Seeing What I Could See Pt. 4

Finally an Overnighter!
I need to preface this fantasy that in this grand lady’s final years she told me many stories about her wilder days, some risqué, that made me wonder if these events could possibly have taken place had I not been so naïve at the time.
Another story in the ongoing saga of a teen and his middle-aged Aunt “A” willing to teach him the ways to satisfy a woman in the mid 1960’s. It was now the fall of the year, crops were in, the weather is cooling off and school was well under way. I had learned that my folks were going out of town for an anniversary party on my Dad’s side and I was to be left alone overnight for the first time. Mom’s twin, Aunt “T” quickly invited me for supper that Saturday night in question. Of course “A” reserved me for the overnight as Uncle “P” was working out of town for awhile longer. I had recently earned my driver’ license so I drove Dad’s pickup the couple miles to “T’s” place. She was a recent widow but was doing OK as the farm was free and clear and had a job in town. She was a good cook like Mom so it was a treat to dine with her. “T” was about as uptight as one could be…always commenting on people and do you do you questioning their actions. “Well, what do you think of your Auntie “A”?” she asked. “What do you mean?” I countered. “She’s acting giddy lately and she’s lost some weight too and dressing a lot younger. If I didn’t know any better I’d say she had a boyfriend,” she replied. “She’s acting like she did in high school when there was a boy around, you know your grandpa ran off more than one neighbor boy out of the barn that tried to fool around with her or her with them! I had to laugh at that. “What’s so funny?” she asked. “Well now days the girl just lets the boy in through her bedroom window,” I replied. “You wouldn’t do that, would you?” she asked. “Not worth getting caught,” I said. “Good answer. Also she and Uncle “P” are having some problems, I think,” she stated. “She always been very attractive and maybe just wants to keep up,” I said. “I think she wears her clothes too tight,” T stated.
“Now about you, your mother says you’ve become quite responsible this summer, helpful, your grades are up and she doesn’t have to nag you to do things, what gives?” she asked. “I guess I’m growing up, maybe I have a hidden motivation,” I replied. I was proud to hear of my becoming responsible in the eyes of my f****y. With that I bid my aunt goodnight. Then I stopped off at the “fun aunt’s” place for a bit. She had just finished her housecleaning clad in old loose slacks and a sleeveless blouse that was undocked. “Come here you,” she ordered, you got a kiss for me?” I complied and put my hands under her blouse to feel her soft skin and to let my extended thumbs explore her breasts. “Looking for something?” she asked. “Always,” I replied as I felt her nipples stiffen inside her bra. “Better save that for later young man,” she teased. “Oh, I almost forgot…have you ever put on a condom?” she asked. “No,” I answered. “Well I would be remiss if I didn’t show you.” As she reached into the freezer and got out 2 Missile popsicles. Out of somewhere he produced a package and opened it and held out the still covered popsicle. “Here you put it on, you need to know for someday later,” she said. I unrolled it properly, thinking of all the guys at school that carried one in their wallets that might never be used. “I feel better now that you’ve done that, now we can eat the popsicles.” And boy did she, running her extended tongue from top to bottom and all around winking at me as she did. I couldn’t help but think of it as a teaser for a lesson to come. “I need to get home and do some homework and come back about 10 o’clock, OK?” “Don’t forget your toothbrush she said.” “I’ll come back on my bike as it will look funny with Dad’s pickup here overnight,” I said. “Good idea,” “A” said.
