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Don't worry, I will always answer your so nice and hot messages... :-)))) It's only that I don't have always time to answer you immediately but be sure that you make me wet... :-PPPP Sorry but I prefer to don't tell you from which side of the world I'm writing, that was in the deal with my husband. I hope and wish that you understand. Who knows maybe one day you will suck my nipples and not only... :-))) Never say never... :-))) Yes I think so that it's tough move go into therapy with your wife but I think will be a good things, as I told you, by us helped really a lot, after that we are having a really great life and not only about sex life but in the normal day life. I hope and wish that next time you will have happy ending from the massage parlor and that will be also with your wife :-))) Who knows... :-))) Mmmmm I love to be on top and to have my pussy licked and as I feel you know how to put your tongue in me... :-))) Please lick also my bottom and enter into my ass hole with your finger, oh yes you are great!!! Take this lube and feel free to put your whole hand into my ass hole... :-))) Remember a lot of lube on your hand and in my ass and one by one your finger will enjoy in being into my ass... :-PPP Oh yes your wonderful huge cock it's crazy enjoying the hot of my mouth, it's so huge, so hard, wow!!! I push it deep in my mouth!!! In mean time I play with your ass, wow, so nice. Let me put two finger into it... I see that you like it!!! Mmmm you make me so wet!!! It's wonderful have sex with you, you know how to make happy a woman... Thank you!!! Mmmm I love the taste of your cum, it's so warm, so hot, so tasty!!! Oh greeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaattttt!!! Could you tell me your most dirty fantasy??? On the last weeks I masturbate quite a lot within thinking of you... :-))) And you??? Do you like long or short hair by a woman? Do you like to be a slave or a master? If yes which role you prefer? Did you ever tried spanking? Pissing??
Mmmmm I wanted to share with you more something. On the last weeks, within going to work, here became warmer on the last period, I'm wearing quite often skirt but without any kind of underwear... :-))) I love to feel the air directly in contact with my pussy and my bottom... :-PPP Then while I'm in my office alone at my desk, I like to use one of my favorite dildo and put it in my pussy or also into my ass... :-PPP Sometimes I participate to some of our meeting with this dildo in myself... :-DDDD It's so nice to be there listening all this speaking and in the meantime feel completely hot and excited, off course I'm not using it when I'm having the lead of the meeting, I have it only in myself without making it on :-))) Did you ever imagined to have sex with one or more colleague of your office? I'm having regular sex with my boss and his wife... :-PPP
Hi today I'm at home and I'm working completely nude... :-))) You know here it's really hot and then I preferred to make myself comfortable :-))) Then time by time I can play with myself or with my husband :-))) I see that you aren't writing me back, it's everything fine? You get bored of me?? I hope and wish that everything it's fine. I wish that everything it's ok and I wait for your answer. In the meantime I'm sending you a very hot lick on your great cock!!!
you call me up because you need your pussy licked. I walk in the room to see you bouncing up & down on your husbands cock as he fucks your pussy while he is sitting in a chair. you are facing away from him. your beautiful red hair is bouncing up & down as are your as are your big nipped tits. you motion me to come over to you, I strip off my clothes & I am naked by the time I get to you. Our lips meet as you bounce on your husbands cock. You grab my hair and after a long kiss you push my head down past your bouncing breasts to you hot pussy. I start working on your clit, licking and sucking it trying to make you cum. I feel your husbands balls bouncing off my chin as I continue to lick your hot pussy. after a few minutes you lift yourself off you husbands cock you grab his hard cock & guide it into my mouth. I suck and lick his cock trying not to chock on it. I move my tongue around the tip of his dick hoping he will cum in my mouth. you pull his dick out of my mouth and put it back into your hot pussy. then your husband pulls his dick out of your pussy and says he is going to fuck you in the ass. He goes to get some lube. you push me down to the floor on my back and lower your wet cunt on to my rock hard cock. I feel the weight of your body on me & your breasts smash against my chest, you kiss my deeply. your red hair hangs on to my face. I start fucking your pussy. your husband returns and lubes your asshole.as he pushes to enter your ass you bite my lip because you hole is so tight. he slides in and we both fuck your holes. soon we both cum filling your pussy and asshole with our hot cum. your husband leaves. i roll you on to your back. i know you love to cum so i go down on your cum dripping pussy. i taste my hot cum as i lick your clit. a pool of your husbands cum drips from your asshole. you start to cum & cum & cum & cum till you beg me to stop...
thinking of you............
