Somehing Wrong With This Mike

The knock on the door made my heart jump. It was 9:30pm; I knew that my life was changing forever. I opened the door with the biggest grin on my face. “Hello sweetie” I exclaimed. Brandy gave me a kiss on the check and stepped into the apartment. She was beautiful. Her hazel danced with excitement. Her caramel skin glistened in low light of the apartment. I thought she might be a little too glamorous for our affair tonight. Her red lip stick made her full lips juicer than normal. I noticed eyeliner. I remember her only were her extra diva paint twice: the Christmas party and her daughter kindergarten graduation. Her braids were pulled back in to a ponytail that d****d the back of her pretty black dress. She placed her bag on the floor near the couch. She gave me my usual hug.
“You’re looking extra lovely” I stated the obvious.
She smiled. She did a quick diva turn. She glanced at me. She smiled. “Hmm, you went to get a haircut. I love these pajamas; these are the ones that you wore to the party, right.” She said as she caressed the material.
The pajama set were indeed the ones I bought from Macy’s. I threw a pajama party a few months after to show off my delicious find. I being the host had to have the best outfit there. The pajama top was actually a robe that matched the burnt orange slack. The silk set flowed when I moved. If one looked hard enough, one could see right through. I was informed by the one who did.
“Where is he?” she exclaimed after she noticed that I was alone.
“He just called a minute or so ago” I replied.
“Call his ass back, tell him that I’m here” She smirked.
“I think he’s a no-show” I quickly added.
“It doesn’t really matter because, I’ve got a date at 11 anyway” Brandy cooed.
“Brandy!” I almost yelled.
“Well, a girl got to keep her options open” She smiled. “He talked all that big shit, not I. Call him and tell him to get his ass over here”
“I don’t want to speak to him” I stated. I was seeing my dreams flushing away.
Mike called about thirty minutes ago. I was pleased to hear his voice. He immediately asked for Brandy. I told him that she hadn’t arrived yet. His tone changed. He chirper voice dissipated. He mumbled that I should call him when she arrived. I figured him to be a no show after his recent personality change at work.
Brandy shrugged her shoulders. She informed me that she would be releasing her sexual energy here or somewhere else. I placed the call anyway. Mike answered on the second ring, his voice was groggy. He had felled asl**p in the short time since we talked. He said hello and then quickly went into explaining his day. He mentioned his other job was grueling and school was a bitch. My eyes rolled as I listened to the tone of his voice. His voice seethed with finality. I surmised that Mike was trying to back out. I told him that Brandy had arrived. “Really!” He perked up at the mentioned of her name. Brandy playfully snatched the phone out my hand and began to rib Mike.
“Where are you Mike” She cooed.

A week ago we decided to meet over my house to try our first ménage’ a tros. Truthfully, I sort of invited my self in their twosome. I was sitting at the control center in the emergency room. Brandy and I worked as unit clerks in the busiest hospital in the valley, Maricopa Valley Hospital, before they changed the name to Maricopa Valley Medical Center. I had been working two years and Brandy was there three years before Mike became a recent addition. He was a hired as a nurse assistant. A friendly enough guy, we quickly became friends. He was surprised to find out that I was ten years older than him. His receding hairline made him look a little older than twenty-three.
The ER fast pace slowed a little this night, this gave us a chance to talk about sex. Brandy was talking about one of her many sexual trysts. I was now living veraciously through her. I was recently made single when the guy I was dating decided to leave for Hawaii to finish school. I became an introvert making work more of a priority in my life. My two full time jobs left little time for any escapades. I wasn’t a saint. I did have a couple of sexual sessions. I however was experiencing a dry spell. While Brandy and I were talking Mike walked up and jump into the conversation. He mentioned his steady girlfriend. I rolled my eyes and Barbara yawned. It was the same tired story of his vanilla sex life.
“You need a sex life boy” Brandy laughed.
“I have a sex life” he retorted.
“Yea right”
“What are you jealous?” He asked.
Brandy laughed a little louder. The telephone rang. I picked up the receiver. “Emergency Department, may I help you” I half listened to the distraught person on the phone as I tried my best to ease drop on Mike and Brandy conversation. I grabbed the mike to page the head nurse to the desk for a phone call. Mike came behind the desk and sat in one of the empty chairs in our area.

“I’ll wear you out, Little Mister” She called him by the nickname she dubbed for him.
“Yea right” He smiled.
“Tell him Ted, I have him following me around like a lost puppy”
I quickly confirmed the statement. I’ve witness Brandy reducing men to babbling idiots. The strong ones would come to me to beg that I get them another session with the Diva after she discarded them. There were some who even brought gifts for me to convince me to sweet talk Brandy into committing rehash. Rehash was the term Brandy gave to guys she revisited after ending the affair. I didn’t want to scare the c***d, so I just stated that he would be whipped.
This intrigued Mike. His faced glowed. His eyes danced as he listened to us. I saw this as the opportunity to put in my bid. As soon as Mike was hired, he attached his self to me. We talked about movies, music, and gossip about other employees that worked in the ER. I found myself wanting to be near him. I started checking the schedule to make sure that he was working the same night as I.
Mike claimed he wrestled in high school. He boasted that he was all-state in the sport. He made it goal to prove to me that he was an excellent wrestler, when I jokingly told him he wasn’t shit and I could whoop his ass. Mike mistakenly misjudged my thin frame as an easy victory. Mike was heavier than me by seventy pounds. I stood taller than the short guy, he topping off at my chest. I surprised him when I gave him a tussle in one of the vacant room. This made him eager to wrestle me when ever we could. I would let him win most of the time. I got a kick out of him sitting on top of me, pinning me down. I don’t know if he was aware of my hard-on when we wrestled, he never mentioned it.

I knew if I was ever going to get the chance to be with Mike sexually it would be under the guise of something like a wrestling match or some other straight induced homoerotic type shit. I decided to take a chance and go for the gold.
