The Bondage Whore, Chapter 10

The Bondage Whore, by Rachel St. Clair, All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 10 - An Unwanted History Lesson

"Well, well, well... I do believe this just might be my worst student ever, little trouble-maker Rachel Wells."

"Oh no, Mr. Linebrink!" Rachel couldn't believe her horrible luck. Her old 6th grade US History teacher!

Mr. Linebrink stood there, with an ear to ear grin, looking straight down at Rachel's imprisoned face. "Yep, was I right! Wasn't I Rachel? You do remember that day in class, don't you? That day when I told you that you'd wind up a prostitute, or a stripper, or maybe at best, a cocktail waitress. Remember?"

And in fact, Rachel did remember. She hated Mr. Linebrink's class, there was so much useless information to learn, and she simply didn't see the point. "Who cared what people who lived so long ago did?" Rachel had actually said that to Mr. Linebrink, which had prompted his prediction regarding Rachel's future. A prediction that now had turned out to be 100% correct!

"Yep, I know you do. Oh, and I love those huge boobies you got implanted, perfect, and that stripper sounding last name. Or did you marry someone with that name?" Rachel nodded negatively, ever so slightly. "Ha, thought not."

Mr. Linebrink was thoroughly enjoying this. A slightly balding man, short and stocky, history was his love, and it hurt him deeply when a student showed utter disregard for the subject, as Rachel had. Rachel was a nightmare of a student as well, the kind that not only ignored the teacher, but also completely disrupted class by flirting with all the boys and wearing tiny shorts every day.

Mr. Linebrink finally reached forward and popped out Rachel's dildo gag. "Perfect! Wish I had one of these for you that year. And this stock too. Would've kept you locked up in the back of class, so at least the boys could've learned something", he chuckled.

Rachel was so humiliated and embarrassed, she didn't know what to say.

"Let's see, its been about ten, maybe twelve years, if I remember right. How old are you now whore?"

"Twenty five." Rachel quietly answered.

"Hmm, so about twelve or thirteen years. Well, no matter. Payback is always sweet, especially the longer one waits for it..."

"Oh no" Rachel thought.

"You know whore, I honestly believe that you learned absolutely nothing that year." Mr. Linebrink was clearly leading up to something. "Not that I didn't try to teach your stupid ass, but you simply didn't care. Or maybe you really are just extremely DUMB!"

"No, that's not true. I learned a lot."



"Ok, well then maybe that is true." Mr. Linebrink was now slowly pacing back and forth in front of the stock, in front of Rachel, clearly considering his options. Finally, as if a great decision had been made, he declared, "Well then, in that case, maybe I should let you have a chance to prove that. Remember my old quizzes whore?"


"Five questions. Basic stuff we just covered the day before. As I recall, you never got an answer right on any one of them."

"I'm sure I got some right." Rachel softly replied, she was a little concerned where all this was heading.

"Oh no, I definately recall that you didn't. In fact, I even once wished I could take you over my knee and give you the spanking you needed and deserved back then. But of course, the school board never would've approved, now would they?"

Rachel was sure she knew what was coming now... And she wished she could be anywhere but here!

"So here's what I'll do. As you may recall, I'm a fair man. I'll give you a chance to re-take a quiz right now! Five questions. Every question you get wrong, you get ten swats... hmmm, let's see...", Mr. Linebrink disappeared around the stock. Reappearing, with the hard wooden paddle in hand, he declared, "With this!"

Rachel groaned. "Please Mr. Linebrink, not with that. That really hurts!"

"Oh I'll bet it does. And of course we have those big huge boobs of yours too. Let's see..."

Again Mr. Linebrink rounded the stock, returning with the leather tit slapper that Rachel hated so much. "And this seems quite appropriate. I say ten swats with this for each boob as well, for each missed question. Perfect!" Mr. Linebrink was clearly enjoying this. Rachel was dying inside.

"Okay, then that's settled. Ten paddles on your butt, and ten on each boob for each missed question, Miss Wells, I mean Miss St.Clair. HA! I mean WHORE! Are we ready?"

