The Bondage Whore, Chapter 7

The Bondage Whore, by Rachel St. Clair, All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 7 - Payday Surprise

On Monday, Rachel woke up in a perky mood. The start of three days off, and also her first payday! As she swung out of bed, for once she barely even noticed the chastity belt. Rachel had spent much of her time these past two weeks daydreaming, and planning what to do with her new-found wealth. As she showered, all she could think of is what $4,000 would feel like in her hands. She'd never had that much money at one time before. One thing she knew she wanted to do, was get out of the "fleabag", into a nice apartment.

Once she was done showering, Rachel headed out the door to pick up her check, wearing her usual thong cutoffs, platform heels, and tube top. It was an overcast rainy day, chilly even, but Rachel hardly noticed. "$4,000", was all she could focus on. All the hell of being a bondage whore for two weeks was now about to pay off big! "Heck, I'm going to head over to the bank too, to open a savings account. I'll save up enough to get out of this business someday soon", she thought.

Soon she arrived and greeted Monica. "Hi Rach! Go tend to your bathroom duties while I get your check." Rachel headed off to find Joe.

About ten minutes later Rachel returned. "Here you go, enjoy", Monica said as she handed Rachel an envelope.

"Thanks, Mon", Rachel said as she immediately ripped it open. Rachel looked at the check, then tried to refocus her eyes as she couldn't believe them. Instead of $4,000 the check was for $480. Rachel stood frozen, dumbfounded, in shock.

After a few seconds Monica, who had been watching Rachel intently, finally said, in a teasing tone, "Something wrong, sweetie?"

"Yeah", Rachel stammered. "This is wrong. I'm supposed to be getting $4,000."

"Really? That's strange. Jimmy never makes mistakes regarding money. Well, he's in if you want to see him. I can dial him for you if you'd like."

"Please do." Rachel was starting to get angry, sensing this was another one of those "It's in the contract scams."

Monica picked up the phone and dialed Jimmy. "Jimmy, Rachel wants to see you. Shall I send her in?" Monica put down the phone and said "Go on in."

Rachel entered Jimmy's office. Jimmy was sitting at the desk, looked up and sweetly said, "Rachel sweetie, so glad to see you on your first payday. I must say, I'm so proud of you, only two weeks and already you're my best girl! What can I do for you honey?"

Rachel was caught off guard by that, her heart softened a bit as Jimmy said that. "Well, I'm not sure, but I think my paycheck is wrong." Rachel held it out to Jimmy. "Ok, let's see." Jimmy took the check and purposefully looked it over, taking his time. After about half a minute, Jimmy said, "No, actually, it's correct."

"But how can that be?", Rachel wailed. "It's supposed to be $50 an hour. I worked eight shifts, 80 hours."

"Easy Rachel, let me explain", Jimmy softly said. "Your starting pay is indeed $50 an hour. That's $4,000 gross pay, as you expected, but some deductions occur that you obviously weren't expecting. Some are from the government, and the others are listed in the contract. Let's go through them in detail."

"Okay", Rachel gulped, as she realized what was coming.

"I'll go through this for one single hour of pay, the $50, to make this easy", Jimmy said as he pulled out a calculator. "First, the IRS takes 28% to cover your taxes. 28% of $50 is $14. That reduces it to $36. Next social security and medicare take $6 and the state takes $4. That brings it to $26."

Jimmy paused and continued, "Now the next couple of deductions are specified per contract, two dollars for Joe's services, one dollar for Carmen, and one dollar each for stock, room, and belt rental. That brings it to $20. All of this is yours, except for the 70% deferral, also per contract."

"Deferral?", Rachel asked, not at all sure what that meant.

"Yes, 70% of your pay is deferred until your contract has been completed. 70% of $20 is $14, which leaves you with an hourly take home of six dollars. Since you worked eighty hours, that makes your pay $480."

"I'm sorry, Jimmy, I don't understand that word, deferral. What does that mean?"

"Well Rachel, it means that I am taking f******n of those twenty dollars of yours and placing it in a special trust fund for you. The money is yours once you have successfully completed your end of the contract. Then, the money will be paid to you in a single lump sum, plus interest and any investment earnings it may have accumulated. It could be worth anywhere from $150,000 to possibly $350,000 by then."

Rachel was silent as she let that sink in. Then Jimmy's tone turned very business-like. "Rachel, let me be frank with you for a moment. I am running a business in a very very competitive environment since the legalization of prostitution. This business targets a very special segment of the sex-seeking public, to say the least. Without that angle, I'd have been put out of business by the big houses long ago. My continued existence is 100% dependent on having girls locked in my stocks each and every night. As you've no doubt figured out by now, that belt makes you show up here every night, whether you want to or not. This deferral of money is also intended to achieve the same effect. It gives you a strong financial incentive to continue on each day. And Rachel, think what you can do with that kind of money."

Rachel sat silent, as she did exactly that. Her thoughts wavered from having a place on a Caribbean island, a hunk lifeguard bringing her drinks as she relaxed on the beach, to four years locked up nightly getting fucked like an a****l, belted, collared, unable to quit no matter what... she drifted off into a trance-like state.

"Rachel, you Okay?"

Jimmy's voice snapped her out of it. "Um, yeah, I guess so."

"Rachel, I'm glad you did stop by today, hope we cleared that up, there is one other item we need to discuss."

"Sure, what is it?", Rachel cautiously replied.

"Well there is the matter of transition from the 'Break-in' period. That's usually from two to four weeks for each girl. As you know, upon starting here you work four days a week, but once you've made the transition, handling your shifts well, and there is sufficient demand for you, then I have the option of putting you on six day per week shifts."

"Six days a week?"

"Right. And I must say, you're handling your shifts so well, you are truly a natural. And you're my most requested girl, too. Already I've been losing money not having you here those two nights. So effective Thursday you'll be working six days a week. Tuesday nights you can have off."

"Six days?", Rachel was in shock. She was so happy having these three days off. And now she'd only get one day a week off? "But...", she stammered.

"Look sweetie, you might as well work those days anyway, what with the belt on and all, and that $350,000 we just discussed could be even more. Anyway, I need you and its in the contract." As Jimmy was finishing that, the phone starting ringing, and he picked it up. Rachel just sat stunned as Jimmy started into a business conversation with the caller. Jimmy motioned Rachel towards the door, and the stunned bondage whore slowly rose, clutching her check, and proceeded to exit the office.

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2 years ago
you know 28% is a whole lot of money sorry you got screwed but we all do
3 years ago
OMG! xHamster censored the words "fourteen" and "animal"... INCREDIBLE
3 years ago
Jimmy is such a bitch,
She is so royally fucked in every hole
3 years ago
she got a good fuck
3 years ago
She got fucked in more ways than one
3 years ago
he is ripping her off
3 years ago
she got fucked
3 years ago
Wow thats bull shit your should get more thathat $ 480.00 i know its a story but still its shitty anyway what happens if you sart to loose cumtomers and desides to reduce yur days and than your fuck you know what i mean well i hope its just a story thanks
3 years ago
Bloody government
3 years ago
aw poor girl, i bet she wishes she had paid attention at school now!
i wonder where all this will lead