The Bondage Whore, Chapter 5

The Bondage Whore, by Rachel St. Clair, All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 5 - The Longest Night

Rachel finally started to calm down a bit, and stopped fighting the stock. She was trying her best to relax and take on a "What will be, will be" attitude. "I've got to remind myself to get a valium prescription", she thought. She was sure it was past 5pm now, but had no way to tell. She couldn't see a clock in front of her anywhere. The thought of not having any idea what time it was, how fast or how slow it was passing, was disturbing to Rachel.

She was mentally torturing herself, wondering what would happen when a customer arrived. And then she thought, it seems too quiet. "Did they forget about me?" She certainly doubted that, but immobilized and isolated the way she was, her mind raced with the possibilities.

Then Rachel started to notice the various video cameras positioned all over the room. At least anyway, all the ones positioned in front of her where she could see. All were angled perfectly towards her, with small red lights she could see. "They're filming me right now", Rachel realized. "And no doubt they have that many cameras behind me too". It thrilled her in some odd way, knowing people were viewing her in this state: locked in a stock, helpless, exposed, and vulnerable, a whore f***ed to wait for strangers to show up and fuck her like a piece of meat. "Monica said they were web cams, too. People anywhere in the world could be watching me right now."

And of course, as if all that wasn't enough, Rachel was starting to get really, really, horny. After wearing that chastity belt all night, then getting locked up helplessly, the feel of the cool air against her exposed crotch, coupled with the realization that she was being shown naked and helpless to the web was just too much! "Where are the customers?", Rachel wondered. "I really need a good fucking now, that's for sure! Please, someone come and touch me."

Almost as if in answer to Rachel's silent plea, she suddenly started by the sound of the door to her room opening! Immediately a rush of excitement consumed Rachel, and her body was instantly covered with goosebumps. "This is it!", thought Rachel. She felt the presence of someone, and her mind started racing, "Where is he? What is he doing?". Quickly that train of thought was interrupted by a voice.

"Well, well, what a nice package. And patiently awaiting my arrival, too", said the voice. Rachel suddenly felt two hands on her ass! The man kneaded her ass good, and fingers then moved in between, onto her privates. "He sure doesn't waste his time", Rachel thought. The man then walked around the stock. He looked at Rachel's face as Rachel tried to see him better from the corner of her eyes.

Finally, he appeared in front of her. Rachel quickly sized him up, and liked what she could see. A white man about 6' tall, brown hair, about thirty she guessed. On the street she would have offered him a discount. "Not bad" was all he said. Then he walked again around the stock, again behind Rachel, and suddenly she felt his hands on her dangling breasts. "Very nice!", the voice now declared.

For the next five minutes or so, Rachel was poked, probed, caressed, and teased. The man finally had enough of that "foreplay", or so Rachel assumed anyway, as she started to hear the unmistakable sound of a belt and pants being undone.

Now given that this was the second summer after the eradication of AIDS and VD, and of course coupled with the advent of the "no period, no pregnancy" pill, condoms were now again a thing of the past. Rachel, for one, couldn't have been happier about that too. Two years ago, as soon as the AIDS/VD shots were offered, she was at the front of the line. And of course she'd been on the 'no p, no p' pills for over a year as well.

The man immediately mounted Rachel, and she felt him start to enter her love canal. She wriggled her hips to help meet his thrust as best she could, immobilized so. Not that he needed much help. As Rachel had been standing there so horny like that for some time now, she was plenty lubricated and he easily slid deeply into her.

"Ohhhh", she gasped into her dildo gag as the man achieved full penetration. Rachel humped back as best she could given her bondage. The man was taking his time too, clearly enjoying himself. Rachel's body was on fire, and an orgasm was slowly building in her. Given her predicament, and having worn that belt, which had prevented her own sex play that night, she was loving it! Soon the man started to come. She could feel him shooting his load into her. Her own "O" was still building though, it always took her longer than the men. "Even in this predicament", Rachel started to sadly realize!

The man dismounted Rachel, leaving her quivering on the edge of an orgasm! "Nooo!" she moaned, into the gag. "Please don't stop!" But he was done, at least for the moment anyway. Rachel's leg and pelvis muscles were involuntarily quivering, and she was humping air, trying desperately to complete the orgasm. "I see the bondage whore likes getting fucked", the man chuckled out loud. "Damn, are we hot!"

Rachel's orgasm started to fade as she heard the man re-buckle his belt. "Me-thinks the bondage whore should be punished for enjoying herself so much", said the voice playfully. "No, I didn't even get off", Rachel was trying to say, but the dildo gag prevented anything more intelligible than "Mmmph, mmmph" to be audible.