I know that I'm not telling you about me... But I like to keep a bit of mystery around me make everything more exciting :-))) As you known I love to excited... :-))) I love to read your so hot and wet messages, you know how to make me wet and only within using words... :-))) So great!!! Thank you... :-))) Last days here it's always really warm and then when I'm coming home I'm making myself really comfortable, I'm going always around home completely naked... :-PPP Sometimes I have some dildo or in pussy or in my asshole... :-))) It's really nice the sensation to have something in one of my hole and then walking around home... :-PPP Then sometimes I stop on the sofa or over my bed under the shower and I start the dildo and I have a really great orgasm... :-))) I love to be wet... :-))) Yesterday evening I was at home by my boss and we had a really intense sex night we him and his wife... :-PPP Was so great!!! She is submissive and then we have fun to "use" her how we prefer... :-PPP Off course always within respecting her... :-)) My boss with me it's very delicate, he knows how to play with me. Then after I came back home, my husband was waiting for me and we had immediately a really hot love within the help of a friend of him... :-))) It's so great to be the center of the attention of two men... :-DDDD It's double pleasure... :-))) So nice when you write about double penetration, that make me crazy. So happened also yesterday with my husband and his friend, I was really full of cock... :-))) Would have been great to have you there and suck your so hard cock and then feel at the same time the cum of you all three together... :-DDD Mmmmmmm I'm really wet at the moment, I have to masturbate or maybe I wake up my husband what do you think it's the better option? To the next time... I have to go...
Glad you like my messages, i cum often to yours too. What does your bosses wife look like? Does she like to have you lick her pussy while her husband is fucking you? Do you take turns? Does your boss fuck you up the ass? I would love to see you lick another woman's pussy as I fucked you from behind. Do you have big pussy lips or small? I love to lick and suck my wife's pussy lips & push my tongue into her wet pussy hole before working on her clit to make her cum. Too bad she only wants it once every 3 months........
Masturbate while thinking of me licking your hot pussy while I shove my finger up your asshole.
I'm rubbing my hard on right now at the computer I think I'll cum......
thank you
o nice to read an another of your nice messages... :-))) Mmmm my boss wife, she is really interesting. She is tall 175 cm, short dark hair, dark eyes and small mouth, tits are also small, it's enough an hand to play with each tit..:-PPP Nipples are dark and small. She is really fit and thin, no sign of fat... like me :-DDD Pussy is hairy and dark... :-))) Bottom really hard and nice... :-))) Yes she loves to lick my pussy, like a crazy, she loves also to kiss me while her husband it's fucking me into my ass or pussy... :-PPP Or also she likes when I'm fucked by her husband and I'm licking her pussy or I'm playing into her ass with my finger or hand... I love to be fucked into the ass and that my boss do really well... :-))) I'm also fucking my boss into the ass... :-PPP Yes we make turn... :-))) But also we are wearing a strap-on and while I'm fucked, I'm also fucking my boss wife :-))) I love to feel tongue into my pussy and into my ass... :-))) Would be great to feel your tongue all over me and into me... :-))) I'm masturbating within writing to you... :-))) To the next time... :-)))
Ok by the " Mum " in your profile & the 175cm of your bosses wife height ( not 5' 7" US ) & your red hair. I think you are from the British Isles. Your boss & his wife are middle eastern. Don't worry I won't try to find you, except in my dreams.
Its been hard to find some alone time to write you back. But I think about you every day.
I was finally enjoying a full weekend off sitting in the back yard. The hot sun was warming my face & as the wind wrestled through the trees and cooled me off. I thought if you were here we would be naked & lay a blanket down in the grass. You would start sucking my hard dick, hoping the neighbors wouldn't see us & call the cops, maybe they would just masturbate to the show or go in & fuck their spouse afterwards. I would enjoy looking down to see your red hair bouncing up & down as your lips slid on my cock, your beautiful ass would be up in the air for me to admire. Soon you would start playing with my asshole w/your finger, knowing that would make me cum. I unload my hot cum into your mouth but you don't swallow it. You slid my cock out of your mouth & slide your body up mine. I feel your hard nipples on my chest as you kiss me fully on the lips. You open your mouth & w/your tongue you push my hot cum into my mouth. I gladly suck it in tasting its salty bitterness swallowing all of it. I know that turns you on. Then you move slowly up my body letting me lick & suck your hard nipples as they pass my mouth. Soon your hot cunt is over my face. I feel the heat coming off your horny pussy. Your pussy lips are swollen waiting for my tongue to lick them. I start by pushing my long tongue into your pussy hole tasting your juices. I move up to your pussy lips licking & sucking them then to your clit. Your clit is hard & hot I attack your clit licking , biting & sucking it. You push your hot cunt hard onto my face and you start to cum & cum & cum. After you cum 20 times you lift yourself off me face and lay down next to me. We are both worn out from our sexual workout. You kiss me on the lips and lay back next to me. The hot sun is warming our faces & as the wind wrestled through the trees it cooled us off.
