BBW Wife Gone Wild Part 1

This is a continuation from a previous story I submitted a while back (Wife Gives In And Loves It). After her first experience with another guy our sex life got really good. I asked her if she wanted to do it again, and she answered she couldn't wait. I asked her what her favorite part about her first experience was and she said being naked in front of everyone really turned her on. Then the fact that I and the other guys wife watched her get fucked. I asked her if she wanted me to set up another experience or if she wanted to. She said it would turn her on more if I set something up and it be a surprise. So I instantly went to work. I watched the Craigslist ads and went on to yahoo chat. Finally I found what I was looking for on Craigslist. A 22 year old had an ad looking for an older BBW. I replied and we sent pictures back and forth. We arranged to meet ( I like to meet them first) at a bar and we chatted to see if he was right and what we would do. He had said if this worked out he would like to do more with her. I asked what that was and he said he would wait and tell me if this worked out. So we set it up he would come over to watch the Nebraska football game against UCLA that Saturday night. He said he couldn't be there right away because of work and he wanted to shower and change. So that night I made sure the k**s were all out of the house. Jill and I had few drinks prior to the game and I told her it would turn me on if she watched the game in the nude with me, and she reluctantly agree always worried that someone will pop in. We watched most of the first quarter I was beginning to wonder if he was going to show or not. I could hardly watch the game I was so excited. With two minutes left in the first quarter the doorbell rang. Jill instantly popped up and started to run for the bedroom I told her no stay here and answer the door it was for her. She reluctantly went to the door and slowly opened it. She stayed behind the door and stuck her head around. There stood this tall skinny guy very well tanned with dark hair. He said I am looking for Jill. She said you have found her, and let him in. She stood completely naked in front of him you could see the bulge through his gym shorts that he wore. He said my name is Trevor and I would like to watch the game with you. She invited him in and he sat down on the couch. He asked if he would like to have a beer and of course he did. She handed him one and sat next to him. He looked her over real good and commented how she turned him on. We all chatted and drank through out the next quarter. He started to get a little braver and would touch her low hanging breasts and rub her leg. When ever she opened her legs I could see the moisture building in her pussy. At half time he started to suck her nipples and rub her pussy. Finally she reached and lifted his shirt off then he moved down to her pussy and started licking it. She was moaning and squirming as he went to town on her clit. Before long she squirted all over his face ( she is a big squirter when she is really excited) and he didn't mind at all he kept right on going. He stood up and pulled his shorts down past his raging hard on. He had to have been at least 7 inches and uncut. This was her first uncut cock. He sat down and she stuck that cock in her mouth and went to town. Soon they were on the floor first him on top of her then him behind her on all fours which turns me on the most when she is on all fours her tits swaying and her belly swaying. Then he lay down on his back and she got on top of him going to town she had several orgasms this way. Then she got off and lay him on his back and sucked him until he came. She let him squirt his cum all over her face and tits. She stood up grabbed towel and wiped his sperm up. Sat down on the couch and said half time is over. He sat next to her again. By the time the game was over he had another raging hard on it didn't even matter that we had lost the game. She asked if he was spending the night and he said I was hoping you would let me. Then off to the bedroom they went. I put everything away and shut everything off when I went to the bedroom he was busy pounding her. They went at it for about another 20 minutes with him pulling out and dumping his cum all over her chest,he rolled over next to her. She was laying there with sperm all over her. She said I needed to get something to clean it up. I couldn't resist I bent down and started sucking her tits, and slowly moved my tongue towards his cum. I slowly started to lap it up and kept going until it was all gone. I kissed her and laid next to her with her in between both of us. She said I cannot believe you licked up his sperm like that. I just smiled and kissed her again drifting off to sl**p. I woke up with the sound of him panting and the bed moving back and forth. I looked over he was fucking the shit out of her again. It was 8:30 in the morning. She lay there as he kept pounding her pussy finally dumping his load in side of her. He rolled over and said well this worked out really great. She agreed with a big smile. I lay there and masturbated as they watched shooting my come all over my chest. They both laughed as I had my orgasm and he said that was to bad I had to jerk off I told him I didn't mind I loved the show. He said that he had more in mind for her if she agreed. She said she would listen. He told her that he was going to college in Omaha and lived with four other guys. On certain weekends they line up a woman to come over and they have a gang bang with her. They try to find different women. Sometimes a married woman sometimes a black woman, they try to go with something different each time. This time they would like to do an older BBW. He asked if she would be interested? She didn't hesitate very long when she said of course she would. He said he would call when they had a date set up. He gave her a kiss and left. So stay tuned for the next story.
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9 months ago
very good
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Another good story can't wait to read about the gangbang.
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