The Bondage Whore, Chapter 2

The Bondage Whore, by Rachel St. Clair, All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 2 - The Fitting

The next day Rachel arrived at the office. It was mid-afternoon, around 3pm. Today Rachel was wearing her shortest denim miniskirt, too short to completely cover her ass, strap-on heels, and one of her favorite tops which displayed several inches of midriff. Monica greeted her, and introduced her to Phil, who would do the "fitting".

"Come on into my office Rachel." said Phil as he directed her through another door. Monica followed.

Phil was very business-like and proceeded to measure Rachel's neck, waist, hips, wrists, and ankles. He even measured through her crotch, front to back. Monica occasionally helped a bit, and wrote down the measurements.

"Ok Rachel, go on out in the lobby and have a seat while I finish the sizings." Phil declared as they finished. Rachel stepped out back into the lobby. After about an hour, Phil reappeared and invited her back in.

Monica was holding a shiny metal collar, about 1.5 inches wide. She approached and said, "Pull your hair back sweetie." Rachel did and Monica placed the collar and snapped it shut. It was very snug, and Rachel immediately thought, "I'd hate to have to wear this for long." Phil then said, "Rachel, we need you to take off your skirt and anything you might have on underneath." Rachel, after eight years on the street was hardly shy and immediately did so. She detected a slight smile from Monica as she saw she was wearing nothing underneath.

Phil directed her to turn away, and then she felt something metal on her hips. As she tried to guess what was going on, she felt two separate pieces slide together into one larger one in the front "Damn these huge tits" thought Rachel, "I can't even see what he's doing." Quickly she heard two clicks as the metal now rested very very snugly on the top of her hips, just like a tight thong. But at this point there was no bottom. Rachel was confused, but not for long. Immediately she felt another metal piece coming up between her legs. "HEY! What are you doing!" Rachel blurted out as she realized a buttplug was attached to this piece!

"Easy Rachel" soothed Monica. "Phil knows what he's doing. Trust him."

"But that thing is huge" Rachel pleaded, "and why do I have to wear it?"

Phil interjected, "Its in the contract, didn't you read it?"

"Um, yes, of course, I guess I may have just missed that part."

With that Phil continued. Rachel fought the urge to tense up, it wasn't easy, after a few minutes the plug was in place, and the metal bar holding it clicked into the front and back of the waist mechanisms. "That's it!" Phil happily declared. "Not so bad, huh, Rachel?"

"I guess not." Rachel stammered as Phil exited to the lobby saying, "Take care and enjoy."

Rachel turned to Monica. "He's leaving?"

"Yeah, we're done." replied Monica. "You can go too."

"But what about all this?"

"All this?"

"Yeah, how do I get this off?" Rachel was pawing at the collar, and could not feel any type of buckle or snap, or anything that could be used to remove it. Her hands also were tugging at the belt as well, which was terribly uncomfortable.

"You don't."

Rachel was aghast! An astounded "What?" was all she could manage.

"You didn't read the contract did you?" Monica accused. "All this is clearly outlined in it."

"Well I did, but I'm really, um, not that good at reading, you see."

"Well Rachel, I'd suggest you have a friend go through it with you tonight."

"Tonight? But how am I supposed to go to the bathroom with this on? And sl**p? And when can I get it off?" Rachel was in a near panic.

"Ok, easy girl. Let me explain" Monica consoled. "The collar and chastity belt are to be worn for the duration of your contract. Let's see. You signed up for...." Monica paused as she checked something on the computer on the desk. "Four years."

"WHAT!" Rachel wailed in despair.

"Sorry, that's the deal", Monica continued. "The belt will be removed once you have arrived for work. Always be here by 4:30pm, as your shift starts at five. That will allow you a little bathroom time and cleanup before you're locked up for the shift."

"Locked up? What!" Again Rachel pitifully wailed in despair. This was getting worse and worse by the minute.

"Yeah in the stock. 'Bondage Whore', remember? You entertain the men that way." Monica grinned as she said that, staring right into Rachel's eyes.

"For ten hours? Locked up while men.... have their way with me?"

"Yup!", Monica was enjoying watching Rachel come to the terrible realization of what hell the next four years of her life would be.

At this point, Rachel was almost ready to faint. She was feeling weak, and her mouth was going dry... A soft moan, "No..." was all she could manage.

"Rachel, here, have a seat", Monica directed her to a chair. Rachel sat, and that brought on a new type of discomfort as the huge buttplug shifted inside her. Rachel was almost now in tears.

"Monica", Rachel sniffled, "you have to help me. I can't do this. Please. And I can't wear this belt thing. I have to have this off now."

"Well Rachel, I wish I could help you. But unfortunately you signed a valid contract for all this. Really, I know the other girls had a tough time when they started too, but you'll get used to it all. They did."

After a while, Rachel started to calm down a bit. Monica was sitting next to her, still comforting her. In a few minutes she asked, "How do I use the bathroom when I'm at home?"

Monica replied, "Well you can't actually. But at shift changes here, from 4:30 to 5pm, and 3:00 to 3:30am, you can stop by even on your days off. The shift foremen will be glad to let you out of your belt then for thirty minutes to tend to yourself. Of course you'll be chained into a stall when they do to prevent escape. One girl tried to once. Oh, and don't worry about your periods either. We give you pills twice a day and they'll be completely suppressed. No pregnancy worries either. Jimmy makes these available to all the girls free of charge".

The phone rang up front, and Monica excused herself. Rachel let out a sad groan and started quietly weeping.

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must remember to read al contracts
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Should have read it.
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we luv that story
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Great story. Looking forward to the next part
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what no std testing
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