So, home I went to do some home work and cleaned up and dressed in nice clothes for once. I hopped on my bike for a cool moonlit ride to Auntie “A’s” about 10 pm. I entered her living room to see her sitting on the couch in a long bathrobe. I presented her with a small bouquet of flowers from home. “You are sure learning how to please a woman…flowers and dressed nice too, “she commented. “I guess I listen some times,” I replied. We sat together for awhile talking and watching TV. After about an hour she suggested we should turn in. “OK,” I agreed. We stood up and she commented, “It’s about time you wore something I could unbutton instead of you usual T-shirts.” We moved toward her bedroom and she turned and undid the robe and dropped it to the floor. Wow! I had never until right then had seen a woman dressed in sexy lingerie. She was absolutely beautiful in a black and red bra, matching bikini briefs and garter belt and black nylons. “How do you like it?” she asked. “I’m speechless!” I replied. “You look grand,” I said. “I hope so, I haven’t bought floozie clothes for many years.” she stated. She moved closer and I felt her skin and embraced her as we kissed and I inhaled the scent of her perfume. She started to unbutton my shirt and rubbed my chest. I then sat on a chair so I could take in the sight and touch those grand legs that I was so fascinated with also feeling her wide hips. “You can remove the stockings if you would like. I know you would like that,” she said. “Oh boy,” I replied. I slowly undid the garters and used both hands to slide the nylons down her smooth, meaty legs, first the left then the right leg. She sat on the edge of her bed so I could remove them from her feet. “You know Auntie I wish I had 4 hands so I could feel more of you at once.” “I’m so glad you enjoy me so take your time,” she replied. She stood and turned so I could unfasten the garter belt and pull it out of her briefs. Her behind looked so good jiggling inside the bikini briefs that made her hips appear wider yet.
“Stand up it’s my turn to take something off of you now.” She removed my shirt and unbuckled my belt and unzipped my trousers taking time to feel my now erect rod. “Oooo that feels good and hard. This bra is pretty tight so you can remove it too.” I reached around to unfasten the hooks and slowly take it off. “You are getting pretty good at that without looking.” “Practice makes perfect,” I said as I slowly rubbed my hands over those inviting orbs of flesh and felt her hardening nipples. “Mmmm you make me feel so good when you touch me.” “Well you’ve got fun, beautiful things to touch and play with,” I said. “Take off my panties please,” she whispered, “and lie down with me.” I began to slide those delicate bikini briefs down her big, soft legs and she stepped out of them and almost wrestled me down into her bed kissing and embracing me wildly. My right arm around her with my hand on her butt cheek, the left hand feeling around in her ample growth of pubic hair. “You are really making me want you!” she exclaimed as she ordered me to lie flat on my back and she then threw her leg over me and climbed on top of me. In one motion she spread her legs open over my swollen member and reached between her legs to guide it to its pleasurable target. She squirmed a little to make it enter her and I thrust a little too. “Let me do the work,” she said. She lay on my chest, breast flattened on me as she worked it in. “Oooo, there it’s in.” “It sure is,” I answered. All of a sudden she sat upright and started to bounce and gyrate on my rod…what a view, what a feel! My forearms rested on her soft thighs, my hands caressed her wide hips and my eyes beheld her breasts bouncing around. “A” leaned back further and a smile appeared on her face as she enjoyed it more and more. I reached up to hold her bouncing breasts to offer support and that made her move about even more. “Don’t break it off,” I said. “Don’t worry I won’t.” It was as if she wanted to feel me touch every square inch of her love tunnel! Then after awhile felt myself start to erupt in Vesuvian proportions making her squeal with much delight. I could feel my juice fill her vagina as she took it all in. Her soft body then collapsed onto me, her face near mine panting with exhaustion. “I’m so tired, but I really needed it that way, it’s been so long since I’ve felt like this. Here I wanted to show you things, and you end up making me feel like it did so long ago, you are a good, quick learner,” she said. “I didn’t do much this time, but I sure enjoyed the view!” I replied. We talked some more in each other’s arms when she asked for one more thing as she got a hand towel from under one of the pillows and placed it near my right hip. “Please finger me a little more…it’s going to be a little messy, but I want you to experience it all.” “OK,” I complied. She raised that beautiful body off me and spread her legs in a crouch position over the towel and guided my hand to her fun spot. I inserted my finger where my tool had just been and it slipped in quickly as a mixture of my cum and her pussy juice dripped off my hand on to the towel. She moaned and shivered a little and thanked me and lied down beside me stroking my face. “I haven’t felt like this in years, you are making me young again you know.” “Well I’m enjoying it too.”
