all tied up. Concentrate Rach! That means my total, when I'm finally done will be 536 days, oh plus the five. 541 days."

"Five hundred forty one days of my life. Five hundred forty one days spent immobilized as a fucktoy. Five hundred forty one days. As a fucktoy. And why me? Why did this happen to me?"

With that thought Rachel drifted off into a sad reverie, only to be interrupted a few minutes later by a wet but horny customer. "And I wonder how many people have fucked me too", Rachel thought as the man approached the sad bondage whore.

Thirty minutes later the man was gone, and Carmen had just finished cleaning Rachel up. Rachel continued with her sad calculations, "I just have to know how many men have fucked me. Well at least I can estimate it. On a typical weekend there may be twenty to maybe even thirty customers. Some just get head, a lot in fact on the weekends. During the week and Sunday more like to take their time and fuck me. Usually fifteen customers on a weekday, maybe ten or less on Sunday. Well this is too complicated. Let's just figure its fifteen men per session. I've done 912 so far, and 306 more next year... 1,218 sessions and fifteen guys per session... 1218 times ten is 12,180 and half that more is 6,090. No way! 18,000 men? 18,270. No way, that's way too many. Course many repeat customers. I'll never know how many specific guys have done me, but 18,000 times getting fucked? Holy shit". The bondage whore drifted off into a trance-like state as she pondered the significance of the various numbers:

"Five hundred forty one days of my life spent immobilized as a fucktoy. Over 18,000 times getting fucked in some manner or another by total strangers. Many whose face I never even saw. Incredible."

"Oh, and I'll have to ask Jimmy sometime how many visitors he gets to his webcams."

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2 years ago
if you do the same thing every say it does have its boring times good luck to you Rachel
3 years ago
3 years ago
The devil is in the detail :)
3 years ago
This can get very complcated thanks
3 years ago
Good mental
3 years ago
at least she is good at 2 things
3 years ago
I assume there will be more as the story is good