“We are going to come over your house in nothing but trench coats” I slithered into the conversation.
“Yea right” Mike said again.
“Tell him Brandy! We do everything together” I stated.
Brandy smiled “Everything”
“You guys are full of shit!” Mike said in disbelief.
“No matter who she brings home, we do. No matter who I bring home we do” I continued.
“Not this night, Ted, I’ll leave you outside the door and all you’ll hear is Brandy moaning from outside the door” He giggled.
He and Barbara continued their banter. I tried to finish my work before the morning crew came. They set a date for Brandy to come by and seduce him. When Mike got out the chair, I noticed Mike little mister standing at attention. I told Brandy and we burst into laughter.

By the conversation I was hearing from Brandy side it seemed like Mike wanted to worm out. Brandy bashed the young man as I silently prayed. She teased him with what she had planned for him. She handed me the phone. I was irate, I didn’t want to hear him back out. I didn’t need hear his rejection. My hard-on ached and needed a relief that only this type of experience could deliver. He could have told Brandy he wasn’t coming, why was he rubbing my face in this shit too.
“What does he want” I snapped
“To talk to you” she rolled her eyes.
“Yea” I snapped annoyed into the telephone.
“What are you doing?” He voice quivered.
“What do you think” My voiced still iced.
“Man, I felled asl**p” He said disappointed.
“So what are you saying?” I hurried the conversation. Brandy shouted at Mike in the background.
There was a silence for a second that seemed like several minutes. He was undecided and seeking consultation. This was to be his decision if this was to happen or not would squarely fall upon himself.
“I’m going to put on some shorts and I’ll be right over.” I brighten a little. “O.k., if you get lost, give me a call. If you decide you’re not coming, call so Brandy and I know where we stand”
He mumbled o.k. in the phone before hanging up. The c***d was scared out of wits that this was actually going to happen. He thought this would be another one of Brandy no-show. I reflected on the first one.

Mike walked over to me and nearly whispered that Brandy didn’t show up. I snickered. Mike eyes grew intense. I stated that Brandy didn’t show because she came to my place instead. I told him she came over and told me that she was motivated to sl**p with him without me. We discuss what we were going to do to you. Mike posture lightened, his face softens and his eyes danced. I sensed that he was pleased that we were talking about him.
“You guys are full of shit” Mike quipped.
“We wanted to find the best time to do you” My words lingered in the air.
Mike smiled. “Naw, You guys missed your chance.”
“Really, I didn’t miss a thing, remember I wasn’t invited to the last shindig. But I understand if Mr. BadAss is running scared”
“Scared! Of what, the bullshit you throwing”
“You think we won’t do you.” My voice raised an octave with excitement. “Let me talk to the Diva and we’ll get back with you.”
The idea of seducing Mike grew like wildfire in my lions. Did Mike know what I was suggesting? I constantly stated us, we, meaning I would take an active part in this ménage a trios. The conversation didn’t take long for me to convince Brandy to actually give the idea merit. She was lacking in the sexual department her boyfriend wasn’t performing up to par. She needed her extra sexual flings to keep her overly active sexual appetite occupied. She always wanted to try a ménage a trios with two guys. I, being a horny devil was always prepared for some sex, by myself, with another, in a threesome or group action as long as I fulfilled my desire. The thought of us rolling around together left me in a state of perpeacia.

I paged Mike over to the desk, later on that night. In a hush tone I relayed the conversation between Brandy and me. “So the question becomes again, when do you want to be done?”
Mike quickly grabbed the schedule book. We went through the schedule to find a day in which we were all off. We found a few. We noticed that Brandy and I were constantly off together but Mike was stricken with extra work, school, volunteer work, babysitting, hair washing, and other arsine nonsense.
“Like we thought, all talk and no dick” Brandy said after we heard his seventh excuses.
“Monday at 9, are you off that day?” He directed the question to me first. I nodded. “How about you Diva?” Brandy checked the book and her planner. She smiled and handed the book back to Mike. “Yep” was her simple reply.
“I have school” Mike quipped. Brandy and I rolled our eyes. “But I get out at 9. Where are we going to do this?”
I knew where we were going to do it. We couldn’t do it at Brandy’s place. I don’t think her man would appreciate the fact that two guys were coming over to freak his girl, nor would her k**s, who would be in the other room. Mike couldn’t host out sexual tryst either. I don’t think he would be able to get it up with his mother asking if he was alright every ten minutes, when she hears another masculine moan coming from her c***d room. My place was the obvious choice. I lived alone in a nice apartment in the middle of town.
“Cool, it set after school, I’ll come over with some Redi-whip and we’ll do the Diva” Mike stated.

As the day crept closer, Thursday, Mike was boasting about blowing Brandy walls out. Brandy yawned and mentioned that she would send him home to his mother, crying. I on the other hand just smiled and listened as the banter continued for minutes. Friday, Mike was asking question like a three year old. What are we going to do? Do have you whipped cream? Do I need to buy extra condoms? Who’s going first? I smiled, visualizing. Brandy shrugged. Saturday, Mike became agitated. He was more animated than normally. He needed to expel some energy. He and I wrestle at least twice that night. He also brought another figure into a ménage a trios. Suddenly our sexually charged triangle changed to a dull square. He confessed his good fortune with his friend Jim. Jim, Why the fuck wasn’t I invited, so I’m gonna fuck Your shit up. The conversation went differently than Mike expected; the joy electrified his body was sapped from him. Did Jim, the cock blocker spook my friend? Did he say some unflattering things about me, Brandy, or hell Mike?
Mike no longer glowed, His eyes didn’t dance anymore when he spoke to me. It became obvious he backing out? I was sure that whatever jim, the playa hater said to him made him perplexed. Had reality crept into his fantasy and changed it into perversion. He had every right to be concerned. Brandy and I were ten years his senior. We were both black adults from the inner-city and he’s an Italian from suburbs of New York City. He knew nothing about us other than work.
