Two Experiences with My Mom's Stinky Feet

By the time I was 11, I had been playing with feet for quite a while, many times with my mother’s and eldest s****r. Not that I was sexually attracted to them, but they had very sexy pairs of feet that were easily accessible. All the other times it was with a friend of my mother’s. I remember my mother would come home and tell all about her day to my dad. She would always kick her beige pumps off at the door. We had this shoe rack, but she was always too tired, she said, to put them up. On one particular day, she kicked them off and went upstairs as always. This was June so it was starting to get warm, and my oldest s****r (whose feet I absolutely adored) was complaining about her new Keds starting to get smelly. At the time, the girls didn’t often wear socks with those shoes. My mother said some comment about putting her shoes by the door if they get as bad as her heels. She never wore nylons and was on her feet all day because she was a real estate agent showing houses. I had smelled her shoes before and gotten aroused, but on this day I felt got an incredible hard on hearing her and my oldest s****r talking about their feet. So when my older s****rs went out with their friends and my mother and father were upstairs, I grabbed her shoes and began to smell them. I don't know how to describe them. The aroma was very strong and sharp, and heavy with the smell of worn leather, too. I ran to my room with them. When I got there, I took my pants off and lay on my bed. I lay on my stomach with a pillow underneath myself so that my cock rubbed against the pillow. I got the idea from looking at one of the covers of my dad's adult videos I found snooping in his closet when looking at his gun. This was the early 80s, so imagine the cheesy 70s porn covers where the guy would be fucking a girl in a missionary position.

Anyway, my cock was pressed against my belly and the pillow, which felt great by itself. I grabbed one of her pumps and set it under my nose and started smelling. After a short time, I started to move back and forth over the pillow, and within seconds I felt a tingly sensation at the tip of my penis and then a warm gush. I came, but when I looked at the pillow there was only some of the clear whitish fluid on my stomach and the pillow. I cleaned up and felt very tired so I went to sl**p. I woke up that night around 8 or so, I think, realizing that I hadn't returned Mom's shoes to the door, but I wasn’t in trouble as my s****r's were still down the street and apparently my mother and father slept the whole afternoon. As I returned her shoes to the rack, I sniffed them and felt the urge to cum again. So I rubbed by self on the carpet while smelling them and the feeling happened again. After that day, I tried my pillow method with very mixed and spotty results.

The first time I experience my mother's feet on my cock was actually my seventh or maybe even eight time with feet making me cum directly. The first couple of times were with my mother’s close friend Margie, then there were a few experiences sl**py feet experiences before this with my oldest s****r. This day was a Sunday, so my mom wasn't working, but she was doing things around the house and my dad was at the neighbor's watching football. My s****rs were out again having weekend neighborhood fun, and I was home with mom watching TV. Around maybe seven or eight, she was tired and passed out on the couch. Her feet were dangling off the side. I didn't immediately notice as I was watching my show and only turned around to see her after it was done. I did immediately notice her feet, however, which were slightly dirty, from being barefoot some of the day. For the most part she was wearing her house Keds (those shoes were VERY popular in the late 70s and early 80s, and they weren’t the most breathable shoes), so her feet definitely were smelly by now. I crawled over to her feet and I first noticed how big my s****r's and Margie's feet were compared to my mother's. My mother's feet were a size 8 wide, whereas my s****r's was about a size 10 wide at that time (they got bigger) and I’m sure Margie’s feet were size 11’s.

Anyway, I smelled my mother's feet around the toes and ball area and I was taken aback at how strongly they smelled this time. It didn't stop my dick from getting hard, however, and I took it out and started rubbing it, while smelling under my mom's toes where it was smelliest. I then got the idea to touch my cock to her soles. So I stood up and lightly pressed the underside against her toes. The feeling was indescribable. I kept rubbing up and down her sole and I started to feel a tingly sensation come, so I pressed my whole length against her sole while looking at her toenails from above. They were always longish, like many of the women in my town, especially in my f****y, except for my other s****r, whose feet weren’t nearly as sexy as my mother and my eldest s****r. They were also painted a deep red or burgundy or brown color, I can’t remember exactly. Seeing her longish burgundy toenails move as I pressed my cock against her warm soft sole brought me over the edge and it had my first explosive ejaculation, meaning I came so hard that my cum literally squirted out of my cock strongly enough that it actually shocked me. Most of my semen landed on my belly and her instep and sexy toes, but a goodly portion caught her Capri pants. I was afraid to clean up and risk waking her, so I just pretended to watch more TV as I drifted to sl**p in front of the TV.

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2 years ago
Hi, this story is awesome! Can you send me some pictures of your mom and sister's feet?
2 years ago