Reggie Or Not, Here I Cum

The alarm clock wasn’t my friend. It blared loudly cutting into the silence. I reached out and gently turned the machine off. It was an alert that my day was beginning. I dragged myself out of bed and headed toward the shower. Refreshed and ready to start the day, there was a knocked at the door.

“Who is It?” I called from behind the door. I looked through the peephole and saw a familiar person.

“It’s Reggie”

I opened the door, wrapped in my bath towel surprised to see Reggie.

“Ted, Can I take a shower?” he said as he looked me up and down.

Shower? Did this man just ask to take a shower at my place? I quickly noticed that Reggie didn’t have a bag. I was stunned. It was such an odd request especially since I haven’t seen Reggie in a year. I stepped aside and let the handsome man in.

“I’m getting dress myself, but I guess you can take a quick shower, while I finished” I pointed at the bathroom I handed Reggie a wash cloth and a towel.

I met Reggie Farris at school. We both attended The Academy of Radio & TV Broadcasting together. I graduated before Reggie but we had a friendly report. Robert stood about 5’ 11” and weight about 145 pounds. Robert was a fit young man. His very dark brown skin bordered on actually being black was silky smooth. Robert eyes were deep brown and thoughtful. His smile was electric. His southern drawl added to his sexiness. We had hung out a little while in school having lunch together. He even visited my apartment a couple of time.

I walked over to the bathroom door and gently knocked. Reggie answered from behind door.

“I need to get going”. I said as I began tightening my tie. He opened the door slightly sticking out his head out. “I’m almost finish man” He smiled.

I walked back into the living room. Constantly watching the clock, my shift was to begin shortly and I was worrying I would be late. Reggie reappeared fresh with a wicked grin on his face.

“Feeling better” I smiled.

“Yea” His face glowed. I pointed at the door. He understood. He walked past me and I noticed my fragrance. Reggie helped himself to my cologne not that I minded. Strange it seemed Reggie was very familiar with my stuff. I did have to admit it did smell good on him. He opened the door and I quickly followed locking the door.

“Thanks man I needed that” he gave me dap.

“A wild night, huh?”

“Yea” He gave another smirk.

“Where can I drop you off at?”

“My girls’ place” he said quickly. Girls’ place, then why in the fuck did he need to shower at my place, I was totally confused. He gave me directions to his girls’ place. We really didn’t say much to each other as I drive him to his destination. He thanked me when he got out of the car and I continued onto work.

While I was work, I keep thinking how odd the whole Reggie thing was. How does a grown man show up a distant associate home, asking to take a shower? Was Reggie homeless? All the signs pointed towards it. Why was I worrying about it? I had my own issues. I recently rid myself of a sponge roommate just two years ago. Reggie’s living situation was his own. I was recovering from the lost I suffered from my last roommate.

Reggie haunted my thoughts frequently while I was at work. It was nice seeing him again. I was in dire need of companionship. It was getting really cryptic at my place. I worked two jobs. I worked at a local radio station as a dj and at the general hospital, as an unit clerk in the emergency department in the valley. I only had time to sl**p when I was at my place. It was a nice place, a large one bedroom apartment on the first floor. It was my safe haven away from hustle and bustle that my life had become.

When I returned to my place I was surprised and excited to see Reggie walk up. Even though I was hoping he would appear later, I wasn’t expecting him at my front door. I was curious I wanted to know why in the hell, was he at my apartment this morning, needing a shower. I did notice that he had change clothes. He wore a Los Angeles basketball jersey over a white shirt. He also had black track pants and a pair of gym shoes.

We entered the apartment and he went over to the couch while I turned on the stereo. Mary J. Blige played lightly in the background. I was happy that I didn’t have to work at my other job. It was first of my three nights off from the hospital. Working a twelve hour shift allowed for me to have three to four days off. I went into the kitchen.

“Have you eaten yet?”

“Naw man”, Reggie voiced excitement.

“Want something to drink” I asked as I looked in the fridge.

“What cha got?”

“Let’s see, there is bottle water, some pop, soda, whatever, juice and I have some hard liquor too”

“Really, I didn’t know you drink”

“There’s lot about me you don’t know, anyway it was left over from the party”

“Party!” Reggie walked into the kitchen. He stood next to me “Where?”

I pointed at the cabinet above my head. Reggie reached over me and I gather another whiff of him. He smelled clean and sexy. I moved in slightly. “Damn b*o, you have the motherlode and I didn’t know you party like that. I’ll take whatever you're drinking”

“Then soda it is”

“Soda is cool”. He smiled and walked back into the living room.

“Let me see what I can whip up” I began rustling in the kitchen. I noticed that Reggie was looking around the apartment. “You really have a nice place Ted” He picked up the magazine and thumb through it. Reggie explained his disappearance. He started with graduation and explained he went to New York landing a job as a board-op for a radio station. He didn’t really explain how he ended up at my door. He informed me that he had a part-time job as a valet. He talked and I listen while I prepared our dinner.

The pasta was good and the company was even better. It was nice to have someone else in my home. I was starting to feel lonely. Since most of my time was spent at work and the little I had left was designated to sl**p. My friends were few and between. I told Reggie what was happening with me since I graduated from school. While I talked, Reggie kicked off his shoes. He stuck his hand down in his track pants. That’s comfortably for you. I swear Reggie was jerking off as I talked to him. Reggie looked comfortable and as the night trekked closer to the twilight hours I realize Reggie wasn’t going to excuse himself. I didn’t actually want him to leave so I offer him a blanket and my futon.

