The Bondage Whore, Chapter 3

The Bondage Whore, by Rachel St. Clair, All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 3 - Other Belated Discoveries

That evening, back at the "fleabag", as Rachel referred to home, Rachel peeled off her miniskirt and approached her prized posession -- her full-length mirror. She studied the collar first and was shocked to see that there was an engraving on it, in big letters: BONDAGE WHORE RACHEL ST.CLAIR, PROPERTY OF STOCKHOUSE ENTERPRISES. It wrapped around almost the whole collar. "I walked home with that visible to the world" Rachel thought to herself, shocked.

Then she studied the horrible nasty chastity belt. It was so tight and firmly pressed against her body, right above her hips. She tried to manipulate it, adjust it in some way, loosen it a bit. No luck. The front was some big metal plate that covered her privates extending down to where the bar from the back snapped into it between her legs, and on the top of the plate the two sides that extended around her torso snapped solidly into the plate. There were two sturdy key locks flat on the plate, and a ten digit combination tumbler. She noticed that the steel felt very very strong. "I wonder if I could just saw this thing off?" Rachel surmised. "I'll bet Randy could do it. He works in some union, and he's real smart."

Rachel decided to make a phone call to Randy. Randy was her best customer, and one of the few men she allowed to have anal with her. She knew Randy was real smart and would be able to help her read the contract too. Plus he was real nice, and she needed someone to be with her tonight. Randy agreed to drop by.

Later as Randy sat reading the contract and shaking his head, he'd occasionally pause and say, "Rachel, you're really fucked."

"But can't we just cut this nasty thing off? Surely that would be pretty easy."

"Well even if we could, this is a valid contract. They'd just haul you in to court and demand performance. With prostitution legal now, this contract is enf***eable. Unfortunately, there's no way I could get this thing off you. Its been crafted out of titanium-reinf***ed steel. Whoever made this knew what they were doing. If I even tried, you might get seriously injured from the equipment I'd have to use. You can forget it."

"But what about the locks? Can we call a locksmith?", Rachel was getting desperate.

"Like I said, they knew what they were doing. A locksmith could come up with a key that works, or in this case two keys that work, but its crafted to only allow the keys to enable the locks when the ten digit combination is correctly set. I've seen these before and the mechanisms are all embedded deep inside the titanium steel plate. There would be no way to circumvent that combination. And even a locksmith couldn't get inside that plate without causing you physical damage. Bottomline, my sweetie, .... You're FUCKED."

"But what if I guess the combination? I could keep trying and trying until I get it", Rachel pleaded.

"Well you'd still need two keys that work on those locks as well. Rachel, do you know math very well?"

"Not really."

"All the possible combinations for ten digits... Ten billion. You'd have a better chance of winning the lottery! And most likely they reprogram them every so often too. Now how about giving me a little head for old time's sake? You owe me for checking out that contract for you. And you're no longer capable of any other sex..."

And with that Rachel fell to her knees to suck Randy's cock, but her mind was elsewhere...


Stay tuned for Chapter 4...
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2 years ago
I don't know if your screwed or if this is something freat good luck
3 years ago
3 years ago
Developing well
3 years ago
must be some thick plates or it is an electronic lock
3 years ago
3 years ago