Barbara sensed Mark wavering and started making alternate plans. Sunday, we all forgotten the giddy state that this scenario started on. Mark almost avoided our desk. Barbara whispered on the phone with her possible alternate date. I secretly went through different reactions, from excitement, weariness, anxiousness, to being downright scared. sl**p wasn’t going to come easy that morning.

The knock on the door indicated one thing only. The party was about to begin. Brandy undressed slipping out her black dress to reveal a sexy black teddy. I immediately recognized the lovely lace fitting lingerie. I bought it for her. We were walking in the mall, talking about the latest gossip in the emergency room, when she stated that she always wanted to buy something from Victoria Secrets. I noticed that we were approaching the store. I grabbed her hand as we skipped into the store. Her eyes scanned the store like a c***d at Toys R Us. She picked up a bottle of perfume and smelled the fragrance. Her eyes closed and her breast heaved as the scent slightly glazed her nose. She was in heaven. She showed me things she wanted but just couldn’t spend the extra dollars on. I told her to try on some and let me see. She pick out a few teddys for me to see. She started with a nice crotchless red one. Next followed a stunning yellow one, we both agreed that the black one fitted her, the best. While she redressed, I purchased it for her. It was the least I could do after gawking at her.
Brandy wanted to open the door. She promised that she would show up wearing nothing but a teddy. It was stated in one of the hundred conversations we had about this night. She opened the door. I stood directly behind her to get Mike’s reaction. His eyes bulged at his first glimpse of Brandy. He held up the whipped cream with a smile on his face. Brandy stepped aside to let Mike enter. My heart was banging against my chest. I hope neither could hear.
I glanced at Mike, he didn’t lie. He had fallen asl**p. I noticed that right away. He wore a maroon Arizona State baseball cap I imagine he threw it on at the last minute, his matching short sleeve shirt was wrinkled as well as the tan cargo shorts he had on, as if felled sl**p in them. My member did a jump when I noticed his thick sturdy hairy legs. I didn’t know Mike’s legs were cover with hair; they were always covered by the scrubs he wore at the hospital. His face was unshaved and new stubble made him even sexier. His blue eyes were still droopy from being prematurely waken. He smiled, the one I remember when we first suggested this gathering.
I took the whipped cream from Mike, place it on the counter in the kitchen and gestured him to sit on the couch. Brandy sat on the bench facing the couch. I sat next to him. We all collectively sighed wishing the others didn’t see. I was wondering how this was going to get started.
“I was here Mike, where were you?”
“I’m here now” Mike retorted.
“I’ve got to leave at eleven to pick up a friend.” Brandy smirked.
“Really?” Mike addressed me.
“Yes” I shrugged my shoulders. I sense the thick sexual tension that was consumed the room. My chest heaved as I breathe in the ephemerons. Mike eyes slowly returned to Brandy in dismay. He glanced at his watch. “That’s only thirty minutes away”
She was pleased with the knowledge that she couldn’t be blame for any non-compliance. Her voice seductive and critical stated to Mike that she was here and he wasn’t.
“I brought the whipped cream, like I said” Mike didn’t want to be the blame either.
Brandy opened legs revealing the crotch-less seat in the teddy. “Come and get it” Her voice barely audible. It didn’t matter both Mike and I understood. He stood and floated towards Brandy. She stood and greeted mike I the middle of the room. She towered of Mike. She placed her hands on his broad shoulders. I watched transfixed. Voyeurism cursed through my bl**d. I didn’t have to participate to leave this experience satisfied. I would happy as an observer.
“Mike,” Brandy said slowly “I want do 9 ½ week with you”
I could have sworn at that moment I heard Mike body tensed.
“9 ½ weeks?”
You haven’t seen 9 ½ weeks. The young stocky male shook his head like a c***d.
“Well I have to blindfold you” She started.
Mike snatched away. “No” he cried like a defiant c***d. He turned to face me. The look of terror swam in his eyes. They begged that I assist him. Brandy lowered her lips to his ears. Her eyes connected with mines. She repeated her blindfold idea. The defiant c***d shook his head and actually crossed his arms. “No blindfold, matter of fact, let me check this place for cameras”
I knew where this sudden distrust came from. The conversation with Jim, Jim the fun hater, came blaring like a police siren. I wasn’t in for any negativity tonight. It was time for a buffer. I thought a tour of my apartment would diffuse this sudden angst.
“Let me give you the grand tour.” My apartment was modest. The eggshell color walls were cleaned and hosted one picture, a charcoal print of two c***dren sitting next to each other. It sat above the black leather couch I purchased after a co-worker offered me a sofa to furnish my new apartment. She did inform me it wasn’t stylish like me. She and her fiancé brought the couch over and we placed it in my empty apartment at the time. Her fiancé laughed, sensing my shocked face. She re-informed that she did mention it wasn’t stylish. She didn’t, however, mention that it was fucking hideous. The new day I went to the furniture department and bought the black leather couch. I placed the horrid plaid sofa out on the patio. I followed my co-worker lead and dumped the horrid couch unto another associate. I bought a leather chair for Sam’s Club. It came unassembled. My friend put the chair together right before my first Pajama Party. It came with matching ottoman. I placed the chair in the corner next to a black floor halogen light that I lightly dimmed before guest arrived. I purchased a large tree from Target and placed it near the chair. I found a huge boulder from outside and strategically placed it near the tree. I found a white globe and outfitted it with a green light underneath. The bench where Brandy sat, I had to alter. It was sky blue when I purchased it for the Salvation Army. It was from my pervious apartment but no longer gel with my current motif. I watched several shows on the Home Garden Network channel and learned a few crafty tricks. I couldn’t say what show I saw this on, but I bought black dye and polished the bench. When I finished, I sprayed two cans of scotch guard. I didn’t want someone leaving my apartment with black stains all over their asses. The floor model TV, sat between two large black vases I found at the flea market. A wall bookcase separated the living room from the small dinning area. Instead of a dinning table I opt to turn the area into a den. A black lounge futon sat against the wall, white, polka dots and zebra print pillows were tossed about the large queen sized chaise. Across the room sat a gold floor mirror that arched against the wall to view the lounge across the room. My stereo was a mesh of equipment picked up over the years. I had two turntables, a mixer; a VCR, a tape deck, two CD players, and a laser disc/cd player, a turntable that played both albums and CD. OK I lied I had several CD players, but it was vinyl that I loved. The book case that separated the rooms was filled with albums. I had them in alphabetical order by artist, then album title. The book case couldn’t hold the several thousand albums that I owned so I created an overflow that was stylish and necessary. The island that separated the kitchen from my den area was a long formica slate. The kitchen area was white. The appliances were black, I mixed up the accessories between black and white. The door off the den led into the other side of the apartment which housed the dressing area, the bedroom and the bathroom. The bathroom was a little closet. A tub and toilet was all that was in the room. There wasn’t even window. The shower curtain was orange and the toilet seat cover matched. The dressing area, however, was a large space. It and the bookcase were the reason I leased the place. A large mirror wall that I loved, sat above a two facial sink. Also in my dressing area were two large closets. They were filled with my fashion best. My bedroom was nothing special. It housed my two objects, a black medal and brass bed d****d with a Kenneth Cole black comforter with several black and white pillows tossed about and a black chest.
