The Bondage Whore, Chapter 4

The Bondage Whore, by Rachel St. Clair, All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 4 - First Day on the Job

Rachel barely slept that night, wondering and worrying about what exactly was going to happen on Thurday. It was terrible when she crawled into bed, realizing that she wouldn't be able to finger herself to orgasm, a nightly ritual for her. As she laid in bed, she chanted "$2,000 a week, $2,000 a week" to herself to try to keep herself upbeat, that she had made the right decision.

She finally rose at around 2pm, and showered. Her bladder felt full and she could feel pressure in her intestines, normally she would go to the bathroom. Instead, she sadly looked at the clock. "No relief until 4:30", she sighed.

Rachel decided there was no sense in just sitting around at the fleabag, so she decided to go tan before heading over to work. For her first day, she wanted to be looking her sexiest, so pulled out her shortest, and most revealing pair of cutoffs - "the thong" as she affectionately called them (she had several cut like that). "I hope it covers the chastity belt" Rachel prayed as she wriggled into it. "Yes!" she audibly cried as she turned in the mirror. Covers it all, can't even tell, although what was tight before was now very very tight. "I'll just have to live with that" she thought. Rachel then put on her yellow sports bra top, fine as outerwear, and started strapping on her white 6" platform heels.

When Rachel arrived at the tanning salon, her friend Mary, who worked the counter, immediately noticed her shiny new metal collar. "What does it say?", Mary was eager to see it all. Rachel had no choice. "Wow!" was Mary's reaction. "Who is Stockhouse Enterprises? And why do they own you? And what does a Bondage Whore do?" Rachel spent about ten minutes telling her friend, who had known of course about Rachel's "prior" career.

"Well I hope it works out for you" a bewildered Mary managed to stammer as Rachel strutted off towards bed six. And Rachel had spared her the part about the chastity belt, too.

Rachel was disappointed as she entered the tanning room as she realized she would now have a very strange tan line from the belt. Up until now she had always tanned in the nude. Rachel laid down on the bed and relaxed in the heat. Her crotch was on fire from neglect, the full bladder, the full intestines, and now the heat from the bed. Rachel realized now the reason Jimmy required her to wear it. "It has me dying to get to work just so I can get it off!"

As soon as she was done tanning, Rachel headed out towards 3rd street. "I suppose its OK to be a bit early on the first day", Rachel thought. The clock said 3:50pm. A few minutes later, she entered the office, and Monica greeted her. "Hmmm, eager to get started, huh? I'll bet I can guess why." Rachel blushed a bit.

"Come on, I'll show you your station. Joe just arrived, he will be your foreman in charge of getting you ready." Monica led Rachel into a room off the back of the office. This room had four doors along a small hallway. Two-way windows were on every room. "People can see into the room, but not out", Monica explained. The room at the end of the hall had a name plate on it. Rachel was shocked to read it: RACHEL ST.CLAIR BONDAGE WHORE. "Yup, this is it" Monica cheerfully pronounced as she opened the door.

A man was standing next to a big wooden and steel stock, adjusting something. "Hi Monica", he said. "I suppose this is Rachel?" He stepped forward and gave Rachel a big hug, and a soft kiss on her cheek. "Rachel, you are beautiful. I'm Joe. I see to it that you have a safe and uneventful evening every night."

"So nice to meet you Joe." Rachel liked him already.

"Joe, she needs to use the toilet before we get started. Can you undo her belt?"

"Sure", and Joe produced one key and set the combination. He was fast and had it done in a moment. "Come on Rachel, to the promised land", Joe joked. He led her by the hand to a very small stall which was just behind a half of a wood wall. It afforded very minimal privacy. A chain and collar hung next to the toilet. Joe reached up and locked this sturdy collar over Rachel's ownership collar, attaching her to the wall. "Sorry girl, but it has to be this way. Let me know when you're done." Then Joe removed the bottom bar only. Rachel now knew why there were two keys. Only the bottom part was going to be coming off for bathroom breaks, Rachel sadly realized.

When Rachel was done Joe came around the wall and looked at his watch. "Its only 4:10pm, still a little early. I can relock the bottom bar on you, or you get positioned into your station now. Your choice."

Rachel was so happy having that plug out, she said, "I say, let's get started."

"Atta girl", said Joe, as he unlocked the big collar.

"Take your top off and leave it here. You won't be needing it", said Joe. He smiled when he saw Rachel rip it right off without hesitation. "Nice Rack!" was all he could manage to say about the resulting sight. Joe recovered and said, "Here, take this." He handed Rachel a cup and a pill. It was her 'no period, no pregnancy' pill. Rachel was already on these, but was quite happy to now have Jimmy financing them. She happily swallowed it down.

Joe walked Rachel over to the stock and opened the top. Monica stood on the other side of it, where Rachel's head would go. The stock pointed Rachel away from the two way window. Rachel thought, "Whoever is out there looking is going to get quite a view."

Monica guided Rachel's head onto the bottom half of the head hole, carefully pulling Rachel's hair through. Joe placed Rachel's wrists onto the bottom of the hand holes. They felt small to Rachel. Quickly the top of the stock descended carefully onto Rachel. The top fitted over her wrists and neck and was very snug! Then Rachel heard the distinctive sound of a big lock snapping shut. "I'm locked up and helpless" thought Rachel. A twinge of fear and excitement rushed through her. Luckily she trusted Joe.

"How's that? You Okay?" Joe asked.

"Yup, I'm fine."

"Can you pull your hands free? Try."

