My First Footjob From Mature Stinky Feet

This is my first time writing about this particular experience. It was not unique, as the woman in this story actually indulged my fetish until she tried to give a blowjob to another boy in my neighborhood and he told on her. Eventually had to move away when I was around f******n or so.
I have always been turned on by big, stinky female feet. My best and most memorable experience occurred when I was eleven with a friend of my mother. It was pretty much through of this experience, along with experiences with my older s****r and mother, that I earned my taste in women and feet.

As was customary, on weekends, my mother would invite her friend over to our house. However, on this occasion my mother's friend did not bring her son with her. So upon arriving, she greeted us and proceeded to the edge of the bed situated near the living room (they always played in the guest room, which was like a studio apartment. Within a short while, the friend, whose feet I had long admired, removed her shoes and I immediately focused in on her feet. They were big, about a size 11 if I remember correctly, and they gave off a pleasant aroma. She kept her toenails slightly long, just enough to stick out over the tips of her toes, and her soles were thick, soft, and indescribably sexy. As they continued to play cards, I was on the bed by myself playing around.

The bed was against a wall and the friend was seated at the edge furthest from the wall facing the table. I was between the wall and the friend, who I knew as Margie. While my mother was shuffling the deck, Margie decided to lie on her left side, propped up on her left elbow, and placed her bare feet on the edge of the bed.

I stopped what I was doing and went to the end where her feet were. I began touching them with my fingers and then with my palms. Margie started giggling and wiggling her toes. She then placed her right sole on my face so that the ball of her foot touched my lips. She left it there for a while because she thought that she punishing me, I guess. I inhaled and puckered my lips so that they touched her smooth, clammy sole lightly. Then she removed her right foot and laid it back on top of her left.

I wasn’t done yet. I had a stiffy and was by no means ready to be left rock hard while she played cards. So I started bothering her feet again to elicit a response from them. I don't really know what I expected or what I wanted to happen, but I was pretty aroused. This time, while I was at her feet, and her still lying on her left side playing cards, her left foot arched and clenched my t-shirt in front of my stomach. She retracted her left foot and pulled me inward towards her right foot which she had elevated to the level of my mouth.

I was in heaven. I couldn’t get away, not that I wanted to. Her left foot continued to clench my t-shirt and was tugging me towards her huge right sole, which was already in my face. I was sitting Indian-style and was clad only in briefs and the t-shirt. She did this for a couple of seconds, but long enough to make my dick stiffer yet. Then she flexed her right foot so that her arch easily covered my mouth and I couldn’t speak no matter which way I turned my head to escape. I didn’t want to, but had to pretend that I wanted to escape to ensure that she would still think that I did not want her smelly feet in my face.

Still grasping me with her left foot, she bent her right leg at the knee with her sole still pressed against my mouth and toppled me, pushing me behind her using lever-type leg scissors. I was so aroused, embarrassed, and worried that my mother would say something, but she didn’t to my relief. All the while they both were playing cards while Margie effortlessly smothered my face with her big stinky feet. So now I was behind Margie, between her and the wall. Fortunately, Margie was tall, so that even though she was lying on her side, she was tall enough to offer protection from being seen if I was sitting Indian style behind her.

Now that I was behind Margie, who had just made me the hardest that I’d ever been, I wanted more, but didn’t know how, or exactly what. Margie's legs were slightly bent at the knee so that from behind I could see her long, wide, soft soles. In the meantime, I pretended to play with some stuff on my own behind Margie, but was still stiffer than ever; and then it happened.

I began to see Margie's legs bend at the knee and her feet coming in my direction. And then her big feet, left on top of right, landed in my lap. I stopped what I was doing and looked into my lap to see what I had smelled. I was sitting Indian style on a slim twin-bed and was close to the wall, so her soles were facing my then waning erection, though not yet touching it. My dick began to grow again. It seemed as though time stood still while my cock was lengthening.