Do you have big or small pussy lips & clit? I'll be dreaming of you fucking me up the ass with a strap-on.
Hi, nice to read you again... :-))) I can tell you that the wife of my boss it's a really nice ebony woman, she have a really nice taste, I love to drink her juice... :-PPP My boss it's also a really nice and hot black men... :-PPP He can satisfy me really well... :-PPP My husband had the chance to see me having fun with him but unlikely for him, my boss doesn't like to play with men :-DD But at least my husband could have fun with his wife... :-PPP Till know I didn't had the chance to have fun with Asian men, that would be interesting... :-))) I'm sorry that was hard for you to find time to write me back, I always wait like a crazy for your messages, I masturbate always a lot within thinking of you and reading your messages, sometimes I go back and I also read your old message and then I masturbate... :-))) I have always my hand or my favorite dildo in my pussy or ass within reading your messages... and off course I'm nude... :-))) Mmmmm so nice to suck your hard cock... :-))) No problem about neighbors, if they will see us we can tell them to join us... :-PPP If also cops will be coming we can also let them join us... :-PPP Within seeing us the only chance it's that they would love or to join or they will start also to have fun... :-))) It's absolutely crazy hot and sexy to see us having sex, having fun... :-))) Oh yes so nice to play with my finger in your so lovely ass... Mmmmm your cock it's so hard I feel it... So nice, so great!! I'm so wet!!! Now take me in doggystyle please!!! I want your cock up in my ass, I need it... Mmmmm I'm so hot, I need to play with my pussy... Ohhhhh I'm so in need of you!!! Oh yes push hard into my ass, yes yes more hard please, in the meantime I'm playing with my pussy like a crazy!!! Ohhhh I don't know what I have I'm so excited, I'm near to explode!!! Ohhhh yesssss, so great!!! I had a crazy wonderful orgasm, I was shaking, actually were multiple orgasm!!! You know how to make me crazy!!! Come here with your wonderful cock that I want to suck it to thank you for such a great orgasm!!! In the mean time I put 3 finger into your ass, I want that your cock will be crazy huge and hard!!! I'm crazy, absolutely crazy!!! I want to fuck, to fuck!!! I have to go know I have to wake up my husband and have sex!!! I have small pussy lips and clit :-))) Would be great to fuck you with a strap-on into your lovely ass, I love to do that!!! If you want we can use my favorite!!! Turn yourself and I will do it... :-))))
Sorry it takes me so long to write, I miss you too. I was able to read your last note but unable to write back....I still think about you every day and cum at nite dreaming of your red haired pussy! Funny I have been cumming to the same fantasy, me fucking you up the ass.
You would come over to my house because you need to cum. I would put you on the edge of the bed on your back and spread your legs. My tongue would start licking your hot cunt. First your pussy lips then up to your clit. But before you could cum I would move down to your asshole. First licking around your asshole then pushing my tongue into your asshole. You know what that means. I want to fuck you up the ass.. I reach for some lube & cover my hard cock with it. I slowly push the head of my cock into your tight ass. I love you in this position, I can see your beautiful face as my cock slides into your asshole. I watch your face as I bury my rock hard dick in you ass & start pumping. I look to see your eyes closed and your red hair and tits bouncing with every stroke. I take my lubed thumb and rub your swollen clit as my dick slides in and out of your tight asshole. You start to cum & cum your body shaking & your are moaning, I love it watching you! After you cum a dozen times I can't stop myself I blow my load deep into your asshole. I continue to rub your clit making you cum as my cock shrinks. Finally falling out of your asshole. My hot cum drips from your ass. I lay down on you, your breasts pushing against my chest, our lips & our tongues meet. Both of us are unable to move for a few minutes laying in each others arms....
Maybe next time you can fuck my asshole with a strap-on while your bosses wife sucks my dick!
Thinking of you!!!