Rachel tried. Her hands were stuck. The holes of the stock were obviously done based on the measurements from the fitting. "No, I can't get them out. I'm stuck."

"Great", Joe replied. With that he said, "Okay, spread your legs wide." He and Monica each guided a leg to the edge of the base of the stock, wider than Rachel would have liked, but she could handle it. Joe then attached some sort of a wide steel manacle to each ankle and locked it. A short chain from each manacle to the base of the stock held her legs spread like that, and Rachel could tell the chains were taut.

"How's that?" Joe asked.

"Okay, I guess. We'll see in a few hours." Rachel mused out loud as an answer. She was starting to get worried, and the magnitude of her situation was starting to sink in. She tried to close her legs a little, but could not.

Joe then started fiddling with the remainder of the chastity belt, removing it. Rachel was now absolutely naked and locked in a secure sturdy stock. Naked except for her ownership collar and the strap-on high heels, that is.

Monica said, "Well its about 4:15pm. I do believe that's a record for our earliest station setup."

"Wait", said Joe. "Was she fitted for the penis gag?"

"No, I don't believe she was." Monica looked at Rachel's face. "Open your mouth wide my dear." Rachel opened. Monica chuckled, "Extra Large. After all, she's been sucking cock for eight years at least."

Rachel was tempted to say something, but decided against it.

Joe stepped out and returned with a metal bracket device in his hand. Rachel could see it as he stepped in front of her. It was solid metal on three sides, with brackets at the end, obviously to secure it to something. In the center of the middle portion was a solid dildo made of something that she guessed was steel, with a hard plastic coating on it. It was about five inches long and easily three inches in diameter. It would be a mouthful! And Rachel didn't have to be told that it was going into her mouth. "But what about the rest of it?", she wondered.

That unspoken question was quickly answered. Joe said, "Open babe", and Rachel obediently did. He slid the penis portion in her mouth. "It is a mouthful" Rachel immediately thought. Then she heard a "click", and immediately another. Those brackets snapped into some slot on the stock on each side of her face. The position was perfectly designed to f***e her to stare straight ahead. The solid penis and its size kept her from rejecting it out with her tongue. "Oh I don't like this!!" was Rachel's immediate reaction. She couldn't turn her head in either direction more than a half inch or so, when she did, out of the corner of her eyes she could only see some useless fingers fluttering. Her useless fingers!

Monica laughed, "I see Rachel likes the gag! I had a feeling she would."

"I'm not so sure about that." Joe interjected.

"Don't worry sweetie, customers will have no trouble accessing your mouth for oral sex. Look how easy it is to remove. That is, as long as you're not wearing it." Monica stepped up to demonstrate. "See, just press this button, and voila!", she pressed a button above Rachel's head well away from her fluttering fingers and the brackets popped out of the stock and Monica pulled it away. "Mouth now available for fun!" Monica was really enjoying this.

Rachel immediately blurted out, "That gag is awful! Please! Don't put it back in. Please, Monica."

"Aw, poor girl. But the gag is clearly necessary. It keeps you quiet while you're patiently waiting for customers to arrive. And anyway, its specified.... ", Monica hesitated until Rachel joined in, " the contract!" And with that Monica said, "Open", and proceeded to relock it on poor Rachel.

At that point Joe and Monica wandered off, talking about the setup for the other girls, and such.

Rachel could do nothing but stand there, bent over, legs lewdly spread wide, face pinioned looking straight ahead by that terrible dildo gag, useless fingers fluttering. "So now I guess I just wait for customers", Rachel thought. No matter how she tried, she could not expell that nasty gag. Nor could she close her legs, even in the least. And she instinctively kept trying to pull her hands free, but could not. "I'm FUCKED", was the only thought that Rachel's near panicked mind could conjure up, over and over.

After a while Monica showed up pushing a small table on wheels. "Rachel, this is your torture table. Your customers can use anything on it to torture you, to their hearts content. But don't worry though. They can actually only do a few things to you. Before they enter the room, they will have been briefed by Joe as to what is allowed. And don't forget, the room has video security and web cams all over to keep an eye on you. Joe will of course protect you if necessary."

"Webcams?" wondered Rachel.

Monica stopped the table in front of Rachel. "It will actually be behind you, for now I'm just showing you the possibilities. That way you won't know what they're up to. Its more fun that way. For them, not you."

"First, there are a couple things they can do to punish your sexy ass. Here's a solid, hard wooden paddle. See?", Monica held it up into Rachel's sight, straight in front of her imprisoned face. "I'd really hate to get hit with this. Also a leather paddle which is a little less severe. And of course they can always bare hand spank you too."

"For your tit torture they can use this little slapper. See?", again Monica showed Rachel. "It doesn't look that bad but it really stings. I have no doubt it'll get used a lot with your huge boobs hanging out like that! And finally, there are a whole array of clamps, dozens of them, which they can put on your nipples, tit flesh, ass flesh, and thighs." I'll let those be a surprise for you, but let me tell you one thing: This white heavy-duty laundry clamp really really hurts!" Rachel also noticed some huge dildos and a couple of buttplugs on the table as well.

Monica then wheeled the table behind Rachel, out of sight, and left the room.

"Shit, I've got to get out of this somehow!!" Rachel was getting desperate. This couldn't really be happening to her! She started struggling for all she was worth. Nothing budged or gave in the least. "I'm Really, Really, Really FUCKED...", thought the rookie bondage whore, with 5:00pm fast approaching. "Four years of this?... ten hours a day?" With that thought a tear started to trickle down Rachel's cheek.


Stay tuned for Chapter 5...
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