Her soles were right there within inches of the underside of my cock. It kept growing and growing. As I watched to my horror, it came closer to Margie's soles and I was scared that if it touched her soles, she would jerk away. Or worse yet, she'd tell my mother. Then my dick touched her right sole lightly and I looked up to see her reaction. She turned towards the rear at me, smirked, and before I knew it, I sensed pressure on my crotch.

She flexed her left foot, applying pressure on my renewed erection. She then placed the instep of her right foot on the top-side of my underwear to make my dick stick straight out between the little opening in the briefs. When she felt it was out, with her right foot on top of my shaft, she secured it so that the bottom side of my shaft was against her left sole, which she had turned upwards.

Then she began stroking my stiff dick by moving her ankles slowly. Then she would apply slight pressure so that my dick was against the top of her right instep and her right sole was against my belly. Like this, her left sole slid up and down my shaft, up and down, and then she worked her left sole down towards my balls. With the knife-edge of her sole, she pushed my nuts into me so that, by pressing them lightly, my dick pointed outwards.

All the while I noticed that her feet dwarfed my cock, not that it was anything to behold at the age of 11. She used her left sole to gently stroke the bottom-side of my shaft by moving her foot at the ankle. She kept doing that for some time. My eyes were shut. I was leaning against the wall for support because I had no strength to sit up on my own because of the intense sensations and feeling of pleasure. She continued. My dick throbbed. She continued some more and went on and on. The feeling of my stiff dick under her big stinky feet was way too much. Then, wham! I felt a strange tingling in the tip of my cock, and then my dick started to quiver violently and beat against her soft soles. During that intense throbbing I felt a rush of fluid gush forth, but I think Margie felt my twitches and knew what was about to happen, because she pressed down on the underside of my dick (which felt glorious in the middle of my orgasm) and instead of gushing like a fountain, I saw some white stuff dribble out onto Margie’s big soft sole. She continued to rub me throughout, and I had to have had one of the most intense orgasms of my life. At one point, I felt my climax dying down, but then I looked down to see some of that white stuff on her toes, and the stuff collected around her big toenail, which was longish, and seeped under her toenail. For some reason, the sight of that gave me another intense wave of pleasure during my orgasm. I must have spasmed at least 15 times under those feet as Margie stroked me. At the end, Margie made some off the cuff remark about her toenails or something like that, which made me tingle.

Then, she moved her left sole and stroked my still erect, throbbing dick once more. She removed her right foot which had been pressing me against the wall and straightened her legs out while rubbing her sole on the bed, wiping off my mess. I nearly fell over when she pulled her foot away that was pressing me against the wall. I looked down to see my dick sticking out of the opening of my underwear, all a mess with frothy white stuff. For a little while I was struggling to put my dick inside my briefs, but could not; and as I fidgeted to put it back in, I looked up at Margie. She was smiling at me. She then turned back around to continue playing cards. Eventually I barely got it back in through that damn slit in the front of my briefs and quickly came from behind Margie concealing my pulsating cock from my mother and went into the bathroom to clean up. I was fortunate in that I created hardly any mess except in my underwear and a little on Margie’s feet. Otherwise I would have shot a load all over her calves, ankles, and thighs.

I guess she had figured that I liked her feet at some point, despite my stupid antics to try and prove otherwise (when you’re a k**, logic isn’t quite your thing) and, luckily, she knew what she was doing with them!

Like I said, I did have other experiences with this f****y friend's feet, as well as with my mother's and eldest s****r's feet (not that I found them sexually attractive, just their feet) and I'll post them if this story is well-received.
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4 months ago
great story
1 year ago
thank you
2 years ago
What a turn-on! I personally don't care for stinky feet or over long toenails but I do like women's feet and this is such a good story. More of your experiences with Margie and her feet, please.
2 years ago
Just one word: GREAT ! Please write some more stories
2 years ago
more especially about your mum and your sisters feet