"Let's see what we have here on this table..."

"Oh, no", wailed Rachel silently to herself. She listened intently to what was going on behind her, out of sight.

The man was watching Rachel's ass wiggle as he mused, "Hmmm, this paddle would certainly do the trick. Or maybe these clamps." Each suggestion elicited very sexy negative body language from the immobilized whore. Finally, he said, "Let's try this." Rachel's senses were all alert. "What was he up to?"

Rachel quickly felt the man roughly grab her left nipple. She could tell he was placing something on it. "Ow!", Rachel involuntarily screamed into the gag. "Take it off!", she tried to scream. "That really hurts!", panicked Rachel. The man was soon doing the same to her right nipple. Again, a scream of pain from the bondage whore.

Rachel's mind was a blur of choppy thoughts from the pain, but managed to think that these must be those laundry clamps that Monica said "really, really" hurt. She hoped it was, cause if they hurt worse than this, she'd die!

Rachel had momentarily lost track of the man. Her focus was on these horrible nasty clamps, and the intense pain. But then her world was literally rocked by the unexpected pain on her ass!

"SMACK", the paddle had landed full f***e on her right buttock. Rachel screamed in agony! Through all her years on the streets, and even in her c***dhood before her father had left, she had never been paddled or whipped. A couple customers had requested a little spanking play a few times, but she had laughed at how minor that had been. Barely a warm bottom was all she'd gotten, and she in fact liked it. This was different, this was real pain!

"SMACK". this time Rachel's left buttock was the target. Again, Rachel screamed in pain. "Stop, please", she instinctively tried to plead. "Damn this gag!"

"SMACK"..... "SMACK"...... "SMACK"

Rachel was now in tears. "Please stop...." she silently pleaded. Her vulnerability was suddenly so apparent. She could do nothing to stop this man from inflicting pain on her... as much as he wants... Her world became nothing more than focus on the sharp pain from her nipples interrupted only by the intense jolts of pain from her ass, which then immediately turned to a deep throb.

"SMACK".... "Having fun, whore?".... "SMACK", ... "SMACK"

"Please stop, please", Rachel was praying over and over to herself, her mind racing with fear. "He's going to damage my gorgeous ass! Joe, where are you?"

Soon the man tired a bit. "There, that ought to teach you". He set down the paddle and slowly walked around the stock. Seeing the tears on Rachel's face, he said, "Looks like it did. Now I'd like you to properly thank me for disciplining you."

Rachel could see him again unbuckle his belt and pants. He was again erect! The man pressed the button over Rachel's head to unlock the gag, and out it popped into his hand. "Open, bitch." Rachel had no choice, and the man pushed his cock into her mouth.

Rachel did all she could to concentrate on the job at hand, but with the intense pain in her nipples, she was having trouble. The man grabbed her hair and f***ed his erect hot cock deep down her throat, and Rachel was barely able to gasp air. At that her attention indeed returned to the man's cock. Before too long Rachel could feel his cock begin that unmistakable pulsing action and soon hot come started to shoot down Rachels' throat. Once the man was done, he withdrew and immediately f***ed the dildo gag back into Rachel's mouth.

"Good job, whore, I can see you've done that a lot before", Rachel heard the man say as he rebuckled his pants and circled back behind her. "What now?" Rachel wondered as the intense nipple pain again started to reclaim all of her attention. The next thing she noticed was the sound of the door opening. "He's leaving? What about these clamps?" Rachel wondered. "Take them off!!" she screamed as best she could into the gag. Then she heard the door click closed again.

Rachel wailed into the gag in serious distress. "I have to have these off NOW! Joe, where are you?". But silence was the only answer to her almost equally silent plea. Rachel started to fight the stock, instinctively trying to get loose, like a wounded a****l caught in a trap. She tried desperately to pull her hands out of the stock holes, but they were too snug on her wrists. She thrashed around, desperate, shaking her body, pulling, twisting what little she could, each movement compounding her nipple pain terribly.

Finally, after a couple of minutes she started to settle down again and relax a bit. The intense nipple pain was starting to turn into a deep throb. "I can't believe I'm actually getting used to these things", she thought. "Well, I'd better, I guess, I imagine I'll be wearing them a lot over the next four years", she thought to herself, sadly.