"Please no."

"Oh but you said you learned something. We just have to find out."

"But its been a long time! I probably forgot everything. Over ten years!" Rachel definately didn't want to take this quiz!

"Ok, fair is fair. I'll make it simple. Easy stuff that every 2nd grade student in the United States would know."

Mr. Linebrink walked around the stock, sizing Rachel up, taking his time, enjoying the moment. A moment of sweet revenge was about to come! Not every teacher gets to square the score with an old problem student, and Mr. Linebrink knew it too. "This may wind up being the best $100 I ever spent", he thought to himself.

"Question one. Name the first president of the United States."

Rachel gulped. She had no idea, and could only think of the name of one president.

"You have thirty seconds whore. Answer." Mr. Linebrink was looking Rachel right in the eyes.

"Um, Abraham Lincoln?"

"Wrong." Mr. Linebrink deliberately walked around the stock.

"Ok, whore, after each swat you will thank me for it, and ask me for the remaining number. We'll see if you can count."


"OOWWWW!" Rachel involuntarily cried.

"Count it whore. And thank me!"

"Number one. Thank you."

"Hmmm, not quite. End it with 'because I'm a stupid whore.' Let's try that again. And leave the ouches off."


"Owww. Thank you, sir. Number two."

"Nope, that was a repeat of number one. No number two until you answer each swat correctly. This is what you must say: 'Number one, thank you Mr. Linebrink, may I have nine more because I'm a stupid whore?"


"Number one, thank you sir, may I have nine more because I'm a stupid whore?"

"Rhymes nicely, doesn't it? Well yes you may, but first your tits..."

Slap, slap! Mr. Linebrink quickly snapped the slapper across each of Rachel's dangling tits.

"Number one, thank you sir, may I have nine more because I'm a stupid whore?"

"Who said you could call me sir? My name is Mr. Linebrink. Use it. We'll do number one again."

SMACK! Slap, slap!

"Thank you Mr. Linebrink, may I have nine more?"


"Oh, because I'm a stupid whore!"

"Well whore, I can see this will take all night... Well that's fine with me."

Finally Rachel memorized her answer and Mr. Linebrink administered her ten swats and tit slaps. Rachel already had had enough, when she heard Mr. Linebrink declare, "Question two. Name one branch of the American Government."

"Oh no!" Rachel wailed silently to herself. She had no clue as to what a branch of government even was.

"Answer whore. now."


SMACK! Slap, Slap!

"Number one. Thank you Mr.Linebrink, may I have nine more because I'm a stupid whore?"

SMACK! Slap, Slap!

"Number two. Thank you Mr.Linebrink, may I have eight more because I'm a stupid whore?"

SMACK! Slap, Slap!

"Number three. Thank you Mr.Linebrink, may I have seven more because I'm a stupid whore?"

SMACK! Slap, Slap!

"Number four. Thank you Mr.Linebrink, may I have six more because I'm a stupid whore?"

After a while the punishment became ritual and Rachel seemingly daydreamed her way through it, much like her old days in Mr. Linebrink's class, getting all five questions horribly wrong. Luckily for Rachel however, she was good at numbers and found herself quite capable of counting backwards, so she did manage to avoid too many repeat strokes.

Finally, after her last ten punishment strokes were administered, and with her sore ass and dangling tits throbbing, the poor stupid bondage whore felt her old sixth grade history teacher mount her from behind, chuckling like a young boy who just found a dollar on the street.

"Oh, this is the worst visit I've ever had, I'm so humiliated, and sore!" the poor stupid bondage whore sobbed to herself as Mr. Linebrink humped away at Rachel, no doubt already mentally planning his next return visit, and even more quiz questions.

90% (21/2)
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2 years ago
you can learn almost anything if your teacher know how to teach
3 years ago
love to be the teacher
3 years ago
see paying attention does have its point
3 years ago
Not good wnen someone from private life turns up
3 years ago
Should have paid more attention in class
3 years ago
Aw poor Rachel :(
3 years ago
I bet that left a mark thanks