BBW Wife Gone Wild Part II

Well this is a continuation from BBW Wife Gone Wild Part I. My BBW wife has now had sex with two different guys and has loved it. In the previous story I had found a 22 year old college guy to fuck her. When he was parting that night he had told her he lived with four other guys and and sometimes would find a woman to have a gang bang night and wondered if she would be interested in taking part in a BBW gang bang. She responded certainly. Well several weeks had passed and never heard nothing from him again about it. Jill was somewhat disappointed but relieved the more she though about being naked and fucked by a group of hot college guys probably would be more of an embarrassment. We put it to the back of our minds and had awesome sex while talking about her past two experiences. I brought up placing another ad again and seeing who we could find for another man to fuck her. She was all for it. We had run a few ads but nothing that she was really looking for so we laid off of it for a while. A few weeks after the first of the year and the new college semester starting I got an email from Trevor. He said he was sorry he hadn't got back to me earlier about doing a gang bang with my wife but time wasn't allowing them to get it done before the end of the last semester. He wanted all of them to be there and participate. He was wondering if she was still interested in doing it. He said if she was they would like to set it up this weekend. I was so excited to tell Jill about it when she got home.
When she arrived home I started kissing her and fondling her, we were allover each other I started peeling her clothes off and caressing her breasts. She wondered what was up. I told her I spoke with Trevor and he wanted to have her over for a gang bang this weekend. Her face instantly turned red and you could feel the heat off her cheeks. I reached down and started rubbing her pussy and you could feel it getting wetter. She trembled as she spoke. She said she didn't know if she could really go through with it now that it could really happen. She said she would be to nervous. She was reluctant about what the college guys would say about her being fat. I told her to think about it and we would get back to him. Later that night after the k**s were in bed we had awesome sex fantasizing about it. With a little talking I convinced her to do it.
The next morning I emailed Trevor back and said she would do it. He replied back saying awesome they were all looking forward to it and some other guys may join in or watch. I said I couldn't wait to watch her get fucked by all of these young studs. He replied back saying I wasn't allowed to be there, but he would have cams set up so I could watch it from home. I was very disappointed, but still excited for the adventure. Jill was even more reluctant since I wouldn't be there. I told her it would be ok I would be watching from the computer. It was arranged that Friday night Trevor and another guy would pick her up from our house at 8:00p.m. She should be ready to go when they get there, and he would also give my a website address so I could watch their cams.
All week she was flustered and nervous she could hardly get anything done. Finally Friday evening arrived. She showered and shaved her self, and got dressed up in a short skirt and skimpy tight top, she had a lacy black bra on and lacy black panties underneath covering her big ass and big tits. At 7:55 the door bell rang and she sprung to her feet, she could hardly talk or grasp the door handle she was trembling so hard. She opened the door and Trevor stood there with a tall skinny blond guy with short spiked hair. They both had bulges in their jeans and were saying how hot she looked. Trevor introduced us to the other guy who's name was Justen. Trevor helped me find the sight to watch their cams, when he brought it up there were four different cams in their living room covering about every angel I wanted. Also were three other guys sitting on the couch and recliners watching porn. One was a stalky dark haired guy, one skinny redhead, and another skinny dark haired guy with a goattee. When Trevor and Justen were done showing me what I needed they turned to Jill and told her as hot as she looked in those clothes she would have to strip naked and put on these, and handed her a see through fish net jump suit. She hesitantly started stripping in front of all of us as the boys were watched and smiled. She slipped into the outfit and they handed her a long trench coat to wear over it. I kissed her goodbye as they headed out the door. I anxiously watched the cams to see when they would arrive. It took about twenty minutes when I see the guys in the living room turn to the door as Jill walked in only wearing her see through outfit. They approached her instantly and started kissing and fondling her. They lead her to the middle of the living room, and lay her down on a big four foot by four foot padded type coffee table, type foot rest. She lay on there with her legs spread for the guys to see. There was a hole in her outfit for her pussy. The guys sat on the couch and watched as she play with herself. I could see her nipples protruding through the outfit. The guys one by one start playing with her tits, and pussy slowly they slide her out of the outfit and she lays there totally naked in front of the fully clothed guys. One by one they take turns eating her pussy, and sucking on her nipples. One guy started making out with her. Slowly they start removing there clothes. Justen has a long skinny cock and quickly puts it in her pussy. He fucks her like there is now tomorrow. The stalky guy puts his short fat cock in her mouth and the red head guy rubs his cock on her tits. It doesn't take long and Justen is shooting his load on her big stomach. Trevor quickly gets in place and starts fucking her. It isn't long and the stalky guy shoots his load in her hair. Trevor pulls out and gets her on all fours and starts fingering her ass. She resists but he doesn't back away. They get out lube and start lubing her ass. She lays her head on the table as Trevor keeps working her asshole. Then the redhead comes around and stick his cock in her mouth as she goes to town sucking on it. The other skinny dark haired guy slides under her and she slides his cock in her pussy. Trevor now is working his cock into her ass with the other guys cock in her pussy and the redhead in her mouth. Suddenly I can see cum gushing out her mouth as the redhead unloads into her mouth. Now Trevor has his whole cock in her ass and is fucking it good and the other guy is pounding her pussy. Justen is stroking his cock and has it hard again and puts it in her mouth. Trevor eventually comes in Jill's ass. She sits up on the other guy working back and forth until you can see he is cumming. She climbs off and lay on her back as the skinny guy gets up. She puts her legs in the air and Justen mounts her already cum filled pussy. This goes on like this for another half hour or more and another two guys walk in the house and join in. I eventually loose track of who has cum already and who has cum two or three times, but they fuck her until they can't get it up anymore. I can see the cum all over her face, hair, tits and running down her legs as she gets up. About 11:30 she walks in the door totally naked soaked with cum, but all smiles. She heads for the shower, but I talk her into crawling right into bed all full of cum. She crawls in and I wrap my legs and arms around feeling that dried cum on her and slip my hand to her pussy and ass and feel cum still dripping out of both holes. I couldn't believe I had watched her anal cherry get popped by another guy. All these years and she never let me fuck her in the ass. Oh well what a night it was.
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nice story