He smiled. We continued to talk into the wee-hours of the morning. Reggie eyes began to close. I went into my bedroom and came back with blankets. I threw a blanket across Reggie he mumbled a sl**py thank you and sprawled out on the couch. I turned the lights off and went over to the futon to take a nap we had talked into the wee-hours the sun would be raising in another three hours.

The next morning I offered Reggie some cereal. He went into the kitchen and found the bowl and the spoon and made him himself the breakfast of champions. I had to get ready for the radio station. I picked out another stellar outfit to wear to work. I went into the bathroom and began my shower. While washing my body I thought of Reggie joining and my dick jumped to life. I didn’t have time for a session and didn’t want a quickie. I dried myself but my boner was relentless. It announced itself. I dressed barely stuffing it in my tight colored underwear.

Reggie came in and his eyes quickly diverted to the humongous bugle, then back to my face. “Hey, I’ll take a shower too” He said as he pulled his jersey off.

“All right” I said almost breathless “Make it fast, I have to get going” I said as he removed his t-shirt before heading to the bathroom.

“Damn” I breathed deeply.

After a repeat of yesterday events shower and breakfast Reggie and I was off to his girl’s place. I asked Reggie if he had a place to stay. He mumbled a low no. I blurted out that he could l lived with me.

“That would be cool” He replied quickly.

“Give me a call, when I get off of work and I’ll come pick you up” as I said as he stepped out of the car.

Reggie was at my doorstop again with his belongings, two garbage bags and a basketball. Reggie smiled as I walked up.

‘”Got my girl to drop me off” He explained.

I was expecting more stuff, but it made sense. If Reggie was indeed homeless he wouldn’t have that much to move. I open the door and Reggie followed with his few belongings.

I was going through my bisexual phase. I was dating a sweet girl named Angie. I was thinking of breaking the thing off. Angie was a beautiful big woman young and a bit naive. I met her through the radio station. I was doing the weekend shift at the time. I was at the station for twelve hours. She called the station to tell me that she loved the music I played. We talked almost the whole shift. She told me that she was from Detroit, to be truthful, she was from Ann Arbor. She moved out here to go to school. She was currently working at research center Monday through Friday. She told me in our first conversation that she was nineteen years old and lived alone. She invited me over, a complete stranger. I refused and told her that she shouldn’t be inviting guys over that she didn’t know.

“Are you gay?” she blurted.

“No!’ I quickly responded.

“You sound gay” She continued. Her honesty was a bit alarming, but refreshing. I guess we were a match because my honesty at time was a bit jarring. I continue to deny I was gay it was all a part of my denial of being ousted before I was ready. We started dating shortly after. We went to movies, dinners and dancing. I stayed at her apartment a couple of nights without sexual intercourse. We performed fellatio on each other but that was as far as we went.

By the time Reggie moved in, I knew I was fooling myself with Angie. We could never be more than friends. I broke it off with her by telling her I was gay at our valentine dinner and introduced her to Reggie. I have always had thing if I couldn’t have the guy I wanted then my best girl must sample the wares for me. Reggie wouldn’t be any different.

Reggie happily felled into the relationship, while Angie seemed reluctant. Her attraction to me went deeper than I imagine. She still didn’t want to let go after I confessed to her that I was indeed gay. It was one of those nights that we were all together. I was in the living room and the reluctant couple was in the bedroom. Angie left Reggie in the bedroom and came at sat by me on the futon. She confessed her love for me. I asked her why, would she pine for me when a handsome guy in the other room was into her.

She totally understood. She went back in the bedroom and returned with Reggie in tow. Reggie’s blank face seemed lost. Angie pushed him on the futon next to me. She pulled his underwear down and Reggie hand went quickly to cover his manhood that was growing quickly. Angie opened his leg and maneuvered in between them. She winked at me and removed Reggie hands before she began licking Reggie’s member. Embarrassed, Reggie threw his arm across his face to hide his expression. Reggie became rigid, his body and his member. He quietly moaned as Angie continued her oral performance.

This was the kind of kink that Angie and I discussed in our myriad conversation about sex. She had stated that she could hang with my sexual proclivities. She was most defiantly proving wrong when I said she couldn’t hang with me. My member started to grow in my lounge wear. She placed her hand on cock and it jumped. She looked up from Reggie’s crotch and began removing my member from its constraining material. I moaned. Reggie removed his arm and looked at me then he scanned down and saw my monster cock. I heard him swallow hard. His eyes meet mines and he replaced his arm across his face. Angie mouth was warm on my cock and a welcome difference to the hand job I receiving. It also gave me a chance to gawk at Reggie’s impressive tool. It was a half inch shorter than mines and marker width. As soon as the sensation began it was over Angie was back at her main task to bring Reggie to climax. I didn’t have to wait long. I watched as the creamy substance ran down his pulsating cock. Angie smiled at me. I gave her a thumb up. She reached down and grabbed Reggie’s underwear and cleaned up his mess.

Reggie grabbed his undies and covered his deflating cock. He glanced at me and got up from the futon and ran into the bedroom with ass jiggling.

“I think you better go check up on him. That might have been a lot for him to handle” I nudge Angie.

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