Brandy dragged Mike back to the den area after I showed him my sl**ping area. She sat on the edge of the futon as Mike stood in front of her. I repositioned myself on the couch for pristine view. Brandy snatched down Mike’s short. I had to catch myself from gasping.
His perfectly round hairy ass sat perfectly on his healthy hairy thick legs.
“So, is it what you expected?” he asked in confidence.
“Yeah!” We both answered. Me, underneath my breath and Brandy voiced hers sarcastically. She pulled up Mike’s shorts and shot me that you owe me look.
I turned on the stereo to cover my heartbeats. Music filled the room, I selected a CD I knew could melt even Frosty heart. The voice of Sade soared as I ear hustled Mike and Brandy conversation. He asked obvious question. We had discussed several times what we like in our late night session at work so I was little confused when he asked Brandy if she liked to have her pussy eaten. Brandy laid back on the futon answering his question.
I heard something that made jolted me from my half fantasy state.
“Ted” It was my named being called by Mike. He wanted to make sure I was apart of the festivals or was it him making sure I wasn’t recording behind his back. He barked “Get my ass over here. Don’t forget the whipped cream”
I flew of the couch almost landed on top of the others. My heart bounced off my chest. I placed my hand over my heart hoping it would silence its loud thumping. My ears rang with defying sound of my life support. I waited for them to tell me to shut the fuck up.
My eyes devoured the feast presented before me. I scanned Brandy partially nude body sprawled over the lounge. Mike positioned himself on the bottom of the chaise with his legs open I could see his little member harden in his shorts. This was delicious.
There weren’t any cameras but Mike directed and I followed his orders liked the trained star. “Ted you suck those pretty titties as I get into this lovebox”. Lovebox, I have heard some euphemism for the vagina but hearing Mike trying to sound suave made me giggled.
I handed the whipped cream to Mike and he applied a heaping of whip cream to Brandy’s pie area. He handed me the can told me to spray on Brandy titties. I took the can and looked at it like a foreign object. I was a Cool Whip man; I had never sprayed this frosty confection before. I was use to spooning out a dollop of the sweet stuff and placing it on my pies. Brandy sensing my sheer confusion took the can liked a pro sprayed the whipped cream on her vital areas. Euphoria flowed through my veins. I prayed I didn’t pass out. When my lips touched her breast an electric charge surged through my body. She moaned and I almost had an orgasm. I didn’t ejaculate, but a feeling only explain as an enlighten truth came over me. I watched as Mike lapped Brandy’s lovebox.

This was great. I had never experienced anything like this before. Sad however, as soon as it began it was over.
“I’ve got to go” Brandy said between moans.
“Go” Mike flushed face looked up from her bush.
“Remember, I have to leave, I have to pick a friend from the airport, Mike you were late.”
“She shitting me isn’t she Ted” Mike almost sobbed.
“No, buddy I don’t think so. She said she has to go” My eyes pleaded with Brandy. She heard then.
“I’ll be back” she moaned.
“You better” I added as I tweaked her nipple.
Brandy wiggled from beneath us. She picked her dress from the couch and her bag off the floor, rushed into the bathroom. A second later I heard the shower. Mike and I hadn’t moved. He smiled at me. “Is she coming back” He asked. “Yes” I quickly stated. I wasn’t sure. I hope she was coming back. I said what he wanted to hear. I didn’t want him to leave with her.
Washed, cleaned, and dressed in matter of minutes Brandy stepped from the dressing area. Mike and I both jump to our feet. I tied my robe around my body strapping my hard-on to my stomach. Brandy kissed me on the cheek, “I’ll be back” She reassured me. “Mike, you stay” She ordered.
“O.k., Just don’t take too long” He responded.
I walked Brandy out through the sliding patio door to her car. The weather was quite pleasing. The heat didn’t suck the oxygen out your lung. The slight breeze of autumn the night caressed my face. I heard the humming birds singing “Tonight is the Night”. Maybe I was a bit confused and the song from the stereo drifted into the night. The parking lot was quiet. I glanced at Brandy. We stiffed our laughs.
“Wow!” She finally said after she regained her composure. “You know that c***d is enamored”
“It’s from a book I’m reading.” Brandy explained.
“I’m just surprised you want to add the word to your vernacular”
“You know what I mean, I’m going to drop my friend at the hotel and I’ll be back. Make sure Mike doesn’t get away.”
“Sure, I’ll keep him as long as possible and I’ll stay hard till ya get back.” I smiled. I watched Brandy drive away.