A few minutes later Rachel heard the door open. "Another customer!", she thought. Instead, she was surprised to see a short black haired Mexican girl walk around the stock and say, "Hola Rachel, me llamo Carmen" as she surveyed Rachel's face. Then she walked back around the stock and Rachel could feel her remove the terrible clamp from her right nipple. Rachel let out a painful gasp. Then Carmen removed the other as well, eliciting another painful gasp from Rachel. "Thank you, thank you!" was all Rachel could think. Immediately she could feel Carmen touching, wiping, cleaning her privates. Rachel realized she was cleaning her up, preparing her for the next customer! For some reason she felt so humiliated by that. Rachel then felt a friendly pinch on her ass, and heard a soft "adiós puta". Carmen exited.

Rachel waited, wondering what was next for her. "That was only my first customer", Rachel thought to herself, "I wonder how many there'll be?" She was still quite horny, and dying to be touched more, now that the nasty clamps were off. "Let's hope the next guy can go long enough for me to orgasm too."

Soon Rachel heard the door open again. She immediately heard a deep male voice with a Texas cowboy-like drawl. "Damn, nice ass babe! Shit, this just may be worth all that money that pimp of yours took from me". Rachel could feel the man's presence now on her left. He was clearly enjoying sizing her up, with commentary to boot. "Whoa, what a set of knockers, too!" The man finally appeared in front of Rachel. He was tall, at least 6'5" or 6'6", and big, too, maybe 250 pounds. She figured him for his mid-forties. "Hmmm, seen worse", he commented as he looked at Rachel's face. "Hey, I've got a pretty face!" Rachel wanted to answer him back, but realized it would be unintelligible anyway.

This man was a talker, never mind that there was no one to answer him back. Rachel was hoping he'd remove her gag. "You can talk to me, you know", she wanted to say. Suddenly though, the man became all business, and got quiet. Rachel immediately felt him straddle her, his hard cock still inside his pants pressing against her crotch. Both his hands roughly grabbed her breasts, his target. She heard him exclaim, "Mmmm, now these are hooters!"

"Clearly a tit-man", Rachel thought, "and that means I'm the girl for you!" She was really starting to enjoy this.

He slowly fondled Rachel's dangling boobs, tweaking her nipples for several minutes. She really liked that, all the time his huge cock pressed against her crotch. After a minute or two, he started to unbuckle his pants. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me good" the extremely horny bondage whore chanted silently to herself, her ass wiggling sexily in delight.

But to Rachel's sudden dismay, she could feel the Texan's huge cock pushing against her asshole! "No, not my ass!", Rachel tried to yell, the dildo gag muffling it nicely. She heard the Texan chuckle, "Oh, not your first choice of holes, eh? Oh well...", as he continued with his business. Rachel truly felt the helplessness of her situation. As his huge cock started to penetrate her nether regions, Rachel tensed, even though she knew she must relax and accept it. She silently chanted to herself, "Relax, take it, you have no choice", but her spincter muscles involuntarily fought the invader.

"Cool, I like taking it roughly", the Texan said, with renewed effort.

Soon, even though it felt forever to Rachel, the man's rock hard rod penetrated Rachel's spincter muscles, and in he slid, hard. "Ooooooh", she exclaimed as she felt the immense 9 inches completely disappear inside her bowels. The Texan was seriously enjoying Rachel's ass and was taking his time, fucking the rookie bondage whore for all he was worth. Rachel quickly remembered why she seldom allowed anal during her streetwalking days: she did not like it! And now, in her predicament, immobilized, spread, and gagged like a piece of meat, she hated it even more.

In a few minutes the Texan shot his load into Rachel's ass and Rachel waited for him to withdraw. But this man had other ideas, as Rachel heard him breathlessly exclaim, almost as if he was reading her mind, "Shit this ass is too nice to leave this soon, baby". And his fucking motions had barely ceased, before they renewed again quite vigorously. "Oh great, a guy that can go all night and he loves anal! Just my luck", the helpless whore thought to herself.

Five to ten minutes later the Texan shot another load into Rachel's ass and finally withdrew. "Damn that was nice, babe. Nice tight ass you got, that's for sure". Rachel was so thankful that huge cock was no longer up her ass, that is, until the man stepped around the stock to her face, and, ejecting the dildo gag, said, "Lick it clean". His huge cock, not quite as hard but still engorged, and covered with nasty foul smelling shit - "Her shit!" she realized, was inches from her face. She started to object but he immediately grabbed her nose, to f***e her to open her mouth to breathe.

