The Bondage Whore, Chapter 1

The Bondage Whore, by Rachel St. Clair, All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 1 - Job Interview

It was around 4:30AM and Rachel St.Clair was beat. Walking the streets for such a small amount of money really sucked!!.. And no pun intended, Rachel wryly smiled. The streets were now deserted, no more money to be made tonight. Rachel started to head towards the seedy hotel where she barely managed a one bedroom fleabag. "I've got to find a way to make some better money", she sighed to herself.

Rachel was now 24 years old, and had been walking the streets since she was 16, after an abusive sugar-daddy bought her implants, changed her name, and turned her into a whore to "pay them off". Having dropped out of school very young, and from a broken home, she had welcomed a "father-like" figure such as him. Her own Father left when she was nine. When she agreed to the surgery, he had instructed the surgeon to implant her to 52DD, way bigger than she ever would have agreed to. Luckily her body could handle it, she was 5'7" and 135, with an athletic build. For some reason tonight, Rachel was thinking back on that event which changed her life course so dramatically.

Daydreaming as she was, Rachel made the turn onto 3rd street instead of her usual route on 4th, and soon passed by a store-front with a help wanted sign:

Bondage Whore Wanted
Top Pay, No More Street-Walking
Call Jimmy, 266-3243, 2-10 pm

In the past year prostitution had just been legalized, and was in fact one of the major reasons that Rachel was hurting so bad now financially. The legal houses were literally putting her out of business. "I'm going to give him a call" thought Rachel.

The next afternoon around 1:30 Rachel rose, showered, and then hesitated at the phone. It was just after two o'clock. "I wonder what a Bondage Whore has to do? I'm almost afraid to find out..." thought Rachel. Finally, she dialed the number. After three rings a woman answered. "Hello, Stockhouse Enterprises."

"Hi, my name is Rachel, and I'm calling in regards to your help wanted notice."

"Which one?"

Rachel was hesitant and really didn't want to say it, but the woman had f***ed her to. "The bondage whore" Rachel quietly replied.

"Oh yes, let me get Jimmy." said the woman as Rachel heard her go on hold.

In a minute or two a man picked up, "Jimmy here."

"Hi, I'm Rachel St.Clair, and interested in your Bondage Whore position." Rachel's nerve had returned.

"Great, do you have experience in this area?"

"Well I've been walking the streets for eight years up around 1st and Riverfront."

"Why don't you come on over to the office today then? I'm located at 211 3rd Street, I'll be here all afternoon."

"Ok, I'll be right over."

As Rachel hung up the phone, a chill went up her spine. Rachel walked over to the closet. She grabbed a pair of cutoffs from the pile, and shimmied her hips into it. It was very very short and tight, cut off much like a thong, with about half her ass visible. Rachel then picked out a sexy crop top and choker collar. Then she strapped on her favorite black patent strap-on platform heels. "Might as well try to make a good impression" thought Rachel as she headed towards the door.

As Rachel headed out the door and started mincing her high-heeled steps down the street, she realized she was dressed way too risque for daytime hours. While this was her typical late night hooker "costume", in broad daylight she was creating quite a stir! This helped contribute to her excitement as she was a real exhibitionist, and loved showing off her ass and legs. The catcalls from drivers and the locals on the street were with her all the way to the storefront on 3rd street. The door was unlocked and Rachel stepped in. A woman seated at a desk smiled and said, "Hi, you must be Rachel!"

"Yes, I'm here to see Jimmy."

"Great. I'll let him know you're here."

The woman dialed a number and announced, "Rachel's here." Quickly she set the phone down and said, "Go on in the back, he'll see you." as she pointed towards a door. Rachel strutted past the woman to the door. At the door, Rachel's nerve started to disappear. She hesitated and asked, "Do I just go in? Or knock?"

"Go on in. Jimmy doesn't bite." the woman laughed.

Rachel opened the door. It was a big room, to the right was a desk. The man sitting there was on the phone, but grandly waved Rachel to come. Rachel ambled over, trying to look sexy and self-assured.

The man ended his conversation, stood up, took Rachel's hand and said, "Great to meet you sweetheart, I'm Jimmy. Do me a favor love, turn around, let me look you over." Rachel turned as sexy as she could so the man could view her backside. "Very nice" the man said. "Ok, have a seat honey." Rachel sat in the one chair opposite his desk.

Jimmy immediately became business-like and said, "I pay $50/hour and demand a ten hour shift, four nights a week to start, from 5pm until 3am. You get a stable income whether there are customers or not, and I take all the business risk. No more streetwalking. I set you up in a room here, and screen all customers. Problem customers don't get past me, and I have video security cameras in every room. You'll be able to work in peace and concentrate on what you do best. Sound good?"

Rachel replied, "Sure does! When can I start?" This was almost too good to be true!

"Excellent. But first, you need to read this contract. All my girls work under contract. It outlines everything in detail. Here". Jimmy handed Rachel a thick document. Rachel took it and tried to look intelligently at it. Rachel had dropped out of school in the 7th grade, and while able to read, had a very limited vocabulary and poor reading comprehension. But she didn't want Jimmy to know that. "What if he won't want to hire me then?" worried Rachel. Jimmy pointed to a chair against the wall. "If you'd like, you can bring it home with you and read it at your leisure, or go on over there and read it. Whatever you like."

Rachel was so excited about the job, and knew she she wouldn't be able to make much sense of the contract even if she took it home. Besides, if she hesitated, she might lose the job. She said, "I'll read it here."

Rachel sat on the chair and started paging through the document. It was very confusing and seemed to say the same things over and over. She saw the part that mentioned the hours that Jimmy said and was momentarily proud of herself. She noticed mention of a "stock" quite often, and also "chastity belt", but wasn't sure what those meant, how they were relevant. She also saw words like "bondage", and others that she knew quite well such as "oral sex", "anal sex", and one which confused her a little, "vaginal sex", although she guessed what that must mean. Rachel had no problem with any of that, as at times she allowed some customers to tie her up in the past, and a few good customers were allowed anal a few times.

After a while Rachel's attention started to drift and she finished paging through it, barely even seeing the final ten pages or so. She walked back over to Jimmy and announced, "I read it. When can I start?"

Jimmy said, "Ok, then all you have to do is sign here on this line". "Monica, come over and witness!" Jimmy folded it to the last page and handed Rachel a pen. Rachel signed on the line as an odd tingle raced up her spine. Jimmy then signed on the line next to hers, and then Monica signed as witness. He stood up and said, "Welcome Rachel. I can't wait to start working with you. Drop by tomorrow anytime in the afternoon and we'll do the fitting. Then you can start the next night. That'd be Thursday." They shook hands, and Jimmy said, "Wait here until Monica makes a copy of the contract for you."

As Rachel headed back to the fleabag room clutching the contract, she fantasized about living in a much better apartment, vacations to caribbean islands, barely noticing the ever-present catcalls from the men. Her fantasies were only briefly interrupted by pieces of conversation with Jimmy, and for some odd reason his phrase "we'll do the fitting" started to concern her.


Stay tuned for Chapter 2...
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very interesting great start you got my attention
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Nice start!!
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great start carryy on
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Good start
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very good start
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Great start
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This reads like the start of a fantastic story thnkas
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great start.
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Please let me know when part 2 is up im liking what ive read so far
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Wow....Rachel's bra size is very close to mine; I wear a 50DDD...and I don't think it's big enough. LOL