I walked to back into apartment. I expected Mike redressed and ready to leave. Mike surprised me. He was sitting in the chair with feet on the ottoman. He placed his shoes near the end of the ottoman. This pleased me. He wasn’t ready to jettison. Alone! Now what? I sat on the couch. I turned the music down a little more. Mike seemed very comfortable. All of his pervious anxiety went out the door with Brandy. He made himself at home.
Mike and I talked, Mike talked, and I listened. We had worked together for nearly a year and I didn’t know much about him. This change quickly. He chatted about work first. He went on explained that he really wanted to be a fireman. His father was a policeman for New York City, but Mike sheepishly stated he didn’t like guns, so that ruled out that any law enf***ement or the armed services. He told his father he wanted to be a fireman at the age of ten. A year his father left their f****y. Mike paused a second before continuing. He wasn’t sure he wanted to continue conversations about his dad. He confessed that for years he thought his father left because of his defiance.
Mike lowered his head when he mentioned he failed fireman exam. He failed the physical and the written exam scoring a low 40s. He laughed as he explained the first time he did the fireman challenged. He said he threw up after running a mile in his fire gear.
He talked about his relationship with his girlfriend. They had been dating for five months. He met her when they both work for the ambulance company. I thought he was going to tell me about another one of his sexual escapade but he stop short, telling me his mother didn’t trust her. He hapt-heartly announced he liked her. He stated that sometimes she got on his nerve but she liked to fuck so she was a decent enough. He really wanted to be single again.
Mike talked about his high school days, he liked to wrestle but he loved to play football. He did quite well in both sports.
“I brought condoms” He blurted.
“That’s good” I laughed
“I have one for you” He added.
“Yeah, just in case”
“Let me see” I said sensing the conversation not changing. Mike tossed the box over. I examined the box. “I can’t wear these, they are too small” I said as I tossed Mike back his birth control. I pulled out the condom I intended on wearing from my pocket.
“Trojan large” He smiled. “Yeah, there are a couple of things I noticed about black guys. You guys show vast improvement to a little weight lifting. I mean cut and rips shows after a few reps. I believe that’s why white guys are always tanning to show off there’s. The other thing, black guys have big dicks. Mike continued to chatter. He went to explained how he knew black guys have large appendage. He played football in high school. He stated that the guys never shower after practice; they would slip on their jogging suit over the clothes then shower when they got home. He didn’t notice but this last statement was said with a touch of disappointment. In college, however all that changed. The guys showered without reservation. He stated that he didn’t want to be a prude or anything so he joined his teammate in the showers. In the showers he saw all kinds of dicks not that he was he watching he would quickly add. He noticed that the black dicks were larger. He said there were some that were thick and some were average and some even smaller than his, even though he wasn’t watching.
“Man” he sighed. “I don’t know about you, but my dick gets harder when I am just about to insert” He took a deep breath.
“I get hard and stay that way” I finally spoke.
Mike smiled again. His brief intermission was over and he quickly jump back into a new conversation about his older s****r and her black boyfriend. He stated that he was abusive prick but he was proud of his pretty bi-racial niece. He talked about his home life and his new overwhelming feeling to move out his mother’s house. He didn’t look at his watch as he talked. He didn’t grasp for conversation, these were things he wanted me to know. I enjoyed Mike’s company. I wasn’t sure if he cared if Brandy would return or not. He was content with the night progression so far.
“You know, this isn’t my first threesome” He proudly stated.
“Do tell” I added
“When I was 15, my best friend Eddie Tonally and I, used to hang out in his basement after school. You know we did k**dy stuff. We would watch TV, wrestle, and look at girlie magazine that Eddie would steal out of his big b*****r room. One Saturday, Eddie parents went to visit his auntie in Hoboken. Eddie and I were downstairs shooting the breeze. Soon we were wrestling, I was getting the best of him, but Eddie was like you, quick and agile, a worthy opponent. After wrestling we look at the latest Hustler magazine; we were laughing at the women big titties. This magazine had a woman with two men naked in various poses. You know a man with his dick near the girl mouth and the other man with his cock near her pussy. I asked him if he would ever share his girl with another guy. He answered why not, it’s only pussy. I got a hard-on. Hell every time I saw pussy in those mags I would spring a boner. Eddie would always laugh at me and start teasing me. I would get upset and we wrestle, this time wasn’t any different. While scanning the magazine he thumped the picture, indirectly thumping my prick instead. We tussled and I pinned him on the couch trying to get him to say uncle, but he said something totally off the wall. You wanted to fuck his s****r.”
“Yeah, I was shocked as you are now. He told me his s****r had a crush on me and wanted to give me some pussy. My dick was already hard, about to rip a whole in my shorts, so I told him sure I’ll fuck his s****r. He yelled for his s****r to come down stairs. His s****r was two years younger than him but the same age as me. She was a thin girl but already sprouted breast. Eddie told his s****r to get undress because I was going to fuck her, like a trained seal, she did what he said. I had seen those naked women in the magazine but this was the first time I had seen a real naked girl up close. She layed across the couch and open her legs. Well, I pulled down my shorts and I started kissing his s****r on her titties, gosh what was her name.” Mike stopped and looked up at the ceiling. “Anyway, she was stroking my cock.
“ Shannon, that was her name” Mike was pleased that he remembered he smiled and continued his tale. “I was about to get on top of her when I noticed Eddie pulling down his shorts. Man that freaked me out. I pulled up my shorts and left.” He sort of giggled.
“You really didn’t have a threesome” I corrected.
“Fuck! I guess not huh; I just didn’t know if he was going to fuck his s****r too. My dick went south. I couldn’t get my freak on knowing my buddy fucks his s****r. And if he wasn’t going to fuck her then he wanted to fuck me and I didn’t stick around to find out if he had that in mind” he shot me a curious look.
I didn’t know if that story was to reinf***e his stance on any shady business. The story also had a longing, and regret that he missed a chance and wonder what it would have been like if he stayed. I figured it was the latter.