"Lick it bitch, I said, I want it cleaned to perfection. Now". Rachel's mouth had indeed opened and knew she again had no choice. As the man's foul-smelling cock entered her mouth Rachel fought back tears and wondered how she had managed to get herself in this predicament. This was something she had never done on the street. "And four years of this? Oh my God", she thought as the horrible taste seemed to take over all her sense of taste and smell. She licked as best she could as the man was still cruelly holding her nose, allowing a little air once in a while, and twisting it painfully if he sensed she was not doing her best.

After what seemed like an eternity to Rachel, the man was satisfied, and removed his now much cleaner cock from the whore's mouth. He immediately placed the dildo gag back on Rachel, who almost started to protest, but then thought better of it and willingly accepted it. "Amazing how after that, even this dildo gag is an improvement", Rachel sadly thought.

This time when Carmen came to clean Rachel she had a plastic water bottle and bucket with her, and allowed Rachel to gargle away much of the rancid taste, and cleaned the dildo gag as well. The water was treated with disinfectants, Rachel had no clue of course, but she was very very happy to get that terrible taste out of her mouth.

For poor Rachel that first ten hour shift in her new career as a bondage whore would have her host fifteen customers total that Thursday night. Nine men fucked her vaginally, four men anally, and thirteen used her to some degree orally. Most of the customers used one of the various paddles or another on her tits or ass, and quite a few placed nipple clamps on her, usually the nasty laundry clamps. And only once was Rachel able to achieve orgasm! Most of the men had no real interest in pleasing her, of course, and Rachel was so used to her own skillful fingers, that anything less just wouldn't cut it.

But even before the shift was over, Rachel was already daydreaming back to that orgasm, which was clearly her highlight of the evening. It had started with the eighth customer, a tall thin white man, thirty something, who was all business when he arrived. He had fucked Rachel and gotten head as well, and re-locked the dildo gag onto her. Then, to Rachel's wholehearted approval, he had started to finger her to orgasm. "Yes, go for it!" was all Rachel was able to think at the time. The man was caressing Rachel's tits, teasing her nipples, as well as fingering her clit, cunt, and anus. Rachel found herself panting, begging into the gag for more, hovering near orgasm. The man had been silent the whole time, listening intently to the moans coming from the helpless bondage whore. He knew what he was doing, Rachel realized, when just as Rachel was about to have her big "O", he stopped! "No, keep going!" Rachel had yelled into the gag. Her answer came in a loud, teasing laugh from the man. "I see the whore likes that... Hahahaha.... oh well, but unfortuantely, my time is up. Have a great night sweetie."

At that, Rachel had screamed in frustration, as her legs quivered in their bonds, her ass swaying, humping, trying desperatety to complete an orgasm, for what seemed like the fiftieth time that night. The man had not left right away, but instead, observed Rachel's frustrated histrionics. After about five minutes he had exited, chuckling to himself. Rachel had hoped that somehow Carmen's cleanup would finish the job, but those five minutes had cooled her down too much for that. Luckily for Rachel, that ninth customer was a perfect next act. Rachel was still extremely horny, and he arrived moments after Carmen. Rachel had thought that this must be the "rush hour" for the night. This man said nothing, and never once circled the stock to see Rachel's face. Shortly after he arrived, Rachel felt him assault her vulnerable body, caressing, poking, probing. Rachel's body was on fire, and her mind was racing... "Who is he? What does he look like? Black? White? Hispanic?" Quickly the man unbuckled his trousers and mounted Rachel. He had fucked her oh so slow, which was exactly what poor Rachel needed, her almost "O" still lurking. The man took his time, and Rachel's orgasm mounted. The thought that a man she'd never seen, who she wouldn't know if she met him on the street, was fucking her, put her over the top! Rachel's long awaited orgasm ripped her apart. Without the stock holding her firmly and securely in place, she might have lost all control. She howled in ecstasy into the dildo gag.

When Carmen arrived after that fifteenth customer had exited, Rachel was absolutely spent. She doubted she could take any more. Her hip joints were sore from her legs being so widely split all night, her lower back ached, and she was just plain tired. Not to mention that her nipples were quite sore from the clamps, and her ass was still warm from all the strokes from the various paddles, whips, and hands during the evening. Rachel of course, had no idea what time it was, and as Carmen cleaned her up, figured she probably had at least one more customer to face.

As Carmen circled the stock to face Rachel, she said, "Son las tres. No mas esta noche, puta bonita" as she softly brushed her hand through Rachel's beautiful brown hair. Rachel tried to digest that as Carmen circled back behind her and gave her a soft friendly pat on her butt. Carmen exited as Rachel, who had heard plenty of Spanish from her streetwalking days, realized she just may be done for the night after all! "Son las tres... Three O'Clock. No mas... No more... Yes!"