The two of us laid and talked for awhile and we noticed it was after midnight. We got up and cleaned up and turned in for the night. “A” came to bed saying, “I used muscles that haven’t been used for awhile I’ll be stiff in the morning.” “I probably will too if you are sl**ping with no clothes on,” I said. “At least I can do something about your “stiffness” she said chuckling, “also remember us older ladies might not look as good in the morning as we did the night before, make-up gone hair messy, you know.” “That may be so, but I’ll bet your breasts will still look super, your hips inviting, that behind still nice and soft, and those legs they will still turn me on! And besides you still have a natural beauty and your eyes have been smiling lately too,” I said. “Oh you dear sweet boy, thank you,” she replied. I lay for awhile thinking about my fortune, good or bad, but sure enjoying it. My hand found her hip and I fell to sl**p.
Usually I did not sl**p well in new surroundings, but I sure did that night, must be true that sex is the great relaxer. I did finally wake up when I felt “A” get up and sit on the edge of the bed as the faint glow of morning started to peek around the blinds and curtains. I made it a point to watch her walk toward the bathroom…wide shoulders, straight back…a very proud woman and fun to watch too. I fell back asl**p but heard her return in a few minutes and cuddled up close to me. I was fully awakened when she started feeling around my groin and playing with my balls and pecker. “Having fun?” I asked. “Trying to,” she replied, “he’s starting to wake up too. Just relax I’m going to do something I haven’t done in many years.” I thought to myself about the popsicle the evening before. Sure enough she got up on her knees and started licking my erect shaft, spread her legs and moved my right hand between them. In the dim shadows of dawn I watched her nearly take all of me into her mouth as I moved my hand up her wonderous thighs, feeling the rippled backs of her legs and that wonder of wonders her bearded clam. I found that inviting love slit and ran my finger over its length making her moan with pleasure. It was now light enough that I could see us in the dresser mirror and saw for the first time what her fun spot looked like from behind. Wow, I said to myself those hips and that behind, what a show. I really didn’t know what to think of her actions this time as I thought blow jobs were kind of gross according to what I heard from the guys, but I was starting to change my thoughts because watching it being preformed was part of the feeling too. She really got into it and watching her great breasts alternately compressing and stretching out was a show of its own! Again, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and feeling when I felt my rod start to quiver and let go a load wonder id “A” would back off or take it in. Sure enough she let me cum in her mouth! I was surprised and confused at the same time. She withdrew and said, “That was for old time’s sake. I just needed to do that at least once more!” I then recalled what her s****r had said about Grandpa, the barn and the neighbor boys. After a short time while she lay beside me she turned my head toward her for a kiss and said,” here, have small taste of yourself.” Strange indeed, but kind of an exciting event. I apparently fell asl**p again and was awakened about an hour later with “Get up, breakfast is ready.” So, up I went got, dressed and went to the kitchen for a fine meal.
We made small talk about f****y and school. Then the conversation turned to the night’s events…”Did you enjoy our night together?” she asked. “I sure did, you were beautiful and sexy and a little nasty even,” I replied. “Oh the blow job, well I want you to experience it all, don’t you?” “I guess.” I helped with the dishes and we hugged and kissed good bye. “I don’t know when the next time will be as “Uncle P” will be around from now on, but he has a couple hunting trips planned. I’m having a lot of fun with you, I want you to know,” she said. “And I with you, it’s really special. I’d better go now and be home before the folks show up,” I stated. “Be good,” she replied.
On the way home I thought of my good fortune, spending the night with a beautiful middle-aged voluptuous woman, had cow girl sex, a blow job and breakfast! What a lucky young man I am. When I returned to my house I started raking leaves and was so doing when the folks returned. Mom asked,” well, how was your night by yourself?” “Just fine Mom, just fine.”

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