Brandy did return. I opened the patio door when I heard a slight tapping noise. I slid open my patio door and Barbara slipped in. I teasingly showed her my hard member.
“That thing still hard, Ted. Damn” Mike noticed my member for the first time.
“Put that thing away” Brandy teased.
“No way, it’s been waiting on” I replied.
“What have you guys been up to” Brandy winked at me.
“We’ve been waiting on you” Mike insisted.
“Well here I am” Brandy did another one of her diva spins. She slipped out of form fitting black dress and placed in on the couch like before. She placed her bag in the same exact place forcing an eerie sense of déjà vu. She went over to futon making herself comfortable. She picked up the whipped cream and sprayed the creamy substance on the same vital parts as before. Mike and I smiled at each other. Like robots Mike and I marched over to the futon. We didn’t have to wait for formalities when had already charted those territories.
Mike reinstated his play by play. “I’ll take the right tit and you take the other Ted” I think it was a safety valve in case Brandy didn’t want to participate or dislike any action he called out and he could take another course of direction. For the first minutes Mike and I avoid each other like the plague. In all honesty, I avoid Mike because I didn’t want the c***d to have relapse and run out my apartment like a Banshee.
“I’m going to suck on some black pussy” He called before lowering his head.
I watch Mike tongue swirl in and about Brandy pussy lips. I reverted to my c***dhood as I tried to retrieve milk from Brandy non-lactating nipples. My lips encircled the perky brown breast. My tongue flick one of the nipples as I knead the other breast with my fingers. I loved hearing Brandy moan. Mike lapped Brandy pussy as if that was his specialty. Brandy squirmed with eyes closed and moaned in ecstasy.
“Ted let’s change” Mike called another direction from below. Mike brushed me as we changed positions. I quietly moaned.
I had never performed cunnilingus. I have freaked a couple of women before but this was the first time my lips have touch someone’s lovebox. I have munched on someone’s ass. I knew this had to be at least as pleasing as that if not more. My nose first was aroused by the smell. My tongue gingerly glazed the lips of Brandy pussy. I loved the taste. I love the mixture of whipped cream and her sweet musk. I dove in. I didn’t know what I was doing, but there were no complaints from Brandy. My tongue darted in and out the opening. I sucked on the clitoris while gently stroking the outer lips with my fingers. I parted the lips and shove my tongue as far as it could go.
Another instruction was call for by our commander. It dawned on me, I thought we were supposed to be teaching the little mister the facts of life. It was he that called the demands. It was he that called me over. It was him that continued the sexual talk while brandy was away. Were we duped? The young navigator announced that it was time for him to fuck some black pussy. He stood at the end of the futon near me.
“Ted let’s compare. Let’s see who have the biggest dick” Mike said as he slapped me playfully on the ass. A jolt surged through my body. I wiped my lips as I removed my face from Brandy Lovebox. I rocked back on top my knees.
“You don’t want do that to yourself” I said as I stared up at him.
His face beamed. His eyes danced. He smiled like a c***d receiving a large birthday present. He smiled at me and pulled his shorts down. He stood still for a couple seconds. I didn’t want to gawk. I turned to Brandy who rolled her eyes. Mark placed his hand around his stubby member. He had girth which made up for the length. He wasn’t grotesquely large or incredibly small. It was the perfect tool for a man his size.
“Come on Ted” He coheres.
Brandy sat up. Although we had never had sex, she had seen my dick before. She found a picture of me stepping out the bathroom nude, a picture my ex took. She seen me dress and saw the large bulge in my undies.
I stood next to Mike and dropped my pajama pants. Mike’s facial expression changed when his eyes felled upon my black dong. “Beat That”
“My God, Ted” He finally spoke. “That’s a baby arm”
“I already knew about that” Brandy said pointing at my fully erect cock.
Mike moved closer to me. I was sure he was about touch my cock. I think he wanted to see just how much bigger I was. He pulled a condom out his pocket and rolled the plastic sleeve on his member. Brandy positioned herself. I watched transfixed as Mike stepped in between Brandy awaiting legs.
“Step back! Let me show you how to tear a pussy up”
I stepped back as Mike lowered his round pale hairy ass into piston. Mike guided this member into Brandy lovebox. His entrance into Brandy was quick and skillful. Brandy moaned. I restrained myself from slapping Mike’s ass. I recalled the conversation from earlier. I wanted to slip my tongue between those hairy cheeks as he slammed his member into Brandy sweet pussy. The excitement overcame Mike quickly. It only took a few strokes before Mike approached the ultimate breakdown.
“Ted…Ted” Mark moaned. “Get ready Te...ed...d…d”
I was shocked to hear my name from his lips whiled he climaxed. He rolled off Brandy breathing heavily. He smiled exhaustedly up at me. Breathless he mentioned that it was my turn. He felled on the floor at the foot of the futon. His shorts were still dangling around his ankles. He softening cock laid spent against his thigh. He rolled over as he lay with his butt in the air.
I placed my condom on my rock hard. Brandy smiled. She knew that this was a new level in our relationship. We constantly teased each sexually. Our friendship endured a lot of changes and this was a new experience. She braced herself. I entered slowly. I waited for her to adjust. I slid more in each time awaiting her to consume the new inches. Once my pubic hairs mangled with hers I started with slow thrusts. My tempo became more aggressive as I noticed that Brandy was enjoying herself. I noticed that Mike was watching my every stroke exactly as I watched him performance earlier. That excited me; I grabbed Brandy’s leg and tossed them over my shoulders. I wanted to put on a show for Mike. It was important to me that Mike thought I was cocksman. I know I lasted much longer than the commander. A few more strokes and I felt the ultimate breakdown approaching but I quickly thought of cleaning dishes, running around the block, anything else than the wonderful feeling that was becoming increasable intense. I was fine until I heard Mike telling me to fuck her. I exploded, moaning slightly. I rested on top of Brandy for a few minutes. I kissed her nipple. I needed to return from orgasmic euphoric bliss. This was an experience that was above all my expectations.