Now Rachel, having a sense that she was done for the night, suddenly changed in attitude from "What will be, will be" to "Release me now!" And quite often, when waiting for something that one expects to happen right away, the passing moments, or minutes, seem like an eternity. Rachel realized now that, if her interpretation of Carmen was correct, she'd been immobilized in the stock for ten hours and forty five minutes (she was starting to regret her early setup decision which seemed like days ago). "Joe, where are you?" she wondered, over and over, as she desperately struggled against the stock in earnest.

The minutes passed, seeming like hours, and Rachel's ears were on alert, listening intently for any sound from the door. For the past ten hours she had been dreading the opening of the door, but now, when she so desperately wanted to hear it open, there was only silence. The minutes passed, complete silence, as Rachel fought back panic. "Have they forgotten about me? Has something gone wrong? What if my door is locked and Joe lost the key?" Rachel tortured herself with all sorts of improbable possibilities. Rachel noticed the webcams were still on, and that comforted her a little, not realizing that they were on all the time for simplicities sake.

Finally Joe entered the room and cheerfully declared, "Shift's over babe! You made it through your first night Rach." Joe immediately walked around to face Rachel and popped the dildo gag loose. "Thank you!" was all Rachel could think to exclaim, she hated that gag! Joe gave her a sweet kiss on her forehead, which made Rachel melt inside. She was so happy to be getting released! Joe disappeared behind her and Rachel could feel him removing the ankle cuffs, her right one, then the left. As Rachel gingerly shifted her legs back closer together, she could feel the pain from her hip joints ease. An involuntary groan escaped her lips.

"Rach, you did fantastic tonight, I'm so proud of you. You're a natural at this", Joe complimented as he started to unlock the stock.

"Thanks, Joe, but I'm beat. I would die to curl up in my bed right now."

"Soon you will sweetie."

The stock lifted and Rachel eased up from her prison, "I can move again, yay!" Rachel almost fell over backwards, but Joe steadied her, anticipating it. "Thanks, Joe."

"No problem babe. Bathroom time!", as Joe led a wobbly Rachel over to the stall.

As Rachel busied herself, Joe stood around the side, and apologized to Rachel for the delay in releasing her. "Rach, sorry for the delay in getting to you, but I release the girls in seniority order. Obviously, you're last. Course, it takes time with the bathroom break and belting, so likely I won't get to you until 3:40 or 3:45 or so, takes about ten to fifteen minutes per girl. Abby has been here the longest, she goes first, then Serena, and Angie. From my perspective - don't tell the others.... this way the best comes last."

Joe was obviously just chattering to pass the awkward moments, but Rachel listened intently. At first she couldn't believe her ears. An extra forty five minutes every night? But then when Joe finished, Rachel felt warm inside. "Joe is so sweet" was all she could think.

As Rachel finished she called for Joe. Joe carefully placed the bottom of the belt on her, Rachel winced as the plug penetrated, but after tonight's activities, it slid in a bit easier "Oh my God, what will this be like four years from now?" But Rachel dismissed that thought quickly as she now realized she'd have to walk home now, sore as hell, in her thong cutoffs, belted and collared, past old customers on the street. Guys were going to be trying to pick her up on the way home, and she was way too tired to deal with that. Rachel silently squeezed into her cutoffs and put her top on.

Joe was still in a talkative mood, and as Rachel dressed, he continued, "The other girls have all taken off already, but tomorrow night and Saturday we all usually have a few drinks together after shift in The Sidebar. That's Jimmy's lounge next door. Patrons there have dozens of TVs that are tuned onto our webcams. Most of our customers stop in there before or after using one of you. Great way to size up the choices, so to speak."

Rachel's mind silently conjured up the image. "Guys next door lounging comfortably sipping drinks enjoying my suffering.... from any angle." For some reason the thought excited her, yet also made her feel more vulnerable. "On complete view to strangers as I get fucked in bondage."

Joe noticed Rachel's sudden silence and stare, and asked, "What's wrong babe?"

"Guys watching me all night.... enjoying my suffering.... comfortably sipping drinks next door.... watching me get fucked.... sizing me up?" Rachel stammered her thoughts out loud.

"Yup, I know from their comments as they came over, you were a star tonight sweetie."

This was all too much for the rookie bondage whore. "I gotta get home and get some sl**p", was all Rachel could manage.


Stay tuned for more, this poor dumb whore has four more years to go, remember?

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fantastic story we finially got to the best part this is going tobe a fantastic series
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