No problem that you didn't wrote me back for a while, for me it's important that you can write me back :-))) You know I really like to read your messages they make me so hot, so wet, so horny... :-))) Within reading it or also after it, I have to masturbate or better have sex... :-))) I also think about you everyday, you know I masturbate everyday thinking of you... :-))) My pussy it's really get used of you... :-))) My pussy it's saying hello, at the moment it's wet... :-))) I just finish to have sex... :-))) I'm nude and reading your message... :-))) Now I put a dildo into my ass... :-PPP Good, now I can continue to write to you... :-))) Ohhhh I love so much to have your cock into my ass... :-))) Ok, not only there, I love to have it everywhere in me, all over me... :-))) So great to feel your hand into my pussy... :-PPP Mmmmmmm you are so great!!! Make me cum like a crazy!!! Oh yes... so great to feel so full... :-PPP It's a really nice idea to fuck your so sweet asshole... :-PPP You have a great ass, but you know that, mmmm then let me prepare it for a very nice dildo, my favorite... :-))) The wife of my boss it's just here, we had a really nice and hot night, she is great and still wet... :-))) She need a really hard rock dick, so she told me, then I introduced you to her and she is positively surprised when she see your hard rock dick, she wants it in her mouth and not only, she want that you fuck her... :-))) But then you say that you want to have sex with both of us then we start to play together... :-))) I go to take my favorite dildo, it's a bit big but will for sure enter into your ass, don't worry... :-))) Then you put yourself on your knee and the wife of my boss start to put into her mouth your hard dick, then I start to open your asshole and I start to put a lot of lube, really a lot... :-))) Then I start within entering two of my finger, I see that are entering really quickly and you like it... :-))) My boss wife, she is really happy to have her mouth full of your cock!!! You take her head and you push it hard over your cock... She is really excited and hot!!! She is masturbating herself!!! Then me after have played with 3 fingers into your ass I will put into your asshole slowly by slowly my strap-on!!! It's so nice to do so, I'm going really slowly into your asshole, I don't want to hurt you!!! Mmmmm I see that it's entering really well, your asshole isn't so tight as I was thinking... :-))) I see that you trained it!!! Well done!!! Within pressing the dildo into your asshole the strap-on stimulate my pussy!!! It's so great!!! I'm hot, I'm horny!!! Oh yessss!!! It's so great!!! I need to receive a dildo or a cock into my asshole, then the wife of my boss stop for a moment to suck your great cock and she goes and take a huge dildo, her favorite, and after have made it wet and also putted a lot of lube into my asshole, she is great with her tongue, she put in the dildo.... Oh yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!!! Now I'm in ecstasy!!! You listen me moaning and then the wife of my boss reach to make you cum!!! Wow, you never did so a lot of cum!!! She is really good, eh??? She make me always crazy!!! She fucks me in a really great way!!! Then what next??? Sorry but I have to go to clean myself, here it's like a lake... :-))) I will let my husband clean everything with his tongue... :-PPP Always thinking of you!!!
I'm having a hard time deciding to beat off and cum all over my self after reading your message or try to write you back!!
My dick is hard I am rubbing it through my pants. My wife is gone for a few hours so i can write you back & cum while reading your message. I have unzipped my pants pulling down my underwear. I'm typing with my right hand while stroking my hard cock with my left. I like that you work your fingers into my asshole to help me take your big dildo. & how I push your bosses wife down onto my cock. Maybe I can face fuck you soon....Would you like that?
I would love to hear you moan and see your face as you cum.
Thats it I can't hold back any longer. I pull up my shirt so I don't get com on it. I'm cumming...................... My cum shoots onto my stomach, as i close my eyes I think of your red hair hanging down next to your beautiful face. That was nice...... I wish you were here so I could lick your hot pussy & make you cum....
Thank you
No worries if you cannot write me back immediately I understand. I'm also really happy and proud of you for what you write me... :-))) I always imagine you within masturbating and thinking of me :-))) I see your huge cock being hard and cumming all over you and then me licking all over you, your so hot and juicy cum... :-))) So lovely... :-))) Mmmm let me also suck your cock and play into your asshole... :-PPP WoW it's so large and hot... :-PPP So nice to put my tongue in it and then some of my finger... :-PPP Do the same to me but then put your sweet hand into my asshole please... :-PPP Take also this huge dildo and fuck hard my pussy... :-PPPP Mmmmm I'm so wet!!! I need to be fucked like a crazy!!! Use me please!!! Remember you can fuck me always but only here in socialnumber or in your imagination... I don't meet people that I contacted online, I'm sorry for that. But this is my rule... :-) I'm licking you everywhere!!! Oh yesssss you are cumming let me take all your tasty cum into my mouth, make it full!!! Thank you!!!
I know we will never meet in person. But I am glad we meet online..
I would love to face fuck you. You laying on your back on the kitchen table. Your head hanging back over the edge at I slid my hard dick into your throat. Your husband is fucking your pussy ( or your asshole ) or taking turns, as I face fuck you. Your throat grows bigger as I slid my cock down your throat. I pound your throat stopping to give you a chance to catch your breath. Your beautiful red hair hangs down as I caress your hard nipples. I hear your husband starting to cum. I can't stop myself seeing your beautiful body shaking I blow my load deep into mouth. You choke on my cum but swallow it all. I kiss you beautiful red lips tasting my cum. I go down on your wet pussy tasting your husbands cum, you cum & cum & cum.. You are the sexist woman I have ever met.

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