Brandy wiggled from beneath me and quickly informed me and Mike that it was fun but she was running late and had to run. She picked up her bag again and that same déjà vu sensation returned. Mike pulled the condom of his quickly deflating cock. He stood up finally put his short over his butt. “Where can I wash up?” He asked. “I can wash up in the kitchen” He answered his own question. I pull of my stifling plastic sleeve also; I took his and threw both in the garbage in the dressing area. I brought Mike a wash cloth in the kitchen, where he already started the water in the kitchen sink. He took the wash with a humongous grin. I went to wash the semen residue from my dick in the face bowl in the dressing area.
Brandy exited the bathroom refresh. She watched as I replaced my cleaned tool back into my pajamas. She reminded of her friend at the hotel. I thought Brandy wasn’t going to fuck again. Damn she was insatiable. When I gave it some real thought, Mike and I only probably made her wet with our non-durance. I again walked Brandy to her car. The night breeze kissed our skin. Leaning on the car, Brandy opens the car door.
“Well, what do you think?” I asked.
“He called your name, not mine. You tell me”
“What was that all about” I said shrugging my shoulders.
“I had a great time” She smiled.
“So did I”
“You know I only did this for you. I would have never done the little mister.” “Why didn’t you touch him?’
“The poor c***d was scared to death. He told me some wild story about some got from his old neighborhood that wanted to fuck him, blah, blah,blah. You saw that horrified look when you mentioned blindfold. Hell I was scared too that he might reject me. How was I?” I said seeking validation.
“That billy-club did its job” She kissed me on the cheek. “I gotta get going You better go check on Little Mister” She blew me a kiss before driving off.
I walked back into the apartment. I was expecting Mike ready to go. I was pleasantly surprised to see he was sitting on the couch. Mike grinned. My heart skipped a beat. I went into the kitchen pulled a couple of bottle waters out the refrigerator. I handed one to Mike. I sat on the other end of the couch. Mike took a long swig of the cool water. I followed suit. I was damn near drained. I took another sip.
“Damn, that was intense! How often do you guys do shit like that?”
“Every now and then” I lied.
“Man, that was wild” he continued. “That was some hot shit”
“You had good time then”
“Hell yea!”
“I figured as much”
“When I called you, you were going to back out, right?” I questioned.
“Yeah, but I came” We laughed at his double entendre.
“A bit too soon.”
“Fuck you”
“Hopefully” I mumbled. I hoped he didn’t hear that. He continued that wonderful grin on his face causing me to smile too.
“Hey, this is a nice place” He fidgeted with the water bottle. “Why two clocks with different times?”
“One is Detroit time, the other is Phoenix”
He nodded as if it made sense to him. He stood up and stretched.
“I bet you are always fucking with that big dick of yours” he ran his fingers through his haggard hair. He slicked it back. He searched for his cap. It fell off his head during his fucking session. “I bet you could fuck all night” He continued as he picked up his cap from the futon. He placed the cap on his head. I didn’t want the night the night too end. He came back over to the couch and sat closer. “It takes me a while to get hard after I blow a load”
“Not me” I replied.
“Really?” His voice squeaked.
“Shit, I’m hard now” I added.
“Get the fuck out. I don’t believe that”
I stood in front of him. I pulled down my pajamas and produced a cock even harder than the one used to fuck Brandy.
“Damn!” He took a deep breath. He looked up at me with a perplex look on his face. “Don’t think I’m queer or anything, but can I touch that big motherfucker.”
I’m sure my dick jumped when he made his odd request. I didn’t want to seem anxious so I didn’t scream hell yes. I didn’t want to wait too long and have him a chance to change his mind. I smiled. “I don’t give a fuck” I said as nonchalant as possible.
I almost came when he told a hold of my staff. “Don’t you ever tell anyone I touched your dick” He said looking up at me. He leaned forward. “This is the biggest cock I ever seen” he said absent mindedly running his hand up and down my shaft. “I’ll be fucking all the damn time if I had a dick like this” I closed my eyes to try to think of other things. “Have you ever had this big motherfucker sucked” He asked. I tied to find my voice. I couldn’t let him hear me moan. Fucking straight guys are weird. He didn’t find anything queer about him literally jerking me off, but if I enjoyed it then everything became seedy. I took a deep breath, and answered. Yeah.
He opened his mouth as the check if his mouth could handle such a thing or maybe he was about to say something else. Before I could stop myself I lunged forward, the tip of my cock brush his tongue. He pushed me back slightly. He jumped up quickly.
“Man! What the fuck was that” He wiped his mouth. “You tried to stick your dick in my mouth.” He quickly grabbed me in a headlock. I knew that it wasn’t as serious as I thought. If he was really mad he would have thrown a couple blows to my face. He was upset I pulled his gay card. He was saving that for a later date. “How you going just stick your monster cock in my mouth”.
Mike and I wrestled before so I knew that I was an even match. His weight was balance by my height and quickness. He pulled me forward. My pajamas at my ankle caused me to fall to the floor. Mike swooped down quickly pinning my shoulders to the floor. He unzip his pants and pulled out his harden cock. “How you like if I put my cock in your mouth” He questioned as his prick crept closer to my lips. I pretended that the thought was horrifying. I shook my head. I tightened my lips. He grabbed my head. “You don’t like that, huh” He grabbed my hard dick and squeezed it. I have always had other grabbed my dick as if it was to punish me. I usually would endure the slight discomfort. I was so happy that anyone would want to touch it that their pressure became pleasure. This case was the same I was so hard that I barely noticed that Mike had seized my cock.
“Open your mouth, or I’ll break it off” he ordered.
He didn’t have to ask twice, but I figure I better milk this as long as possible. I slightly opened my mouth. I still wanted him believe I wasn’t enjoy all of this. “Open!” He squeezed my cock tighter. I open my mouth faking a scream in pain. Mike shoved his cock in my mouth. “If you bite it, I’ll break this thing off” He added pressure as to give me fair warning. Bite! I had no intension on marking Mike’s sweet cock. I swirled my tongue around the head of his shaft. He moaned. “Damn” Mike pressure on my cock changed. His still handled it. Every stroke of my tongue was matched with stroking my shaft. “Fuck, that’s good” he said breathless. “You’ve suck cock before”
He cupped my balls. He gently massaged them between his fingers. “You like sucking that Italian dick” He moaned. He suddenly released my cock. He pulled out my mouth as if he realized he was partaking in a gay act. He glazed at me awkwardly. He stood up.
“I got go” He eyes scanned the apartment. “I’ve got to go”
He repeated stuffing his hard prick back into his shorts. He went over the chair to retrieve his shoes. He bent over to pick them up. I quickly jumped him from behind. My pajama still dangling at my feet; my hard rock cock placed firmly in the crack of his ass. I placed him in a snug bear hug. He gasped. “Hey”
“You can’t shove your dick down my throat, and think it ends there” I said as he struggled to break my hold. The more he struggled the more my cock brushed against his firm ass. The feeling was intense. I didn’t want to pop my load on his pants. My feet tangled in my pajamas that twisted at my feet. I stumbled backwards I pulled Mike with me. We felled to the floor. Mike landed on top of me. The pain was horrendous. I cried out. “Fuck!” as I continued my strong hold.
“I’m sorry” He said softly. He stopped struggling. “I don’t know what came over me”
I rolled the healthy guy off my sternum. He rolled onto his belly. I took a deep breath regaining myself. We both remained motionless for a few seconds. I pulled up my pajamas and sat up. Mike continued to lay face down on the carpet. I wander what was going through his mind. I tapped him on his shoulder. He rolled over toward me.
“Are you o.k.?”
His eyes closed he nodded. He laid motionless on the floor. I was feeling brave. My heart was racing again. I figured it was now or never. My hand traced his body. I felt the thick mound of his chest hair underneath his shirt. My fingers danced in belly button. I unzipped the front of his shorts. I placed my hand inside the opening. I grazed his stiffen member. We both inhaled deeply. I took a hold of the stiff cock. I slowly began masturbating him until I heard sobbing. I stunned when I saw tears running down his face.
“Mike, it’s o.k. buddy” I said slowly. He grabbed a hold of my hand pulling it out his shorts He sat up toward me. He searched my face with his tear stained one. He quickly slammed his face in to my chest. He wrapped his strong arms around me and cried. I gently rubbed his back, rocking him in my arms. “It’s alright. It’s cool. Don’t cry”
I pulled him away. I glanced into his defeated eyes. I kissed him on his forehand. “It’s o.k., it’s just us”
He nodded his head. He pulled himself closer to me. I rocked him in my arms. We sat the way until his uncontrollable sobbing stopped. I help lift Mike off the floor and lead him to the coach. I sat next to him. “This is just between us. Nobody has to know.” I said as he looked away shamed. “It’s o.k. to cry, it doesn’t make you less than a man.
“Fuck, What’s going on with me.” He wiped the tear residue from his face. He took a deep breath, then exhaled with a large whoosh.
It startled me, I nervously giggled.
Mike smiled. “I glad Brandy came. I was disappointed when I called and she wasn’t here, I thought this wasn’t going to happen, the threesome, I mean” Mike rattled. I noticed he was nervous again. “I only wanted to do it, because you wanted too. I was scared you would think I was gay if I came over and Brandy wasn’t here. Jim said you might be bi, maybe even gay, and told me to be careful. I was stunned at first then a little leery, and fucking excited. I thought of my buddy Eddie and started getting confused. I hadn’t thought of him in years. The closer we got to the threesome, I found that it was more and more increasingly imperative that I be here with you, and that shit scared me. I have never done anything like this Ted. I never ever felt a need to be this close to a guy before.”
“I created this threesome just for you”
“Really” He quickly retorted.
“I thought that fucking Jim, hater, changed your mind” I hissed.
“At first, I was a like I’m going back out, but I need find out”
“Drawn to my fire, hey” I jested.
“Whatever?” Mike rolled his eyes “Maybe I should be going?”
“You’re off tomorrow, why are you rushing home”
“I‘ve got homework and” he started.
“Hey, lets’ wrestle, the winner gets whatever he wants”
“You know, I’m going win. You’ve only once beat me”
“So what’s too loose?”
“You rubbing that big ass cock on me” He girlishly giggled.
“Didn’t you feel it before?” I questioned.
“Fuck yes” Mike squealed. “At first I thought it was a flash light or something but each time we wrestle I noticed it. I kept thinking that can’t be his dick. If it was why was it always hard? It’s the reason I wanted to compare, I had to see it. It’s huge!” He placed his hand in my lap. “Fuck, it’s still hard. Does that thing ever go down?”
“Yep, wanna see how?” I said as Mike as he absentmindedly stroked my cock.
Mike nodded his head. “Wait, what are you talking about?”
I smirked. “Come on” I stood up.
Mike confusion was priceless. I held out my hand, mark reluctantly took it. I pulled him up off the couch. I pulled his shirt over his head. His doe like reaction tickled me. I ran my hand through his thick black hair that covered his chest and stomach. He squirmed. He was ticklish. I laid his shirt on the arm of the couch. I led him to the bedroom.
Mike froze. He stared transfixed at the brass bed.
I whispered in his ear “We can wrestle” as I unbutton his shorts “In the nude” as I yanked his shorts down. I dropped my pajama pants stepped closer pressing my dick against hairy bubble ass. He moaned.
“You’re not fucking me” he said with defiance as wiggled away from me stepping closer to the bed.
“That’s if you win” I pushed him onto the bed. He giggled. “If I win, who knows.


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